Chapter 11

Bella P.O.V

I woke up Edward's hand were around me I was so comfortable then he noticed I was wake he reacted so fast he got his arm off me and got off the bed.

"I don't bite you know"

"umm… I didn't mean to ya…I was expecting to get up before you woke up"

"it's ok it was nice having you beside me"


He stepped closer to me. we were like an inch away from each other

"ya you were the best thing that ever happened to me"

Then without me know he kissed me I was surprised but then I liked it so I put my hands on his face till I needed air.

"sorry, I just really needed that"

"that's what said last time then we broke up. You only kiss me when you need me you just use me"

"well you killed Paige"

"fine I'll tell what happened. It was in phoenix I was on a bus I got off the bus I heard a scream and a gun shot. I went to see what happened but I was too late she was on the ground bleeding. I told her to wait and I was calling 911 she said it wouldn't be worth it she told me to tell Edward that she loved him I asked for your last name but she was dead I heard the police coming so left I was so scared. I forgot all about it tell now. I'm so sorry"

"wow that's what happened "


I was crying now

"why didn't you say that"

"because they would asked why didn't I stay and I didn't know what to say I was so scared that something bad was going to happen like this. I loved you too much to make you go through all that pain"

I left and ran down stairs. everyone was down stairs. He grabbed my arm.

"you could of told me"

"I was scared what you would think that you wouldn't love me anymore"

"I loved you when you were in jail I was just so mad I'll always love you"

He was about to kiss me till the door was broken down oh my gosh it was them.

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