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Two Lionesses and One Outcast Angel

Chapter 1: A Traumatic Birth

Inside the Garden, a hyperactive Selphie was running all over squeaking. "The baby is coming, the baby is coming. Where the hell is Squall? Rinoa needs him A.S.A.P."

Just a few minutes ago, the girls of the gang wish now included Amie Dincht even known as the library girl were sitting in the cafeteria and enjoyed a nice breakfast with their children while they talked about motherhood when suddenly Rinoa went into labors. Quistis had escorted her to the infirmary as Selphie went to find Squall while Amie took care of the kids.

Squall walked around inside the training center was in deep thoughts as usual. ("Soon our third child will be born. I wonder how the twins will handle their roles as big sisters and more, how shall we rise them? So many questions and so few answers")

Suddenly Selphie stormed in yelling. "Squall, get to the infirmary. Rinoa is going to give birth any second. Quistis is with her right now while Amie is taking care of the kids."

("Oh Hyne, it is time. Calm down now, everything will be just fine.") He thought as he followed Selphie out into the main hall and set course towards the infirmary.

"Rinoa, I am here." He said as he practically barged into the delivery room and ran to grab his wife's hand.

"Squall, I don't know what is happening. The baby won't come out and they say something about blood." Rinoa said in a weak but panicked voice.

"We are loosing her." He heard Dr. Kadowaki say. "How is it with the baby?"

"Not to good." A nurse answered. "We must do a C-section if anyone shall survive."

"M-my baby, what is wrong with my baby?" Rinoa cried weakly as her strength started to wear out. "Hyne please don't take my baby."

"Get him out of here." Kadowaki screamed at the nurses as she nodded at Squall.

"RINOA." He screamed as four nurses struggled with getting him out into the waiting room.

The waiting seemed to last forever as he looked at how the minutes were ticking away.

Suddenly Dr. Kadowaki came with a sorrowful look on her face. "Squall, I think you better see Rinoa now. She doesn't have much time left. Complications occurred and we can't stop the bleeding. I am sorry, but there is nothing more we can do."

"And how is it with the baby?" Squall said with a trembling voice, fearing that more bad news were on their way.

"The baby is fine. You are now a father of a total of three healthy girls." Kadowaki said as a nurse rolled out a crib on wheels. "We nearly lost her but she fought well. And how she screamed when she finally came out. You have gotten a strong daughter with a pair of very strong lungs. But now at least she is sleeping."

He looked at the tiny figure before gently picking her up and held her in his arms before walking into his wife's room.

"S-squall, it is nice to see you. " Rinoa said weakly with a thin smile. Her skin was paler than usual, her raven hair was a mess and the beautiful warm chocolate eyes had lost much of their soul stirring energy."I know the end is near, and I have already accepted it. How is it with the baby?"

"She is fine. I have her with me so you can hold her." He said with a teary voice as he held their newborn daughter so she could see her.

She took the sleeping girl in her arms as tears streamed from her eyes as the small eyes opened and for the first time they looked at each other. "Hi there little one. I guess I won't be there for either you or your sisters. But I will always be with you all., even if you can't see me. And I know your daddy will rise you all pretty good."

"Do you want me to get Raine and Julia?" Squall asked with tears in his eyes.

"No, I don't want them to see me like this." She whispered. "But a name for her would be nice."

"What name do you think will suit her?"

"Luna, after the moon wish we met under for the first time six years ago." She said as her breathing became shallower. "I-I can't stay for so m-much longer."

"Isn't there a way for you to save yourself with your powers?" Squall said desperately. ("I don't want to lose you. I don't know how to handle it")

"I d-don't have the powers anymore. S-some-how I transferred them t-to her." She said as she gave Luna back to Squall. "T-take care of the kids. I...will...always lo..ve...y-you."

Her eyes closed after she had said the words and her whole body became limb as her soul left her body.

"Well, it looks like it is up to me now to give you and your sisters a good life." He said as tears strolled down his cheeks out of grief for his late wife. His legs just lost all strength so he had to sit down in a chair then everything just burst and he sat there crying silently. He clung to his newborn daughter as his whole body shook as he sobbed. ("How am I going to be able to handle three daughters on my own? Oh Hyne please.")

