Title: Vertigo
Type: Naruto Fanfiction
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Pairing: Sasuke x Hinata SasuHina
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Hinata
Story Placement: Alternate Storyline fanfiction
Background: It's in a different time and place, the plot is actually the background.
Plot: Once upon time, there was a girl who lived in a tall tower. All she'd ever know was the circular stone walls, the worn silk sheets of her canopy bed, and the man who kept her locked away from the world. But when a clumsy boy literally falls through the roof, Hinata is exposed to a world she'd only seen from the tiny window at the top of the tower and feelings only expressed in story books she read late at night.
Warnings: I will not attempt to attack certain Naruto characters though there is a little anti-Sakura and anti-Ino in the beginning and middle of the story. I do apologize but things do get better for them. I don't even bash my own villains! I can not predict the future of this story but there maybe a yaoi if you squint and turn your head to the left.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I was simply inspired by other works and embellished a simple love story.
Author Note: Aiya! It's been forever since I've written a story. I've been battling moderate interest in the world of yaoi, reading stories and having ideas spring up to me, but I couldn't bring myself to really write one myself. When I finally gave myself the dedication to write something, this is really the only plotline to stick in my head.

This story actually came from an adaptation of a South Park yaoi which I felt was rather random on my part to actually be interested in it in the first place. Fantasyof-theRaven and her or his story "I Need You Too" really has the writes to this story. I simply took the basic plotline and twisted it for my own amusement. If you can really stand to see Stan and Kyle like each other more than just friends, then this story would fascinate you as it did me. It truly is a well written piece of fiction.

Anyways, thank you for those who take an interest in my own adaptation of the original plotline, I promise it will be as romantic as my stomach can handle.


By Heaven's Drunk

Chapter One.

The world outside my window is scratching at my door
There's only stories
Of what life was like before

Once upon a time, in a land where the horizon was an array of mountains to the north and south, stretches of green forest to the west, and the beautiful scene of the ocean to the east, there lived a girl who'd only known these treasures that Mother Nature provided through a small window in a tall tower and the childish books He'd brought to her once a week.

Her bedroom was small, square and dull; the only d├ęcor besides the necessities was a gold platted, full length mirror, the simple book shelf cluttered with torn manuscripts, and the old stone walls. She spent her days curled in her bed, reading the stories to herself and dreaming of the freedom they told. When her eyes grew weary of the words, when the candles she was given for the month had been melted to their stand, she'd sit upon the cherry wood chair and stare out the window, imaging how the grass would feel on her bare feet.

The large cherry door that loomed behind her, haunted her in her dream world, was locked from the outside, preventing her from escaping into the grand outside, but the window remained open so that she may gaze upon the grass she'd never feel, the flowers she'd never pick, and the people she'd never meet. Her only unlocked door, the imagery of escaping, led to her small bathroom that was windowless and blank, and could not provide her freedom from the four walls of captivity.

The Man who brought her books through the cherry wood door hadn't aged in the 17 years that she had lived in the Tower. He remained pale, lanky, and dark, coming to her once a week with a new book, or a clipped group of papers to read to her. He'd remind her of her age, her name, and her position as His property before kissing her forehead and tucking her into her bed. He'd shut and lock the door behind Him, only to be opened a sliver in the morning when she'd be passed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

That was her life and she had not questioned its appeal. She did not wonder where her parents had been, how'd she had found herself within the Tower, taken care of by this oddly sensitive and caring man. She did not imagine what the Man had ever meant when He said He owned her. She hadn't even questioned the oddity of never having felt grass or flowers or spring water. Because the four walled Tower, the canopy bed, worn out books, a strange man to visit her once a week was all she'd ever known. After all, books were simply words written by poets with that highest of detail of imagination. Fairytales did not reflect the reality of human beings, and so she would be forever in her tower, staring out at the world and not allowing herself to wish for something better.

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed. Review please if you want!

Zai Jian!