Chapter 1: A New Life

Buffy was out on her normal patrol. She had just moved to Sunnydale, CA from LA and was just getting her bearings.

She had met up with two people, Xander and Willow and they immediately became friends but something was missing.

She felt sad and isolated and no one understood her the way she wanted. She had lost it all, her dad, her friends, her school, all because of her calling. A calling she never asked for. Did anyone ever stop and ask her if she wanted to be the one chosen in all the world to take out vampires and demons and safe the world every damn night of her life? No of course not. So how was it her fault that she had to burn up the gym in her school to protect the school from vampires and secondly how was it her fault she got dismissed from the school and had to move away to return to school.

Her mother had handled it fairly well. She had grounded Buffy until she was able to relocate. She got a job and picked up her daughter after her husband had walked out never blaming Buffy for a minute and had Buffy enrolled in school.

She didn't know why Buffy was acting out, but it wasn't like Buffy was really acting out. She was saving the world and her mother never knew.

So Buffy had to live a double life, almost triple. Student, daughter and slayer when all she wanted was to be normal.

Buffy sighed kicking a tombstone as she walked by not even noticing the bright blue eyes staring at her as she returned to her home to get a few hours of sleep before school started.

*}-'--, --'--, --'--, -{*

Buffy struggled to keep her eyes open in her class as Willow poked her with her pencil to help keep her awake.

Buffy had been patrolling in this new town for over 2 weeks now and it was getting to her. Sunnydale sure was busy with vampires.

Every night she would see one or two, if not more. There were demons of all kinds, some she had learned from Merrik and some she had to ask Giles, the librarian (her watcher) what they were.

She was filling up her brain with names of demons. Was there a limit to how much a brain could handle? Was she wasting her precious brain space with slaying responsibilities rather than learning in school? Was that why school was such a challenge for her?

She sighed as the teacher continued to discuss what the paper due next week had to include. She hadn't even started nor had a topic.

The only thing she had been studying lately was what the latest demon was she had met the night before.

She could hardly do a paper on that. Imagine the paper topic: Boone Demon. And the paper would include that it is very large and powerful as well as being blue skinned. She could just see her teacher's reaction to this paper and let out a soft giggle.

Willow poked her again as the teacher looked in her direction and frowned but continued her lesson.

Buffy sighed and decided to pay attention instead of depending on Willow to repeat it to her later on.

She was really glad she had met Willow. She was a life saver. And what was even better is she knew about the whole slayer package due to her seeing her stake one on their first day of meeting. She had quickly told Xander so both were aware and seemed no judgmental which was always a bonus.

Friends who knew about her double life and didn't mind. Who could have guessed?

*}-'--, --'--, --'--, -{*

Buffy paused for a minute and twirled her stake around waiting patiently while sitting on a tombstone for the vampire to rise.

Giles and her had spent some time in the afternoon when she should have been focused on her paper but instead they were looking through obituaries to find the latest man who might rise to be a vampire.

The police were always vague on cause of death. The causes varied between unknown, animal death or natural causes. They never said murdered or attacked in order to not cause fear more than necessary in a already horrible place.

People seemed to just over look and never ask questions. Buffy pondered on this watching the vampire struggled to punch his way through the ground and attempt to pull himself up.

Buffy grimaced seeing the vampire was wearing a neon yellow shirt. Whoever buried this guy should have had some fashion sense taught to them.

She began to think again, trying to be patient as she wondered how parents could continue to live here knowing every day another person was killed.

Sometimes as many as 3 or 4 people were killed a night. If she had kids, she isn't quite sure she would want them growing up in a small town where the population was kept low due to vampire killings.

Buffy sighed and hopped off the tombstone stating, "Hurry up, I haven't gotten all night. I got places to go, people to slay."

The vampire in question finally had managed to pull his way out of his grave and peered over at her with glowing yellow eyes that reflected a new vampire's hunger, "mmm my dinner I presume?"

Buffy shook her head swinging her leg up and slamming her foot into his chest knocking him over.

He struggled to stand back up and backhanded her causing her to get mad and spin kick him again as she jumped on top of him and slammed the stake into his chest and sighing as she dusted herself off muttering to herself, "Sometimes I wish they would make it harder and not piss me off so much."

She kicked her foot into the dust sending it flying as she turned to look behind her. Seeing nothing and figuring the tingling was just because of the dust she just stirred up, she walked out of the cemetery and onto the next.

The eyes from behind a tree glowed yellow for a minute before turning back to a solid blue before disappearing from sight again.