Then he could feel a tiny little hand stroking his cheek and when he looked up he met two clear ice blue orbs looked at him with a troubled expression and somehow he found some kind of calm and strength inside him.

"I guess you don't want me to be sad huh?" He said looking back at her. Somehow he almost could swear that she gave a nod at him.

"Well I guess then I have to cheer up and get my acts together." He said smiling as he dried his eyes. "Or how am I else going to have what it takes to take care of you and your sisters? Let's go and meet them, shall we?"

"There they are." Selphie yelled in delight as he walked out to his waiting friends who flocked around him to see the newborn girl. Both his three year old twin daughters Raine and Julia were there to and looked at their baby sister with amazement.

"Everybody let me introduce Luna Leonhart." Squall announced proudly as he held his daughter in his arms.

"She has your look." Irvine said.

"She even have your hair and eyes." Quistis noted.

"Can I hold her? Can I, can I? " Selphie said as she jumped up and down in happiness over the birth.

"Well okay, but don't drop her. She is one of the most important things in my life now along with her sisters."

"Hey, I am a mother to you know. So far I haven't dropped my little Tessa yet...at least not more than once." Selphie pouted.

("It is just that 'once' that scares me.") Squall thought as he handed over the newborn to Selphie.

"Careful Squall, Rinoa might get jealous at the kids." Zell joked in an enthusiastic tone as Amie stood by his side with little Chris in her arms. "When will the proud mother join the party by the way?"

Suddenly an awkward silence came over the group as they noticed how hard Squall struggled against the tears and everybody understood that something had gone terrible wrong.

"Daddy, when can we see mommy?" Little Julia asked as she tugged his jacket.

"Yeah, we want to congwatulate her to." Little Raine followed

"Raine, Julia. There is something I must talk with you two about." Squall said as he knelled down to be able to look his daughters in the eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek while he took their hands in his.

"What daddy?" Julia asked

"Yeah what?" Raine said "Why yoo sad?"

"The birth didn't go as planned and mommy lost too much blood." Squall said as he fought with the words. "Mommy is in heaven now together with Angelo."

"When will she come back daddy?" Julia wondered as she tilted her head wondering.

"Yeah daddy, we miss her." Raine said.

"Mommy isn't coming home any more. Mommy died so she is an angel now, but she promised to watch over us from up there." Directly as the words had left his lips Squall could see how his daughters eyes became watery and their lips started to whimper.

"No mommy." Julia finally wailed. "I want my mommy."

"Please daddy, make her come back." Raine cried to. "We want her back"

"Oh dear. Poor children." Quistis said as she looked at the two crying girls as she to got tears in her eyes as they mourned the woman who had became like a sister to her and Selphie.

Seifer who had been reestablished in garden and now also a SeeD did his best to comfort his blond wife.

"Damn, this sucks. You guys deserve a whole lot better than this. Oh poor Rinoa." Zell said as he comforted a crying Amie who had became real good friend with Rinoa due to all the time she used to spend in the library.

"If you need anything, it is just to ask. We will be there for you." Irvine said as he supported a teary Selphie who still had the newborn Luna in her arms and he had their daughter Tessa in his arms.

Everyone in the group had tears in her eyes looking at the heartbreaking scene of the commander who tried to comfort his two daughters.

"I know and I am thankful for that. The hardest part is that they will never see their mother again, and it will be hard for us all to live without her." Squall said as he rose up with his two crying daughters against his shoulders.

"That may not be our only problem either. Luna have gotten Rinoa's powers, but somehow we will manage." Squall said. "I owe that to Rinoa and our daughters."

14 years later

(Friday August 6th)

Quistis looked at the sisters in the classroom as she once again tried to figure out who was who, wish wasn't the easiest when they were in their uniforms and the only difference between their regular outfits were that Julia had a red vest with angel wings on the back while Raine had a denim with Griever and also added a pair of pilot goggles. Both had the same facial and body features as their mother, including the soft chocolate brown eyes and the raven hair.

She looked at one of the girls. "Raine, is it?"

"It is Julia." The girl answered with an amused smile. ("She is totally clueless, we even managed to become SeeD last week and got these new uniforms with identification-tags on and still she manage to mix us up. To bad for Raine that the female uniform still has a skirt to it.)

