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For Ricardo Montalban.


Senor Senior Junior stared intently at the machinery in front of him. True, he had no idea how any of it worked, but it was still impressive to look at. The entire underground chamber was filled with computers and an automated assembly line. In the center was a cubical enclosure with clear bullet proof glass for walls. It was big enough for one grown person to sit in, and that person was Kim Stoppable. The new mind control chip was still firmly attached to her forehead, making her compliant to whomever held the control device. Currently it was allowing her rage to flow unchecked. Junior gazed upon the feral sneer on the redhead's face.

"I think we'll save this for when that pink sloth comes for you," Junior said, deactivating the emotional controls.

Kim may not have been in control of her own body anymore, but she was fully aware of what was going on around her. The artificial rage may have cleared, but she was still beyond tweaked. Just wait till I get this thing off me, pretty boy, she thought. I'll show you and that witch you married what sixteen forms of kung fu look like up close!

"Just think, Kim Stoppable, you are now the main control device for this incredible machine!" Junior was carrying on like a kid with a new toy. "This was a pretty expensive item from Hench Co, but it was worth every penny. I can't believe Father never had anything like this."

A tall man in a blue business suit walked into the room. "So this is what you did with your trust fund?" the man asked. "What is this thing?"

"Just a little something I bought to help me get what I want! Kim Stoppable is the main control person for the robots."

The man looked around. "What robots?"

Junior pushed a button on the nearest command console, bringing the assembly line to life. "These robots."

The man started scribbling something in is ledger. "And where is Mrs. Senior?"

"I left her with the sidekick," Junior replied, somewhat excitedly. "I thought it would make a good distraction so I could get away." The man arched an eyebrow and continued writing.


Ron Stoppable was furious. Actually, he was beyond furious. It took every ounce of will power he possessed to keep from lighting up the Mystical Monkey Power right then and there, but he knew that wouldn't do Kim any good. It would make me feel better, though, he thought.

Ron sat in the back of a Global Justice transport carrier shooting daggers at Bonnie Senior with his eyes. She was flanked by Global Justice security personnel to, theoretically, protect her from the Monkey Master. If Ron was going to do anything to her, not even a small army could have stopped him. "We have the coordinates laid in," Dr. Betty Director said as she entered the cabin. "We're heading to a location in Death Valley. Apparently Junior acquired an underground lair from Professor Dementor when the economy hit a down turn. A lot of villains had to sell off some of their assets."

"Any idea of how much damage that chip can cause?" Ron really didn't care about the cash flow problems of villains.

"Dr. Bortel didn't really seem to know. Wade's taking a look through and deleting Bortel's research files as we speak." Dr. Director sat down beside Ron. "We'll get her back, Ron."

"I still can't believe he ditched me," Bonnie whined. "I mean, we planned most of this together! Except for plugging Kim into that machine. That was his idea."

"What machine?" Ron demanded. "And what the hell were you thinking!?"

"It doesn't matter now. I got dumped!"

"Bon-Bon," Ron said in a menacing tone, "not really caring about your marital issues right now!"

"Fine," Bonnie growled. "If you must know, we were gonna hook K up to the same thing I was once plugged into. You know, those Deedee things."

"You mean the Bebes." A look of confusion crossed Ron's face. "Kim trashed those things."

"Well, Junior bought the stuff to make more of them from that Hench guy."

Ron got Wade on the Ronink. "Bonnie says Junior can make Bebes. Any idea how?"

Wade's fingers danced over his keyboard. The display turned into a split screen with Wade on one side, and the exhausted and haggard face of the former Dr. Drakken on the other. "What is it, Buffoon?" Drew Lipsky demanded. "I'm a little busy here." The sounds of a crying Joey Lipsky told Ron why Team Possible's onetime nemesis was so grouchy.

"Sick or teething?" Ron asked.

"Upset tummy," Drew replied. "Now what is it? I can't very well try to get my son back to sleep if I keep getting interrupted!"

"Now you know how I feel," the unseen voice of Sheila Gordon-Lipsky, formerly known as Shego, quipped. Ron saw her tired face appear behind Drew's. "What's the problem, Stoppable? Kimmie get in over her fool head again?"

"No, Junior kidnapped her."

Sheila let out a loud belly laugh. "Junior? Mister 'I Wanna be a Pop Star and the Fact That I Have no Talent Whatsoever Won't Stop Me' Junior? You guys are really slipping up if he got the better of you."

