Title: Vertigo
Type: Naruto Fanfiction
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Pairing: Sasuke x Hinata SasuHina
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Hinata
Story Placement: Alternate Storyline fanfiction
Background: It's in a different time and place, the plot is actually the background.
Plot: Once upon time, there was a girl who lived in a tall tower. All she'd ever know was the circular stone walls, the worn silk sheets of her canopy bed, and the man who kept her locked away from the world. But when a clumsy boy literally falls through the roof, Hinata is exposed to a world she'd only seen from the tiny window at the top of the tower and feelings only expressed in story books she read late at night.
Warnings: I will not attempt to attack certain Naruto characters though there is a little anti-Sakura and anti-Ino in the beginning and middle of the story. I do apologize but things do get better for them. I don't even bash my own villains! I can not predict the future of this story but there maybe a yaoi if you squint and turn your head to the left.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I was simply inspired by other works and embellished a simple love story.
Author Note: Ahhh, I'm so sorry about the month or so long wait! It's been…stressful here. My room mate doesn't like me (meh) and I've been busy soaking in the culture here. I finally got some peace to myself, right before Golden Week!!! And now that there is one more day left, I'm going to fricken write this chapter. So, here is the final chapter and I hope you guys approve.

By Heaven is Drunk

Chapter 20.
Tonight, The indescribable moments of your life
Tonight, The impossible is possible
Tonight, Believe in me as I believe in you

"Sasuke." Hinata peered over her shoulder at Sasuke with a soft smile, "Give me my freedom."

It felt like the world dropped beneath his feet. She smiled so angelically, struggling hopelessly against Orochimaru's grasp; Hinata was resigned to her fate. Sasuke hadn't yet.

"Sasuke!" Neji stepped forward but collapsed to his knees in pain. Gaara distractedly looked for a moment of weakness to save his sister and Shikamaru, though peering over his shoulder to watch the scene, was still in a deadlock with the giant. Sasuke was trapped and his only way out was to stab Hinata in the chest.

"I can't do that to you, Hinata." Sasuke gripped the sword tightly, "I…I think I'm in love with you."

Hinata gasped which incidentally weakened her grasp on Orochimaru. He tossed her aside and charged on Sasuke, "Sasuke!"

The attack was quick and very painful, Orochimaru grasped onto Sasuke's shoulder and nearly tore his entire limb off. The marks burned and Sasuke flinched slightly. He swung the sword upward, nicking the edges of Orochimaru's oily hair. Orochimaru's hand cleanly punched Sasuke in the face.

"Sasuke!" Hinata ran to his side, grabbing part of the sword and helping him to sit up. They smiled softly to each other, Hinata brushed the dark bangs away from his dark eyes. With a soft smile, she kissed his cheek. They looked into each other's eyes, Hinata blushing deeply while Sasuke smiled. He reached for her but the moment was interrupted by Orochimaru's cold grasp. He yanked Hinata to her feet and pulled her away from Sasuke. Tears pricked her eyes as she gasped out her pain.

"Well, well," Orochimaru chuckled, "The little love birds confess their undying passion. It's too bad," He looked to Hinata with a devious smile and rose his free arm, revealing the sharpen edge of a wood plank. Hinata fought against him but he pointed the makeshift weapon towards her, "You're little lover is going to die, Hinata-chan. And you'll be next."

"No!" She gasped. A loud thud caused her to turn towards the corner of the room, both Neji and Shikamaru were pressed against a wall by a manic looking Juugo. He snarled at the both of them, forcing their heads together aggressively and knocking them unconscious. He grinned manically, joined by the evil laughter of Orochimaru and Suigetsu. The two unconscious men were lifted upwards and aggressively thrown out the window, "STOP!"

Gaara stepped forward to save them only to be forced to the ground by his sister's broken body. She groaned, half-conscious and unable to move from on top of his chest. Suigetsu chuckled and forced his foot into her shoulder, pinning them both to the ground. The audible crunch of her shoulder blades breaking under his pressure, sickened Gaara but out of fear of harming her more, he remained still.

