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Narcissa went downstairs the next morning in a terrible mood. Lucius hadn't been upstairs all night, and the first thing she saw, was him asleep in the living room.

"Where have you been all night?" she asked.

Lucius jumped sleepily, and shot a very annoyed look at his wife. To answer his question, Jane appeared, feeding Jasmine, with Stephan at her feet, following her around. Jane smiled at her, quite without any meaning. Unlike Narcissa, she was dressed, and had been for quite some time.

"Good morning," she said.

Lucius smirked with gratitude. The look on Narcissa's face in his private opinion was priceless, she was shocked, annoyed and embarrassed, all at once.

"Jane, where's Marcus?" she asked.

"At Hogwarts I assume. I left last night," replied Jane.

"You left him?" she asked.

"For the moment, a huge difference of opinion of where our loyalties lye. This is my way of persuading him, that I am right," replied Jane.

"You hope, what are you doing here?" asked Narcissa.

"Repaying my wizard debt," replied Jane.

"The dark lord..." she began.

"Has made me a promise. My family aren't going to be harmed," added Jane.

"Harming and killing are two different things, and in-case you've forgotten, we're not your family, no matter what you and Lucius think," said Narcissa.

"Holy Merlin, there's gratitude, I sacrifice my marriage and this is the thanks I get?" asked Jane.

Lucius rolled his eyes, the door bell sounded, and he got up, in order to escape the witches in his life, who simply didn't get on. He walked back to the living room, not alone. Marcus stood behind him, and Jane's smile from winding up Narcissa vanished. Lucius silently ordered Narcissa out of the room, with a hardly noticeable movement of his head, leaving the Flints alone in the living room. Marcus glared at Jane, but kept his voice low for the sake of Stephan and Jasmine.

"What the hell are you playing at?" he asked.
"You might be able to square with your conscience, if anything happened to Lucius, but I couldn't. You, do as you please, but I'm staying here," she replied.

"I said no," added Marcus.

"And I disagree. You have two choices, stay with me and the kids, or get lost," added Jane.

"What?" he asked.

"You heard me. You abandon Lucius, you abandon us. He's the closest thing the kids have to a grandfather," replied Jane.

"My parents..." began Marcus.

"Haven't spoken to you since you married me, without consulting them first. They tried to have us divorced within three months remember? They're not interested, he is. It's not about where your blood comes from, it's about who is there for you, your side of the family are not, where as my honouree family is. Granted they're in trouble, but they're are rumours that Potter might actually make it, while the ministry haven't caught him. Lucius will need witnesses to say, he did nothing wrong when removed from Azkaban," added Jane.

"So what if we get him off? He'll never be employed again," added Marcus.

"He doesn't need to be," argued Jane.

"The murder charge will still stand against him," argued Marcus.

"No it won't, Narcissa's many things, but she's loyal, she'll confess, as will others that it wasn't him. As a character witness I wouldn't accept the possibility," argued Jane.

"Just stop there! You might think he's not capable of murder, but I do," added Marcus.

"What?" asked Jane.

"He battered me! Remember at the world cup? I know he did it himself and so do you. I didn't think he would stop Jane," replied Marcus.

Jane had to pause. Marcus had never gone into detail, but suddenly it became an image that she couldn't escape. Lucius wasn't the saint she had always took him for, and she had to be reminded of that. However, although she reflected on the morning, that she saw Marcus' battered face, it didn't stop her defending the blonde, haired wizard.

"One bad deed, is not enough to send a man to prison for crimes he didn't commit, or worse for the kiss," she said.

"It wasn't you he fought. Don't let him fool you, the man is a lunatic given the chance, bloody dangerous. I'm not comfortable having the children in this house," added Marcus.

Jane, held Jasmine closer to her and looked protectively at Stephan, she looked back at her husband and shook her head in disbelief.

"Lucius would never harm them," she said.

"Tell me you're not scared he might and I'll stay," challenged Marcus.

"He did, what he did, to protect me, it look that for me to realize that there must be something there, in order for me to care. Lucius is only a danger to those, he thinks are a danger to his family. I thought you and he had solved your differences?" asked Jane.

"Not when my kids are involved. I don't mind them visiting, but living is another matter. Jane, you can go ahead and try and save this family, but it's a lost cause. But I don't want the kids involved, and I can see it in your eyes, deep down, neither do you," replied Marcus.

Jane again remembered what her parents did, followed someone else, and left her. She didn't want her kids to think that, she was just like them, or that she didn't care about them. Marcus was unnerved by the sudden silence, and walked over to her.

"Jane, I just want us all to be safe, and I know you do too. But that can't happen in a house full of death-eaters, with him, popping in and out of the place, like a hotel. Lucius is head of his family, and I'd like to think we have joint head-ship of ours. Come back, please," said Marcus.

Jane nodded, Marcus took hold of Jasmine, and Jane went to find Lucius, who stood up from a dining room chair, quickly.

