Welcome to the opening chapter of the Konohan War. This is the prequel to Drawing Parallels, and centred mainly on Doragon Haruka. Rated M for very good reason, but not yet.

The Konohan War
Chapter 1-Treachery

Sutagakure training grounds. Four younger ninja and one adult, all wearing the headband of Suta, a crescent moon with sunbeams shining from the centre.

The adult, presumably the sensei, was talking. He had white hair and eyes, the sign of Cytex. Wearing the headband on his forehead, he had his short hair kept in a ponytail. Wearing a silver cloak over golden clothing, he looked ever inch the leader. He wore a pendant around his neck, a shining stone that seemed to glow in both gold and black.

"Right. So, I have to leave for Namigakure." he said.
One of the younger ones spoke up.
"You're not going alone, are you?" she asked, with a little anxiety. She had the same white eyes, and long brown hair. Wearing black trousers and a shirt in the same shade, she also had a large scabbard on her back.
"No, Haruka, I'm not." he said with a slight smile.
"Who's going with you?" asked another, a boy. He had blonde hair up in a spiky hairstyle, similar to the famous Copy Nin Kakashi, and warm brown eyes. He wore a black shirt and jacket with golden stars on it, as well as black trousers.
"My second." answered the leader to the boy, Akarai.
"Orochimaru-sama?" asked the other girl. She had white hair and eyes, the same sign of Cytex. She had close fitting white clothing.
"Then you'll be fine, Masoto-sensei." said the last one, a smiling boy with short brown hair ad brown eyes. He wore a simple grey shirt and trousers.

The sensei smiled.
"Yes. Orochimaru is the most powerful ninja in the village, save myself. When I die, he shall become Sutakage after me." he said.
"You're not going to die." said Haruka.
"Not a chance." said Akarai.
"Not with Orochimaru there." muttered the other girl.
"Lets be optimistic, guys." said the other boy.

"Well, Namigakure isn't very happy with us. But I'm sure I can do something about it." he said. "Haruka, Akarai, Dosumi, Iuziya. When I return I'll see whether the elders believe you're ready to be Chunin.

"Thank you, sensei!" they all said.

He smiled.

"Get back to your training. Haruka, practice with your non-lightning techniques. Akarai, practice your taijutsu. Dosumi, Iuziya, you need to do the same. I'll be back soon." he said. Forming the familiar handsign of Shunshin no Jutsu, he vanished in a cloud of smoke.

The older genin continued training.

* * *

Two days later…

* * *

Orochimaru stumbled into the gates of Suta, alone and seemingly injured.
One of the guards ran over to him.
"Orochimaru-senpai! What happened? Where is the fourth?" he asked quickly, panicking.

"The Nami-nin. They attacked us." said Orochimaru. "They killed Masoto. He gave me this before he died…"

The Snake Sannin held up the golden-black pendant.

The guard gasped, and went down on one knee.
Orochimaru smiled.

* * *

Over the next couple of days, the new Sutakage introduced a series of reforms, supposedly for the safety of the village. Reinforcing the walls with chakra based locks, 'suggesting' that citizens avoid leaving the city, and so on…

The genin of the yondaime sutakage were desolated. Haruka in particular. It probably had something to do with her name.

Of course the death of Doragon Masoto would upset Doragon Haruka.

However, it was debatable whether the mission they had been given was helping.

On the new Kage's orders, they were to kill the Namikage.

It wasn't going too well.

"Haruka! Cover me!" said Akarai, as he went through a short group of handsigns.
"Right." she said, drawing a kunai.

The enemy jonin approached them, four of them, in a short corridor.

"Ninpo: Taiyouhishu." said Akarai. Three points of light appeared in the air around him, glowing with the intensity of the sun. One of the opposing jonin stared, wondering what was happening.

With a gesture, Akarai sent the miniature sun burning into his heart, and he dropped to the floor, dead.

Haruka blocked one of the other jonin's attacks with her kunai, and one of Akarai's suns killed him.

"Fuuton: Debaarashi!" said Iuziya.
A blast of air shredded down the corridor, cutting one of the jonin apart.

The last one performed handsigns, crying out.
"Suiton: Touzanarashi!"

Black spirals flashed in Dosumi's eyes, and she said just a split second later.
"Suiton: Touzanarashi!" and performed the same handsigns.

Spheres of water blasted towards Dosumi, like self contained spheres that threatened to hit her like swarm of meteors.

The same spheres appeared by Dosumi, crashing into the enemies attack.

But she had more.

The rest struck the jonin, shattering his ribs.

"Hm." smiled Dosumi. "Nice technique."

They ran down the corridor, just as a group of jonin came from behind them.

* * *

This was not good. Dosumi, Iuziya and Akarai had used most of their chakra, though Haruka had almost all of hers. Most of the ninja population of Namigakure was after them, and they were now surrounded in the central square.

"Lend me your chakra." said Haruka, urgently. "Now, as much as you can spare."

The other three looked at her questioningly, but did so, channelling all of their spare chakra to her.

She performed a long series of handsigns, and then threw her arms out, practically screaming.

A large amount of chakra radiated from her, lifting her into the air as waves of chakra blossomed out from her, in a deadly pattern, curving completely independently, each one striking an enemy ninja, killing them through an incredible electric shock, and moving onto the next one.

The tendrils of power kept on coming, until every Nami-nin in the clearing was dead.

Haruka collapsed unconscious onto the floor. Iuziya used a medical technique to check her vital signs.
"She's alive, but there's only a spark of chakra left in her. Alive is practically pushing it." he said.

Dosumi looked around, seeing a particular body, charred and very dead.

"This mission is complete. That's the kage." said Dosumi. "Is she going to be alright?" she said, trying to sound uninterested.
"On;ly if we get back soon." said Iuziya, slightly worried.
"The mission's over, like I said." said Dosumi, looking with a little interest at the terrible death toll Haruka had caused. "We can go."

"Hai." said Akarai and Iuziya. Akarai picked up Haruka, and they returned to Sutagakure.

Hmm. Angst, and ass-kicking. In that order.
Notice any team 7 parallels, hmm?