"I suggest you save you loyal subordinates, Sasuke-sama." Orochimaru grinned as the prince stood to his feet, stumbling slightly, "Even if you did save your precious little princess, you'll have no one to support you. You're best soldiers are dead, how will you explain that to Mommy and Daddy?"

Sasuke growled, raising his sword and stepping forward, "You bastard."

Orochimaru pulled back slightly, pressing the sharp edge against Hinata's neck, drawing blood, "Ah, ah, Prince, you'll have to go through Juugo first."

The manic soldier stepped forward, his skin turning a deep oil color as his body contorted into a vile creature. Sasuke took a breath before charging forward, his sword breaking in two against the rock solid form. Orochimaru chuckled as Juugo grabbed the prince's face and began charging, Sasuke first, into the nearest wall.

"Sasuke!" Hinata cried, moving forward and cutting her neck on the wood. Orochimaru pulled her backwards more, they inched closer to the unconscious Kidoumaru, whose chest rose and fell in erratic breaths. He was dying and Hinata couldn't swallow the pity or the joy she had for his slow and painful demise. She found her eyes welling up as her thoughts twisted into wishes that the same fate would curse Orochimaru. After all he'd done, the most painful death was what he deserved.

A blinding light interrupted her thoughts and both she and Orochimaru shielded their eyes. A battle cry of sorts echoed in the room and when the dust and light cleared, Juugo's body was mangled and torn at the feet of a panting Naruto and Sasuke.

"Better late than never, dobe." Sasuke chuckled dryly.

Naruto growled but maintained his thousand-watt smile, "Well, the hero has to come in blazing at the last second, right?"

"Since when were you the hero?" Sasuke sighed, "You help Gaara-san, I'm going to save Hinata."

Naruto smiled, patting Sasuke on the back, "Alright, dattebayo!"

Suigetsu grinned at the blonde, "Come any closer and I'll kill the woman and then the Kazekage."

Naruto laughed, "I'd like to see you try."

In the blinding flash and confusion that resulted in Naruto tossing Suigetsu through the wall, Sasuke charged on Orochimaru. He cleanly punched Orochimaru in the face and grabbed Hinata's arm as the snake released her from his grasp. She hugged Sasuke tightly and then retreated to hide behind his back. Orochimaru stood, brushing the blood from his chin, "Silly little prince, you have nothing to kill me with. I, on the other hand, have many things."

He grinned darkly and moved his hands into an intricate position. In an instant his neck grew into a serpent-like image and aimed for Sasuke. His sharp teeth glinted in the moderate life and he aimed for Sasuke's shoulder. Hinata screamed, moving her arms across Sasuke's shoulder and hitting the snake in the face at the perfect opportunity. Sasuke moved them both back further as Orochimaru's head and body moved about the room in a disoriented fashion. Sasuke distractedly watched both body parts as they tried to find him. Hinata, however, had found Gaara, hunched over his sister and trying to set her arm.

"Gaara-sama," Hinata frowned, "W-w-we need…"

"Bottom drawer of the desk in the far corner." Gaara said coldly. Hinata nodded and searched the clutter for the desk. She found it, beside Kidoumaru's twitching body. She gulped, looking between the desk and Sasuke. She stepped cautiously, slowly at first before breaking into a run. She leapt over Orochimaru's stretched neck, alerting both men to her presence.

"Hinata!" Sasuke called as Orochimaru's head aimed for her retreating ankles. Hinata managed to dodge one bit before circling around the desk and yanking at the drawer Gaara had pointed out. She tugged at it with all of her strength, ignoring Orochimaru's fangs aimed at her exposed neck.

Without much of a weapon besides self-sacrifice, Sasuke dove in between the pouncing snake head and Hinata. The fangs latched onto the junction between Sasuke's neck and shoulder. He cried out and gripped the edge of Hinata's dress. Hinata began to cry and curse the drawer before it finally opened enough to reveal a thin katana. She slid it out and into Sasuke's hand who raised the blade to severe Orochimaru's head from his neck. The snake screamed in pain and moved away from the two, the head rolling to the wall and the body collapsing to the ground.

