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Chapter Two: The Magician
Creativity, Manipulation

"Who is that?" Brie Bella asked her twin sister, Nikki. The two SmackDown Divas were walking down the hallway with their arms linked, passing time before the show started.

"I…I don't know, but he's kind of creepy," Nikki said, her arm tightening around her sister's.

They had never seen the man they were speaking of before. Never before had they even seemed somebody like him. He was covered with tattoos, which was not uncommon in the WWE. He had really long blonde hair, with the top half of it tied up in a manner that resembled Chris Jericho's hairstyle from the Attitude Era. His beard was braided and gave Jeff Hardy a run for his money. He was so different looking that the Bella Twins wanted to look away but couldn't do so.

The man jumped to his feet, slowly walking up to the pair in a crooked fashion. Every step he took made it look like he was going to roll his ankle and fall over, but he handled it with the greatest of ease.

"Hizello. My name is Kizarny. Who izare you?"

"Nikki…Back away slowly," Brie whispered into her sister's ear. The set of twins inched backwards, trying to make their heels click to the ground as silently as possible.

"Dizon't go," the man named Kizarny said, taking huge strides towards the Bella Twins. Their attempts at escaping had not gone unnoticed by him. "I hizas a trizick for you."

"Nikki, I'm scared."

"Me too, Brie."

Kizarny cackled as he leaped towards the girls, landing with his feet at shoulder width and his knees bent. "I wizant to shizow you a magizick trizick," he said, not blinking once since setting his eyes on Brie and Nikki Bella.

"Are you going to make yourself disappear?" Brie asked.

Big mistake.

Kizarny clapped his hands, engulfing the twins in a bright green smoke. When it dissipated, Nikki was standing alone.

"Brie? Brie, where are you? You freak! What did you do to my sister?" Nikki screamed, frantically scanning the area for her sister.

Kizarny laughed and clapped his hands once more, making Nikki disappear in a cloud of purple smoke.