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"Oh my god! Oh my god!" Abby jumped up and down while hugging Tony and Ziva.

"Can't… breathe!" Tony gasped, trying to pull away from Abby's death grip.

"Oops…" Abby let go for a second, before grabbing hold of them again. "But oh MY GOD!!!!"

"Abby!" McGee called. "Leave the happy couple alone for a while."

"Sorry." Abby apologized, still grinning.

"So, what do you think of it?" McGee asked Penina, as they took the elevator down to the autopsy lab.

"I think it is excellent." Penina smiled. "Ima is happy, and I now have an Aba."

"I hear Tony asked you first." McGee said, surprised that DiNozzo would bother.

"Yes, he did. It was very cordial of him to request my permission. Almost as if I was Ziv- … Ima's father!" Penina grinned and McGee chuckled. The lift doors opened and they headed for where they could see Ducky talking to Palmer.

"Penina, my dear." Ducky smiled when he saw the teenage girl in the doorway. "And Timothy. What can I do for you?"

Penina glanced and McGee, who nodded.

"Ziva and Tony are getting married! And…" She glanced at McGee. Did he know?

"Jenny… and Gibbs…" He hinted, and she grinned. He did know, after all.

"And Jenny's pregnant!" She finished.

"She's beginning to sound like Abby." Ducky commented, his eyebrows raised, and a smile on his lips. "That is excellent news to hear."

"Tony and Ziva? You mean, Tony's actually marrying someone?" Palmer exclaimed, surprised.

"I know." McGee agreed. Penina glared at them both.

"Be nice! Aba just has… commitment issues." Her steely eyed glare transfixed on McGee and Palmer.

"I think… never mind." Palmer stuttered.

"We didn't mean…" McGee began, before giving up under the heat of Penina's stare.

"Well, I am glad that is all settled then." Penina quit on the glare, and returned to her usual happy and smiley expression. She turned on her heel, and disappeared back to the elevator. McGee shrugged, before hurrying after the girl.

"Tony… married…" Palmer sat down on the cold metal of an autopsy table and spoke to no one in particular.

"Ziva is a very special person." Ducky commented.

"That she is." Palmer's eyes began glazing over and Ducky poked him, hard.

"Bring your thoughts back to work, Jimmy." He advised, with a small smile.

"Of course." Palmer jumped off the table. "But honestly… DiNozzo… married…"


Penina turned to the right and the left to see her reflection on both sides.

"Wow." She commented.

"My thoughts exactly." Abby agreed on Penina's thoughts on the dresses they wore.

They were both wearing strapless scarlet dresses. Penina's was in a princess style, whereas Abby's was only knee-length.

"MySpace!" Abby exclaimed, drawing out a camera from somewhere which Penina tried not to dwell on. She pulled Penina in and took some photos. "Awesome."

"Wow." Penina said again.

"What?" Abby turned around and her draw dropped. "Wow."

"Is it okay?" Ziva asked, as she turned every which way. Her dress was in the same style as Penina's, only in a blue color. It had strips of scarlet in the skirt that you could see when she walked.

"It is amazing!" Penina ran and hugged Ziva. "You look beautiful!"

"Thank you, Penny." Ziva smiled and kissed her daughter/sister on the forehead. "You do too."

She turned to Abby. "And you!"

"You look amazing Ziva!" Abby hugged her best friend tightly. "I can't believe today is the day!"

"I guess it is…" Ziva agreed, smiling. She hadn't been able to budge the bright smile since she had woken up.


"Can't believe it's you before me, Tony." McGee commented, lounging on the couch in Gibbs' apartment.

"Glad we found a woman who could get you and keep you." Gibbs added, straightening Tony's tie. "I have to be off in… well, now in fact. You two will be alright without me? No fighting?"

"No Gibbs." Tony and McGee said in unison.

"Good." Gibbs stood up and left the pair. They glanced at each, at the clock and then back at each other.

"We have ten minutes. Basement?" McGee asked, getting up. Tony jumped up.

"Let's go see how he got that boat out." Tony grinned, and the troublesome twosome ran off to study Gibbs' boat removing techniques.


Tony stood at the altar, a nervous smile on his face. What the hell am I doing? Marriage?! He began to have second thoughts, but then the music began.

And he saw Ziva.

And knew he never made a mistake.

She had her hand tucked into the crook of Gibbs' elbow, Abby and Penina walking behind holding bouquets of red and blue roses. The small congregation all breathed a soft "wow" at the bride.

Jenny smiled and caught Gibbs' eye as he handed Ziva over to Tony.

"Will you take Anthony DiNozzo to be your husband for as long as you live and beyond?" They had had the vows changed to encompass both religions and their views.

"I do." Ziva smiled.

"Will you take Ziva David to be your wife for as long as you live and beyond?"

"I do." Tony smiled also.

"You may now kiss your bride." Tony lifted Ziva's face to kiss and kissed her lightly on the lips.


"Penina's coming with us." Abby informed Tony and Ziva at the reception.

"Um, okay?" Ziva said.

"We decided that you and Tony might have business to do." Penina gagged and walked off to go speak to Jenny. Abby and Ziva laughed.

"Has she got a boyfriend yet?" Abby questioned Ziva.

"Alejandro." Ziva smiled and looked at Penina, who was now in conversation with Jenny.

"Cute!" Abby exclaimed, grinning.


Eight months later…

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" Ziva held the phone about half a meter away from her ear as Abby shouted down the phone. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!"

"What?" Ziva asked, hoping it was safe to put the phone near her ear once again.

"It's Jenny!" Abby exclaimed.

"What about her?" Ziva asked, excited and worried simultaneously.

"She's had her baby!" Abby shouted in glee.

"Oh my gosh, when?" Ziva gasped.

"06:36." Abby recited the information Gibbs had given her over the phone.

"Have they got a name yet?" Ziva asked.



Penina sat on the floor, her head on Alejandro's legs and Kelly-Anne in her lap, singing the now one-year old baby to sleep.

They had discovered the song that sent Kelly-Anne, or Kassie, as she was nicknamed, when Kelly-Anne was crying one night and Penina started to sing a song that she was listening to on her iPod. And ever since?

"Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart? Why would you wanna take our love and tear it all apart, now?" Penina sung, whilst rocking Kassie to sleep.

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