Secret No More

Summary: With Tracey a female in disguise, and now his girlfriend, Gary has a hard time keeping his hands off her with his grandfather away...but then Ash and Co just had to pay a visit. When will they leave?

Pairings: Gary/Tracey

Disclaimer: I don't own the series Pokemon or any character associated.

Warnings: Tracey is portrayed as female in gender in this story. Yes, I know he's a guy, and yes there have been episodes where Tracey had been shirtless, let's just pretend that never happened for the sake of it, ok? Characters a few years older in this fic. Light sexual situations.

AN: Hello there, everyone. Welcome to my first ever Pokemon fic. This is only a short fic, two or three chapters at the most, unless everything goes well, I might continue it. I specialize in genderbending stories. Yes, I take a previously male character and turn them female? Why? It's not because I'm homophobic, good god, no. I love Yaoi, but there is so many of that around, I wanted to try and be that little bit different.

I love Tracey to bits, so I'm understandably pissed me off by all the pathetic and ludicrous Tracey bashing fics out there. They're not funny; you don't even get a giggle out of them. I find them utterly immature and they make my skin crawl at how childish some people truly are. If you don't like a character, fine, but to write stories where they meet their end in horrendous ways is truly pathetic.

I do apologize about the rant, it's just I wanted to read some good Tracey fics, but found mostly pointless character bashing ones. It infuriated me, as you can tell. Fortunately, I have read a handful of really good ones, which made me calm down a little.

I expect flames, but really though, restrain yourselves, please. They truly are a waste of time. Please send comments and suggestions; anything will be fine. Thanks in advance!

Nibble fingers glide over the keyboard with professional accuracy, pausing every once in a while to quickly scribble something onto a clipboard. Pokemon data filled the screen, raven black eyes scanning over the information, searching for a particular subject and disregarding the rest until next time. The light from the screen caused golden tanned skin to shine with a radiant glow, a small smile gracing gentle pink lips, only mildly aware that someone watches with a sense of tenderness from afar.

Reclining rather casually in a chair, now a 17 year-old young man, Gary watches Tracey work from afar, his cobalt blue eyes taking in every movement. Tracey had changed very little over the years, while Gary himself had grown taller, seemingly shot up like a weed his grandfather once commented. He was tall and lanky, yet still more muscular than Tracey, and Ash, much to his rival's annoyance. Tracey was petit and had a rather slender figure hidden under those large and baggy clothing.

Tracey suddenly mumbled something and tapped the pen to the clipboard near the keyboard and Gary couldn't help but smile. Tracey was adorable like this, working hard and concentrating. Over the years he had grown close to his grandfather's assistant and talented Pokemon Watcher, closer than he had to anyone before. They would spend a lot of time together and Tracey was the only person who knew his secret wishes and desires for the future.

He loved watching Tracey work, especially when she had her back to him.

Yeah, you heard right; Tracey Sketchit here was actually a girl dressing as a guy. Shocking, wasn't it? Shocked the hell out of Gary when he first found out. He still winces at the memory.

He found out about a year ago, he returning to Oak Labs for some rest and relaxing, and to get his persistent grandfather claiming that he was working too hard off his case for a while. As if the old man had any right to lecture him about his work ethics; if it wasn't for Tracey keeping an eye out for him, he'd probably be dead by now. He had only just returned to the lab when he decided to have a shower, unaware that it was occupied at the time. Of course, being Oak's grandson, it gave him the right to walk into any room, any time, as quickly and impolitely as he wanted.

Throwing the door open, he marched and practically ordered whoever was inside to get out as he wanted to take a shower now. He was incredibly impatient back then, not that he improved much now, apparently.

The sight of a near naked Tracey, dressed in merely a towel wrapped around her obviously feminine body stopped him dead in his tracks. He had no idea of the female curves she possessed; she was a lot slender then he gave her credit for, her bust of average size, yet suited her frame so well. Her bronzed skin seemed to glisten from the water droplets, as if she had only just stepped out of the shower. Her dark green hair, usually held back with that pink headband now clung to her damp skin, framing her face, her raven eyes wide in absolute shock.

