Fyras14: Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoy this one-shot, I got this idea while I was reading a high school fan fic of Mario. Please let me know what you think.

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First Love

Zelda never expected to fall in love in the strangest of places. Her maids had once said that love is like some sort of stray arrow, not caring who it hits, nor where it lands. Those were the many times were she'll brush the comment aside.

Sincerely, falling in love at first sight was nothing but myth. Zelda never cared to meet eyes with a drooling lord, much less pick a suitor. No matter what the council told her, Zelda's answer would be the same, "I'm a princess first, my duty is to my people and my land. I have no time for love." And, that in a sense was true. With all the work that had fallen on her shoulders at eleven years of age, Zelda had no time for love, friends, and much less a social life. The only ones that she could hold a friendly conversation with were her maids, Malon and Saria, and a few gentle nobles that saw her as a young woman not as a ruler, but as a human being, with her faults and such. But, never in her life, would Zelda fall in love. And she made sure not to love.

All the men in her life, or rather those that wished to be in her life, were greedy, selfish, and like Malon would put it, 'morons with only money and a nice face to suit'. No matter how many gifts, how many dances they asked her to(which she would always calmly decline), no one would ever catch her eye. In fact, she will only look once and then, not look back again. And then, he came.

He had introduced himself as Link of Ordon, a goat herder, no title known whatsoever, except for the title of hero that the gods gave him. At first, Zelda had been too busy looking at Ganondorf than at him, but once she looked back at those blue eyes, examined that serious but kind face, and looked at that dirty blond hair, her feelings changed. For a moment, when their eyes met for that brief second during their battle with Ganondorf, the princess of Hyrule felt her heart beat faster, her cheeks redden for only a moment. Then, after hours, the battle ended, and they bid their good byes not only to the Twilight Princess, but to each other as well. They both went their separate ways, one to rule her land and the other to return to his home.

Zelda let a tear fall as she looked out the window of her room. Loving at first sight was something that was forbidden for her, and now, she was crying for a love she wouldn't meet again. She almost pulled her eyes away from the window, but then, she saw him, waving at her from his spot near the gate, overlooking the castle. She waved back, wondering if he will stay, and if she would be able to love for the first time in her life.