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Chapter 1

Obsidian eyes slowly opened to darkness. He quickly realized two things: he's sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, and he was tied to it. Thick rope held his back to the chair and his arms were tied to the arm rests; his ankles were tied to the legs of the chair. His back ached from the unusual position. His eyes slid shut as he attempted to control his breathing.

How did I get here?

His mind probed for an answer. He couldn't remember anything suspicious. The day had been like any other. He and Light Yagami had been arguing about something trivial, there were no new breaks in the Kira case. Everything was… the same. Did Light do this? He must have done this. This proves he was always Kira. He felt the rope tear at the pale skin of his wrists as he attempted to slip out of the rope, he stopped after a few minutes. For now, it was futile. Whoever did this, will make themselves known soon.

L was suddenly blinded as the overhead lights were turned on. Pain shot through his temple, causing the detective to slam his eyes shut. He hissed softly, turning his face away.

An evil laugh reached his ears. He didn't recognize the voice. It couldn't be young Yagami… Cold fingers grasped his chin. "Open up those pretty little eyes for me." The words were cooed softly. The hand was rough on his face. Whoever this is… The detective did not open his eyes. This man was obviously insane, why would he give in to his demands? "Open them or I'll cut off your eyelids." The man's voice had shifted, with a crazed undertone. L complied, and hesitantly opened his eyes. He blinked several times to get used to the bright light. Pain lingered at his temples.

He held in a gasp as he stared at the man who moved to stand in his line of sight. Thick white make up was caked onto his face; black eye shadow was messily rubbed around his eyes causing him to look like the living dead. Ugly burns marred his face and neck. He tried to hide them by piling on more makeup, but it only caused him to look more grotesque. This man had tried very hard to resemble L. The roots of the man's hair were light brown; the rest of it was dyed black. The most startling thing about his appearance was his bright red eyes. They were like Misa Amane's eyes. L did his best to not appear startled. "Don't give me that look—don't you recognize me?"

L continued to stare at the man. Who was this man? He shook his head. "I've never seen you in my life." Anger flared in the man's crimson eyes.

"You've never seen me?!" He flashed red-stained teeth as he shouted. He grasped the side of the chair with both hands—his fingers wrapped around L's forearms—and leaned in close. L grimaced at the smell; a sickly sweet scent like rotten fruit radiated off of him.

"No." L stared back, not daring to move his eyes away. The strange man's eyebrow twitched and he turned away, releasing his grip on the chair. He paced, his hands wrenching his dark hair out. L's eyes darted around the room. He was surprised to see he was still at the task-force headquarters, though he did know where exactly he was.

Who was this man and how the hell did he get in here? The security was virtually impossible to get through. Wedy had gotten through it, but she was a very skilled woman. This man could barely function, let alone find his way in here. Where was everyone? Had he hurt them?

"No… no… no…. no…" The strange man mumbled from across the room. He shook his head frantically. His hair wildly tossed back and forth. He must have seen me somewhere. He dyed his hair and put tons of makeup on to resemble me. L could see from his hands that he was naturally tanned. How could he have ever seen me? I never go out in public, and if I did, how would he know who I am? The man continued to curse and mutter under his breath. The detective watched him with wary eyes. What does this man want?

"I tried and tried to gain your attention… it didn't work… it never does…" His hands moved from his scalp to his arms; he clawed at them, leaving angry red lines. L tried his best to stay composed. He had only seen this type of insane behavior on film—he had never had to deal with it. The man turned to face him, eyes filled with anger. "I killed them all for you, L. Every one… of them. You didn't notice." His head shook. "Why didn't you notice, L?"

L remained silent for a moment. His mind calculated the odds of this man killing him. I'm seventy-six percent sure that this man is going to kill me. "I've been working on another case that's taken up all my time. I do not have time to track down every murderer."

The man drew closer. "I see… do you know what I did? Of course not. You didn't even notice little ol' me, did you? I killed thirteen people in thirteen days. This happened thirteen days ago, so… twenty-six days ago, I set out and took these insignificant humans from this world." He stood a foot away from L. His hair was in disarray and there were several bald patches from his tearing it out from the roots. "You didn't notice, did you?" Would anything he said appease this man? "ANSWER ME!" The deranged man screamed at the detective, and his silence seemed to agitate the man more.

L slowly blinked. "No, I didn't. Kira has killed thousands of people. I've been occupied." He said softly. He didn't want to anger the man further, but it was the truth.

"If I would have killed more people, you would have noticed?" The strange man bit at his fingers thoughtfully, an odd hopeful look in his red eyes. The answer was no, of course—L had been called by several agencies about other murders and terrorist threats while he was undertaking the Kira case. He wasn't going to stop the case because of thirteen murders. "Your silence is not helping you." L watched with sick fascination as the man's teeth ripped off his nail, causing blood to flow freely. He suckled his thumb softly, his lips curled up into a small smile as he noticed L's eyes on him.