Back then, as a 16 year-old boy, with hormones running wild, Gary thought she looked hot, yet vulnerable as she clutched the towel to her body, her arms immediately moving to wrap around her slender frame.

He was shocked, that was understandable. And what else was understandable was Tracey's embarrassment. Even so, she really didn't have to call out Marill and order her to use her water gun to get him out of the room. A simple scream of shock and an order to get out would have been enough.

Still, thinking back on it now, Gary must admit he was a little impressed; timid and shy Tracey ordering her Pokemon to take him out was gutsy. He had no idea she had it in her.

He remembered sitting there on the floor, his back leaning against the wall behind him, surrounded by a pool of water and simply just stared at the closed bathroom door with wide eyes. He didn't know how long he sat there for, but he snapped out of his state of bewilderment when the door opened and a red face, yet downcast Tracey appeared. They caught each other's eye, confusion in Gary's, while Tracey's were shimmering with uncertainty and unshed tears.

Drawing in a deep breath, Tracey started to tell him why she was dressing as a guy, her voice breaking ever once in a while, seemingly unsure whether her explanation would be enough.

It all started when she wanted to become a Pokemon Watcher, her greatest dream, and as a small child after her parents died in a car accident, she wanted to be trained by the best Pokemon Watcher. However, as she grew under her new her mentor, she learnt that he was actually an agent for Team Rocket and he was training her to become a member. She refused to be used in such a way, especially to hurt Pokemon. So, she ran away; changing her name to her late parents, Tracey being her mother's and Sketchit her father's nickname. She also decided to disguise herself as a guy, which wasn't hard for her back then as she was more comfortable in shorts and t-shirts rather than skirts and dresses anyway. But as she grew older, she had to learn to bind her breasts under thick wading and bandages, hiding her curves under clothing that were far too large for her.

She had been hiding her gender ever since. Though the threat of Team Rocket hunting her down had probably passed, it was hard for her to let go of her security blanket, so to speak.

With the threat of Marill using Hydro Pump on him, Gary promised not to say a word to anyone about her secret. Unless he pinned her down and took off her shirt for everyone to see, who would really believe him if he did tell anyone?

However, far from being repulsed that Tracey kept a secret from him and his grandfather, Gary was intrigued. Learning of her mentor's intentions, running away from Team Rocket and acting quickly enough to disguise herself as a guy took intelligence and guts, and he was interested to learn what else she was hiding under that timid and calm persona of hers.

Gradually, over time, the two became close, Tracey slowly opening up to him, revealing her secret fears for the future. She knows she won't be able to hide her gender forever; she would like to one day have a family of her own. But she was afraid that everyone would turn her away after learning her secrets.

When Gary told her that he would never let that happen, promising to be by her side no matter what, he realized that he had fallen hard for the forest haired beauty.

Yes, she was beautiful.

A gentle touch of their lips soon followed and they had decided they want to try a relationship together, a first for the both of them.

No one knew of their relationship or affair, nor did anyone other than Gary himself know about Tracey's true gender or the reason why she was hiding in the first place.

They've been together for about six months now and it was only a few weeks ago did they decide they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. True, Gary did promise his grandfather that he would wait until he was at least 18 before he did the deed with anyone, but technically, it was alright. Tracey was a couple years older than he was, so that levels things out, doesn't it?

He was 17, she was 19, and if they met in the middle, that would be 18, right?

Ever since their first night together, Gary found it hard to keep his hands off of her, even at work. She was addictive, she was his drug that he couldn't get enough of, nor did he want to.

Prof. Oak, his grandfather, was currently away on business, so only the two of them and the Pokemon were manning the labs. It took Gary a few hours and some seductive kisses to convince Tracey to take off those restrictive bandages and breathe easy for a while. And she did, but only for him, she said. He'd have it no other way.

