Chapter 4

Warning: This chapter contains blood, torture, and language.

Near gently placed another domino onto the tiled floor. His eyes drifted across the room. His masterpiece was near completion. He smiled to himself. When L comes back and sees this, he will be so proud of me.

Roger's concerned voice sounded from the other room. Near carefully stood up and walked into the other room. Mello stood against the wall, a chocolate bar between his lips. The old man sat behind his desk, hands folded neatly on the mahogany, a deep frown on his face. "Boys, L has not been in contact with me for over an hour. It is safe to assume that either L has been killed, or incapacitated." Near took his place on the floor and quickly put together the puzzle he had left there earlier.

An aggravated sigh came from Mello as he rushed forward, slapping his palms onto the table. "He should have never shown his face to that fucking Task Force! Kira is one of them! I'll solve this… before you will, Near." His eyes narrowed at the younger boy.

Near smiled as he put in the last piece of the puzzle. "L isn't dead, Mello. Your thinking is so child-like. Roger has mentioned nothing of Watari's data deletion. L is very much alive. I will assist Roger."

"You?! HA! I'll come with you so that when you fail, I'll be there to gloat."

Roger stood. "I was hoping you two would volunteer. We leave to the airport in twenty minutes—pack only what you need." Mello's golden hair fell onto his face as he leaned forward, taking a bite out of the chocolate bar. This is going to be fun. I'm going prove that I'm better than Near, and L will see it himself… and make me his successor.


Light Yagami's lip lifted in disgust. He felt sick. Beyond had just forced the greatest detective in the world to eat jam that had his own blood in it. He shuddered, his eyes never leaving L's pale face. L sucked in giant breaths, jam mixed with old blood dribbling down his chin. If he had been disgusted, it no longer showed. His face was as emotionless as ever.

Beyond kicked the empty jar toward the door, his arms crossing as he turned to Light A sadistic grin played on his face. It was so wide, the corners of his mouth cracked and started to bleed. "You're insane!" Light spat. Beyond's laughter was his only response. The room remained mostly silent for a few minutes after that; the only sound was L's labored breathing. I can't believe this is happening. The fact that this maniac is here means Kira could get in here and kill everyone! He can barely function, let alone devise a plan to get in here… Unless this man was more than just a psycho… Light mused as he stared across at the two.

"That wasn't so bad, now, was it, L?" Beyond hissed, bringing his stained fingers to his own lips. "I have something very special planned for you. After today, you will never be the same." L didn't acknowledge him in any way. Light felt something rise in his chest. He felt… proud? How the hell can L be so damn calm? If I were in this situation... Light felt another shudder move through his body. This maniac has something very unpleasant in store for L. "Now where were we…" He paused, his hands reaching to pull at his black hair. "Ah yes, I remember now. Your full name. Say it." L remained calm and quiet. A loud laugh filled the air. "I was hoping this would happen much later. I never knew your name was SO special. You know my name… it's only fair if I know yours. You have one more chance before I start to cut into your face..." Beyond spoke nonchalantly—as if slicing someone's face open was an everyday occurrence for him. And for all Light knew, it was.

Light had had enough. As much as L annoyed the hell out of him, he didn't want the man to be tortured. He had to be the most stubborn person he had ever met. "Tell him your goddamn name! I'm not Kira, no one in that room is Kira!" Beyond regarded Light for a moment, taking in the rage on the boy's face then turned back to L. Light let out a sigh of relief—this gave him the chance to fight with the rope binding him; he also hated when Beyond looked at him.

"The boy's smarter than he looks. As much as I'd love to slice into your pretty little face, I'd much rather keep it intact for now." Beyond's eyes lingered on the number hovering over L's head. He only had a few hours to live… This greatly concerned Beyond…

L's voice finally cut the silence. "You know I cannot do that. More than my life is in danger here. I wouldn't be surprised if Backup…" Beyond hissed loudly at the name, "…is working with Kira. You've wanted me dead for years."