"Oh sorry Julia. What is the typical pattern of a T-rexaur attack?" Quistis said with a small smile.("Wrong girl once again. Quistis, when will you learn?")

"No sweat instructor. The answer is that it usually attacks with the tail before it tries to bite you." She answered still with the bright smile.

"That is correct. Enough for today. Class dismissed." Quistis said and the class started to leave. ("If these girls were just as easily to tell apart by their looks as their behavior is, it would be nearly to easy.")

("Raine is a tomboy and just like her father very inbound and quiet but she has her mother's short temper and you don't want to make her angry because even hell's fury can be counted as calm compared to her rage. Julia is outgoing and stubborn like her mother and have her trait of dragging the inner thoughts out of people. She is also a bit calmer than Raine and doesn't lose her temper to easily. Then they have their own sides to. Julia is a great chef and field medic, while Raine would try to warm tea water and succeed in making it unusable for living creatures. Instead she is a great mechanic and really good with flowers.")

She packed her belongings together with a sigh as her thoughts about the sisters continued to run trough her head. ("Then we have their little sister. The master of tactics and the heir of their grandmother's love for music and seems like she also get along with animals. Also a real bookworm like her mother.")

("Luna who had inherited their father's quiet inbound attitude wish somehow she has succeeded to mix together with their mothers cheerful attitude into an attitude of not let herself down. She is also very kind and helpful towards the people around her, even if they treat her bad. I know she get abused a lot because of her powers, but struggles to not letting it show.")

"Let's met up with Tessa and Chris for lunch." Julia said to her sister with excitement as they walked out from the classroom.

"I am going to take the opportunity to change to my normal clothes first. You know I hate these damn uniforms." Raine said as she looked at the uniform with a frown.

"Yeah, we know" Julia said with a small laughter. "One of the very few opinions that you actually voices instead of keeping it for yourself."

"Yeah whatever. Well see you later. I am also going to pick up Luna on the way." Raine said as she walked towards their dorm. ("This time I will try to get her before they do.")

"See you later Wrench." Julia called back, using her nickname due to her love for engines.

Julia walked into the cafeteria while thoughts ran trough her mind. ("I hope she won't fall victim to them today again.")

"Hey Julia. Over here." Tessa squealed happily as she waved from a table. "Where is Wrench?"

"She is changing from the uniform into something a bit comfier." She answered with a playful scowl.

"She still hates the uniform I hear." Tessa giggled.

"Well, she rather hates the skirt that comes with it." Julia answered. "She is also going to get Luna."

"Yeah, that poor girl is quite brave for not letting them get to her." Tessa said with sad frown.

Well inside the dorm wish Raine shared with her twin sister she changed out of the uniform and into the original style consisting of a black T-shirt and blue jeans. She also putted on her denim vest with some pockets with various tools and the Griever on the back and a pair of biker boots. ("Ah, finally I got out of that uniform and into something a bit more comfortable. I don't understand those students who constantly run around in these uniforms.")

On her way out she stopped in front of a photography they had hanging on the wall, picturing the two sisters, their father and mother while she was pregnant. ("It is fourteen years since mom passed away now. This photo is the closest we have to a full family portrait.")

Raine looked at the picture and felt a sting in her heart as a small tear emerged from her left eye.

("I wonder how life would have been if you hadn't died mom. Sure dad has been taking really good care of us, but sometimes it would have been nice to have had a mother to talk to.") She sighted as she stroke away a tear.

("Then we have Luna who never got the chance to get to know you. She is having a hard time right now with bullies who seems to dislike her only because she is a sorceress. Even her best friend betrayed her. Damn it, she is even wearing an Odine bangle to block her powers and trying to live like a normal girl. Everything just to get accepted. In a way it is my fault she is in that situation. If I just hadn't been sick she wouldn't had to expose her powers..")

She looked at the watch and hurried to wipe away the tears and walked towards the elevator to meet up with Luna.

The now fourteen year old Luna Leonhart walked out from the elevator on the bottom floor, only to once again get tripped by another student and fell flat on her stomach while the other students laughed at her.

"Oh, did the little witch fell? Did you get a boo-boo?" A girl said with a voice filled with mockery.

("Here we go again, but I will not let this ruin my day.") She thought as she struggled against the tears while she lie still on the floor. (" I will not let them win.")

