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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Episode 55

Savior Dragon

Shining Miracle

On Screen/Off Screen

Yusei was able to maneuver his D-Wheel back on the track.

Kiryu was truly frightening. Not because he was a Dark Signer but because… 'What's wrong, Yusei!? My attack still continues!' He anticipated and found pleasure in putting Yusei through pain. There was no hesitation to hurt Yusei at all. Why was that? 'Infernity Demon attacks Max War-What!?' Thankfully Yusei won't be hurt anymore this turn as Infernity Demon's attack power decreased to 800 thanks to Dead Guardna's effect. 'Its attack power fell below Max Warrior!'

'When Dead Guardna is destroyed and sent to the Cemetery, an opposing monster's attack power decreases by 1000 points until the End Phase!' How was Yusei able to keep so cool and unphased by how much he has been hurt in the duel? I don't think I'll be able to understand.

'I end my turn!' Kiryu answered gruffly seeing that he couldn't torture Yusei anymore for the time being.

'My turn!' Kiryu: LP 4000 SC 5. Yusei: LP 2900 SC 2. What's Yusei's plan to win now? 'I summon the Tuner Monster, Junk Synchron!' Junk Synchron appeared in a flashing ball of light. 'I'm tuning my level three Junk Synchron to my level two Speed Warrior!' Junk Synchron floated beside Speed Warrior and pulled the cord attached to its body activating its tuning ability. It turned into three small stars which then formed into three green rings. 'Clustering stars will call upon a new force. Become the path its light shines upon!' Speed Warrior dived into the green rings and its body was enveloped in a golden aura. 'Synchro Summon! Show yourself Junk Warrior!' Junk Warrior emerged from the light its scarf lightly flapping with the wind and bionic eyes glowed red for battle. 'Trap card, open! Synchro Striker Unit!' The trap card flipped up beside Yusei's speeding D-Wheel. The card glowed white as its effect was used. 'This card will become an Equip Card and increase the equipped monster's attack power by 1000 points!' The trap card dissolved as light then shaped itself on Junk Warrior forming a new weapon. A long barrel gun was now being held by Junk Warrior powering it up to 3300. 'Battle! Max Warrior will attack Infernity Demon!' Max Warrior jumped to the cloaked demon being with its pronged spear pointed to destroy the opposing monster.

'That thing's effect-!'

'Yes, while it attacks, its attack power increases by 400 points!' Yusei explained Max Warrior's effect again. 'Destroy it!' Max Warrior's eyes glowed hot red at the order. 'Swift Rush!!' Max Warrior with its spear began assaulting Infernity Demon.

'Don't knock my Handless Combo! Trap card, open! Infernity Force!' A trap card flipped up beside Kiryu. 'When an Infernity monster is attacked while I have 0 cards in my hand, it destroys an opponent's attacking monster!' The cloaked demon was then surrounded in red flames. Max Warrior continued its attack but as it was about to hit Infernity Demon an invisible shield collided with it causing a quick flash that then swallowed up Max Warrior! Shoot! That attack would have helped Yusei finally knocking down some of Kiryu's Lifepoints! 'Then, I can Special Summon a level four or lower Infernity monster from my Cemetery! I Special Summon Infernity Necromancer!' The cloaked skeletal monster came back to the field. This is going to be troublesome. How does Yusei plan to defeat all these monsters?

'Junk Warrior attacks One-Hundred Eyes Dragon!' Junk Warrior loaded up its gun aiming for the dragon as the power collected amassed into an electrifying charge. Junk Warrior shoots. It was a direct hit and the dragon exploded. Smoke filled the duel tract.

On Screen

Finally Yusei dented Kiryu's lifepoints. Ok so it was only a few hundred points but still! Yusei got rid of Kiryu's Dark Synchro Monster! It looks like Yusei is finally fighting back!

"Incredible! One-Hundred Eyes Dragon is finally dead and buried!" Ushio-san spoke in amazement of what Yusei did.

"No…this means…" Crow sounded so scared that I got worried again. What's about to happen?

On Screen/Off Screen

'Due to One-Hundred Eyes Dragon's effect, when this card is destroyed. I'm allowed to select a card from my deck and add it to my hand.' Kiryu chuckled darkly getting the card. No… He couldn't be…

'I place two cards face-down, ending my turn!' Two cards appeared on Yusei's side and disappeared. 'Also during the End Phase, the effect of the Synchro Striker Unit equipped to Junk Warrior will decrease its attack power by 800 points each of my End Phases!'