"I'm sorry, I have to go," she said.

"Jane..." he began.

"Lucius, you dare ask her to stay!" threatened Narcissa.

"Oh be quiet! Jane...I'll be dead or go to prison," added Lucius.

"I can't save you from death, but I'll fight for your freedom, I can't keep the kids here, please understand," begged Jane.

"Oh I understand, Marcus whistles and you run," said Lucius, coldly.

"No! This has nothing to do..." began Jane.

Lucius barged past Jane, and into the living room. Jane and Narcissa followed him, just as quickly, worried what action that he was going to do. Lucius silently ordered Marcus, out of the living room and smiled kindly at the children, then shut the door.

"Be grateful that the dark lord, destroyed my wand Flint!" snarled Lucius.

"Leave it Lucius," began Narcissa.

"Please don't make things worse," added Jane.

"Quiet! I don't know, what you plan to gain by this, but mark me, you will regret what you did today," said Lucius, coldly.

"Going to beat me up again? I dare you, Lucius. I'm older than I was then," challenged Marcus.

"Clearly not wiser," added Lucius, squaring up to him.

Finally, Jane and Narcissa agreed on something. Narcissa moved in-front of Lucius, and Jane in-front of Marcus, making it very clear, there would be no fighting.

"Your children are in that room! Grow up!" ordered Jane.

"She's right, there's babies next door, the ones you consider grandchildren, remember?" asked Narcissa.

"Home, now," muttered Marcus.

"Alright, alright, just don't kill each other," added Jane.


Jane and Marcus returned to Hogwarts. On the way to their room, Sasha bit her lip at the feeling of tension, and took Jasmine and Stephan, feeling slightly responsible for what had happened, as for the second time, she had told on her friend's actions. All was quiet, when they entered the room, Jane went to unpack all of the things, that she had taken, and Marcus followed her.

"Just, stay. I only want the best for my family, and that's not going to happen, if you keep returning to Lucius Malfoy. He's done his part now, he kept you for your Hogwarts years. All he's done is keep his word to your father, there was probably an unbreakable vow involved there too," he said.

"My father only asked him to give me house room, not take over the place as a father, like he did. He over-stepped his duty, but like you said, the kids come first," said Jane.

"And me? Where do I come?" asked Marcus.

His voice sounded like it was going to break, like Jane's heart when she heard it. She turned away from the unpacking that she was doing.

"Marcus..." she began.

"We are just into three years of marriage, and I'm struggling to see it any longer," he added.

"No, that's not true. Marcus, I still..." started Jane.

"Don't finish that sentence, unless you mean it," ordered Marcus.

"...Love you," added Jane, without hesitation.

Marcus and Jane, spent the whole night together, with no disruption from the kids, which was what they both needed. Dinner, a chat and love. When Sasha, went to return them, she found the couple, asleep on the sofa in their living quarters, so she decided to look after them, for the rest of the day, secretly grateful for something to keep her mind off things.

Jane, felt very guilty, for leaving her children with Sasha, all night. Out of habit when she woke up, she went to get them ready, only to remember that she had left them with her friend. Marcus smiled and shook her head, as she muttered to herself and grumbled about her memory, then went to collect their offspring from Sasha.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...was saving my marriage, won't happen again...at least until they're old enough to be told to go away, while we throw things at each other," explained Jane.

"You threw something at him?" asked Sasha.

"Not this time, but if anything like that happens again, I will," replied Jane.

"What happened?" asked Sasha.

"Yesterday, was the first time, he ever reminded me about what Lucius did, that night at the world cup, said he didn't mind the kids visiting, but he'd be damned if we were living there," replied Jane.

"What did you do?" asked Sasha.

"What could I do? I told Lucius, I had to go and he nearly hit the roof. Narcissa and me, had to step between them, children in the room next to us. I had to come back," replied Jane.

"Did you sort it?" she asked.

"I hope so, I can't take another night like that one, thought we'd end up at the ministry, marriage bond ended, kids seeing their dad at weekend, awful thoughts," replied Jane.

"As if! Like or not, you and Marcus, are going to grow very, very old, and have great, great, grandchildren. A dozen of them!" added Sasha.

Jane laughed and took back Stephan and Jasmine, Stephan ran straight to his dad, and Jane smiled. The little boy, was the spit of his father, but Marcus often said, he was like her. Jasmine, Marcus swore was Jane's clone, but Jane often joked that she was like her father, a little cheeky, but impossible to stay angry with.

"There's my best lad...Oh who is this? Are you daddy's little angel? Yes you are!" said Marcus.

Jane couldn't imagine her family any different to how it was, the opposite of how her early years had been, she could only imagine, scary thoughts of who baby sat her, she could even see Voldemort, holding her as child, while her parents went out to do his bidding, and what could have happened to her, if Harry Potter hadn't destroyed Voldemort, and something happened to her parents. Instead of Lucius, he could have been her guardian, if what Barty Crouch Junior said, was true, about them being one of the best set of servants he had.

