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Bella — Monday, February 23, 2009

He pinned my hands above my head with such force I could have bent my knees, and I'd still be hanging there from his grip. I couldn't—no—I wouldn't have it any other way. He nibbled on the spot right at the bottom of my neck that connected with my shoulder, and I shivered. There was nobody else, absolutely nobody else, and he couldn't know that. I couldn't let him know.

Still, at moments such as these, when my body recognized that there was no argument against the irrevocably obvious ownership he had over me, I struggled with the urge to yell it at the top of my lungs. I'm yours, Edward Cullen!

"Does he know about us?" he hissed into my ear, his entire body pinning me to the wall of the computer lab he pulled me into.

"Does he?!" he asked louder, running his nose over my cheek. I whimpered when I felt his hardness pressed so deliciously against me, warm and wanton.

"Tell me, Bella!" He bucked his hips, grinding against the top of my jeans. I lolled my head as my throat released a groan. I'd missed his body. I'd missed him.


It was barely an audible noise, but it was enough reassurance for him. He devoured my mouth then, sucking on my lips softly before pressing his tongue over them. I parted my mouth and gave him access. He could have anything he wanted. He just needed to ask, and it was his. When he released my hands, I let them fall around his neck, my eyes tightly closed as our tongues danced, my fingers curling around the hairs at the back of his head. I pulled at them, and he moaned. The sound sent shivers down my spine. I was fueled by the power of knowing what my lover needed.

I heard a zipper, I felt my legs move, one of his hands was back to pressing my wrists against the wall, and then the most sinful feelings threatened to drown me. I parted my lips to gasp.

The fingers from his free hand were drawing circles over the fabric covering my sex. It was a hard touch, violent and almost desperate, and I pushed my hips harder into it.

"I'm sure he doesn't know how to do this as well as I do, either," he spoke, moving his circles harder, right over my clit. I whimpered.

"I bet he doesn't know how to touch you as well as I can, Bella," he hissed against my ear, sucking on the tender spot just below it. My knees gave in, but he held me. I was lightheaded; his words hypnotized me, and my body called for him.

Should I tell him? Should I really tell him that I had never thought of letting Jacob touch me like this? That I couldn't even kiss him because my lips only wanted his? That I was breaking our agreement of "keeping things on a friendly basis between us"? That I was only seeing someone else, trying to pretend that I could? Hoping that I could? That all I could ever truly want was him? That it had only ever been him? No, I couldn't, and right now I couldn't stop the orgasm that he was about to give my body. He would forever know how to touch me, the sweet torture that was Edward Cullen.

He moved my panties to the side and continued the assault with his finger on my bare folds. My release was painfully close. He knew it. He knew it because I knew it, because he could play me just as perfectly as he could play his piano. I began to shudder against him, and again he released my wrists, his arm holding me by the waist against him.

"Come for me, Bella. Come for me like you can't come for him!" Those words were my undoing.

My forehead fell onto his shoulder, and wave after wave of bliss hit my body. His fingers entered me, and his name escaped my lips. I'd missed this so much.

"Fuck, Edward!" I cried as he moved his fingers in and out of me. I still couldn't think. I couldn't form a coherent sentence. There was nothing but pure bliss, the contractions, the pleasure in me. He lifted me into his arms, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, our tongues tangling again.

For now, it didn't matter if we could get caught in the lab. It had been too long since our last time together, too damn long to measure. He had disappeared. For more than two months he had been avoiding me, not returning my calls, not answering my emails. It was then that I met Jacob, and he became the friend that Edward took from me when he'd disappeared—the friend, but without the benefits that Edward and I shared.

I knew there were rumors going around, rumors I was sure Jacob himself could have begun, but in my eyes it was nothing like that. In my eyes there was only Edward.

It was because of Jacob the argument even began, the very reason why my back was currently resting on one of the tables of the unlit lab room with Edward hovering over me and his tongue tracing lines on my neck, my finger pulling at his belt buckle, my panties being ripped off of me.

Less than an hour earlier, Jake had joined me in the open lab.

"Hey, Bells!" Jacob's vibrating voice echoed over my shoulder, his chin resting on it as he looked down at my notes from behind me. He was so warm, so distinct, and his energy radiated off him, momentarily calming my feeling of loss and abandonment.

"Hey, Jake!"

"Ok, so guess what?" he said, resting both his arms on mine. Releasing my pen, I tangled our fingers together. I didn't mind this. It was closeness. I needed closeness, some affection, attention, and the irreplaceable feeling of being desired.

"I found an old radiator from a truck just like yours and rebuilt it. I'm putting it in your truck today, so we need to exchange keys." He released my left hand, reaching to throw the keys to one of his cars onto the table.

"Jake!" I turned and embraced him. "Thank you so much!"

He laughed, his chest purring with happiness.

"That must have been expensive! How much do I owe you?" I held him firmly by the shoulders, his smile blinding. Jacob was endearing.

"I didn't pay a dime. It was a gift from a friend who owed me a favor. Most of the other parts were from junk yards and my garage. I'll figure out a way for you to repay me for the labor." He raised his eyebrow and leaned in closer, our mouths millimeters apart.

The fact that my truck wasn't going to die on me any time soon and that I didn't have to spend money to fix it filled me with such happiness I would have closed my eyes and let him kiss me, but the sound of someone clearing their throat made me jump suddenly, successfully breaking the moment.

"Edward!" I released Jacob and stood. I heard Jacob groan. "This is Jacob. Jacob, this is my friend Edward."

No one spoke, and no one greeted each other with smiles or handshakes. They stood and stared at each other.

I handed Jacob the keys to my truck. "You take care of it for me? I'll meet you at the parking lot after the lecture is done. Call me if you need anything!"