Kiryu just continued to chuckle in that dark tone of madness. 'Earthbound God…' No way! 'But, I will…for Kiryu…' What do you mean Yusei? No! He couldn't be thinking of letting Kiryu kill him?!?

On Screen

I looked out to the flaming geoglyph wondering exactly what Yusei's thinking right now. Yusei you couldn't be thinking that right? You wouldn't just abandon us? Right?

Off Screen

"Crow…" I felt my heart start to beat in panic.

"What is it Rua?"

"Do you have any idea what Yusei's planning to do?" I asked quietly trying hard to not let my fear spill into my words.

"Why do you ask?" Why do I ask? Why do I ask?!

"Do you know what Yusei's planning to do?!?" I finally shouted. Because I'm scared Yusei's going to kill himself to save his friend! Just like what he tried to do for Rally!

"He's trying to save Kiryu just like last time…" NO!

"But then he's going to die!" Tears poured out of my eyes hearing what that meant.

"No he won't." Crow sounded so sure but I couldn't easily believe him "Yusei has grown a lot from that time. He knows better now." What does he mean? Does he even know about what he almost did to save Rally? "Don't worry Rua. Yusei never abandons his friends no matter what." I furiously wiped away the tears with my fists.

"But then what's Yusei planning?!" I asked desperate for something more definite from him.

"Just watch. You'll understand."

On Screen/Off Screen

'Back then, Jack, Crow, and I, the three of us, truly wanted to do what it took to save you!' Yusei tried to explain to Kiryu. But Kiryu was stubborn and wouldn't listen.

'You betrayed me! You sold me out!'

On Screen

"He didn't! Yusei tried to surrender in your place!" Crow yelled back trying to explain to Kiryu something I didn't have any full understanding of.

'Why didn't you fight with me till the end, then!? Why did you bend to Security's idiotic questioning!?'

On Screen/Off Screen

'Those very actions mean that you sold us – Team Satisfaction – out!!' Kiryu cried out. The pain his heart felt was openly told.


Kiryu laughed again in madness. 'Say, do you know what fate awaits those who have opposed Security? In prison, I was thoroughly targeted by the guards and suffered all sorts of abuse.'

On Screen

I was shocked still at Kiryu's statement. I didn't want to believe what Kiryu was saying. Security. We were always taught that Security was there to help everyone. Even criminals. Security helps them to reform back into society to become proper citizens. Not that. Why is suddenly everything I know turning upside down? Director Goodwin manipulating people to believe people in Satellite belong only in Satellite. So that he can use them to prevent Dark Signers coming into Neo Domino. And now Security hurting people?

"We went to visit you plenty of times, but we were never able to meet you! Before long, news got out that you had died…"

On Screen/Off Screen

'It wasn't as simple as that!' Kiryu screamed his frustration. 'I was able to endure countless abuse.' Kiryu's eyes grew darker. 'But…they took the deck, more precious to me than my life, away from me!' What!?! That's horrible! No wonder Kiryu got so evil! A duelist's deck is his heart. Without my deck I would... I don't even know what I would do. 'By becoming a Dark Signer, I swore revenge against you.' But I'm sure I would never hurt my friends! Never. 'I'll make you, too, go through the worst fears I had to endure! All through my Earthbound God!' Kiryu doesn't your friendship with Yusei, Jack and Crow more important than revenge? 'My turn!' Do you really not care for them anymore?

'I release Infernity Demon and Infernity Necromancer!' The cloaked monsters turned to orbs of light they speeded up high onto the sky. They clashed into each other and a flash later we see that false heart. I felt my own heart beating again in panic still fearful of what was to happen. 'Descend Forth! Earthbound God, Ccapac Apu!' As Kiryu put the card on his Duel Disk light shot from it aiming for the giant barren rock. Dark smoke gathered into the heart, fallen souls slowly fueling it with their life. The heart began to beat and a pillar of neon fuchsia erupted from the rock. The light pierced the ground and ripples of light formed around the rock. The earth shook and the flames grew stronger as the earthbound god dug its way out of its prison. It moaned and howled rejoicing of its freedom.

On Screen

My eyes grew wide at the image of the Earthbound God. It was gigantic. Far bigger than any we have seen. It was frightening. The eye felt like it was looking at us as it glowed anticipating for the time it had the chance to get us. Ruka screamed and held tightly onto me in fright. We were trembling too scared of the giant to even speak of our ever growing worry for Yusei as Ushio-san and Crow had.

