Yes, I am so mean to Sammy. But I KNOW you me for it :) This is gonna be super short, two or three part-if that, cause I can't afford a long fic

Sam's panting grew heavier as Benton leaned forward, moving closer to his eye that he couldn't shut.

"No, please..." He tried to fight the straps, but they were too strong.

"Relax, Sammy," Benton breathed. "Soon this'll all be over. Yes, relax."

Sam let out a bloodcurlding scream as he felt his eye being removed. The pain was almost unimaginable. It felt like a bone was being ripped out of his body. He felt blood flowing from the now empty eye socket. He couldn't stop yelling in pain.

"Hey!" he heard his brother's voice, sounding deep and dangerously pissed off in the background. Benton looked up, dropping Sam's eye onto the ground. Dean was pointing a gun at him. Dean felt sick as he saw his brother strapped to the table, blood pouring out of him.

"Now look what you made me do," he sighed. "You've infected my eye. I'm going to have to remove your his other one."

"Like hell." Dean shot at him without hesititation.

"Shoot all you want," laughed Benton. "It's not going to stop me."

Then Dean lunged at him and stabbed him. A look of surprise fell on Benton's face before he collapsed.

As soon as that happened Dean rushed over to his brother.

"Oh God." He stared at the blood that was on Sam's face. Sammy's blood.

Sam had stopped yelling, but was moaning in obvious pain. Quickly Dean undid the straps and helped his brother up. Than he grabbed the nearest piece of cloth he could find and placed it over Sam's eye socket.

Sam held it, his body shaking from the events.

"Did that sonofabitch do anything else?" Dean growled. Sam shook his head, still trying to collect himself.

"Go out into the car," Dean told him. "I'll take care of him."

It seemed like hours later when Dean returned. Sam was holding his face up so the blood wouldn't keep flowing out of him.

"What did you do to him?" Sam asked. Dean gave a dark smile.

"Buried him."

"Alive?" Sam looked at him sharply.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that?" Dean stared at him.

"No...just, didn't expect that," Sam muttered.

"Why not? He took your goddamned eye Sam. What the hell did you think I was gonna do to him? I can't kill him, so this is the next best thing."

Sam nodded, still grimacing from the pain.

Aware of this Dean started the car.

"Let's go get you some help," he said, trying to control the tremor of his own voice, to push out the feeling he had when he heard Sammy screaming down that hallway.

Sam nodded and they drove off in silence.

Mmm, not my best work but I hope some of you liked it at all! I'll put more detail in the next chapter :)