Sasuke dropped the sword and turned to Hinata, ignoring the burning pain in his shoulder. Hinata looked to him, her face splattered in sweat, tears and Orochimaru's blood. He couldn't help believing that she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. He reached forward, brushing the violet strands from her face, "Are you alright?"

She nodded, "Yes, are you?"

He nodded and then the two stared at each other, unable to decide what to do next. They heard Gaara and Naruto sigh from the door, "Just kiss already!"

Sasuke glared at the two while Hinata giggled softly, "Did you finish off--?"

"The fish boy?" Naruto chuckled, "Of course, Anko is outside fixing up Neji and Shikamaru. We're going to take Tamari down there so you two can have you're alone time."

"Shut up." Sasuke growled as the two retreated from the room. Hinata continued to chuckle softly, placing her hand on Sasuke's. He turned to her, stiffly avoiding a smile or a blush, "This really isn't how I planned to rescue you."

Hinata smiled, "I don't think I mind it."

She blushed deeply and looked down at their join hands, Sasuke did as well, looking towards the open door. The two avoided looking at each other, trapped in the awkward moment before they both gathered the courage to speak. They turned to each other, mouths poised to speak, but they both stopped. Hinata smiled softly, "You first."

"Uh…" Sasuke frowned, speechless for a moment, "Um…"

Hinata smiled wider and decided to make the first move. She reached forward and hugged Sasuke gently. He stiffened at the contact before he placed the sword on the ground and moved to hug her as well. He relaxed slightly and leaned into her. She stiffened quickly and Sasuke believed he'd done something wrong. He pulled back slightly but she grasped him tightly and moved her weight forward. He frowned deeply as he landed on his back and the two rolled until they hit the wall. His arms were around her waist and he still tried to resist blushed as she rested her curves and parts against his.

"This is a little forward, Hina-" He twitched when he looked to the side, past her perfect cheek and a curtain of violet hair, he found a glossy white snake starring hungrily at them. Sasuke tried to move but Hinata's weight kept him pinned to the ground, "Hinata!"

He shook her, feeling a slick warmth against his palms. Hinata was bleeding, "Hinata!"

The white snake laughed darkly, "I win."

Sasuke forced most of his weight to one side, lying Hinata down and sitting up. She had two fan marks against her lower back, bleeding heavily but there were signs of healing along the edges. He turned to the snake, marking his distance from the sword and his enemy.

"Don't you dare, you little brat!" The snake hissed but Sasuke was already on his feet, dodging the tail and grasping the edge of the blade. He slashed at the parts until he hit the snake right through his heart. Orochimaru wailed painfully, slapping his tail against Sasuke as the prince carved around the area and pulled at the limbs. When he'd severed the heart from the body, showered in the snake's blood, he pulled away. He stood back slightly, watching as the snake collapsed, finally lifeless.

"Stay dead," He sighed and turned back to Hinata. He kneeled down gently, picking her up and cradling her against his chest. He retreated from the room, finally satisfied.

"I'm glad to here that you're okay." Hinata's mother smiled gently, rubbing a very smelly ointment all over the claw marks on Hinata's back, "I'm relieved that you've only suffered a few scratches."

Hinata nodded, gripping the edges of the blanket as the ointment stung her skin. Hanabi sat across from her, frowning deeply, "Neij-nii-chan is doing better. Thankfully Anko-san and Sakura-chan closed his wound enough."

Hinata smiled, "I'm very glad. What about Temari-san?"

Hanabi nodded, "Father said that Sakura-chan stayed behind to take care of her. In her care, Temari-san will be fine."

"Thank goodness."

Their mother closed the lid on the ointment and fanned the cream dry on Hinata's skin. She then moved to the closet of the grand master bedroom and pulled a violet dress from the back corner. She lowered the silky material onto Hinata's lap with a soft smile, "Your father will take you to the Queen. Please change into this."

Hinata nodded, standing up slowly and allowing Hanabi to help her into the short-sleeve gown. Hanabi gently tied the bodice, attempting to avoid aggravating the wound. Hinata brushed her hair and Hanabi handed her a lilac clip to hold the hair back. Their mother returned with a pearl necklace, purple boots and a few make up products. Hinata tried not to smile or feel too relaxed with her mother and sister pampering her but she couldn't help enjoying the feel of gentle, warm hands and soft silk.

