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Ugh. I was pist. I mean I was but at the same time I wasn't. This is why. Bad first. I woke up this morning and found that period had started. I woke up this morning and found that my new, blue, Egyptian cotton sheets that Edward had bought me were ruined because of my period. I woke up this morning and found that I only had two tampons left. I woke up this morning and realized that Edward would be here in two hours. Ahhhhh!

Now for the good. I was getting married in two weeks which would mean that I would not have to worry about my period on my honeymoon or for at least part of it. Unfortunately, that was the only good part about it.

So, I got up took a shower, shoved a tampon in, through the other tampon in my bag, put my sheets in the washer with hope that the stain would come out, and then went back upstairs to finish packing. I was staying with Edward for the next four days so we could spend some quality time together every second I wasn't doing last minute planning with Alice, Esme, and Renée(over the telephone)or dealing with on of the side effects of my period. Apparently Edward had no say in the wedding or at least according to Alice he didn't.

Every time I went to ask him a question about what he wanted, Alice would drag me from the room before he could sat anything while saying something along the lines of "this is your big day, not his" or "Why are you asking him? This is not his wedding. He can't read your mind. He doesn't know what you want. All he's thinking about is your wedding night, so if you're going to bother asking him anything, it should be whether he would prefer crotch less, mesh, strapless, or zebra print."

So, to say the least, she was annoying as hell. This was not going to be good. All the Cullen's knew how I was when I was on my period and I knew that it was going to be even worse this time because of all the stress I was under. You see, I took after my mother.

With my period came cramps that hurt like a bitch, heavy bleeding, irritability, crying, break outs, slamming doors, trying to hit one of the Cullen's (normally Edward, Alice, Rosalie, or Emmett. Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper were smart enough to stay out of the way.), screaming at one of the Cullen's, flipping off one of the Cullen's, and feeling horrible because I know that I'm being horrible to them when all they are doing is trying to do is make me feel better.

Now, I was even more pist because I didn't have any tampons, daytime pads, overnight pads, Midol, or chocolate. And this meant that Edward had to take me by the drug store on the way to his house. Woo hoo. Normally, I would have stayed at my house during this time of the month to spare them all, but Charlie was going on a camping trip with Billy and some of the guys from the station for the next four days and I didn't feel like staying in an empty house.

But anyways, I was now packing my suit case and my two tote bags, one filled with bridal magazines, and the other which I used as a purse, when I heard the washer buzz. I ran downstairs, tripping twice, to put my sheets in the dryer. As I went through the kitchen, I looked at the clock on the wall and noticed that he would be here in ten minutes. I took the sheets out of the washer noticing happily that the stain came out thanks to the bleach for colors. I started the dryer and went to finish up.

I was zipping up my bag when he was suddenly sitting in my window.

"Hello love." He said with a crooked smile coming over to kiss me.

"Hi." I snapped. "You did bring your car right?"

"Yes. Is something wrong?" he asked looking concerned.

"Yes something is wrong and you shouldn't come through my window like that in the broad daylight. I have neighbors." I said harshly. I saw him take a deep breath as he realized why I was in such a bad mood.

"Sorry." He said. He grabbed my suit case and the bridal bag as I called it, and headed down stairs. I grabbed my pocketbook and hoodie and followed him. I locked the door and when I turned around he was slinging my bags into the trunk of his car. I clunked down the stairs and got in the passenger seat. I saw him outside through the rearview mirror on his cell phone. I strained to hear what he was saying, but all I heard him say was "gird your loins".

I rolled my eyes at him as he got in the car.

"What?" he asked. I just shook my head and crossed my arms.

"I need to stop by the drugstore." I said quietly

"Okay". I looked over at him and knew he was sad. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on the console. He was staring out the windshield with "the look" on his face. The one where the corners of his mouth turned down and his forehead scrunched up. He hated my time of the month almost as much as I did. I hated to see him upset so I reached over and twined my fingers with his and squeezed his hand. He looked over at me and turned one side of his mouth up. I tried to smile back.

He pulled into the CVS and cut the engine.

"Do you want me to come in or stay here?"

"I really don't care." I got out of the car and wasn't surprised to see him standing there waiting for me. He grabbed my hand and we walked in through the automatic doors. He reached down and picked up a basket. I let go of his hand and headed towards the feminine isle. I grabbed a box of o.b. of the shelf and threw it in the basket. Then, I grabbed a pack of always thin and another of overnights and put them in the basket too.

I took two packs of Midol off the shelf behind me and walked to the candy isle. I got three heresy bars and handed them to Edward.

"Don't let them melt." I said and then turned the corner and went to the skin care. I got a bottle of acne prevent wash and grabbed a bottle of Motrin and put them in the basket. I grabbed a bottle of deodorant, pink lip gloss, ponytail holders, and brown eye liner except each time I took something of the shelf he took it from my hand and put it in the basket himself.

"That's all." I said as we headed to the counter to pay, but on the way something on one of the back shelf's caught my eye. They were fleece sweat pants for five dollars a pair. He laughed under his breath and walked forward. He grabbed three pairs off the shelf and threw them in the basket too. One pair was blue, one was gray, and another was black.

"Thanks." I said as we stopped at the counter to pay.

"You're welcome." He said grabbing my hand. The cashier was eyeing him and I squeezed his hand and scooted closer. I paid with the credit card he gave me and we both grabbed a bag. He popped the trunk and we put them in there with my bags. We then climbed in the car and headed for the house. Oh boy. Here I come.

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