Prompt: Far from her nest the lapwing cries away." Shakespeare Comedy of Errors iv. 2

Alice surveyed the front room of Florean Fortescue's Ice-cream Parlour. Her two suspected Death Eaters were seated at their table. Frank, in the guise of a short dark haired man loitered by the door, while she, transfigured to look like a chubby teen with bad skin, cleared dishes and scrutinized the crowd.

They were all waiting for the same man, a Hitwizard who'd been passing information to the Death Eater pair, while they in return had been passing him a great deal of money. For weeks the three schemers met at Florean's, where the innocence of the location deflected suspicion and the presence of so many ice cream eating children made confrontation risky. Frank and Alice already had the pictures, and the bank records; now they wanted the man. They had a plan. If it worked, the greedy chatterer soon would be sitting in an interrogation cell surrounded by Aurors, while a Polyjuiced Frank counterfeited his presence and ferreted out all he could from his companions.

Frank stood up giving his signal that he had spotted the man and was about to act. Alice picked up a set of dirty dishes and summoned a second pile, weaving them carefully through the crowd. A trio of women stepped into the aisle allowing Alice an excuse to swing the teetering mess over her Death Eaters' heads with a sudden jerk. She allowed the pile to tip, dripping half melted ice cream onto the head of the Death Eater that she had decided was the more volatile of the two. Alice gave a little scream of horror as the stack of dishes fell over her victim onto the floor.

Alice could see Frank place his hand onto the shoulder of their Hitwizard quarry. The Death Eater's howl as the cold, sticky, wet mess dripped down his neck might almost have been enough to cover the pop as Frank Disapparated with his prisoner, but Alice wanted to conceal the sound further. When her bespattered victim jumped up and pointed his wand in her direction she burst into tears and dropped the plates in her hands making a satisfying crash.

Alice knew that she wouldn't be hexed. Hexing a weeping teenager in front of a room full of families enjoying ice-cream would spoil the Death Eater's cover. The cleaner and more level headed of the two knew it too. He calmed his friend and pulled him down to his seat as Alice offered weepy apologies and ineffectual attempts at cleaning up.

Florean ran to the disaster, wand flying, hoping to placate his customer and vanish the mess. Quietly, so only those at the table could hear, he turned to Alice and asked, "What were you doing? You don't summon plates in a crowded restaurant. You carry them."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking," Alice answered, crying, hoping to prolong the chaos long enough to give Frank enough time to return.

Feigning exasperation Florean sent her back to the kitchen, while he offered his bedraggled customers more help and better explanations. "I'm sorry. This girl is just not mature enough to work with customers. Obviously there'll be no charge for anything you order -- now or in the future."

From the kitchen Alice launched her Patronus, laughing as the silver lapwing made its awkward flight to Dumbledore. Childish as it was she'd enjoyed dumping ice-cream on a Death Eater's head. Happily, she transfigured herself into a matronly customer and returned to Fortescue's to back up Frank while he met with the Death Eaters.

A silver lapwing landed on Dumbledore's desk and in Alice's voice described the day's capture. As she spoke the bird feigned a broken wing, making him smile. In his youth the country people claimed the lapwing was full of lies; they were frustrated by her skill at keeping her young from their greedy hands. "Far from her nest the lapwing cries away," he quoted with a laugh. " And keeps the predator from those she protects. Clever bird." Alice and her keen grasp of power in weakness was always a delight.