Chapter 8: Battle with the Assassin

Confusion was afoot on the ground, as members of the press began to cover up the Chinese Ambassador who was pinned down by Captain Black to provide safety to prevent the assassin from implementing the operation. Chinese government security forces quickly swooped in, and took the Chinese Ambassador off Captain Black's hands and immediately rushed him to a secure location.

"Why I never!" cried Tu who was quite upset that he didn't even manage to say his speech.

Meanwhile back on the roof of the hotel, Floyd Lawton in his Deadshot suit began to take out a hi-tech laser weapon and began to fire at both the Batman and Jackie.

"Shoot them both!" ordered General Xia.

"I'm already on it" replied Floyd as he kept on firing at the two.

As both Batman and Jackie attempted to dodge the laser, Batman knew that it was only a matter of time before Deadshot would get either one of them.

"Let me handle this one, you take on the General" said Batman.

"Coming toward me Bats?" laughed Floyd as he noticed the Batman heading straight toward him on the jetpack, "You're just making it too easy for me."

"Maybe you should go back to your drawing board" replied Batman as he then threw a baterrang at his hi-tech laser gun causing it to explode right in his face.

Then like a missile, the Batman aimed his fists at Floyd, and pummeled them right into his chest. He then gave Floyd a good punch sending him crashing against the wall.

"I'm going to make you pay Batman for ruining my operation here" said Floyd as he recovered and go out another hi-tech weapon.

He then began to promptly fire the laser-machine gun at the Batman, to which he attempted to dodge the attack. Meanwhile, as General Xia was trying to run for the elevator, Jackie raced toward where the General was and placed out his foot, kicking the General sending him crashing into the elevator door.

"I'm not familiar with someone like you" said General Xia as he managed to cover from Jackie's surprise attack, "but luckily, I have my most trusted soldiers with me."

General Xia then snaps his fingers, and before Jackie knew it, two women soldiers came out and began to fire hi-tech laser weapons at Jackie. While still on his jetpack, Jackie attempted to dodge the oncoming lasers.

"These are new guided-laser guns" said General Xia, "I was going to integrate them in our military, but moderates like the Ambassador I wanted to take down opposed it!"

"I could use some help here!" cried Jackie, "This is a very bad day!"

"I'm on it" replied Batman as he kept on dodging Floyd's attacks.

The Batman then threw more batterangs at the hi-tech weapons, to which the weapons then began to a-wire to which the women soldiers then promptly dropped the weapons which then exploded.

"Now if you don't mind doing the same for me" said Batman as he then began to use a table to protect him from firing at him.

"On it" said Jackie.

Jackie immediately rushed out of the area with his jetpack, which caused to form quite a bit amount of smoke. This caused Floyd to not be able to see his target.

"So, trying little tricks so that you could escape from me?" laughed Floyd as he then turned on his inferred goggles in his suit, "No matter, I can still track you two down."

Yet as Floyd was about to turn around, a fist came right out of nowhere, knocking him down to the ground. As he managed to get up, and attempt to fight against Jackie who was responsible for throwing the fist. Floyd managed to deliver several good punches at Jackie whom attempted to block him. Before Floyd could get another weapon ready, the Batman threw his grappling hook around Floyd, tying him up where he then promptly fell to the ground.

"Ha, that's very impressive, but you two are not going to catch me!" laughed General Xia who managed to get into the elevator along with the two women soldiers.

"Too late!" cried Jackie as the elevator doors closed, "Where do you think he's heading?"

"Not sure, but we need to catch up with him quickly, my jetpack still has plenty of fuel inside, I should be able to catch up toward him" replied Batman.

"I'll wait until members of Section 13 pick up your old friend here" said Jackie.

"Good" said Batman as he readied his jetpack, "because now I gotta fly."

As the Batman took off in his jetpack, he raced down to the street at quite a fast pace. He then noticed the General heading into a private limo, so then he headed toward the limo itself.

"There is someone on the roof of the limo" said General Xia to the driver, "driver, get rid of him."

"Will do, but it'll cost you to keep me silent" laughed the limo driver.

The limo driver then began to speed up, to which the Batman attempted to hang onto the roof of the limo.

"This guy needs to go back to driving school" said Batman.

The Batman then begins to head toward the limo driver's seat, where he managed to leap right into the shotgun seat. Both the limo driver and the Batman began to fight against each other to which the limo driver wasn't able to take control of the limo itself.

"What the heck is going on?!" cried General Xia who was getting a bit car sick along with the two women soldiers with him.

"Lights out" said Batman as he punched the limo driver knocking him unconscious.

The Batman then quickly regains control, to which General Xia thought everything was fine.

"Aye, I thought you were able to finally get rid of the pesky Batman, didn't you driver?" asked General Xia.

Yet as General Xia thought he was in the clear, the Batman was really driving the limo straight into the hands of Captain Black who was with the rest of San Francisco's police force and also Chinese authorities as well.

"Your stop" said Batman who was pretending to be the limo driver.

As the General got out of the limo, handcuffs were immediately placed on him along with also the two women soldiers. PIGEON was also there in handcuffs, along with other soldiers loyal to Xia.

"I think we got things here cleared up, your friend Deadshot is also apprehended as well" said Captain Black who leaned over to the window of the limo.

"Sure thing" said Batman as he drove off.

A few hours later, General Xia's remaining loyalists and agents were rounded up in a massive sweep of San Francisco. Old members of the Top Dragon restaurant, and others were in a media line up. Back in Uncle's Shop, everything was back to the way it was with Jackie watching the news on the television.

"Uncle doesn't believe what kind of a person would do this!" cried Uncle as he watched with Jackie.

"Let's just be thankful that Batman was here to help us" replied Jackie, to which Jackie noticed the Batman outside the shop which he was signaling him to come outside.

"Just wanted to thank you on being on your side in all of this" said Batman to which the Batmobile came right up, "anyway, I gotta run."

"Wait, you're leaving?!" cried Jade who also came out of the shop.

"Have to" replied Batman as he got into the Batmobile.

Once the Batman stepped into the Batmobile, he immediately converted it into the Batjet, which it then promptly headed off away from San Francisco. The scene then ends from there.