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So, have you gotten really, really annoyed at what people always expect out of you? They always expect you to be something that you're not, or in some cases, you can't. I know that one far too well and I know I'm sick of it. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade what I have for anything in the world, but here's the thing: Not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants the same thing. That's the way I've lived my life for like, years. Not that I actually ever told anyone. No, I couldn't tell anyone. That wouldn't be "me".

I flew almost silently above the clouds with my family, my large, raven-black wings carrying me faster than everyone else. Well, almost everyone.

Max is the only one that can fly faster than me, and only when she does that weird, supersonic thing. I never told her this, but she looks kind of like a hummingbird when she does that. Wings fluttering all fast and such. That's just one of many things I haven't—can't—say to my family. To the flock. I'm the strong, silent one. And besides, I can't discuss things with anyone. I can't tell them things like "ow that hurts like hell" when I get banged up or "you look like you're from the seventies with your hair poofed like that" when Nudge asks how I like her newest style or… Anything for that matter. Not that I ever actually had a compulsion to talk before. But now…

Everything got really confusing around the time I turned sixteen. Like, two months ago, give or take. I've been noticing things that I don't think is normal for a sixteen-year-old boy to notice. And I used to go to Max when I'd need to talk. And when I couldn't go to her, if it was a guy thing, I'd go to Iggy. But lately, Max has been so… distant. I can't go to her. I mean, ever since we settled down, like, permanently, she's been reserved. Towards me, at least. It's been more girl time with Nudge and Angel, and more "mom" attitude towards Gazzy.

I guess I understand. Before we settled here, in this rural little area in the southern US, Florida/Georgia area I think, me and Max were really close. We were kind of dating but not really, for a while, together. But once we settled that kind of… died. Actually, I think I killed it. By accident, because I really like Max a lot. But I like someone else too. And when I told Max… That's when the distance started.

"Hey Max?" I started for the umpteenth time today. We were going to the city for food, like we did once a week. I was flying above and slightly to the left of her and have been trying to talk to her since we left. That was a good two, three hours ago. "Max?" She glances back at me and I take that as a sign of acknowledgement. I fly closer, close enough so the others won't hear me but she will. "Max, we have to talk about this." She stiffens and I brace myself for yelling. Instead she just looked back at me and sighs.

"Fang, what do we need to talk about?" She asked me and it's all I can do just to stay airborne. She looked so sad… Was she avoiding me because I hurt her? "Max…"

"No, Fang. Just let me talk." I waited, silent again, feeling a warm gust come off the coast as we flew lower, angling slightly towards the water. There was a small coastal city that we did all our shopping at. Better to avoid big crowds, less likely people will recognize us as anything but the missionaries' kids that come in once a week to get food. We've heard the rumours; everyone here thinks our "parents" are dead but we don't know it yet and they haven't the heart to tell us. So we get half off all our supplies. Pretty good deal, I think. Max sighs. I can tell she's trying to get it together.

"You told me months ago there was someone else, Fang. You told me that you didn't expect it, and you were sorry. I believed you and didn't make you tell me because I trusted you. And I backed off, hoping you would bring her back to meet the flock. To meet the family. But you haven't even gone anywhere and you pester me every two minutes at home. I don't think we have anything to talk about. You broke up with me, and I get it. I just need time to heal bef--"

I didn't hear the rest of her speech, I was cracking up. It's hard to fly when you're laughing this hard, but I managed to keep my wings moving, clutching my sides and feeling the way the movement tugged at the old scars Ari gave me. After a few moments I'm able to breathe again and I saw that Max is staring at me, appalled, the rest of the flock were just confused. I turned back to Max and took a steadying breath, so I didn't start laughing again.

"Max, Max it's not like that honestly." I said, settling myself back into my normal, blank stare. Of course, on the inside I was still cracking up. "I was telling you the truth. And I didn't mean to hurt you. I still care about you—a lot. But I'm…" I trailed off, not sure how to put it now that she was actually listening. I glanced at her cautiously and saw her brown eyes full of curiosity. I sighed, and started again. "I do actually like someone else too, that's the thing. I just… Don't know how to talk to him." Max paled and dropped several feet before she caught herself again. I stopped, and the rest of the flock stopped too. Max looked at them, then me, then them again before looking at the town.

