Masquerade Massacre

Chapter 5

"Oblivious Confessions and Drunken Tensions"

Five days and Four nights later…

Mrs. Lovett had been finding Mr. Todd in her shop more often in the last couple of days. His visits growing more and more pleasant than the ones before. He actually did more than sit and brood, he even attempted to make conversation.

On one particular day however, a few days before the ball, Mr. Todd was more uptight than usual about his revenge.

"We need to get everything ready… I found some old ball masks in some trunks upstairs, we can use them. Have you gotten the poison?" Mr. Todd asked anxiously.

"No but I was going to go to the apothecary later on today." Mrs. Lovett replied as she looked up from rolling dough.

After receiving no response for several moments Mrs. Lovett shrugged her shoulders and continued moving her hands over her rolling pin in a rhythmic pattern.

"Potassium Cyanide…. It kills you within minutes." Mr. Todd started mumbling as he got up and paced around her pie shop.

Mrs. Lovett looked up at him for a second as she sighed, there he went again.

"No." Mr. Todd interrupted himself, "Arsenic, they would be less suspicious and I want the Judge to have a taste of his own medicine."

Mrs. Lovett's eyes widened nervously when she saw Mr. Todd's lips curl into a devilish smirk.

"Go." He growled, "Now, we need everything ready, the ball's in a few days." He said as he watched her jump and put on her jacket.

By the time Mrs. Lovett had gotten back from the apothecary it was coming around evening time having been she spent the day chatting with numerous people and browsing around St Dunstan's market.

She went into her shop and put the poison away on a shelf where no one could find it.

When she entered his tonsorial parlor she started talking as she closed the door, "Mista T I got the…"

She paused when she saw him sitting in his barber chair, holding the picture of Lucy and Johanna in his hands, staring down at it.

He mumbled something she couldn't quite understand being that his words seemed slightly slurred together.

Mrs. Lovett was taken by surprise when the barber abruptly got up from the chair, dropped the picture on the floor and gaited over to her.

His face looked more twisted and darker than usual.

"Mista… Mr. T… Wot 's wrong?" Mrs. Lovett asked although she already knew that he was probably having another one of his brooding sessions and she just so happened to interrupt it.

"'Eveans Mista T, quit lookin' at me like I done something wrong, sometimes I wonder wot makes ya tick." Mrs. Lovett said quickly as she turned to leave.

He blinked as he clumsily tried to grab her before she opened the door.

She turned, startled when she saw him fumble around his belt to his holster, where he pulled out a silver friend.

His slurred tone and clumsy steps made her wonder what had gotten into him… she then grew nervous so she glanced around the room looking for a sign indicating that her hypothesis was correct.

That's when she saw the three empty bottles of gin over on his desk.

Sweeney Todd was drunk.

He had been so worked up and uptight after she left he decided to get himself a drink and a drink turned into a whole bottle of gin and a whole bottle of gin turned into bottles of gin.

She backed away from him as he followed, backing her up against the side of his desk.

"Mista Todd!" Mrs. Lovett suddenly exclaimed before he pushed the bottles of gin off of the desk.

The glass bottles fell onto the floorboards with a satisfying crash and broke into pieces.

She closed her eyes in fear when she felt him hold the razor over her neck, knowing that he could cut her on purpose… or on accident.

She suddenly grew hypnotized when she felt him move closer against her. Mrs. Lovett was so mesmerized. Although she knew he was drunk she couldn't help but love the closeness between them and when he knelt down to lightly brush the side of his face against her cheek, she nearly fainted.

"What makes you tick?" He breathed hotly into her ear as he leaned over her, the smell of alcohol radiating his body. He smiled wickedly as the razor brushed over her collar bone.

She flushed, nervous and slightly flustered from the way he was practically pressing himself to her.

He was so close she could smell the strong scent of gin emanating from his breath. She couldn't take advantage of his drunken state of mind but, maybe if she could give him a small piece of her love to him, he could or hopefully would give some back. She knew the chances of that were zero to nothing.

Mrs. Lovett closed her eyes as he leaned down further, she remembered the night he kissed her. Although it lasted lest than two seconds his mouth still touched hers, his saliva still mixed with hers… Too bad she had to be shaken back to reality that he didn't really mean the kiss, he was simply making a point. He was aware that she had a fondness for him but he wasn't aware that this so called 'fondness' was love.

Without thinking she stared into his dark eyes, which she could tell had trouble focusing on her as he held the razor to her neck and leaned in closer.

Being as drunk as he was Sweeney breathed in her scent.

Mrs. Lovett sensed the heat between them and stopped. She stopped moving nearer and stopped planning what she wanted to do. No matter how badly she wanted to she couldn't. So with a deep and heavy sigh Mrs. Lovett kissed his jaw line tenderly and lightly pushed him off of her.

He stood, confused. Of course he had hardly any idea as to what he was just doing pressing himself against the baker. But for some odd reason he didn't say a word after he heard the door to his shop slam shut and footsteps descending the stairs.

As soon as she got back down to her shop she sighed and breathed heavily as she leaned her back against the door.

She could hardly believe what had just happened and it pained her to know that he wouldn't even remember how close they had been and how badly it hurt her to have to leave.

Late that evening, most likely later in the morning, Mrs. Lovett was finally asleep in her bed when she was suddenly awaken by a noise coming from what sounded like her parlor.

She quickly hurried out of her bedroom and scuttled into the parlor only to find Mr. Todd passed out on the floor.

Sighing she went over and hauled him to his feet, "Ya bleedin' oaf." Mrs. Lovett sighed as she rolled her eyes and she dragged him over onto the settee.

She covered him up with a quilt and was about to turn to her bedroom when she glanced once more at him.

His face looked so angry, so sad, his face looked frustrated and worried.

Even in his sleep he was troubled. Troubled by the ghosts of his past, oh how badly she wanted to comfort him, to chase the ghosts away…

Knowing he would remain oblivious to her silent confessions of love and that he probably wouldn't remember anything about the evenings events Mrs. Lovett stroked his pale cheek and sighed, "If ya only knew Mista T."

"Lucy…" He mumbled in his drunken state of being half asleep.

Mrs. Lovett looked down with guilt and somewhat sympathy for him before shushing him and mumbling, "Go to sleep, dear." She whispered, sentimentally bending down and kissing him on the cheek.

One of the hardest things Mrs. Lovett ever had to do, aside from cutting people up on a daily basis, was watch the one she loved, love someone else.

The pain of the reminder of the realization that he would always love Lucy and not her didn't gradually ebb away in the night, it just slipped into her dreams.

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