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So, this is What would happen if Alex Rider (and his 'crew') met up with Harry Potter (and his 'crew) and the Power of Five crew. Not very serious. Not at all.

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[Harry Potter and Co meet Power of Five]

Harry: Er… Hi.

[Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett look at Harry, Ron and Hermione. Harry, Ron and Hermione have wands out.]

Scarlett [to Matt]: They have sticks…

Matt: I noticed…

Scott: They gunna poke our eyes out?

Jamie: Or they could give us splinters…

Matt [to Harry, Ron, Hermione]: What the hell?

Ron: Hi.

Matt: Hi.

Jamie: Well, this was fun…

[Harry, Ron and Hermione and Power of Five meet Alex Rider and Tom]:

Ron: Did I just hear something outside?

[Goes to check]

[Is knocked unconscious.]

Alex: Don't point that stick at me.

Tom: He was going to take you on with a stick?

[Both notice Harry and Hermione and Power of Five]

Alex: Hello. [Points to Ron] Friend of yours?

Harry: You could say that…

[The 'Baddies' of the series meet]:

[Scorpia guy is looking at Chaos, looking at Voldy, looking the Scorpia guy. Each is unaware of the one looking at them.]

[SG (Scorpia Guy) sneezes.]

[All look at him.]

[Cheesy grin.]

[Voldy and Chaos sigh]

Voldy: You looking for anyone?

SG: Yeah... You haven't seen a teenage boy, short, blond with a brown haired sidekick type guy and a pretty brunette girl?

Chaos: No, dreadfully sorry but I haven't.

Voldy: While we're o the subject of looking for people…Neither of you has seen 3 teenagers, one black haired with a lightning scar, redhead, and a bushy haired brunette with wands have you?

SG: Sorry, mate. Haven't seen them. [To Chaos] You trying to find someone?

Chaos: Yes actually. Have you seen a black haired- Have you seen any teenagers at all?

Voldy: No

SG: Nope.

Chaos. Damn.

Voldy: It's a pisser when you just can't find them, isn't it?

Chaos: Too true.

SG: Hey, I know a fantastic coffee place near here. Cheer us all right up.

[They turn the corner and see Starbucks.]

Voldy: I've always loved Starbucks.

[The 'responsible' adults of the various series]:

[The Five, Alex, Tom, and Harry, Ron and Hermione fighting Voldy, Chaos and Scorpia]

Richard: You know, there's something to be said about computer violence. At least they don't really die.

Jack: You'd rather have them pretend killing strangers for fun?

[Richard sees Matt nearly shot]

Richard: I could live with that.

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