"Max?" The Gasman said at my side, looking like he was going to try to catch her if she fell again. She stared at us all then down at the beach. Then she smiled at Gazzy and laughed, pushing her streaked blonde hair out of her face.

"Sorry for scaring you guys," She said, eyes flicking back to me again. Gazzy shifted like he still wanted to reach out and catch her and Angel came up to his side. Max smiled at them and laughed. "Fang shocked me that's all. I never thought I'd hear something like that come out of his mouth." I blanched, not believing she was actually going to tell them.

"Fang said that--"

"Max, WAIT!!"

"—We should go to the beach." The kids cheered and Angel hugged me. I hugged her back, relieved that Max hadn't told them what I thought she was. Nudge beamed at me and I saw a million thoughts cross her face. What came out was:

"Why'd you want Max to wait Fang?" I was quiet for a moment and felt myself flush, then scowled.

"Because I wanted to tell you." I said simply. The kids cheered again and flew down towards the water. I almost smiled when I thought of who peeved Total would be when we got back and he found out we went to the beach without him. Oh well.

"The beach, Fang?" I jumped, not expecting the voice behind me. Dammit, the guy was quiet. "Yeah Ig. The beach. I think the kids deserve a day off too every now and then." I said, more petulant than I wanted to. But he has to stop sneaking up on me like that, damn it!

"You hate the beach." He said, coasting beside me as I descended, keeping the kids and Max in view. I actually had no urge to land just yet, and since Max was playing mom right now, I was happy to talk to Iggy. It did bother me though when he notices things like that.

"Why do you say that?" I asked, playing dumb. It didn't work as well with me since I was, y'know, a guy but it made Iggy laugh. I swooped down, skimming the surface just barely with the tips of my fingers. The water was warm, everyone would be fine swimming in it. Last thing I wanted to deal with was summer colds, after all. I heard a noise behind me and saw that Iggy was staring at me. Like, actually seeing me right now. I smiled, looking forward again. The sky was covered with clouds as bright white as snow. No wonder he could see today. I felt something hit my wing on a downstroke and looked over, just to catch Iggy fly right past me, his dark black speckled, brown wings sending a huge gust back my way. A challenge, huh?

I sent my raven wings working harder and something about our shadows when I came level with him again shocked me. I looked down again, thinking I was seeing wrong. I wasn't. Iggy's wingspan was a full foot more than mine now. When did that happen?! I caught a hint of blonde in my peripheral vision and saw that he was grinning at me, pointing to a small island about a mile away. I nodded. First one there wins. Okay, I was up to that challenge.

I forced my wings down—hard—and pulled a head of him quickly, weaving so I was in front of him. I felt him grab my ankle and pulled me back, launching himself up and forward in the process. What the hell? Iggy had never down anything like that before. Normally it was Gazzy that did. Then again, Ig can't normally see you to grab your ankle. I frowned, grabbing both his and whipping him backwards. Two can play at that game. He came up around my side and gave me a smiled that completely weirded me out. I kind of thing that said "I win, what now?" and pulled ahead. All on his own.

"No way!" I shouted at him, forcing myself to go faster. He had to have been falling back on purpose. I had no idea he had gotten this fast. Running, yes. He was the fastest runner among us. But flying? I hadn't even known. "Creep!" I called, then regretted it. That sounded really girly echoing back. Note to self: "creep"-to girly. Apparently Iggy heard it too.

"Creep?" He called back laughing. "You've been spending too much time with Max!" Damn. He was right. And winning. I pushed harder and came level with him, the tip of my wing hitting his on each downstroke. He looked over at me, his blonde hair catching the light, turning it gold in a way that none of the other's did. My breath hitched and I lost my advantage. Iggy landed first, collapsing in the sand and breathing hard. I landed clumsily, staring at him and almost fell. I straitened and turned, only to get that lightheaded breathlessness again and fall heavily on my butt. Well, at least since I'm sitting it'll look slightly on purpose.