Ron shot Bonnie another dirty look. "His wife helped. And he stole another one of those mind control chip things." Ron saw Sheila stiffen up at the mention of those chips. She still hadn't completely forgiven her husband for using one of those on her all those years ago. "But that's not why I'm calling. Bonnie said that Junior bought Bebe making stuff from Jack Hench."

Drew went pale. "Uh, really? You don't say."

"Wait, how did Hench get the Bebes? Princess trashed all your stuff."

Drew tugged at the collar of his pajama shirt. "Well, pookums, y'see, uh, well, HE MADE ME DO IT!"

"Made you do what?" Sheila demanded in a tone that would scare a Marine Corps drill sergeant. "Drew, what did you do?"

"You remember that check I bounced when I bought the Attitudinator? Well, Hench threatened me with physical violence if I didn't reimburse him for it!"


"I didn't have the money, Sheila! So he took the schematics for the Bebes instead."

"Drew, you idiot!" Sheila yelled. "Why the hell didn't you tell me!? I would've robbed a bank, or something! Giving that snake original technology is just..... just ASININE!!!!!"

By this point Joey had stopped crying; he was much more interested in what his parents were doing. "That's why I didn't tell you," Drew managed to mumble. "You were mad enough that Stoppable came up with better doomsday machines than I did when our brains were scrambled. The last thing I wanted was you being more hurtful than normal."

Sheila's face softened a bit. "Okay, you have a point." She always did enjoy yanking Drew's chain; sometimes a lot harder than she needed to.

"So then, Stoppable, why call us?" Drew asked. "It's not like we can do anything about it."

"I can answer that one," Wade chimed in. "Now I'm sure that Hench's people probably made some modifications to your designs, but if I have the general schematics, I can reverse engineer it and maybe find a way of disabling the central control node."

"Good plan, nerdlinger," Sheila said, "except that those speed freak robots came up with that whole Queen Bee thing on their own."

"And I got a scan of that, too, the last time Kim fought the Bebes. I should have all our bases covered. I hope." Wade took a drink from his Slurpster. "It's entirely possible that Hench heard about the whole Queen Bee thing and built something similar to the original hive mind control node, but I'll have to do some hacking to find out."

"Fine," Drew grumbled. "I'll forward you the data files. Although why I should help my former arch nemesis, I'll never know."

"Because your son would never forgive you if something happened to his godmother and he never saw her again," Sheila said in a matter of fact voice. "Come on, let's go do this." The video feed from the Lipsky home went blank.

"He sure gets grouchy when he doesn't sleep," Ron quipped.

"I told you where the hideout is," Bonnie growled. "Can I please go back home?"

"Sorry, Bon-Bon, no can do. You're sticking with me until I get Kim back."

"And then there's this little matter of your involvement in a villainous plot that involves a high tech left," Dr. Director added. "You could very well be looking at a little prison time, young lady."

Bonnie went pale. "Jail time? I can't go to jail!"

"You should've thought of that before you and your husband decided to break into a private lab."

"This is so not fair," the former cheerleader whined. No one gave her any sympathy.


The first dozen robots came off the assembly line. Unlike their predecessors, the Bebes, these all looked like robotic versions of Kim Stoppable. They were garbed in what appeared to be Kim's old mission wear of a black crop top and green cargos, and they all had Kim's flaming red hair. Their eyes were green photoreceptors. "We are the Kinetic energy and Inertia Manipulator drones," they said in one voice.

"Oooh this is perfect," Junior squealed. "I'll call you K.I.M.s for short."

"Inaccurate acronym," one of them pointed out. "We should be called K.E.I.M.D.s instead."

"I am your registered owner, and I decide what you're called," Junior whined. "You're K.I.M.s!"

"Acronym accepted. We are K.I.M.s."

From her holding chamber, Kim watched as the mechanical mockeries wearing her face submitted themselves to Junior's authority. She knew that, had she been in control of her own mind and body, this wouldn't be happening. The mind control chip on her forehead was again affecting her emotional states, making her more pliant to Junior's whims. It was also starting to give her a migraine. Fight it, Stoppable, she said to herself. I am my own master. My mind and body are mine to command. And as soon as I get out of this thing, Junior is so going to regret the day he met me!

"Master," one of the K.I.M.s said, "the radar shows an incoming hypersonic aircraft on approach vector. What are your orders?"

