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A Fairly Odd Parents, Naruto Shippuden Crossover fanfic.

Strange, but at least it's a new type of crossover. Alas, I got the idea from browsing random KakaSaku videos on you tube and I came across my favorite one thus far- http : / / www . youtube . com / watch ? v = 50LvA5qLedw Just without the spaces. I love the song, personally and the video itself. Also I thought I'd try a little something based on the discussion of Age Differences in relationships, which some people tend to be hot on. *sarcastic eye roll; is clearly not a fan of these types of discussions, especially when it's based on my favorite couple mentioned*. As you may notice, the couples mentioned in this fanfic consists of Cosmo/Timmy, Kakashi/Sakura. Rated M to be safe.

Some lyrics that could be found in here, possibly, belong to Tatu, and will be from the story title.

I do not own any characters that you are familiar with. Characters from the Fairly Odd Parents belong to Butch Hartman. Characters from Naruto belong to Kishimoto-sama.

I do own this story, however. Slightly AU, maybe?

Prologue. The Letter Invitation.

Mrs. Turner's hands shook slightly upon reading the letter she had received in the mail that morning. Glancing up at his wife with enough curiosity, Mr. Turner walked over to his wife's side, setting the paper down on the table. "Honey, what's wrong?" He asked, concern clearly shown in his voice.

"Should we let him go?"

Though she had spoken in a soft voice, Mr. Turner had heard the question perfectly well. "Go? Where?"

Looking up at her husband, Mrs. Turner handed him the letter of importance. Reading it for the second time over again, Mr. Turner's eyes grew wide with surprise. "He still remembers Timmy? After all the missions he's been going on?"

Mrs. Turner had the same expression of surprise showing on her face as she stood with her husband. It was the last day of high school before summer break would begin and her fourteen year old son would be arriving home any minute. The only thing was they had no idea of their decision yet or of what to tell Timmy.

"Well, should we? We did appoint him as Timmy's Godfather when he was born. He does have a right to see him again."

The question again. Mr. Turner squinted his eyes as he tried to think things over. "But how do we know he'll be kept safe during his stay?" He asked his wife just as their son walked through the door.

Smiling, the two parents of Timmy Turner turned to face him, both wearing warm smiles on their faces. "Oh, hi, sweetie!" Mrs. Turner greeted him, hiding the letter behind her back. "How was your day?"

The chocolate colored haired boy blinked a few times as he looked at his parents. He had taken notice that his mother hid something behind her back. What it could have been, he wasn't quite sure of. "Hi mom, hi dad. It was all right." He gave them a small smile, dropping his bag on the floor. He decided to ask, his curiosity getting the best of him. "What do you have behind your back?"

Mrs. Turner laughed a bit nervously as she tried to continue to hide the letter though her son could still see it now. "Uhm, honey. Do you remember your birth godfather?" She asked, deciding to start out slowly.

Confusion crossed the young teen's face as he tried to remember. All he could picture was someone with silver colored hair. "Sort of."


Finally giving into her son's curiosity from before, Mrs. Turner handed him the letter, standing back beside her husband as she watched him read it. Timmy's eyes widened slightly, showing signs of high interest mixed with curiosity and excitement as well.

Mrs. Turner,

I know it's been quite sometime since I last saw Timmy. Since the last visit when he was born, I've been on many missions as well as training my team. But now, it appears I've gotten a break. Though I can't abandon the village, I still wish to spend some time with him. Possibly during his summer vacation if it's not too much to ask. Rest assured, he will be taken care of. Please, send your answer or call and inform Lady Tsunade the information as soon as possible.


Hatake, Kakashi.

Looking up at his mother, Timmy gave her a pleading smile. "Can I go, mom? Please?"

It had been awhile since he had gone a long time away from home. Well, actually, this would be his first experience, but he wanted it. To actually have some carefree fun without the worry of his parents while being cared for by his godfather whom he'd never seen since he'd been born. "I don't know. I'd still like you to go with someone just in case." Mrs. Turner's voice trailed off as she looked at her son in thought.

"Great! Cosmo can come with me!" Timmy was smiling brightly now as he raced up the stairs to tell his other godfather the news.

As his parents only knew Cosmo to be a close friend of Timmy's for now, what they didn't know was of the secret relationship the two have been having behind their backs. Looking over at her husband, Mrs. Turner smiled calmly. "I suppose it's safe for him to go then." Agreeing with his wife, Mr. Turner could only nod his head as he sat back down with the news paper.