Chapter 46: 5 months later

It was graduation day. Buffy was excited.

She was seven months pregnant but was still able to walk down the aisle with her friends to graduate.

Just a month earlier she had walked down the aisle to marry Spike.

Her mother had been there as was Giles and her friends.

Giles had walked her down the aisle to see Spike standing there in his black tux as handsome as ever and at his side were his three best men, Doyle, and Dalton who were smiling happy to see their master and mistress joined in marriage standing next to Xander.

As Buffy had reached the spot she stood next to Spike, he had whispered, "You look amazing."

She blushed and smiled at her soon to be husband shyly.

The truth is, she really did look amazing.

Anya, an ex-vengeance demon who was now hooked up with Xander, had picked out the most special dress she had ever seen complete with a touch of magic from Willow and Willow's new girlfriend, Tara and her mother's wedding veil.

The result was a beautiful white silk dress with sleeves made of lace and a high neck made of lace.

The lower part of the dress was silk with lace daisies spread over it which had been placed by Tara carefully.

Her hair had been designed by Willow. It was half up, half down, in spiral curls which Willow had taken great pains to make sure they were carefully curled by hand to surround her face perfectly and to finish the look, sparkles donned her hair and dress making her dress appear to twinkle in the sunlight.

Joyce's veil was chosen and it too was enhanced with sparkles that made the tiara of daisies bright and shiny even though Joyce had first worn it more than 20 years ago.

She had little lacey tennis shoes on her feet that Dalton had found for her and had fixed them up to be as white as can be with a tad of bleach and man power and Willow had added a bit of sparkles to them as well.

Xander and Doyle had made the arch they were standing under as well as the bridge Buffy and Spike would cross over after being married to represent leaving the old behind and crossing over to the new.

The wedding was perfect. The sun was bright, barely any clouds in the sky.

A few friends from school were there, Candy and Sam as well as Becky were there, and the old widow was there along with some of her children and grandchildren.

Five new vampires had joined Spike's minions. An older vampire couple named Gary and Kenya as well as Lilac, a younger vampire who was around 25 and Tom who was around the same age and a young child named Polly.

Some of Joyce's friends were there as well as some of Giles'.

Buffy sighed in memory of that perfect day and smiled happily realizing this was another important day.

She had already been accepted into UC Sunnydale and Spike and her had already managed to get the mansion almost in perfect condition.

Between Spike's wages from the hospital he continued to work at and Dalton's new doctoring job at the hospital, they had managed to get furniture into both rooms.

Xander and Anya had moved into one of the rooms since Xander had been working in a construction site and had been offered a job rebuilding the new high school during the summer in hopes to open it up again by fall.

Anya had bought the new magic shop in town after the owner had been killed by Angelus and turned into a minion of his to find out more information on the Acathla that had been imprisoned by the Council in a deep and dark room never to be found again.

Willow and Tara were planning to take a room for themselves while they went to college along with Buffy and had been moving their items the day before from their houses into the mansion.

Things were looking up. Giles and Joyce were dating so Giles had gotten rid of his apartment and moved in with Joyce to keep her company and traveled with her so she was rarely alone.

He had lost his job at the high school after it had been accidentally (or not so accidentally) blown up after saving the world from the mayor so the council position was now his full time job.

When he wasn't traveling with Joyce, they were in England checking out things there making sure they were okay.

They often joined their trips to England with her buying trips to make life a little better on each of them.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Xander's name heard.

She watched as Xander walked down the aisle, shouted out to Anya who blew him a kiss before returning back to his seat looking quite proud.

Xander had come a long way.

Willow and Xander had always thought they would be together but they quickly decided that wasn't best.

Although things didn't ever happen with Cordelia, he had met Anya by accident and fell in love.

Willow around the same time had met Tara so they just paired off respectively and stayed close friends and double dated from time to time.

Willow's name was then called. Willow shyly walked up to get her honor certificate being the salutatorian of the class as well as her diploma.

She grinned at Tara who held up a 'Willow all the way' banner and waved to her parents who for once was back from their trips and walked back to her seat to show Buffy her diploma.

Buffy turned around to smile at Spike and felt Spike think towards her, 'Almost time baby. You will be great. Just remember to smile towards us so we can get a perfect picture. Mum and I both have cameras. Afterwards I'll take you dancing with your friends.'

Buffy smiled happily and sent a 'thank you' thought to towards Spike just in time to hear her name called and carefully walked up the aisle and shake hands with the visiting principal after the old one had been replaced after the high school was blown up.

She also shook hands with the new mayor and smiled as her mother and Spike snapped her photo.

Then she was handed a small plaque labeled Class-Protector on behalf of her class by the principal.

She grinned and held it up for both her mom and Spike to see and both of them snapped another picture.

She hurried back down to show Xander and Willow the plaque while she took a minute to send what she saw to Spike who grinned at her saying, 'Nice plaque love!' She grinned back replying, 'Thought so.'

The rest of the ceremony was a blur.

As she walked back to the mansion with Spike on her side slightly more tanned from spending a day in the sun with one hand on her back and the other resting over her stomach and her friends chatting happily beside her, she realized how lucky she really was.

Spike whispered, "I love you Buffy and I am so proud." Buffy whispered back, "I love you too Spike."

She felt complete as Doyle and Dalton raced to meet them at the door. The other five minions followed as well. She felt like she had a family and couldn't wait to introduce her new baby to the world.