A/N: A short oneshot I started working on while I was revamping Make the Pain Stop. I just thought of it, and kinda went, "oh, that'd be cute." But it's so short! So I thought I'd just make it a series, adding short little mini 'shots whenever one came along. So here's the first!

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First Story


Eve jumped as warm hands brushed her neck, her book falling from her grasp and dropping to the ground. Something that felt like cloth was slipped around her neck, a quiet tinkling sound ringing out in the silent living room as an unidentifiable objet hit her softly above her breasts.

She turned around to be greeted by Train's famous grin. The young man was leaning against the back of her chair, his hands resting on her shoulders. Glancing down to see what he had put around her neck, she raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

"Train, what is this?" she asked, staring at the necklace. It was a strip of pink fabric with a small golden bell attached to it, almost identical to Train's.

"It's a bell, Princess," he answered smugly. "And I thought you were smart."

Eve threw him a blank look. "Why are you giving me a bell?"

He moved one hand from her shoulder to flick the tiny pendant. "Just returning the favor, Princess," he answered before moving past her and strolling out of the room, whistling.

Eve scowled at his retreating back. She bent down and grabbed her book, settling back into her chair and continuing her reading…

…with one hand wrapped around her new bell, a blush on her cheeks.


In the anime, it's actually Eve who gives Train his bell, because she reads a book that says if you slip a bell around the neck of a bad cat, it'll become good. Or something like that…So that's what Train means when he says he's "returning the favor."

A/N: Hope you liked it, even though it was so short. My shortest story to date! Took me about half an hour, but I'm happy with this one, I think…
I'm not very good at keeping stories short, so don't expect this to be updated very often. But my longer oneshots will keep popping up frequently. Please look forward to that!