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Summary: "I've been questioning your existence, my sanity, and...our love." Bella just can't believe all that has happened. She befriends Jasper, eager to open up. But as Jasper falls out with Alice and in with Bella, life will surely take quite a turn...JxB

Bella's POV

"You should go hunt…," I murmured to him softly.

"I disagree," Was his reply. "I will hunt at the moment you are not so accident prone."

I snorted; a very unladylike sound.

We were currently resting in peace, occupying the space of my small bed. I was wrapped in my blankets only because Edward was too paranoid to let me sleep near him. He was too cold, he had said.

"What?" He asked gently, his eyes locking onto mine.

"When am I ever not accident prone?" I questioned.

He pursed his lips for a moment and opened his mouth to say something, closing it again. Finally, he decided on something to say. "True," he answered, frowning and sighing. "Really true."

I grinned in the darkness, knowing that he could probably see. I had won this battle. My smile soon melted off my face as the day's events replayed for me. I had been dating Edward for a few months and still, this whole vampire business, managed to surprise me. A lot. The rapid moving, no need to breathe, all of it!

I guess I just…didn't believe.

"What's wrong?" He asked, taking my face in his cool hands.

His worried eyes searched my blank ones for some answer to his question. I decided to lie.

"Just…tired I suppose. The day was long…" I answered, drooping my eyelids a bit.

He nodded his head, playing into my lie. "Yes. A long day I would agree. And you are right. I will hunt when you wake up in the morning. It's Saturday tomorrow. We have all day together." He grinned at me and played with a strand of my hair.

"When do you think you'll be back?" I asked.

"Tomorrow, Alice will come over around mid-afternoon to inform Charlie that you are staying at our house. Then, she will bring you at the house and I will meet you there. We will be able to spend time with my family. Esme really enjoys your opinions on a lot of the things that she does." He answered.

I could practically hear his smile in the darkness. My favorite crooked smile that I loved. His cool lips shaped themselves to my warm ones, and Edward pulled away moments later.

"You really should sleep," He whispered, pulling my closer. "I'm interrupting your sleep pattern."

"My sleep pattern can adjust," I mumbled, closing my eyes.

He chuckling silently, but I knew that I would not succumb to sleep. And if by some miracle of God, I did mange to get to sleep, I would be haunted by fitful dreams. What was it like for me to date a vampire? It was more a fantasy than a reality, and on those rare sunny days, only pictures lining my locker of the Cullen's(and the Hale's) reminded me that this was my life.

Not a dream.

As promised, to my dissatisfaction, Edward was gone when I woke up. Though, it did give me time to do all the research I needed. I wanted to see if anyone was as crazy as I was…someone that knew and believe in vampires. Pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, I managed to put my hair into a ponytail while going down the stairs.

I am a wonderful multi-tasker!

My breakfast consisted of two pop tarts, heated up in the microwave. A note on the table was from Charlie, explaining how he and Billy were going to go fishing. He also mentioned that Jacob might be coming up to look at my truck. I had to admit that my truck had been acting funny lately, and it was really pissing me off.

I took to the stairs two at a time, and by some luck, didn't fall once. Stumbled, but didn't fall. I felt extremely proud of myself. Turning on my computer, excuse me, laptop, I laid down on my bed and waited for it to boot up. It was a gift from Phil. Traditionally, the newly weds were supposed to get presents, but Phil just wanted me to feel that he did love me.

I began on Google. I was searching anything I could find on the vampires and the cold ones, anything I could use to prove that maybe I was crazy, and Edward didn't exist and I could go back to being how I have always been. Just me.

Bella Swan, normal teenage girl. Plain, mousy, very bright, yet so dim.

Maybe I'm in denial. That would be better than waking up one morning and realizing that it all wasn't real. Having this build in my chest was not something I wanted.

Google, eventually, popped up. Thank God. I was nearly driving myself mad.

All I could manage to find on Google for two hours, was old stories. It was all useless. I shut my laptop angrily and set it on my floor. Huffing, I knew that I was sulking.

Checking the clock, I realized that Alice would be here any minute.

Wait. That's it.

Who knows better about emotion than Mr. Emotion Man himself? Jasper! That's who I needed to talk to.

I will admit that he scared me a little at first. His blood thirsty nature and what not, but I knew that he would understand better than anyone.

But would he tell anyone? Would Alice see it? Would Edward hear it? Will he speak it, or keep my thoughts, and possibly our thoughts, to himself.

A car honking pulled me out of my reverie. It was Alice's Porsche. I threw random clothes in a bag and took the bag down to the door. I put my shoes on and ran out into the rain.

Oh. It was raining. I must've been more lost in my own mind than I thought.

I opened the passenger door, not minding Alice, and set my stuff on my lap, shutting the door.

"Hey, Alice. Does Charlie know I'm staying at your house?" I asked, clicking my seatbelt on.

"Yes, but I'm not Alice," A distinct southern drawl coated his voice as I turned, with surprise, to look at him.

"Oh. Hi Jasper." I said, thoroughly confused.

Me: Yeah…so there's that.

Bella: Do I have problems?

*utter silence*

Bella: Well!?!?

Me: Right. Review as you see fit.