Remember when I said earlier that I was noticing stuff that a normal sixteen year old boy would? This is what I was talking about. Iggy had taken his shirts off and I watched as he stretched, flushing harder. I stifled the urge to go over there and run my hand through his gold hair, I knew that would arise some questions. But I couldn't help but want to. I wanted to get closer, to sit there and stare the whole day. I wanted to reach out and touch the lean muscles on his sides, arms, back… See why my life just got that much more confusing? I sighed, bringing my legs up and wrapping my arms around them, setting my forehead on my knees.

"You okay Fnick?" Iggy. He must have noticed. I nodded as best I could and heard him sit next to me. The hair on the back of my neck started to tingle and I glanced over at him through my raven black hair. He was staring at me, sitting the same way I was. "What." I said coldly, not liking and liking how close he was at the same time. I'm sure the tingley feeling wasn't just from him staring. "Are you okay?" He asked again. I hid my face, keeping my mouth shut. I wanted to say a lot of different things and they all went racing through my mind at once.

No, I'm not okay Iggy. I haven't been okay since like, a month and a half ago when I first noticed how attractive you are. You're a guy for God's sake, and one of my best friends. But because of that I want to tell you and don't at the same time. I want to tell you how I feel but I'm afraid how you'll react. But I want to know if I have a chance or if you'll think I'm a freak and will hate me afterwards. I want to reach out and hold you to me, just because I want to. Not because you're hurt, not because you're too tired to move, but because I want to. I want to reach out and hold that beautiful, pale face of your's and kiss those soft-looking pink lips. I want you. But I can't have you. And it's tearing me up.

What came out was a simple "I'm fine." I looked back over at Iggy and saw him staring out over the water. His eyes were the same colour as that water, rich and blue. I sighed, watching him. He looked over at me and took a breath, looking like he was working up the nerve to say something.

"I'm starting to see more." He said, smiling at me. I brought my head up, interested. "Oh yeah?" He nodded, taking a rock off the sand and tossing it in the water. "Yeah. Like, I can see things against multi-coloured backgrounds, not just white. And I can see stuff individually. I still have blind spots. Like I can't see anything against an all grey background, I'll just see grey." He laughed, lighter than I've ever heard. He turned and looked back at the sparse trees on the island, and I smiled at the fact that he was actually seeing it. I remembered when he first lost his vision. Jeb was on watch that night and had let him stay in my cage. That was one of the few times I'd ever seen Iggy cry, and by the end of the night he had soaked my shirt.

I reached over and rubbed his shoulder, the same way I've always done when I was consoling him or just letting him know I was there for him. He smiled at me, and it would have made it seem like noon even at midnight I felt something changed just then and pulled my hand back, putting it back around my legs.

"Hey Fang?" I looked over at him, seeing him staring at the ground with too much interest. Every alarm went off in me at the same time, adrenaline racing through my veins like scalding water. I stayed put, even though everything in me was screaming run "Yeah?" I said, cautious. Iggy wouldn't hurt me, but he's a little too perceptive sometimes.

"Can… Can I do something? And you promised not to hurt me?" I felt my jaw fall open. I would never, never hurt Iggy. Not on purpose any way. Once on accident I did, when he first left the School. I had moved a chair out of the way and he tripped over it, bloodying his lip because of it. I could still see the faint white scar on his lower lip if I looked hard enough. I set my legs down and crossed them, looking at him. He was so scared. "I would never hurt you, Iggy. I promise you that. Never." He nodded and I felt the alarms going off worse. I ignored them.

He raised his hand, and hesitated, setting it on the side of my cheek, along my jaw. I stiffened, wondering what he was going to do. His other one went to my left cheek like the first, holding my head still. I shut my eyes, forcing myself to relax. It was just Iggy, he wouldn't hurt me. I heard, or thought I heard I guess, him mutter "Don't hurt me." I meant to ask him why, but never got the chance.

I felt his lips close on mine, so soft, like I thought they'd be. I was stunned, so much so that I didn't know what to do. I just sat there for a moment, until I felt him shyly trying to get me to react. Something in me snapped, almost audibly, and I reached up, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer to me. His feathers tickled my hands and I felt his leave my face, pushing up under my hoodie. I let go and pulled my own wings in long enough for him to pull my hoodie, and ultimately my t-shirt too, off. We both paused, breathing heavy.

