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Wow! I finally figured out how to do this author's note thingy, well,this is a Wild Arms 3 holiday special. It's for Valentine's Day.I must thank LadyDarkKnight for subscribing to my stories, even though I just started! Happy Valentine's Day!(Sorry if I misspell anything!)

Oh yeah, this has nothing to do with like...Virginia+Jet or anything, this is just a confusing story,ok?

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The Travis in this story is not the Travis that's at Gunner's Heaven!

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Virginia's Valentine's Day secret

By Crown-Princess-Taila

Chapter 1: The note

Virginia sung a tune from her childhood as she sealed the enevolope she sighed, wondering if he liked her back.

"It's Valentine's was meant for little miracles! No one can ruin that!" She giggled.

She headed out of her door and crashed into somebody.


"Hmph, mornin' to you to."

Virginia looked up, seeing who she had crashed into. It was Jet.

"What's that you've got in your hand?"

Virginia felt her face turn red,"It's none of your business!"


Virginia ran down the hall, hoping not to crash into anyone she raced down the stairs when her aunt called her.

"Virginia! Someone's here to see you! You come down too,Jet!"

Virginia and Jet groaned, as if they were little children.

"Hey leader, how's it goin'?"

It was Gallows, one of Virginia's former team members.

"Gallows? You're here? How'd Halle let you off from your priesthood training?" Jet sat on one of the stairs.

"Let's just say Granny won't be wakin' up for a while...." Gallows looked down

"...Um, so...happy Valentine's Day,Gallows!"Virginia said briskly, she knew what that meant.

"Great! It's Valentine's Day already? Man,time goes by fast!" Gallows rubbed his hands together.

"Uh-oh..." Jet and Virginia breathed in unison, they had forgotten Gallows's one weakness;women.

"Um...excuse me? Does Virginia Maxwell live here?" said a calm voice from the door.

Virginia's face turned red, she knew that voice too well. She ran to the door, hoping Gallows and Jet didn't see her face.

"I am she."

"" The boy of 19 (nope not 30! What? You thought it was Clive?) replied, his face turning crimson red,"I-I found this by your door." He handed her the envelope and the single rose."I-I don't know if you know m-me,but I'm-"

"I know who you are, you're Travis."

"S-sorry to disturb you. I can see you're kinda busy." Travis said, his face turning even redder as he stuttered.

"It's okay, I'm not really busy."

She headed back to the stairs, while reading the note.(She blushed harder at every sentence.)

My dearest Virginia,

I know it is such short notice, but I must tell you how I feel.

Your hair is as brown as a hawk feather(Hmph, Virginia thought, that's a change. Jet called my hair mud.),

your eyes as blue as a shinning river.

Your hands are as beautiful as a butterfly's wing

Let me just tell you that you're pretty.

To reveal myself, I ask you to wait near the gates to the cemetery.

Your secret admirer.

"Yo! Virginia! You there?"

Virginia frantically looked up,"What is it,Jet?"

"2 things, one, why is your face red? You look like a tomato. Two, You can't spend a speck of attention? I said, 'Look! Clive's here too!' "

Virginia turned around to see one of the other members of her team,Clive.

"Hello Virgina." Clive offered a warm hearted smile.

Virginia smiled back,"Hello Clive, how Catherine and Kaitlyn?"

"Fine thank you."

Jet groaned to himself,There must be something wrong. Those two are here,maybe that flippin' Beatrice showed up.

Virginia chatted with her former teammates until she realized what time it was. She slowly stood up.

"Um...please excuse me.I have to go for a minute."

Virginia ran out the door.

Jet looked up from his hands (he got a headache listening to Gallows ramble on and on) and noticed two white envelopes on the walked over to the envelopes and read them. One said To Virginia. The other one said To Travis. Hpmh, isn't Travis the name of the kid who came here earlier?Jet thought. Once he realized what he was holding he jumped up and nearly knocked Clive off his chair.(Actually,he did.)

"What was that for?"

"Uh...I think I saw a Gob."

Gallows stood up ( Clive was still trying to),

"A Gob? You mean those ugly little green demi-humans?"

" I found this, I mean these." Jet showed them the letters.

After a few minutes...

"Hmmm....They appear to be love notes." Clive pushed up his glasses.

"Love notes?!" Jet and Gallows exclaimed in unison.

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