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~Worn Out~

Sven could understand Eve being tired. They had been up all night trying to catch their bounty, and Eve had put in just as much effort as ā€“ if not more than ā€“ Train and him. So of course she would want to sleep as soon as the criminal was safely put behind bars.

But was she so worn out that she had to fall asleep on Train?

They were sitting on a bench at the police station. Sven had left to turn in their bounty and collect the reward, since it seemed he was the most awake of the trio. But when he came back, lo and behold, Eve's head was nestled in Train's shoulder as she slumbered peacefully. And much to Sven's shock, Train didn't look awkward, or uncomfortable, or even embarrassed. Instead, he was gazing down at the small girl with a fond look, completely content and at peace.

"Hey, Train. Train. Train!" Sven called, trying to catch the young man's attention. Fatherly anger flared inside him. With an exasperated sigh, he thumped him on the head none too gently.

Train looked up, startled. "Oh, Sven-daddy!" he said, finally noticing his partner's presence. Sven's fury only increased at the nickname. "What'sā€“"

But then he was interrupted as Eve shifted slightly, mumbling something inaudible in her sleep. Train's interest was instantly stolen. He turned away from Sven to watch her, seeming to forget the other man's existence as he observed her with fascination, like a child that had just found a particularly interesting toy.

Eve muttered again, and with horror Sven realized that she had said Train's name. The edges of Train's lips twitched upward, his eyes softening. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer, resting his cheek against the top of her head. Satisfied, his golden orbs drifted closed as he dozed off.

Sven threw his arms into the air. Giving up, he walked out of the police station, leaving the couple behind.




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