"Hey nice panties." She heard another girl shout out between the laughter referring to the fact that her uniform skirt had lifted as she fell flashing her undergarments wide open for everyone to see. The words hit her as they were daggers right into her very soul.

("I understands why Raine hate the uniform so much, along with anything that even looks like a skirt. It almost hurts worse than when they slashed my back in the training class")She thought as she felt how the eyes became watery and her lower lip started to whimper but tried hard not to let it show. ("Words can't hurt me, words can't hurt me.")

"HEY, KNOCK IT OF. Leave her alone" An angry voice was heard as Raine came running with a flare in her eyes that could almost incinerate anybody she looked at."If you are going to pick on someone, then pick on me."

The crowd around Luna dissolved as they saw the butterfly swords in Raine's hands were shaking like the rest of her body in pure anger.

("Thanks Hyne, that sis came. I don't know how much longer I would have been able to fight back the tears.") She thought with relief as she started to rise up and collected her belongings with the help of her sister


"Did they hurt you?" Raine asked concerned her sister who according to their grandfather was a spitting image of their paternal grandmother.

"Well no, not physically at least." Luna answered with a small smile like she always did because she didn't want to worry her sisters, but Raine instantly noticed the teary look in the icy blue eyes her sisters had.

"Come, let's get something to eat." Raine nodded. ("Damn, why can't they just let her be?")

Raine and Luna walked into the cafeteria, ordered their food and sat down with her friends.

"Hi Wrench. Hi Luna. We started to wonder if you ever would show up." Chris said jokingly as he sat there in the same outfit his father Zell favored. They were quite alike except for the tattoo.

"We got caught up into something." Raine answered with a dark look in her eyes.

"What has happened?" Julia said as she to noticed the dark look in her twin sister's eyes and the watery eyes of her younger sister.

"They tripped her once again by the elevator. Next time I am going to slit their throats open with my butterfly swords." She hissed with a venomous voice.

"Why can't they just give it up? They must somehow get some kind of weird kick by doing this." Julia said as she shook her head.

"Can't your father do anything about it?" Tessa asked as she tugged on the arm of her green sweater she wore along with a white skirt and brown knee-high boots."He is the commander after all."

"He does all he can, but the bullies never leaves evidence enough to make the boarding members to kick any of them out." Julia said. "At the most they will get punished by the disciplinary committee lead by Quistis husband Seifer."

"Man, that sucks." Chris said as he gulped down another hotdog. "All because she happens to have a gift she didn't even ask for."

"Yeah that is so damn unfair as it can be." Julia said. "She didn't even hurt a fly and still she get treated like a bag of shit, just because she is different."

"Um hello, I am still here, so please try not to talk over my head. It is enough the others so it." Luna said as she tried to lighten up the mood.. "It is okay, I am getting used to it now so it doesn't hurt so much anymore."

"Still it isn't okay at all. We know you are trying to be strong not to worry us, but still it is wrong" Raine said as she looked down on her almost half eaten plate of sausage and macaroni. "The question is where we shall go after the lunch."

"We have four places to choose between where we can be alone." Tessa said. "The garage is one place, but it is quite cramped there and the only one who who would have something to do in there is Wrench."

"Then we have the library, mom is not going to let anyone bug you. Especially not since she became the head of the library." Chris said. "But it is not a great place to relax in."

"Then we have the training center, everybody in there is to busy with training to notice us." Julia said.

"But as we said before, we are going to relax a bit." Luna said.

"Then we only have one place left." Raine said. "The landing ground for the Ragnarok. There I can work with the engines while you guys rehearse your music."

"That sounds great." Julia said.

"Then it is settled. Let's finish our meals and get changed and get your instruments, and then we meet up there." Raine said and looked at Luna. "I am already changed so if you want I can make you company to your dorm."

"That would be great sis." Luna answered relieved. Every time she walked to her dorm she became an object for taunts and mean glares.

They finished their meals and each walked away to their dorms.

Raine and Luna walked trough the corridor leading to her dorm as some of the students they met either glared or whispered comments to each other.

"Don't listen to them. They only want to make you cry." Raine whispered as Luna nodded.

"Nice rear view you gave earlier. Going to show us again anytime soon little witch?" A grinning student said as he met them but immediately got pressed up against the wall by Raine with one of the big daggers against his throat.