"Fang…" He said, touching my face. I held his hand there and he sighed. "Are you sure this is okay?" Of all the… I don't think I've been more annoyed at Iggy than right now doubting this. I wanted to smack him, scream at him, tell him to just shut his brain off, it was fine. But I didn't trust my voice, so I said nothing, in a traditional Fang-style move. Instead I grabbed him and brought his lips back to mine, pulling him down on top of me, running my hands through his liquid gold hair. I never wanted it to end. The feel of his skin, his lips against mine. I felt his lips flick out to swipe against my bottom lips quickly and happily let him in. This was heaven, paradise, he and I here.

He shifted above me so that he was sitting on me, straddling me. My eyes flew open when I felt the hardness of him already. He's wanted this probably longer than I have. I pulled back, looking down at it. Iggy stared at me, blue eyes wide. My hands were on his hips and I did exactly what I had wanted to tell him to do earlier. I shut my brain off, letting my instincts take over. I slid my hands down to the bulge in his pants, massaging it. His eyes widened and I saw him bite his lip, trying to keep a moan in. Encouraged, I went faster.

I went faster, rubbing him through his pants. If you had told me this this morning I would have laughed at you. But now it was all I could do not to just rip his pants right off. I squeezed and he gasped, eyes wide and his head fell forward on my chest. I smirked, doing it again, going faster, using my whole hand. I felt hid nails digging into my shoulders and he moaned loudly, raising his head to look at me. His face was flushed and it made me grin wider.

"Fang…" He said. His voice was hoarse and went strait through me, warming me. "Fang I'm gonna…." He couldn't get the rest of it out. His head thumped down on my chest, ow, and he moaned loudly, his body shaking with the release. I wasn't concerned about myself right then, having Iggy here was enough. He took my hand and I looked over at them together, his alabaster and my olive tone. He stayed like that peaceful. But if you learned anything at all by now, peace doesn't last in my life.

"Fang…? Iggy…?" We both looked off towards the water. Still far off but close enough to hear now. "Nudge?" He asked. I nodded. "Fang! Iggy!" That one was Max. Well, fuck.

We both scrambled up grabbing our shirts and shoved them on, making sure they were right, then shoving our wings through. Let me just tell you, ouch! That's smarts right there. I shook mine out and heard Max's call closer. I looked over myself and decided, other than being sandy, I was fine. I looked over at Iggy and saw a bit of a problem.

"It looks like I pissed myself…" He was flushed, his hair was mussed and indeed it did look like he pissed himself. I spun, looking for an answer. The only thing around us were trees and the ocean. "Ahh…"

"Fang?!" I grabbed his hand. "Pull your wings in tight and follow my lead." He nodded and we ran towards the water, sloshing into the shallows. I smiled at him, and hoped it was apologetic.

"I win, Ig!" I shouted, winging him into the water and taking off into the air. Iggy surfaced, dripping from head to toe. He looked furious for a second, but I saw the understanding cross his face right before the rest of the flock showed up. He burst out of the water, flying sluggishly because of it. Max stared at us both the kids were laughing. I kept my mind carefully blank, along with my face, seeing Iggy mutter in faux anger.

"And just what were you two doing out here?!" Max asked, in her best stern voice. I knew she was just worried and I shrugged, keeping my façade. "Sparring." I said simply. "We should get to town and back home." I said, heading back to the shore. Iggy nodded from his place beside me and added on: "Before Total eats Gazzy's shoes again."

"No way! He wouldn't do that would he?!" The gasman exclaimed, and I shrugged. "You never know what people will do." I caught Iggy's eye and couldn't keep the grin off my face.

"Race you." I said, nodding towards the city. He laughed. "Try to keep up Fnick!" He took off, and I came up next to him, matching him. So when I get home, I'm going to have to confront Max about Iggy, Iggy about Max, and try to keep our little eight year old mind reader from finding out before I'm ready.

Well, at least there were no Erasers after us. All and all I'd consider that a win. Wouldn't you?


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