Before we begin I would like to dedicate this fan fiction to Scarlett Masquerade, for without her support and online midnight-buddy-ship I would have ditched fan fiction months ago. I would also like to dedicate this to funkyflamingo for encouraging me to write this and Grapenut01^^

Masquerade Massacre

Chapter 1

"Haircuts and Razorblades"

Some say that love is blind, when others agree that love is like a masquerade. You can dance all night with the person that you think you are in love with until they take off their disguises and their true colors appear.

In matters of love it is hard to wait for something that may never happen but it's even harder to give up especially when it's everything you ever wanted. In Mrs. Lovett's case it was true, very true. And she was determined to make her beloved hers, but her love happened to be the barber on Fleet Street, the demon barber to be exact.

It was like any other day on Fleet Street, the snowflakes fluttered gracefully through the cold winter air.

The day was slow so in effort to make the day go by quicker, Mrs. Lovett had successfully convinced Mr. Todd to allow her trim up his ghastly hair. Not that she had anything good to say about her own…

So the two were up in Sweeney Todd's tonsorial parlor, where Mrs. Lovett had draped a smock over Sweeney's shoulders.

"Mista T, you call yourself a bloody barber when ya can't even cut your own hair!" Mrs. Lovett scolded as she combed through Mr. Todd's mess of black hair.

"Jus' look at it! It looks like some sort of an animal, hell if I didn't know any betta I'd say it looked like ya wore a dead skunk on your 'ead."

Mr. Todd simply sat and rolled his eyes, paying no attention as Mrs. Lovett continued combing through his hair.

She got lost, almost mesmerized as she continued stroking the black strands with the hairbrush, she wanted to touch it, wanted to feel his baby soft hair running through her fingers, but she knew she couldn't. Mrs. Lovett suddenly caught herself brushing through perfectly straight hair when she noticed that she had lost herself in her fantasies again.

Mr. Todd didn't know what she was doing either, being that they were facing the broken mirror he could see the admiring look tacked across her face.

"Mrs. Lovett?" Mr. Todd spoke in a loud, monotone type of voice.

Mrs. Lovett quickly looked up and flushed immediately, "What is it love?" Mrs. Lovett inquired, in a nervous fashion.

He ignored her and continued thinking. The Judge, how does he get to him? Especially being that Anthony ruined his chances last time. Until suddenly an idea struck his mind like a lightning bolt in a thunder storm.

Soon Mrs. Lovett was finished trimming up his hair and she kneeled down in front of him and started whisking away the clippings from his hair. "This is much betta dear." Mrs. Lovett said cheerfully, admiring her work and secretly him.

But it wasn't the only thing she was trying to whisk away, her eyes were fixed on his lips, his perfect lips. They were so frozen looking and she wondered what it would be like if she melted them with her own.

Without thinking she lent up and reached her hands behind his neck to untie his smock. Her face turned to smile at him as she worked at the knot, when she finally had it undone she took no hurry to pull away, enjoying the closeness between them.

Sweeney shifted below her uncomfortably.

That's when she finally pulled away from him and their faces were only inches apart.

Their eyes met and her heart began to flutter deep in her chest, her lips were so close to touching his when suddenly-

"Mr. Todd, Mrs. Lovett ma'am!" Anthony Hope shouted as he burst through the door.

Mrs. Lovett quickly stood back up, with the smock in her hands and cleared her throat as Mr. Todd stood up and stared alerted at Anthony.

"He has her locked in his cellar." Anthony stated.

"Johanna?" Mr. Todd whispered as he walked over to the sailor in the middle of the room.

"Yes, I was just there to save her when I saw she wasn't in her room, and then I heard her call for me… The sound seemed to be coming from below sir, in his cellar." Anthony exclaimed.

Sweeney froze for a moment, what was he to do? He had to help free her, he also had to get to the Judge.

"Mr. Todd, you have to help me! What am I to do?" Anthony said in worry.

An idea popped into his mind, "You are to do nothing, leave it to me, and on the night of Judge Turpin's ball you are to report here. Do you understand?"

"But, but his ball is in a week… she might starve to death, or.. Or…" The sailor hesitated.

"No need to worry." He replied, "We'll get her out.."

"But sir," Anthony said with confusion, "How will we even get in, none of us are invited."

"But we will be." Mr. Todd answered, "Now go, and don't show yourself around there for the next week, understood?"

"Yes sir." Anthony nodded before leaving the shop.

Mrs. Lovett still stood by the window with her hands on her hips and looked at him with bewilderment, "Mista T, what was that all about, what makes you think we'll be invited to that Masquerade Ball of his?" She questioned, "The last time I saw him, 'e was stormin' out of your shop!"

"Oh but Mrs. Lovett, you're forgetting something, it was all just a misunderstanding." Mr. Todd grinned before frowning and walking over to her, putting his hand on the small of her back and leading her to the door.

"No need to question Mrs. Lovett, I have it all planned out." He smirked as he opened the door for her, "Send up the boy when you get down there."

"Don't ya think ya should let the boy be?" Mrs. Lovett stammered, seeing the crazed glint in his eye.

Sweeney glanced back darkly at her indicating that she better do as she was ordered.

As soon as she was gone he proceeded to his desk taking out a piece of his finest letter paper and quill, wondering why he hadn't thought of this before.