"Who are you?" L took in what the man was wearing: blue jeans and a white short-sleeved shirt… How does this man know me? He's doing a pretty good job at trying to mimic me…

He inched forward; his eyes remained on L's face. He studied him for a moment. "I've finally got you in my grasp… It wasn't easy to track you down. Took me months to find you. When I finally did, it took me even longer to crack this system. I liked it better when you stayed in hotels. You moved frequently… A few twenties would have gotten me a key to your room." L took in a shaky breath as the man kneeled down to eye-level. His hands rested on the side of the chair. "I'm your biggest fan, L." His hand slowly lifted to touch L's pale face. "And here you are… right. In. Front. Of. Me." L shrunk back against the chair at the contact. His black eyes were wide.

"Don't touch me." He tried to drain all the emotion from his voice to disconnect himself from the situation. The calloused, bloody hands grabbed a hold of his jaw, smearing blood onto his face.

"Don't turn away from me, L. I'm in control here. Not you." L's heart pounded wildly in his chest as the man drew closer, his lips mere inches from L's. The scent of rotting fruit consumed the young detective. "My name…" He rolled his head back and forth, effectively cracking his neck. "Is… Beyond… Beyond Birthday. Your heir." L jerked back at the words. The deranged man laughed loudly. "Ah, so you do remember now?"

"I was told you were dead." L said in disbelief. He felt panic bubble in his chest. He knew this man was insane. He had never met B, but he knew he was a very sick man, and needed to be locked up in a high security mental hospital. He had pretended to be him several years ago. He fooled Naomi, but not for long. She was a very intelligent woman. It didn't take her long to figure out his game. He tried to kill himself by lighting himself on fire. He had barely escaped death. If only…

"You were told wrong. I faked my death. I knew all about this Kira business, so…" A sickly sweet smile appeared on his lips. "I'm just another number to you and Kira. I easily escaped after that, and here I am. In the great L's company. Did you know… I lived in that same house with you for years, and I only got glimpses of you…" He trailed off. He remembered it clearly. Young Beyond looked up the stairs to see L, for only a moment. The impact was great. From that moment, he did everything he could to see the busy man.

"What have you done with the Task Force?"

"Oh, all your little friends?" Beyond said sweetly. "They're locked up on the next level up. We have this floor all to ourselves." He pointed to a camera high up on the ceiling. "This security system is fantastic. I have this airing upstairs for them so they can see their precious L brought down to the trash he really is. I'm doing them a favor, really." He rested his hand on L's shoulder and fiddled with his soft shirt. "I bet you're wondering how I got to you." L said nothing. His eyes moved to stare at the camera, his jaw set tightly. "It wasn't easy. Since you were cuffed to that Yagami boy… I had to improvise. He was shocked, to say the least." He chuckled. "If one L wasn't enough…" He trailed off, his eyes hungrily looking at the detective. L shrunk back as far as he could into the chair.

"You look nothing like me." B's eyes widened at L's words.

"What…" he hissed. "I look exactly like you in every way!"

L looked up at Beyond through his thick bangs. "Maybe from a distance. You paint your face white and dye your hair. You weigh more than me, you're taller, and you have red eyes. You also have very bad scars on your face and neck. Anyone who knew me could tell us apart."

Beyond's jaw clenched and he backhanded L hard across the face. "Shut up!" He screamed. "You say that like people know you. You're nothing. NOTHING!" He smacked L again and again until his head lolled to the side.

Anger drained from Beyond's eyes and was replaced with remorse. He looked startled for a moment before he pulled L into an awkward embrace. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. "I… I didn't mean to lose my temper…" He raked his fingers through L's hair lovingly, leaving a trail of blood. L blinked his eyes back into focus. Beyond had his arms around his upper chest and was half-sitting on him. "I'm sorry… so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. You know that, right? I want… I want to be your friend." He sloppily kissed L's hair and forehead. "It's alright … Everything will be alright…" He trailed off and rocked himself back and forth.

L's dark eyes were wide. Does this man hate me or idolize me? One second he was screaming at him and hitting him, and the next, he was hugging L. Silence is probably the best thing for now. Let Beyond calm himself down.

Beyond suddenly pulled back and stared at L. The man smiled sweetly at him and touched his hair. "We're going to be best friends. Look what you made me do. If you're good, I won't have to hurt you. If you're bad, I will have to hurt you. It hurts me to do this to you…" His hands pulled forward, bringing L's hair with them. Bloodlust was deep in his red eyes. L let out a started cry as Beyond pulled his hair from the roots. His loose hair fisted in Beyond's hands. He rubbed them between his fingertips, then tossed them aside. "Don't you dare talk to me like that, L. You are mine now. You belong to me. I will keep you here forever if I have to."

L gaped at him in disbelief. This has to be some sick, twisted dream. It has to be. L slid his eyes shut and took in a deep breath. He hoped to god it was a dream.



To be continued…


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