Kissing his cheek, I watched him smile, his eyes never leaving Edward's face. I headed for the convention center, walking as fast as I could away from what felt like a natural disaster about to hit.

"Exchanging keys so soon?" His voice was raspy and malevolent with an acid tone that burned at the pit of my belly. I turned to face him.

How dare he confront me about something that was none of his business, especially after being gone for so long? He had no right!

"What's it to you, Cullen?" I crossed my arms against my chest, trying to contain my heart there. His green eyes sizzled and cut through me, his hands in his pockets, jaw clenched, brow furrowed. He was a god—a very angry god.

"I'm gone for a little bit, and you jump into bed with the first dog that comes barging through the door, Isabella?" He took a step forward.

I knew then that if I didn't walk away, blood would spill, and it wouldn't be mine. I would hurt him. I would at least slap the shit out of him. The tears stung, but I closed my eyes. He couldn't see this. If he did, I would have to explain, and there was absolutely nothing to explain. He should have stayed gone. Maybe it was better that way.

My body spun suddenly, my bag dropped, and Edward gripped my shoulders. His nose practically touched mine.

"Why don't you tell me, huh?" His breath tickled my face. The scent was so inviting, I leaned in closer.

"There's nothing to tell you! Where were you, Edward? Why didn't you answer my calls or my emails? Why don't we start there? Shall we? You know, a nice 'How are ya?' would work, too." He released me and started to walk away. "That's right. Walk away! Do what you do best!"

I threw my hands in the air and scoffed, then bent to get my bag. Suddenly my body spun. For a moment I didn't know what was happening, but then I saw him. I had never seen him this angry, and even if every fiber of my being screamed for me to be frightened, I wasn't. Edward would never physically harm me. In fact, he'd saved me from more than just a couple of broken bones, if I recalled correctly.

Right now, however, what I needed saving from was Edward himself and the desperation, the need I felt for him.

This was the closest room from where we' been arguing, and he had locked the door and turned the lights off. Everyone was at the lecture, and we were now at the very back of the room.

His pants were finally off, and I was actually surprised to find how hard he was. There was something odd about his demeanor, his violent need, but I wanted it more than the air that was barely filling my lungs. I couldn't fight it. In one swift movement, he entered me, shivering and grunting against my chest that was bare from my dress he'd yanked down to expose my breast.

I released a cry that he muffled with a hand pressed against my mouth. It had been long enough that I he was stretching me nearly to a breaking point. I should have felt pain, but when he began his slow and steady movements my eyes rolled back in my head. Whimpers from the ecstasy of it escaped me.

"This is what I do best, Bella. No one does this to you better than I do," he said against my mouth. How right he was. Not that I had anyone to compare him to, but I was sure no one could ever make me feel this way.

His hips were firm, and he hit spots inside me that I never knew existed before. His mouth devoured one nipple and then the other, and I held onto the edge of the desk for my life.

"Fuck!" He slowed his movements a bit more, moving my right knee over his shoulder, his mouth laying kisses on my face. The new position made all the feelings triple.

"You're mine," he whispered, and my eyes snapped opened. He knew! He knew everything! How did he know?

"You're mine, Isabella. He can't have you. I won't let him," he continued to whisper, and for a moment I didn't think he was even talking to me. What was going on?

"Edward?" His eyes met mine, and his half grin relaxed his face. I pressed my palms to his cheeks.

He moved faster then, with long, even movements, one after another. His hip was hitting against my bottom, the noise breaking into the room. My eyes rolled back, my eyelids shut.

"No, damn it! Look at me!"

I couldn't give him what he wanted this time. The pleasure was too much, and that familiar burning was building in my belly. I was so close now.

"Bella, please, look at me."

I tried. I whimpered some more and forced my eyes to focus. He pressed his forehead against mine, then stopped.

"No!" I whimpered. He chucked against my bare chest. How could he do this? I was so close, only a few more thrusts away. I wiggled my hips against him, hoping he got the hint. He hadn't come. I knew he hadn't. So why, for the love of all that was holy, was he stopping right now? I needed this.

"What do you want?"

I understood immediately the game he was playing. He was going to make me beg. The better side of me refused to give in. I remained still and quiet. He gave me a long thrust and stopped again. I shivered and groaned. My head hit against the table. Maybe if I knocked myself unconscious this wouldn't be so painfully hard to do.

"Tell me what you want, Bella."

I bit my lip and shook my head. I couldn't do this. He had everything. Why did he want this, too? He filled me completely and then pulled out of me. My legs shivered. Why wasn't he affected by this?

"You know I know exactly what you want, but I need you to tell me you want it. I want to hear you say it! I need to hear you say it."

"Please," I whimpered, and there it was, the begging. My pride scolded and screamed at me, but I couldn't stop my mouth. "Please, Edward…"

He gave me one slow thrust. "Please, what?"

The even, slow movements could have done the trick, but I wanted him to crash with me, and I could make that happen because I knew what he needed, too. I could make Edward come undone, too—of that much I was sure. I set my pride aside.

"Please, make me cum for you, Edward!"

He smiled and ran his hand all the way up my stomach to my breast, running his thumb over my hard nipple. Then he continued.

The pounding noise came back, along with grunts from his mouth that purred in his chest and whimpers of incoherencies from me. I came for the second time for him—just for him, as he'd requested. My hands fisted in the hair at the back of his head; our mouths pressed against each other. He groaned and made a few more thrusts, and he crashed along with me. My name sounded like a lullaby sung from his mouth, a breathy relief.


I felt his kisses on my jaw, and I moaned.

"Are you and he?" he asked, voice broken. Even with all the confusion it caused me, I couldn't lie to him.


He looked into my eyes and nodded, a smile slowly creeping into his mouth. Cocky bastard.