The family, were finally settled, when they heard plenty of commotion from the halls. Neither Jane or Marcus left their room, the noise upset both children, so they concentrated on them, regardless of how inconsolable they were. Even with the noise gone, their crying continued, until the shock of the door opening, made them silent. First it was Sasha, who was pulled away, but Jane saw that she had been upset, and stood up.


"As you were Jane Flint!" ordered Professor McGonagall, her wand out.

Jane, covered Jasmine's eyes, and Marcus, stood up, Stephan at his leg, holding it tightly.

"Professor, what are you doing?" asked Jane.

"Don't give me that, I know who you lived with, and I know full well the history of your parents. Admit it, both of you!" ordered Professor McGonagall.

"We are not death-eaters," corrected Marcus.

"Prove it!" she ordered.

"Lower your wand, so that my daughter doesn't see, I will put her down, and show you my arm, that is all," said Jane.

Professor McGonagall did so, Jane, passed Jasmine to Marcus and rolled up both sleeves for them to be checked, then Jasmine was passed back, and Marcus checked also. Professor McGonagall put away her wand.

"I don't believe it, you refused?" she asked.

"With help, but I am not my parents. I put my whole family first, at least I tried to," replied Jane.

"What are you talking about?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Not again," begged Marcus.

He was ignored.

"Lucius Malfoy, gave us the money to run away, so that we didn't have to join, something I planned to do, only to save him. I was captured shopping a few days ago. You-know-who, promised my family safety, over a couple of similarities, I'm ashamed to say that we have," replied Jane.

"My dear, Lucius Malfoy was arrested, although witnesses say otherwise, it is heavily believed that he murdered..." began Professor McGonagall.

"Sirius Black was murdered my his cousin Bellatrix, Narcissa admitted it. Lucius can only be charged with assisting a dangerous man, no doubt in order to protect his family," added Jane.

"And what of Snape?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"I was about to ask the same thing," added Marcus.

"He's gone. I mean, how is it that he copes after what he did?" asked Professor McGonagall.

Jane remained silent, for she had promised her silence to both of them, that she would say nothing, that the secret died when the old headmaster, was killed.

"I couldn't tell you, yes his daughter is a good friend of mine..." she began.

"Is she a death-eater?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"I doubt it, but you'd have to check, she is not a spy," replied Jane.

"You're rebelling aren't you?" asked Marcus.

"The death-eaters have left, with some persuasion. You aren't them, regardless of your connections. I will now talk with Sasha, I'm sorry, I had no idea," replied Professor McGonagall.

She left, but Jane didn't take her eyes off the door, no matter how upset her children sounded, she did not move. Marcus noticed this, that Jane wouldn't be happy, until she knew that Lucius was safe. He put his hand on her shoulder, she turned to him.

"Go. I can't stand to see you like this," he said.

"I belong here," she said.

"After the war, but I know, secretly you'll always blame me, if anything happens to that man," he said.

"I made my choice," she said.

"I know, you put your family first, but we're returning the favour. Go. Find him, and get him and his family out," added Marcus.

He watched, as with wandless magic, Jane's wand flew into her hand, and she kissed her children and husband goodbye, and managed to leave the castle, undetected, watched by Marcus, who didn't know if he'd ever see her again, but he knew that he was no match for her strong family values, which he had high respect for, as she'd had to learn about it as she went on. To Marcus, she would always be, Jane Gibbs, who gave him the chance to look after her, though to begin with she had no interest, although there had been chances they wouldn't make it, however he had just watched, someone new, leave the castle, Jane Flint, his wife, mother to his children, a woman, about to risk life and limb to save the man, who saved them. It was then he realized how right Jane had been, he looked at Jasmine and Stephan, and realized none of it would have been possible, without Lucius Malfoy, his help and his money. Marcus, took the children to Sasha, who had just escaped the wrath of Professor McGonagall.

"Can't really explain, only that, I realized Jane was right, I'm going after her, she doesn't have to do it alone. If Jane makes it back, tell her I love her, if I make it back, just give me them back, if neither of us makes it back, you and Lucius Malfoy, are unofficial godparents, but he'll have a couple of court cases to attend to," he said.

"You're insane, and I don't know why I am letting you both get away with this!" cried Sasha.

"Blame Jane, the insanity passed to me, as soon as I let that bond through, those few happy years ago. Look after my children," begged Marcus.

He put his hood over his head, and dashed out into the wizarding world, for wife, for children, for family. Marcus was going to fight for his wife and with his wife, as he followed in her foot-steps, out of the castle, as he dodged a well aimed hex, nothing was going to stop him. What was important to Jane, was important to him, although he had never forgiven Lucius, for his actions at the world cup, it had got him Jane as a wife and his two children. Who knew one crazed protective act, could lead to something he held so dear?