"T-There it is!"


Yusei… What do you plan to do now?

Off Screen

I felt Ruka's grip on me tighten. "C-c-calm down, R-ruka." I tried to tell her bravely but my voice wouldn't stop shaking. I tried to pry her hands off of me. "It's g-going to be o-okay." Her arms just locked themselves further around my neck. I turned my head and saw that she had buried her face onto my shoulder. I took a lungful of breath in an attempt to calm my own nerves. "Yusei won't let us down." She looked up teary eyed. "So let's watch how Yusei wins this." I gave her a brave smile. Her grip laxed and she let go getting rid of her tears.


We went back to watching Yusei's duel. Hoping more than anything now for a miracle to come.

On Screen/Off Screen

'Earthbound God…'

'Have another taste of the terror of my Earthbound God! I attack directly with Ccapac Apu!'

We saw the giant stretching out its hand towards Yusei, wanting to just crush Yusei into nothing but dust.

'Trap card, open! War Hero's Command!' A trap card appeared by Yusei's side. 'During this turn, I can designate an opposing monster's attack target!'


'I switch your Earthbound God's target to...Junk Warrior!' Junk Warrior readily met the attack flying to the approaching hand. Junk Warrior exploded easily dropping Yusei's Life Points to 2400.

'Shielded yourself with a monster to evade that one, huh? Even so, Ccapac Apu's effect activates!' Kiryu pointed up high to his Earthbound God. It was surrounded in the violet flames as its effect activated. 'When it destroys an opposing monster, it deals damage equal to that monster's attack power!'

On Screen

"No! Junk Warrior's attack power was just 2500! That's greater than Yusei's Life Points!"

"Yusei!" Ruka yelled for Yusei praying that he'll be all right.

C'mon, Yusei! You must know how to beat this! You've dueled Kiryu before you must have tried coming up with some strategies for his deck.

On Screen/Off Screen

'Trap card, open! Burst Synchro Summon! It reduces one instance of Effect Damage to 0 for this turn!' An almost invisible dome surrounded Yusei nullifying the onslaught to none. The violet flames nonetheless continued its attack trying to pursue Yusei. 'Then, I'm allowed to Special Summon a Synchro Monster with an attack power equal to the Effect Damage reduce to 0 via this effect, ignoring Summoning Conditions!'

On Screen

I looked to Ruka sharing my thoughts on what this meant. "A 2500 attack power Synchro Monster means…"

This can only mean... "Stardust Dragon!" Ruka finished the thought for me. This is great! Now Yusei can beat that earthbound god!

"Attaboy, Yusei! That's why you destroyed Junk Warrior, huh?"

On Screen/Off Screen

'Take flight, Stardust Dragon!' A tornado of white light swirled on the field. It flashed and out came Stardust Dragon. A shower of dust light followed it as it flew.

'Yusei's ace monster is on the scene, huh!? I play a card face-down to end my turn!'

'My turn!' Kiryu: LP 3700 SC 7 Yusei: LP 2400 SC 4.

'Permanent Trap, open! Glowing Image of the Tutelary God!' The trap card radiated white light giving its power to the Earthbound God. 'When an opponent's monster attacks, I'll be allowed to receive its attack with my Earthbound God!'

'At this rate, Stardust's attacks will end up being aimed at the Earthbound God! I activate the Speed Spell, Angel Baton!' The magic card appeared by Yusei's side instantly. 'I draw two cards and send one from my hand to the Cemetery! What I sent to the cemetery was Stardust Xiaolong! When a Stardust Dragon is on the field, this card comes back from the Cemetery!' A more Chinese oriented dragon appeared on the field bearing a Stardust styled crown. 'I play a card face-down, ending my turn.'

'My turn!!' Kiryu: LP 3700 SC 8 Yusei: LP 2400 SC 5.

'Trap card, open! Isolated Guardian! I equip this card to Stardust Dragon!' The trap card turned into bits of light shimmering towards Stardust Dragon. 'This causes the only Battle Damage towards me to be caused through battle with Stardust Dragon!' Stardust radiated with the added power.

'You're containing direct attacks too, are you!? I'll crush your stardust, then! Earthbound God Ccapac Apu attacks Stardust Dragon!' The earthbound god this time reached for Stardust Dragon!

