Shortie Like Mine

63. Birthday Boy

It was Ryoma's birthday, December 24 and it was cold. Still, everyone had made a point of making a big deal about his birthday, now that was one year older. Ryoma found it pointless.

However, he was glad that he and Momo were finally able to leave alone, he and Momoshiro walked over to the Echizen residence, Ryoma opened the door and walked inside calling out that he was home already but as he looked around, he saw that no one was there. "So can I stay over and play with you now 'Yoma-chan?" Momo asked as he had followed Ryoma into his house and stood behind the boy. Ryoma blushed a bit. Momo had made him a proposition and he wanted to do it really badly with him. They had been together now for what was half a year.

"Okay" He said, he was still looking away with a minor blush on his face. Momo smiled and grabbed Ryoma's hand.

"Alright then, let's go up to your room and lock the door" Ryoma nodded and spun around as he lead Momo toward his room, their fingers interwined with each other and already there was a feeling copiling in the pit of his stomach he could only place as anticipation for what was about to happen. Both their hearts were rising as they entered the semi messy room where Ryoma slept every night.

Momo pulled Ryoma over to him pressing the boy to his chest and kissed him gently on the lips "Are you scared to even do this? Because I'm a little nervous you know" Ryoma looked Momo in the eye.

"I'm nervous to, but I want to know what its like" Momo nodded and slowly backed Ryoma into the bed, Ryoma allowed himself to be pushed down and pressed into the mattress. Momo's eyes were so intense as he was settled him in between his two big fluffy pillows that supported him now and they begun to heavily make out to the point that they were short of breath. Momo's lips seemed to press his hard and even open them until he was inviting the older teens tongue inside. It made him feel hot and bothered….

With their breathing already, heavy Momo begun to travel down from Ryoma's chin to his neck and he kissed and sucked gently at the flesh there making the dark green haired teen moan out and cling to him. Moving Ryoma's shirt collar to the side he travelled down to mark Ryoma in a place he knew could be cover by his shirt. He could feel Ryoma's fingers undoing his shirt and pulling it aside as he bared his shoulders, chest, and stomach. Momo moaned when he felt Ryoma's small hands roaming his body.

"Ryoma" He sighed and begun to un-bottom Ryoma's own shirt as fast as he could, as soon as a nipple was exposed his mouth latched onto it, he grasped it between his teeth and nipped at it, before licking it and then sucking and biting once again and making Ryoma arch into him and dig his fingers into his hair. Momo's other hand went to caress the side of his boyfriend and slowly drifted down the length of that soft body that had him already hard.


Ryoma was barely aware of his pants being undone, but he was already straining hard inside his pants. Momo traveled down his small body, placing kisess over his exposed stomach and sucking near the sensitive flesh by his belly button. Momo soon let Ryoma's erection free as he pulled the younger boys pants down at the same time pulling his boxers down all the way to the shorter boy's knees.

Momo pulled back to look down at his sprawled sexy and exposed boyfriend, the boy looked like a delicious dish made right for the taking. The sight of his flushed Ryoma made him even harder than he already was and pulled at his heart strings harder than anything ever had making it throb. He reached down to undo his own pants letting out his own erection. Watching him with hungry eyes as Ryoma sat up and cupped Momo so suddenly making an unexpectedly loud moan escape the taller teen's mouth.

"Ryoma!" he gasped as Ryoma worked him, his hand moving up and down the long and thick length of the dark haired boy. Ryoma was enjoying the sight, but Momo feared he'd cum just now, he wanted to cum the same time Ryoma cummed. Gently he put his hand over Ryoma's slightly wet one, his precum sleeked all over his shaft and he brought Ryoma's smaller hand over to his lips and he kissed the boy's palm.

Then he kissed Ryoma once more, harder then before as he pushed back the younger boy and intertwined their fingers together as Ryoma bucked up to try and meet him. They both moaned loudly as their erections touched one another and brushed up on each other with each movement of hip at the same time their toungues explored the others mouth. Momo broke the kiss when there was air needed and begun to place kisses once more all the way down Ryoma's body.

He reached Ryoma's hard erection and gave a lick to the underside of the member making his little lover hiss out in pleasure of the simple touch of his tongue. He did it again licking all around it before taking all that is Ryoma into his mouth. The boy was pretty big and thick himself. He sucked as he bobbed his head up and down at the same time feeling Ryoma writhe and buck under his touch.

"Takeshi! Ahh, it feels so good" Ryoma had never felt anything like this in his entire life, the pleasure in a way seemed unbearable and yet he could not get enough of it, "Your mouth is so hot" He gasped as he was deep throaded. Momo pulled back to look at Ryoma's arched up body, looking so beautiful and Ryoma's closed eyes in pleasure slowly opening to reveal hazy gold. He kissed the tip of that delicious cock before moving down over it to lick and play with Ryoma's balls.

"You taste so good Ryoma" Momo said and then brought the tip into his mouth sucking on it hard. Momo took him back kin all the way again, sucking his little lover and this time kept his eyes on him as he watched Ryoma throw back his head as his mouth moved up and down his length. Ryoma writhed up intensely his fingers digging to the side of his bed and Momo knew the dark green haired teen was at his edge, he could feel his own rise as well. At a quick pace, he started to pump himself as well.

Pulling back he heard Ryoma cry out "Takeshi!!" as he came with his back perfectly arched, the sight before him was so beautiful as the white cum flew up in streams. It made Momo cum as well. Watching Ryoma get off was enough to make him get off as well.

Gently he kissed Ryoma's thighs, Ryoma had cummed on his chest and he had comed over Ryoma's thighs and legs. Gently he brought Ryoma's pants back on and then did his own, they could take a shower later. He button the bottom part of Ryoma's shirt and stopped as he placed a kiss on Ryoma's heavily heaving chest and then settled beside him. "So, how was it?" Momo asked. Ryoma felt like his whole face was on fire and he simply turned on his side burying his face into Momo's still bare chest, not minding that it was partly covered with his cum.

"Mada mada dane Takeshi" Momo for one knew this was their first time.

"I know you loved it" Ryoma pulled back, his eyes shimmering and a smile playing on his lips before sighing contently and started to fall asleep. Momo pulled him closer and buried his face into his the soft dark green hair, breathing in the scent he loved so much, uniquely named Ryoma.

Both of them laid there for some time, until they decided it was time to get up and eat something.

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