Hey. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3-Discovery

"Haruka, there's someone who wants to meet you." said Makoto.
"Of course." smiled Haruka. "Let's walk."

Fortunately the two chunin had gotten on very well. Makoto was friendly, loyal and reliable. Haruka liked that. Whether Minato had set the two up was a question no-one dared to ask. Though, everyone in the village thought he had.

It wasn't difficult.

The two had only met a week before, and they held hands, laughed and acted like the best of friends.
The only people who didn't seem to have realised were Makoto and Haruka themselves.

"Umm… they're in here." said Makoto. He sounded a little nervous.

Haruka entered the small building.

Inside was one man, wearing a blue flak jacket, black trousers and a headband marked with what looked like a tidal wave.

Haruka paled.

"I'm not armed, I don't want to hurt you." said the Nami-nin. "I just want to know why."
"Why?" asked Haruka. "Your people killed my fa-the third Sutakage!"

The Wave ninja blinked.

"Is that what you think? Why would we do that? Wave was a small village, nowhere near as large as Sutagakure. Our leader was called Kage, but he couldn't go toe to toe with any of your skilled jonin. Masoto-sama could have destroyed us single-handed. You did. And you were a genin, no?" he said.
Haruka flinched.
"No, we didn't do it. When he offered to make a treaty, we would have accepted almost anything. A war would have destroyed us. No, I know what really happened. I think Orochimaru killed Masoto on the journey." said the wave ninja.
"I… didn't know…" said Haruka.
"What, that Orochimaru was an untrustworthy snake?" said the wave ninja. "He'll do anything to gain power. He offered amnesty to any of the 'Treacherous wave scum' who join Suta, because he wants the largest force of ninja in the world. I don't think anywhere is safe, but Minato disagrees. He says that Konoha is a terrible target for invasion, its huge numbers meaning that any invasion will be as fatal for the attacker as the defender." said the ninja. He sighed. "It's not your fault. Orochimaru betrayed everyone, one by one."

Haruka nodded.
"I'm… sorry." she said.

The ninja waved her off.
"s'not your fault. You can go now."
She nodded again, and left.

There was quiet as she and Makoto walked along the street.
"That was you who used that lightning technique in Nami, huh?" he asked.
Haruka nodded silently.
"Did you know you're in the bingo books? They don't know your name, you're credited as the Lightning Goddess." he said.
She smiled slightly.
"That's a compliment I suppose."

They were walking towards the hokage's building, and sure enough, they got there within a couple of minutes.
When they arrived, someone was waiting for them.
"Haruka. The fourth Sutakage has vital news for you, and wishes you to return to Sutagakure for a day."

* * *

"Haruka, welcome back." said Orochimaru, pleased.
It was only a half day after he had sent the message. Clearly, she was hoping to get back to Konoha quickly.
He wondered why? This bore investigation.
"Here." he said, passing a small envelope. "Read this, then destroy it. After that, you can return to Konoha."

She left the office with a nod, and opened the envelope.

Dated October 1st

This information must be kept secret from Konoha at all costs

On the 8th of October, Sutagakure will invade Konoha


The Godaime Sutakage, Orochimaru