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME THAT! I'm already sick of your fucking bullshit! You're nothing but—" His words were cut off as he covered his mouth to giggle uncontrollably. He turned away from the two geniuses and leaned over, pulling the old backpack into his scarred arms. He reached his hands into it, grasping something. The bag dropped to the floor with a loud thump. In one swift movement, he was in front of L again. Between his pointer finger and thumb, he held a razor blade. "This blade has killed many people. But you know that, don't you, L?" He knelt down to L's eye level. Black and red eyes met. They both narrowed. "I didn't want to hurt you, but for us to be friends… You made me do this." Without warning, he grasped L's jaw tightly. Light gasped sharply. The insane man moved in close to L's face as he struggled to free his jaw, jerking his head back and forth uselessly. "This is going to hurt a lot, Lawliet." L's eyes became impossibly large as the razor was stuck between his parted lips and dragged sharply to the right. L couldn't contain the yelp of pain that left his throat. Beyond dropped the blade and clamped L's mouth shut. Blood flowed freely from the wound, drenching Beyond's hand. He leaned in close to the detective's face, watching everything that passed through the other's eyes.

Light fought desperately to get out of the chair—it was useless! He had almost knocked the chair over. All he could do was cringe and turn away as Beyond cut into L's face. He felt like screaming. He could have sworn Beyond said a name to L… Lowlight, or something like that. Did Beyond know L's true name? If he did, why the hell was he torturing L to get his name?

L's dark eyes watered as he blinked repeatedly, trying to process the deep pain that appeared at his mouth. He felt something very wrong as the coppery taste of blood flooded his mouth. He tongued the side of his mouth—the skin parted there. A deep tremor ran through his body. He brought in deep breaths through his nose, his eyes sliding shut. He didn't even notice Beyond release the grip on his face. I can handle this pain—it's nothing, he told himself as his head fell forward. His teeth clenched tightly, the pain spreading upward towards his cheek. Beyond had always been insane, but he never took him for a torturer. The madman went through all of this to get my name, and he already knew it. He felt fingers in his hair and he could hear Yagami saying something….

"There, there, L. That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Beyond repeated what he had said earlier and pet L's hair lovingly.

"You sick fuck! Get away from him!" Light shouted and struggled more. He could feel the skin on his arm tearing under the thin rope. This can't be happening, L is… L is untouchable. He could see the blood flowing down L's sickly pale chin, soaking his once white shirt.

"Look what you made me do…" Beyond cooed softly, his hands moving to rest behind L's scalp, lifting his face up. L's eyes slowly opened to warily look upon vermillion colored eyes. Beyond leaned in close, his tongue lapped at the blood that still spilled down L's face. He smiled—the taste of blood sent a sick thrill through him. He wanted to see more blood pooling around the detective… He was literally thrown out of his thoughts as L's forehead met with his, sending him toppling backwards.

L spat at him, "You disgust me! I never wanted anything to do with you. I hope you didn't think that you could come in here without someone knowing. If I don't check in after a certain amount of time, Roger is immediately notified. You're a fool, Beyond." Each time his mouth open, more blood spilled from the painful wound on his face. Light grinned, that bastard is finally getting what he deserved. From the floor, the red eyed man stared at L, a smile slowly creeping onto his lips. Light's smile disappeared quickly, that man's smile alone made him nervous.

"I figured you'd have something rigged. How perfect would it be? L and all his little prodigies here with me again…" Beyond snarled, getting up to his feet as he spoke. "Near was always the favorite. I was never the favorite!" He stopped in front of the bag, casting a concerned look in L's direction. "I need to fix that wound—I can't have you bleeding to death before they get here…" Light stared between the two. What the hell is that psycho talking about? Who's Near? His eyes rested on L as Beyond shuffled through the bag he brought with him.

The look in L's eyes changed. His dark eyes narrowed. "If you even think about tou—"

"You'll what?" Beyond held a needle and clear thread in his hands. He smirked at L's silence. "After we're done here, we can get further acquainted. There are a lot of things I'd like to know about your past…" He trailed off as he expertly placed the thread into the head of the needle. He stood in front of L, a strange glint in his red eyes.



To be continued . . .


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