At first, Tracey was incredibly self conscious, consistently looking over her shoulder, one of her arms folded across her chest whenever she went outside. But, gradually, she got used to her feminine body and was a bit less self body conscious.

Of course, it helped that Gary would take her mind off her worries by kissing her senseless.

He loved kissing the Pokemon Watcher, she had a taste and a scent all her own. She was addictive, and Gary couldn't help but appear abruptly and surprise her by kissing her soundly on the lips, before slinking away with a grin as she spluttered incoherently with a blush the colour of a Vulpix dancing across her cheeks.

She would threaten him not to do that again, but he always defied her. It was just too much fun leaving her flustered and frazzled.

Keeping their relationship a secret hadn't been easy, but it did have a sense of adventure to it. The wonder if they'll get caught if they do this, how they avoid Grandfather's watchful gaze long enough to spend some quality time together, that sort of thing was in itself thrilling, yet highly frustrating as well.

Hearing a sigh, Gary snapped himself out of his musing and focused his attention back to the task at hand, Tracey Watching.

Stretching her arms over her head, Tracey makes a small pleasurable noise as she relaxed and pushes away from the computer desk, grabbing the clipboard as she climbed to her feet. Her eyes immediately collided with Gary's and they gazed at each other for a moment.

"You're still here?" Tracey says with a soft smile on her lips, a sense of gratitude in her eyes as she took a couple of steps away from the computer. "I'd thought you would get bored staring at me all this time."

Gary snorted lightly as he shook his head. "Are you kidding?" he said as he leaned forward in his seat and ran his blue eyes up and down her body, taking in her feminine profile and giving her a charming grin. "I could never get bored looking at you."

She was wearing a pair of loose shorts that hung off her hips and came to her knees, black in colour. Her top consisted of a blue sleeveless hoodie that reached the band of her shorts, the zipper done half way, a white singlet top underneath. She wasn't wearing those bandages around her chest, so she had a teasing taste of cleavage, amplified whenever she clutched something to her chest.

She was a natural stunner, yet she had a bit of a low self body image. She had no idea how beautiful she really was.

"Let's make out," Gary suggested with a perverse grin on his lips, prompting Tracey to blush a scarlet red, the clip board in her hands immediately pressed against her chest as she presented herself as shyly embarrassed.

"But I have a report to fill out," she replied with a half-hearted excuse, one of which Gary didn't buy.

"That can wait," he said as he meandered to his feet and slinked his way over to her, his hands finding her hips and quickly pulled her flush against him. Tracey's blush immediately darkened to an adorable shade of red, and only struggled lightly, her body seemingly betraying her as she soon fell into his arms, the clip board falling idle onto the floor with a clang and she leaned against his chest.

Tracey tilted her head back to look into Gary's eyes, the young male now half a foot taller than she was. He gazed down at her with a sense of desire in his eyes and Tracey tried to suppress a shiver of delight, still in awe of how much Gary truly wanted her.

Slowly, her eyes slip close and Gary dipped his head forward, his lips immediately covering hers in a passionate kiss. He ran his tongue over her bottom lip, asking for permission to increase the passion when the sound of the doorbell cut through the silence, bringing them both back to reality.

With a growl of annoyance, Gary reluctantly stepped away from Tracey, who of which seemed surprised by the sudden noise. He wanted to return to what they were doing, but the door bell rang again and again, as if someone was standing at the front door, pressing the door bell button in rapid concession.

"Who the hell could this be?" Gary muttered as he stalked to the door, his face contorted into a look of anger and threw it open, posed to tell the stupid fool who dared to interrupt his moment with Tracey to go to hell when he found himself staring at three very family travellers.

"Hey, Gary! I didn't know you moved back home?"

Great, it was Ash, Misty and Brock. Just what he needed...