"Say something like that again to my sister and I am going to take your tongue." She hissed as she brought out the other butterfly sword and placed it against the crotch. "And you will certainly never father any children. Have I made myself clear?"

The student just nodded terrified and left pretty quick.

"He wont bother you anymore at least." Raine said with a satisfied smile as she tucked away her weapons.

"He certainly wet his pants at least." Luna answered giggling.

When they came to her dorm Luna walked in while Raine waited outside.

Luna's room was a single dorm despite that she was still a cadet. Her sisters had requested that she would get a single dorm instead of them when they made it trough their exam, so she at least would have one haven away from her tormentors.

("Even if the boys are really rude towards me, the girls are the worst at bullying because they know what buttons to push to bring you down on your knees completely.") She thought as she let a few tears come out.

("Even my roommate and only friend May betrayed me when she together with some of the other cadets had walked into my room last year and then threw nearly all my undergarments into the fountain for everybody to see. Dad was furious and for once he even got a few students expelled for it including May, even if he rather wanted them executed...but who can blame her? She had quite pressure against her.")

She started to pull out some clothes from a dresser and started to change.

After a few minutes she was dressed in a white T-shirt, a jacket like their father's, black jeans and biker boots plus a black cap and fingerless leather gloves. She had pulled up her chestnut hair into a ponytail like her sisters often did and buckled her gunblade onto her belt and then placed a flower on a small shrine she had made in memory for her little kitten who had passed away in a tragic way five months ago.

("Moonbeam, I really miss you. Why did that had to happen? If I just had been more careful they wouldn't have been able to get her... It was my fault...just like when our mother died.")

("I never have told my family that I feel guilty over her death. I just don't want to have them worry about me, even if I think they know.")

She then walked to her bed took up her pillow, just to see if it had dried up yet or if it was still wet as it usually was after the countless nights she had cried herself to sleep. At least in here she could let out her frustration and other emotions without the possibility that anyone would get the pleasure of see her crying. ("That is at least something I am not going to let them get.")

("Hm, still a bit moist. I leave it to dry for a couple of hours more.")

She lay down the pillow and walked out to her waiting big sister.

"In those clothes, no one can mistake you for not being a Leonhart." Raine said with a smile.

"Well, that is the point." Luna said. "Even if the others are mean I am not going to hide away who I am. That would be like to let them win."

"That is right. Never be ashamed for who you are." Raine said with a supporting voice.

The friends met up by the Ragnarok and it didn't take long before Raine had disappeared into one of the jet engines outlet after disabling it so she wouldn't get incinerated if someone would try to start it. The other started to pull out their instruments. Tessa played an electric guitar, Chris played drums, Julia played acoustic guitar and Luna played violin. Luna was also the lead singer due to her voice she had inherited from their grandmother, the legendary Julia Heartily.

"Is it okay if we try a new song I wrote last night when I couldn't sleep?" Luna asked the others.

"Yeah sure. It look pretty good." Chris said as they read the paper.

"Then lets do it." Tessa said with a smile.

"This going to sound great." Julia said."I like the lyrics and what they symbolize"

They started playing and Luna directly took the lead.


"The star in the sky shines so bright"

"You have been my guide from the start, and I know you always will"

"I don't know who you are, but I know you are watching me from afar."

"I never met you, I never will"

"But somehow I feel your presence from that star, calling out to me"

"Oh please give me strength when the times turn bad to make it trough the day"

"Oh please give me peace at night for at least one decent moment of sleep"

"You heal my soul and setting me free because you are my star"

"As an angel in the sky"


Raine who had been inside the left engine had crouched out to listen to her little sister sing. And she knew right away what the meaning of her song was about. ("We knew that she one day was going to ask about mom. That day seems to have come.")

"Nice song you have written." Raine said as she walked to her sisters. "Where did you find the inspiration to that song?"

"Well, actually I have thought about this a long time." Luna said. "There is a few things I want to ask you about."

("I guess we both know what it is about.") Julia thought as she saw her twins facial expression. "You want to know more about mom, right."

"Well yeah, I don't really know anything about her more than how she looked alike" Luna said as she looked her sisters in the eyes.

"Um, I think mom wants some help with the festival plans." Tessa said and walked away.

Chris first looked a bit confused but then he understood the gesture Tessa had made. "Um, I think mom would need some help in the library."

