Author's Note: A huuuuuuge thanks to my wonderful uber-beta, Eowyn77! Have I mentioned that you totally rock? :)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight—not me.

They pale against our surrounding shadows; they cannot escape. The hunter trapped with his prey.

Instinctively, I explore the bond.

One beats vitally with one long-quieted, reborn.
Their harmony a perfect resonance.


Sanguinary freesia swirls with honeyed nightshade.
Their bouquet a heady mélange.

Hunger reciprocally, devouringly satiates thirst.
Their need a desperate savoring.


Ivory and alabaster, intertwined and unshakable.
Their foundation a sure permanence.


Magnetized halves inevitably converge.
Their gravitation an electrifying pull.

I am…intrigued…. The hunter trapped for his prey.

"Let us have the story."

Aro's acquisitive touch.

"Thank you, Marcus. That's quite interesting."