"Okay," Her mother smiled, "Let's go, we can't keep your father waiting forever! He hasn't seen you in years!"

The walk to the castle was awkward. Hanabi and their mother chatted wildly behind her while she and her father walked stiffly in the front. She glanced worriedly up at the regal man she'd never met before. He appeared angry and hadn't spoken or looked at her since their first meeting. She clasped her hands together tightly, feeling tears prick her eyes.

They approached the castle a little too slowly and when they finally approached the door leading to the throne room, Hinata was about to cry from relief and fear. Her mother and sister sat on a few chairs, chatting pleasantly with Anko and Naruto. Her father knocked on the door and they waited stiffly. She shook visibly and then jumped when her father finally looked at her, "You've grown up beautifully, Hinata."

"T-t-thank y-you." She nodded. She stifled a cry when he rested his large hand on her shoulder.

"I'm proud of you." He smiled softly then immediately dropped the warm atmosphere as the door opened. They entered quickly, rows of knights, men in suits and women in dresses all looked at her as she approached an angry looking man, the friendly Mikoto, her stiff and angry older son and…that was it. Hinata tried to hide her disappointment when Sasuke was obviously not there.

"Welcome, Hyuuga Hiashi," The angry looking man stood and his booming voice echoed through the halls, "I believe you've come here to present you newly found daughter."

Her father bowed and Hinata followed with a shaky curtsy, "This is my elder daughter, Hinata-chan. She was kidnapped by Orochimaru 16 years ago and because of your heroic son, she was given back to us."

Hinata watched Mikoto carefully, she was hiding her smile, watching as her husband measured Hinata cruelly, "She is very beautiful, Hiashi-san, I welcome her back into the kingdom as a Hyuuga member."

"Thank you, your majesty." Hinata curtsied and began to retreat from the room.

"We're not finished yet, Hinata-chan," Mikoto stood gracefully and approached the girl, "There was unfinished business before you're quick departure to Suna." Hinata turned around and nodded, Mikoto stood before her with a gentle smile, "I have heard that you and my son have become close, correct?"

"It is because of Sasuke-sama that I was brought back to my family, your highness." Hinata whispered.

"Yes," Mikoto circled her, "He nearly died because of it. That kind of sacrifice is not necessarily something that can be returned with a simple thank you or even money."

"I suppose not, you're majesty." Hinata looked away. She felt herself begin to shake and her eyes filled with tears. She was going to cry and pass out from her nerves. Where was Sasuke?

"How will you repay my son for his sacrifice?" Mikoto's voice seemed stiff and distant. She was not at all like the woman who'd brought her home.

"I-I-I d-don't k-kno-know." She bit her lip, fighting the tears.

"We are prepared to do anything Sasuke-sama asks of us." Her father's voice shook her back from her tears. She looked up at the queen who smiled and retreated from Hinata. She felt cold and eerily hot at the same time. Everyone was watching her and all she wanted to do was return home, stand in the garden among all of the flowers, away from people.

"Marry me." A deep voice floated from above and behind her. Hinata relaxed and turned to find Sasuke fighting a smile and a blush. She smiled for him, blushed a deep hue for him and then through herself into his arms.

"Yes!" she cried, hugging him tightly and kissing his cheek.

"Well then," Mikoto turned to her husband, "We have a wedding celebration to plan."

The crowd became loud, filled with the happy and sad chatter of those of the court. Hinata's father shook hands with the king and Mikoto and Hinata's mother found each other and began laughing happily. Naruto slapped Sasuke on the back and received a stiff congratulations from Shikamaru but all was ignored. Sasuke held Hinata tightly and Hinata hugged him back.

"Sasuke, I-"

She was cut off by his kiss. Soft and filled with warmth, their lips pressed together. She titled her head instinctually, deepening the kiss and pulling him closer. She felt light, free, like the very first moment Sasuke took her away from the tower.

Something warm filled her heart to the point of bursting. The feeling the seeped all through her was beyond words, beyond description, beyond her own knowledge. She hadn't a clue what this was but some how felt, knew, understood that this was love.

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