When the sisters were alone they sat down on the ground and started talking.

"Please tell me about her." Luna said.

"Well, we don't remember to much of her either because we were just three years old when she died." Julia said. "But I still remember some abstract things like the scent of her perfume. It smelled like spring flowers."

"Yeah I remember that. Do you remember the apple pie she used to bake?" Raine said with a big smile at the memories. ("Good thing we have found a way to use GF without losing memories.")

"Yeah, I have tried to make that pie for years, but I never succeed in making it as good as she did it." Julia answered with an equally big smile as she saw the look of her younger sister who listened very close, even she with a smile. Suddenly they noticed that another figure moved into the landing ground.

"Hi girls. Am I interrupting something?" Squall asked his daughters.

"No, you are not interrupting anything at all." Julia said. "We were just talking about mom."

"Dad, why don't you join us if you have time?" Luna asked as she looked her father in the eyes. "Then you maybe could share the things you remember of her."

"Well, I guess I could take a break." He said as he sat down with his daughters. "Your mother was a fantastic woman. She had a stubbornness strong enough to bring down the moon if she wanted to. That same stubbornness was also the thing that helped me change from a cold loner into the man I am today. She even helped me to accept that Laguna was my father after I more or less had told him to go to hell when he told me the truth."

"Was it love at first sight when you met?" Luna asked as she sat with her knees curled up against her chest.

"Oh no." Their father laughed. "We first met at the inauguration ball just when I had become a SeeD. She practically dragged me out on the dance floor. I tried to fake that I couldn't dance, but she had decided that it was me she wanted to dance with and she didn't take a no for an answer."

"We danced for quite long, but then she disappeared and I thought that I never would see her again." He took a small pause before he continued. "But we met the next day again when I had been sent out on my first mission for the Forest Owls along with Zell and Selphie. It turned out that she was my employer and we met again."

"Aw so romantic. It was then you felt you wanted to spend your life together with her right." Julia said as she tried to imagine the scene in her head.

"Hell no." Squall laughed. "I thought she was quite annoying and naive about her thoughts of changing the world. I even made her cry a few times. But during the whole fight against Ultimecia I started to feel that I couldn't live without her, especially when she fell into a coma. I walked the whole way from FH to Esthar, just to get help because I didn't want to lose her."

"She was an extraordinary woman, and a great mother. She was really good at taking care of you. She often baked together with Julia and planted flowers together with Raine." He said as he leaned against the Ragnarok. "It pains me that you Luna never had the opportunity to know her. She was very proud of you all."

"Yeah, I can imagine." Luna sighted.

"She will always watch over you girls. Of everything she have done for me, you three are the best." Squall told his daughter but he felt a nagging thought in his head. (" I wonder how Luna will manage until tomorrow without her sisters as protection.")

"Well even if I liked talking with you about your mother, I searched you up for another reason." Squall said in a bit more business tone."Winhill have gotten problems with monsters again and have hired SeeD to clean up. I wished I could send someone else right now, but as you know I can't do any exceptions. The mission takes lesser than one day and the two others on the team are Tessa and Chris."

"It is okay. As you know, we don't want any special treatment." Julia said.

"Yeah, this is the life we have chosen." Raine followed, even if he could read in their eyes that they worried for their little sister now when they couldn't protect her.

"Well, I think I will be able to fend myself for at least one day." Luna said with a confident smile as she saw the worry in her sisters eyes. "So I just say go. I would feel bad for stopping you."

"Okay, then it is settled you leave in about an hour with the Ragnarok. Be prepared." Squall said and made the SeeD-salute wish all three girls returned.

Luna was at the landing site when the new SeeD were boarding the Ragnarok.

"Are you sure about that you will be okay?" Raine said worried to her sister.

"Yeah, I will be fine." Luna answered with a smile. "Just go. It is just for a day after all."

"Raine, it is time to go." Julia called after her and she disappeared into the big ship.

("Well, then it is up to me to manage until they come back.") Luna thought as she saw the Ragnarok take of.

She walked back into the Garden and back to her dorm. Luckily she succeeded in sneaking past most of the other students and thereby receive a minimum of insults this time. She took the opportunity to study and then went to bed. But the next day wouldn't become a pleasant matter for her.

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