Alrighty! After foreverrrrrrrrrrr, here is chapter 6! ENJOY!

When I woke up, Shane was smiling down at me, his hair messy with sleep. I smiled back drowsily as a huge yawn escaped my lips, and then his lips were on mine. Shane's lips were warm and damp and so silky soft… they felt wonderful after my long nap. As he finally pulled away, I whimpered a little and tried to drag him back, but he just had to be stronger than me.

"Calm it down, Claire." He whispered into my ear, and I wriggled a little as I felt my face slip into a pout.

I licked my lips tentatively, glowering up at him. "You're not being very nice," I informed him, turning away playfully. "I just got better. The least you could do is let me kiss you some more…" When I said this, I sighed, purposely making my lower lip tremble. "You hate me, Shane!"

His expression grew horrified, and he quickly leant down and pressed his lips to my forehead. After a moment, though, he saw that I was joking. "Damn it, Claire. That wasn't funny!" But, after a moment, he grinned and pressed his lips to my neck, nibbling lightly.

"Nnn… Shane…" I moaned quietly, tilting my head back a bit. I squirmed a bit, then yelped quietly as he bit down gently. His head rose, and he stared at me worriedly.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" He asked, his dark eyes filled with love, lust, and concern.

I shook my head quickly, flashing a shaky smile up at him. "No, you just surprised me. It… it felt nice." I admitted sheepishly, my cheeks flushing a deep red with my embarrassment. I squirmed a little as his warm body pressed against me, my cheeks flushing a deeper shade of red. Damn it. I really, really needed to learn how to control that. I hated it when people knew I was embarrassed. Of course, Shane was another matter, but still…. This just meant that he knew what I liked, and what I liked. That made him extremely dangerous, to me at least.

An impish smile appeared on Shane's lips, and a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes as he nuzzled back to my neck, flicking his tongue over my scorching flesh. I hissed slightly, tilting my head back with a soft whimper, silently yearning for him to continue. I heard him chuckle quietly, then continue his assault on my neck as parts of me began tingling inside of me, parts I'd only ever warmed up on my own.

"Like that don't you, jail bait?" He murmured in my ear, nibbling lightly on my earlobe.

I moaned in response, then let out a surprised yell as Eve began pounding on the door.


"Obnoxious much…." I muttered, my cheeks flaming as Shane stood up, facing the window.

He chuckled once, shaking his head. "Put some pants on." He added absently, tossing a pair of sweats at me. I caught them before they hit me in the face, glowering lightly.

"Am I not allowed to wear shorts anymore?" I grumbled, pulling the dark gray sweats up quickly. I personally didn't see what was wrong with wearing shorts when you lived in Texas, considering it was always hot.

"Nope." Shane said simply, turning around and pressing his lips to my forehead for a moment. "C'mon, jail bait. Let's go downstairs and you can get some food in you." He smiled briefly, then grabbed my wrist, towing me out my door before I could protest. "Don't fall." He added teasingly as he tugged me down the stairs behind him. In return, I glared at his back, then pulled free of his grasp once we got to the living room.

"Dick." I muttered, plopping down in Michael's chair with a huff. I glared down at the floor, surprised at my sudden mood swing. I didn't like getting teased about stairs, though. I mean, come on! I got shoved down one flight of stairs, and I had almost fallen down them in front of Shane before, too.

A moment later, I felt Shane scoop me up, and I repressed a squeal as he sat down in the chair, then placed me down on his lap. I giggled reluctantly, curling up against him with a sigh of contentment. With that, my sudden mood swing was gone.

Shane's hand moved to stroke lightly at my hair, and I heard him yawn after a moment. "Gah. I want to go do something." He said suddenly, and I peered up at him in confusion. Really, what was there to do in Morganville, besides avoid getting eaten by vamps?!?!

"Erm… We could take a road trip?" Claire volunteered tentatively, nibbling lightly on her lower lip. "Amelie was saying that I should go out of town for a week or two…"

Eve and Michael suddenly entered the room, both smiling brightly. "Let's go to New Orleans for a couple weeks!" Eve suggested, looking excited. "We can take Claire down on Bourbon Street, and maybe we can get some beads!" She laughed at that part, crossing over to sit on the couch with a sweet smile on her lips. Michael sat down beside her, nodding fervently.

"We should go. I've always wanted to go down on Bourbon Street." Michael said thoughtfully. "And Eve and Claire could go see Anne Rice's house."

Eve's excited scream was so loud, I buried my face in Shane's chest.


I looked up at Shane with a laugh, tilting my head to the side. "So… how does New Orleans sound to you?" I asked innocently, wiggling my eyebrows a little bit as I licked my lips swiftly.

"Fuck. Yes." Shane said solemnly, then bent down and pressed his lips against mine.

"HEY! Save it for Bourbon Street, you love birds!" Eve yelled out, then jumped up, grabbing my hand and jerking me out of Shane's lap. "Go on, little cookie! Go pack! Now!" She swatted at my ass, and I squealed and ran for the stairs as fast as I could. "Pack some bikinis and lingerie, too." Eve murmured as we jogged up the stairs. "You can borrow some of mine if you need to."

I froze, then grinned widely.

"Bring on the sex and alcohol."

It's short, I know! But everyone has been wanting the 6th chapter, so here it ish.
I know, it's weird I'm having them go to New Orleans. But, I recently got back from there, and I absolutely loved it. Anne Rice's old house was immaculate.