AN/During a routine exchange of possible scenarios that could allow the show to get rid of Will, SSBAILEY and I arrived upon this nugget. It was too tempting not to write. You'll probably see a couple other stories coming from that same idea, so we hope you enjoy! This is going to be about three chapters, so let us know what you think!

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"Oh, come on JJ, he's a really nice guy." Hotch overheard Morgan tease. They were currently in rural Nebraska on a case, and he was coming to join the team for dinner when he overheard the teasing of everyone's favorite agent. Luckily he was out of sight of the other agents so he could eavesdrop easily.

"It's only been six months." JJ declined politely, "besides, no blind date has ever turned out well."

Hotch could feel his stomach jump at the realization that they were trying to set her up. He had thought she was still dating Will, otherwise, he definitely would have made a move.

"Jayje, I've met him, he's smart and you like smart guys." Emily encouraged. "We're all going to be there, so if it's really that bad, then we've all got your back.

"But it's not going to go bad," Morgan eyed Emily warily.

"Because I'm not going." JJ insisted, then she thought of a question she should be asking, "How do you all know him so well and I don't?"

Morgan was prepared for this question, the three of them had planned out all of JJ's possible arguments for getting out of this, but if it was the death of them they were going to set her up. "We met him when you were on maternity leave, he was stationed in Afghanistan and got back a month or so after you left."

"Did you know that arranged marriages in Islamic cultures have a far lower rate of divorce than in cultures whose marriages are based on a dating system?" Reid asked.

"So you want to arrange my next marriage?" JJ scoffed, truely amused at her co-workers. "Or do you want me arrange a marriage for you, like with Austin?"

"No." Reid blushed, "I'm just saying that blind dates are typically more effective than people think."

"No statistics on blind dates leading to marriage?" Morgan asked.

"The census bureau stopped collecting data on marriage in 2000." Reid said dejectedly.

"Can we get back on topic here?" Emily insisted, looking at the two men in exasperation. "JJ, it's been six months." She looked at her friend intently, "Will left. He's not coming back, and it's time that you got to be happy."

Hotch could feel his breath hitch slightly, Will left?

Seeing that JJ wasn't about to be pursuaded for her own good, Morgan decided to appeal to her compassionate nature, "Look, we don't know anybody else, and we've all got dates, so we just need a girl that's nice and normal to be his date."

"And you're a girl." Reid pointed out.

"Glad you noticed." JJ laughed, "I've also got blonde hair if we're pointing out the obvious."

"I think what boy wonder here meant was that you're nice and normal and perfect to go on a date with him!" Emily clarified, shooting Reid a warning glare.

Studying her friends warily, JJ suddenly realized that they would not give up until she conceeded. Giving one last ditch effort at declining, she insisted, "But it's going to be awkward if Spence is there with Austin, and with Emily and Dave, and Morgan and his flavor of the week, it's going to be terrible!"

"Oh, we've got other couples coming."

"Garcia and Kevin?" JJ raised her eyebrow, "because that's worse than going on a blind date alone."

"No....there's...let's just say there's plenty of other couples coming, it'll be fun." Morgan insisted.

"Fine, but on one condition." JJ decided, "Garcia runs a full background check on him, and if he's had so much as a deliquency fee on his rent it's a deal breaker."

"Okay deal." Morgan smiled, shaking JJ's hand.

"But I thought Scott lived on the base? He doesn't pay rent." Reid added, confused at the conversation.

"Derek!" JJ yelled, "I can't believe you lied, that makes the deal null and void."

"No it doesn't short stuff." Morgan beamed, "That just means you should have remembered who you were dealing with before you said yes."

"I hate you." JJ groaned, "All of you, and when this date goes as bad as I know it will, you all owe me big time!"

Hotch backed quickly, not ready to intrude quite yet. While the prospect of dating JJ was exciting, he had to protect himself--the last thing he wanted was for the team to decide that his love life needed meddling with.

A week and a half later, Rossi burst into his office uncharacteristically. "Hotch, you've got to help me." He begged.

"With what?" Hotch asked, not looking up from the file he was currently reading.

"It's Emily--"

"I told you that interoffice romances are discouraged--"

"Oh, nobody cares about that. She planned this huge group date." Rossi began to explain.

"David Rossi going on dates? I thought you were legendary for--"

"Oh, don't even go there. I didn't even think about dates until Emily..." Rossi shook his head, as though realizing that he was far off topic, "Listen. Emily has planned this big thing and some guy cancelled so it left her friend without a date. You are coming." Rossi announced with a glare that dared him to contradict the legendary profiler.

"Dave, I really don't--"

"Look, that girl has been planning this for weeks. I have listened to her worry about each one of her friends and I am NOT about to let it fall through and have to listen to it any longer." Rossi threatened.

Hotch contemplated for a moment, Jack was at Hailey's for the weekend, and he really didn't have anything better to do. "Okay, but you owe me for doing this."

"Cash in whenever you want." Rossi answered, opening the office door.

Emily stood outside Hotch's office in anticipation. When the door to the office opened and Rossi emerged, she immediately followed him into his own office.

"So, did it work?" She asked.

"It's just like I told you babe, the fisherman always wins." Rossi smiled, happy to see Emily so excited.

"So, he took the bait?"

"Hook, line, and sinker." Rossi chuckled as Emily squealed in delight.

"This is going to be sooo perfect!"