Shortie Like Mine


Hey! El here. I am going to be experimenting with new couples in the PRINCE OF TENNIS selection. This will be all short random fics about MOMORYO, TEZUFUJI, INUIKAIDO, OISHIEIJI. The first two will be like little tastes. They are called TEN TO ONE basically I write the first sentence with ten words on it and go down from there. The second sentence has 9 words and the third 8, so on. I'm only doing two, but My friend (XxxIshida's GirlxxX)Ten to One) is doing some for SASUHINA. From the Ten to ones, the rest of the stories should be from 300 to 500 words. No order in particular. Please enjoy. I don't want to be writing any more authors notes on this fic. Besides that the title of this Fic implies the fact that Echizen, Fuji, Kaido, and Kikumaru are all shorter than their partners……HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE REVIEW ASKING THEM!!

Warning: "This will be Rated M do to some future Sexual content, you have been warned."


Ten To One

1. Going Bump In The Night

One eerie night Momoshiro Takeshi was walking home from school.

A cold breeze brushed past him making him shiver.

Then he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

He held still as he listened carefully.

He was scared, knowing its coming.

He spun around not seeing.

He bumped into someone.

Momo looked down.

He's shocked.



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