My first Dino Crisis fic

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Four helicopters with E.T.R.S Stamped on the side fly over the Hover Craft Carrying another group of Soldiers sent for rescue efforts of Edward city in one of these helicopters was 22 Year old Lieutenant Pierre Bordeaux

Pierre stood up from his seat and looked at the Soldiers in the Helicopter with him all of them wearing the standard issue black military cargo pants and tactical vest and combat boots all of them armed with Assault rifles and Shotguns

"Alright our mission is simple everyone we go in and retrieve all Data on the Third Energy Project conducted by Doctor Edward Kirk then we destroy all evidence and evacuate from the area am I understood! " Pierre yelled to the soldiers

"Sir Yes sir!! " The Soldiers yelled

"Two minutes to the landing zone sir!! " The Pilot yelled from the Cockpit

Pierre nodded "Everyone Get Ready!!!" Pierre yelled cocking his rifle

"Lieutenant Look down there "A Soldier yelled pointing out the back ramp of the Helicopter where down into a clearing where T.R.A.T Soldiers were being attacked

"Lieutenant should I land to provide assistance" The Pilot said

"No you know just as well as I do that there is nothing we can do for them we proceed on mission that's an order" Pierre said

"But sir there are still survivors down there" A Soldier said

"We have our orders we are not here to rescue people our orders are to obtain the data and get out "Pierre said

"Yes Sir! " The Soldier said

"What the hell are those things "The Pilot Said

Pierre looked out of the helicopter at the Creatures attacking the T.R.A.T Soldiers

"They look like dinosaurs "A Soldier said

"Impossible Dinosaurs have been extinct for Billions of years "Another Soldier said

"Put the Helicopter down nearby we'll search for any remaining survivors "Pierre said

"But Sir your order were to proceed on mission" The Pilot said

Pierre looked down at the camp "My orders have changed take this bird down I want a close look at those creatures "Pierre said

"Yes sir "The Pilot said

The Helicopter landed right outside the camp

Pierre's men exit the helicopter and start running toward the camp

"This is Bird 3 we're going down we're being assaulted by some reptilian creatures" A Pilot said

Pierre looked up watching a helicopter explode in flames in the sky falling into the jungle in flames

A Loud Roar is heard behind the tree line and a combination of gunfire and screams are heard

Pierre backed away as a T-Rex stomped into view a dead E.T.R.S Soldier hanging from its jaws

Pierre looked behind him only seeing a steep cliff

The T-Rex released the soldier's mangled body letting it drop to the ground with a thud as it turned its attention to Pierre

"Oh Shit "Pierre muttered raising his rifle and pulling the trigger firing at the T-Rex

The T-Rex ignored the bullets striking it as it continued forward

Pierre looked back down at the cliff

"This has got to be the dumbest idea I've ever had" Pierre muttered jumping off the cliff and rolling down to the ground below


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