I wanted to write this story last year, then writer's block struck and it died. Now I shall try it again.

Valentine's Day, the day of romance, the day of showing your affection towards those you love, the day where stores make a killing on cards and candy, and this year, it is the day that something very strange that does not normally happen happened.

"You're what!?!" Danny yelled in shock at Sam.

"Breaking up with you." Sam replied.

"B-but why? I love you! And I thought you loved me!" Danny seemed to be on the verge of tears. Sam sighed in annoyance.

"Danny we went through with this before, I'm only breaking up with you for today. I'm not supporting this stupid holiday, so I must be single." Sam explained which did nothing to comfort the halfa.

"Does he have to get like this every year? "Tucker complained, as Danny was now using him as a human tissue.

"Danny. We. Are. Only. Breaking. Up. For. The. Rest. Of. The. Day." Sam said slowly, hoping to get the message through his head. "We. Will. Get. Back. Together. When. Valentine's Day. Is. Over. Understand?" Danny blew his nose with Tucker's shirt.

"Come on Sam? Can't we ever do something romantic on Valentine's Day? Just this once? It's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year for Pete's sake!" Danny flailed his arms around for emphasis. Before Sam could answer a familiar blue gas-thing emerged from Danny's mouth. "Ah, great." The halfa sighed and transformed into his ghostly alter-ego. Fortunately he didn't have to look far to see who the ghostly perpetrator was. Ember…

"Out of my way Dipstick, I've got things to do!" The ghost-rock star shouted while shoving Danny aside.

"These things involve taking over the world don't they?"

"Maybe." Ember said embarrassedly. I really have to make my plans not so obvious, the ghost thought to herself, maybe then I'd never have to even bother with this dipstick. Before her thoughts could go any further Danny shot an ecto-blast at her. Unfortunately, Danny's recent crying had left his eyes blurry and his aim was a centimeter off. So instead of hitting Ember, it hit her guitar. "NO!" Ember screeched as multiple pink beams shot from the instrument. "Do you know what you've done?" Then the guitar itself exploded, engulfing all of Casper High in the love spell. As the dust settled everyone got up. Finding themselves madly in love, but with who was quite the surprise…

For those who don't want to have parts of the story spoiled don't read this part.

For those who kept reading, here are what the insane parings are.

SamxPaulina (One sided, Paulina is horrified)

DannyxFenton Thermos (I've always wanted to do a story where I could use this paring)

TuckerxJazz (Geeks in Love!)

Mr. LancerxEmber

Dash, KwanxStar

ValeriexHer Ghost-Hunting Equipment