'Isolated Guardian's effect activates!' Another trap card appeared at Yusei's side. Stardust Dragon was then wrapped in a white shield. 'By sending this card to the Cemetery, it will negate a destruction via battle!'

'Still, you'll be taking Battle Damage! Permanent Trap, open!' This time Kiryu activated a trap. 'Demon Trample! This doubles the Battle Damage outside of a direct attack!'


'Go, Earthbound God Ccapac Apu!' The earthbound god's attack grew stronger crimson flames spinning wildly with the attack.

The ground shook and broke with the attack. Kiryu's D-Wheel got dragged towards the flames.

'Kiryu! Kiryu!!' Yusei sped towards Kiryu.


'Kiryu!' Yusei held out his hand for Kiryu.


'I was wrong! I was presumptuous enough to think I could save you by sacrificing myself! But, that's not the case! Only unity of companions can save a companion!' Yusei… You've been trying to reopen Kiryu's heart. You've been trying to show him that no matter what… 'Their cares!' You were still friends.

On Screen

"Yusei…" Crow spoke.

"Yusei…" Ruka suddenly looked toward her marked arm. It was glowing brighter than ever I've seen before.

On Screen/Off Screen

'Both Jack and Crow share the same concerns! Plus, our new friends are giving us their support! This isn't a battle to defeat you! It's to save you – a friend – from the Dark Signers!'

'Yusei… What does it…What does it matter now!?'


On Screen

"It's gone!" What's happening? Ruka's Dragon Birthmark suddenly disappeared? Is it because of Yusei?

"The heck is that!?" Crow cursed seeing Yusei's now glowing back. It looked like…

"Our birthmarks are all on Yusei now!" What does this mean?

On Screen/Off Screen

'Our wishes will cluster together and be completed.' The top of Yusei's deck suddenly glowed. A new card?!? 'My turn!' The card continued to glow in Yusei's hand. Is that the card that will finally end this duel? 'Yes, I see! This card will carry our wishes and lead to a miracle! This card will save Kiryu! I summon the Tuner Monster, Messias Draconis, Savior Dragon!' A small shining pink dragon appeared on the field. It had 0 attack points. But since it's a tuner… 'I'm tuning Messias Draconis, Savior Dragon, to Stardust Dragon and Stardust Xiaolong!' Savior Dragon suddenly grew bigger and transparent. Stardust Dragon and Xiaolong went through the green rings transforming them into stars. 'The shine of clustering stars will illuminate a new miracle! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon!' A bright flash of white light. 'Arrive in light, Savior Star Dragon!' Out came a bionic like dragon with four wings. 'Savior Star Dragon will negate the effects of an opponent's monster and gain that effect until the End Phase! I'll gain the Earthbound God's effect. Sublimation Drain!!' Droplets of light flew off the earthbound god and were absorbed by Savior Star Dragon. 'Savior Star Dragon will attack Earthbound God Ccapac Apu!' Savior Star Dragon flew to the earthbound god like a blue phoenix finishing off its prey. 'Shooting Blaster Sonic!!' Savior Star Dragon flew through the giant swiftly killing it. The giant exploded into black fog. It engulfed Kiryu.

Savior Star Dragon must have heard Yusei's wish as it swooped in time to get Kiryu out of the fog and into Yusei's arms. 'Hang on, Kiryu! I won't abandon a friend! I'm going to save you this time!'

'Yusei… Earthboung God Ccapac Apu's effect… …will inflict damage equal to the attack power of the destroyed monster, which means that I… …receive a total of 3800 damage…'

'When I became a Dark Signer, I asked for one more wish. I wanted to play Team Satisfaction's last duel, the one that never came true back then.'


Off Screen

The flames of the geoglyph died out as the giant disappeared. We didn't know anymore of what happened to Yusei after the duel. Blackbird disconnected from Yusei's D-Wheel when the duel ended. All we could see now was static Crow tried desperately to connect back to Yusei's D-Wheel pressing every button there is. Then his hands paused just above the buttons. He sighed and shut down Blackbird's system.

"Crow?" Ruka asked.

"What about Yusei?" I asked worrying that Yusei might be hurt.

"He's fine. See?" Crow pointed to the still flying Savior Star Dragon. "He just needs some time alone."

On Screen

We looked up to Savior Star Dragon thanking it for saving Yusei. It continued to fly away to the grey skies slowly dissipating. I wish this battle will end soon.

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