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Note: Everything is in Rua's POV!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Episode 42

Not a Signer

"Woah, this mansion's huge. Is this Director Goodwin's house?" I couldn't help to exclaim.

Director Goodwin has just showed himself to us. I don't understand why we're trusting this bad guy but I'll trust that Yusei has his reasons.

"Welcome, Signers, one and all. Albeit it was done in a very roundabout manner, I feel pleased that I am finally able to meet you all like this." This guy talks so bold it's kinda annoying.

"Hmph, you're shady to the core." Jack said coldly. Haha! I knew Jack was awesome!

Yusei nii-chan and Aki nee-chan are whispering about something.

"Hey, tell us. What do you want from us?" I asked straightaway.

"I do not remember inviting you."

"Eh?!" Why did he have to say that? "Oh, c'mon! Don't be so strict!"

"I have no business with anyone not a Signer. I kindly request that you leave."

I know I don't have the Dragon Birthmark yet but I am a Signer. Ruka did say she saw Power Tool Dragon in her dream. So that makes me a Signer right?

"I won't go unless I'm with Rua!"

"Ruka…" Director Goodwin and Ruka have a small staring contest.

"There is no way around to it, then." Director Good win accepted defeat.

"Isn't that great Rua?" To be let in only because I'm related to a Signer? Not really Ruka.

"U-Uh-huh…" Maybe it would be better if I don't draw attention to myself for now.

We were let in the mansion and were showed into a golden room with a lot of artifacts. I started to think the room was an artifact itself.

"Where are we going?" Ruka asked. Director Goodwin then explained of how Jack was let in this room before. Going deeper into the room we went through another door. As we passed through it shut immediately startling all of us. What was more startling was that the part of the room we were now in was it was a full Solid Vision room. It showed a tall tower and a giant drawing of the Crimson Dragon surrounding it. And at its main entrance was a drawing similar to what Old Man Yanagi showed us. It showed the Birthmarks everyone had. Suddenly everyone's Dragon Birthmark's started to glow.

"Ruka! Everybody else, too!" I said surprised. And then we saw a Solid Vision of the Crimson Dragon. Yusei started telling of the first time he saw the Crimson Dragon. While Director Goodwin started talking about how the Crimson Dragon guided Yusei and Jack to come to Neo Domino City. They started arguing of who was really behind them coming to Neo Domino. Director Goodwin then told us that he was just being guided by the Crimson Dragon. He then started talking of how only duelists chosen by the Crimson Dragon have the Birthmarks. And that this is what ties everyone's fate.

Does this mean I can't go with them? Because I don't have the Dragon Birthmark? Who's going to protect Ruka then? I guess Yusei and Jack could do it. But still…

Ruka started telling of the time she went to the Duel Monsters Spirit World and how she wants to save that world. Director Goodwin then told of how everyone where reincarnations of the firsts Signers. Everyone's Birthmarks stopped glowing.

I didn't like where this was going. I didn't want to be left behind. I want to come with them.

"Wait, aren't you forgetting something? There are supposed to be 5 Signers, right?" Maybe there's still a chance I'll be the 5th Signer.

"That's right. Where is the other one?" Ruka asked Goodwin after I pointed that there's only 4 of them that have the Dragon Birthmark.

"The other one hasn't awakened yet."

We were all surprised by what Goodwin just said. If the last one hasn't awakened yet then how did the Crimson Dragon show itself?

"When the time comes, that person will show himself along with the Crimson Dragon."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know right now." What does he mean by that? Suddenly Goodwin raised his hand and bright flash of light later the Solid Vision changed to showing the Nazca Lines.

Goodwin explained how the Nazca Lines disappearances are because of the Dark Signers appearing and how the Dark Signers are responsible for the destruction in Neo Domino and how they took people as sacrifices to summon their Earthbound Gods.

Taking people's lives to summon these monsters? That's just evil. I stepped back. This is too creepy. Scary. All those people dead because of these monsters?!? I felt Ruka grab onto my arm probably more scared than I am. She couldn't be more scared than me though. She was a Signer. I'm not. I'm the one who would be powerless against these things! I stepped back again when I saw the Solid Vision changed to showing Neo Domino being destroyed by the Earthbound Gods. Ruka held onto my hand. Her grip on mine told me she was frightened about this.

"What happens to the people that are sacrificed?" Jack demanded. Goodwin just said he doesn't know what happened to those sacrificed. Maybe there's a chance the people aren't dead then. Maybe they were just taken. I really hope they're not dead.

"Everyone in Satellite and the city means…" Ruka asked more worried now than scared.

I'm still scared though. "Tenpei, Mr. Himuro, and Old Man Yanagi…" They could die if no one stops the Dark Signers. Maybe they've already even been taken.

"Furthermore, this is a very important fight. Signers and Dark Signers are like light and dark. The only ones who can defeat the Dark Signers and save everyone are you, the Signers. No one else can do it."

So I really can't be of any help. I'm not a Signer. I don't have the power to stop those people.

"I don't care about fate!" I looked up at Jack. "I will do what I want through my own decisions!" What I want is to come with everyone to Satellite to stop the Dark Signers. But I'm not like them. I'm normal. I'm not a Signer. I can't fight with them.

Yusei asked Goodwin about a friend of his that he thought was dead. But he saw him as a Dark Signer. He explained how Kiryu Kyosuke was a good friend of his. That they were part of a Dueling Team. How he dueled him and would have lost and died if it wasn't for his D-Wheel malfunctioning.

Even Yusei the strongest person I know can't win against these people easily. What chance do I have?

"Dark Signers come to being when a deceased person's soul awakens through its abilities." Wait he can't mean that… "In other words, they are not beings of this world." It's impossible.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked not wanting to believe what he was saying. I don't want to believe that the Dark Signers are zombies or something!

"Can that really…?" Ruka couldn't finish her question. She must not want to believe what Director Goodwin was telling us.

"Kiryu is already dead…" Yusei sounds sad somehow.

"Listen to me! There's no way a dead person can become alive again!" Jack said sounding more angry than usual. That's right! There's no way.

Goodwin then explained how it happened because the gates of the underworld didn't open for them. And how Dark Synchros are possible because of this.

"Fate has started to move. I have nothing more to say. Will you defeat the Dark Signers or watch the world fall in destruction?" I looked to Ruka and saw that as much as she was scared… "That matter lies in your hands." she was already determined to fight the Dark Signers. And I can't be there with her. Because I'm not a Signer. I don't have the power to protect her.

Author's Notes: Just something I wanted to write because I think Rua deserves his thoughts about everything going on to be known. Especially to those who don't like the idea of Rua possibly becoming the 5th Signer. This is basically a drabble if you take out all the script part. This would be 1000 words or less.

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Yusei Fudo - Yusei Fudo

Jack Atlus - Jack Atlas

Aki Izayoi - Akiza Izinski

Rua/Lua - Leo/Leonard

Ruka/Luka - Luna

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