A/N: Heheh, no, The shinobi/Ninja's are not allowed to know about the Fairy Godparents. Read on and you shall see. ^^

1. Of The Arrival

Timmy was excited to say the least. Cosmo could see that emotion emitting from the boy he'd fallen in love with as they boarded the private plane that had been graciously arranged for them. To keep suspicions down, Cosmo had transformed himself into a full human, keeping his wand hidden inside his pocket incase his godchild had any emergency secret wishes during the trip. He still wanted to make Timmy happy, but it looked as if his birth godfather had already done that for him now. Feeling a new wave of an emotion he didn't like wash over him now, Cosmo tore his gaze away from the happy sight of his godchild, turning his gaze out the window he was seated by.

The boy hadn't missed the slightly hurt expression on his godfather's face, though, try as the fairy might to hide it. Though his action created a look of confusion across the boy's own face. Instinctively, Timmy wrapped his arms around the green haired man's waist, resting his head against his arm. "I love you, Cos-Chan."

Cosmo couldn't help but smile at hearing those words. Hugging the boy back, he placed a soft, loving kiss onto the boy's head. "I love you too, Timmy."

Smiling brightly up at him, the boy leaned in closer, gently brushing his lips against Cosmo's, who immediately returned the soft kiss. Holding him as close as he could to himself, Cosmo placed another soft kiss to his forehead.

"Mr. Turner, we are about to arrive in Sunagakure. From there, you will be escorted by the Kazekage of the village to Konohagakure. We hope you enjoy your stay."

Timmy and Cosmo both blinked a few times, a bit surprised by the sudden appearance of the flight attendant. As soon as Timmy could nod his head, the lady had vanished before them.

Once their private plane had landed, a male, who was only a few inches taller than Timmy greeted them. Cosmo smiled softly as he watched Timmy grab his hand, looking up at the new comer with fascinated eyes. "Greetings. I am Gaara of the Sand Village."

His voice alone was enough to send shivers down one's spine. "My name's Timmy. And this is Cosmo!" Timmy smiled brightly as he shook hands with Gaara.

Cosmo had taken into notice that the other male had yet to once crack a smile during the energetic handshake. What is with this guy and no emotions? The thought ran through his mind as he started following the two. He hadn't even bothered to listen to the conversation between them as he could only think about Gaara's personality. He only heard bits and pieces of the conversation.

"You have siblings?"

"Yes, a brother and a sister, Kankuro and Temari. Maybe you'll meet them during your stay."

He didn't even crack a smile upon mentioning his own flesh and blood! Was this guy really that cold hearted?!


"So…is he your older brother?"

Cosmo froze in his tracks as he felt Gaara's seemingly cold gaze on his form. He blinked a few times, swallowing hard as he watched a blush grace Timmy's face. "Um, well, actually…he's my boyfriend."


Cosmo wished he could still use his magic in someway here to hide from Gaara's emotionless gaze. He watched as Timmy nodded his head towards the question. Gaara, on the other hand, merely shrugged his shoulders and continued on walking. As long as Kakashi's godson was happy, he could have cared less. Though Cosmo was feeling sort of misplaced as he continued to follow behind the two. With Gaara's earlier stare, he had the sudden feeling that maybe being in a relationship with Timmy wasn't right. He didn't like the fact that he had shown no emotion, nor did he like the stare he had received from him. But he still wanted to make his godchild happy, right? And it didn't help any when Timmy had turned to face him and take his hand, pulling him closer beside the teen. He had almost felt disgusted at himself.

It was settled. As soon as they would arrive and relax at this Kakashi's apartment, he would tell Timmy his decision.

The moment of truth was coming all too soon as they arrived at Kakashi's house, not too close around three o'clock. They both thanked Gaara who had merely bowed in return before disappearing in a sort of sandstorm cloud of smoke. He watched Timmy's amazement upon seeing the male before them vanish like that. "Wasn't that cool, Cosmo?" Cosmo blinked a few times upon hearing his name being called,

"Um, y-yeah it was pretty sweet, Timmy." The green haired man feigned a smile as he placed a soft kiss upon the teen's forehead.

Seeing the blush upon Timmy's cheeks once more caused Cosmo to smile. At least he was still able to make him blush. "I could have sworn I heard my godson out here!" Both Timmy and Cosmo looked up to see a silver haired masked man standing in the open doorway. The man was wearing a green vest overtop a blue sweatshirt and pants.

"Godfather!" Timmy's smile widened as he wrapped his arms around the taller males waist in a hug.

Cosmo watched the two, feeling out of place once again. "Please, just call me Kakashi." The silver haired man laughed softly, ruffling Timmy's hair in a playful manner. He then raised his eyes upon spotting Cosmo. "And you are?"

"Cosmo, sir. I'm Timmy's guardian on this trip." He spoke up before Timmy could intervene.

Kakashi could only nod his head, a warm smile on his face as they shook hands. Timmy frowned, not liking at all what Cosmo had told his godfather. Not just my guardian, Cos-Chan.. The teen thought to himself, lowering his gaze towards the ground as they were invited inside, Timmy keeping his silence.