"Oooh, 'Master.' I like how that sounds," Junior said in a giddy voice. "Just go out there and, I don't know, shoot it down, or something."

"We do not have built in weaponry, nor do we have flight capabilities," another K.I.M. said. "We will have to wait for the craft to land."

"According to the central control node, that is a Global Justice craft." The K.I.M. that uttered those words looked directly at the real Kim. "There is a 97.3% probability that our husband unit is aboard."

Kim's blood started to boil. Okay, I don't care if you freaks are wired into my brain, you do NOT call MY Ron your husband unit!

The K.I.M.s all stopped cold for a moment; a few of them twitched. "Uh, what just happened?" Junior asked.

"Mome-momen-monetary emotional overlo-lo-load-d-d-d from central control node," a K.I.M. reported. "Registering increased heart rate and adrenal secretions."

Junior looked down at his remote control for the chip. "I don't have this on angry. Perhaps I should make her a bit more calm before I send you lovely ladies out there to defeat the buffoonish sidekick." Junior hit a few buttons, forcing Kim to calm down, but at the same time, making her headache worse.

"Warning: Do not call husband unit a buffoon! He can kick your sorry biscuit without even trying."

The real Kim smirked in her cage. Okay, this one I like!

Junior looked at the offending robot with rage and a little hurt. "What is your designation?"

"K.I.M. 4"

"K.I.M.s 1 and 3, please take this broken machine to be recycled. As for the rest of you, go out there and get Ron Stoppable!"


"I've got good news and bad news," Wade said over the Ronlink.

"I don't think I can handle any more surprises," Ron said in a tired voice. "What's the bad news?"

"Well, there's a platoon of robots coming towards you, and the place has no vents big enough for Rufus to get through."

Ron saw a triumphant smirk on Bonnie's face. "And the good news?"

"This place has no shielding against my scans! Kim is in there, and she's been hooked into something that's similar to what Bonnie was plugged into with the Bebes. But that gets into some potentially good news."

"It looks like I might be revising that whole 'no surprises' thing, Wade."

"It looks like these things don't have their hyper accelerators online yet. And according to the Hench Co research, these new robots are designed to be more in tune with the emotional states of whoever's plugged into them than the Bebes ever were. Good for you, not so good for Bonnie."

"Booyah!" Ron shouted as Bonnie snorted her disapproval.

"Halt!" half a dozen digitized versions of Kim's voice said. "You are trespassing on Master Junior's property. You are hereby requested to leave."

"Okay, booyah denied." Ron's eyes started glowing. They just look like KP; they're not really her. "Any chance that taking these things apart will hurt Kim?"

"I don't know," Wade said frantically. "I don't have enough data yet. I'll keep scanning."

As Ron prepared to defend himself, the K.I.M.s circled him. "Detecting unknown energy source emanating from target Ron Stoppable. Estimated 99.9% probability that energy is Mystical Monkey Power."

"And I'm predicting a 100% chance of you winding up in a recycling bin!" They're not really Kim, they're not really Kim, they're not really Kim......


K.I.M.s 1 and 3 were nothing more than sparking, twisted piles of scrap metal. K.I.M. 4 had, quite effortlessly, dispatched the both of them. It was unsteady on its feet, almost unable to keep its own balance. It was receiving the same neurological impulses that its sister units were receiving, but there was something more, some spark that was growing within its own processor.

When it approached the control unit that Kim was hooked into, she realized that she could see herself through the robot's eyes. Okay, this is different. How am I doing this?


No matter how many times Ron told himself that these metal monstrosities were not his wife, it didn't really register. "What's the matter, Ronnie?" one of them taunted. "Don't want to hurt the little woman?"

"Please don't make me do this, KP," Ron pleaded.

"I am K.I.M. 7, not KP," the drone replied. It swung a metal fist at Ron that had the force of a freight train behind it. Ron leapt backwards, going into a reverse handspring and landing on his feet. "Analysis confirmed; target Ron Stoppable is indeed using energy designated as Mystical Monkey Power. Stepping up attack. Request that Master Junior amps up the hate on the control node."

From his control center, Junior watched the unfolding carnage with glee. Three K.I.M.s were tangling with the sidekick, while the other three were converging on the hypersonic transport. He pressed the button on the control unit, causing Kim's mind to be clouded by a white hot rage. Kim's head was now pounding so hard it felt like she had several squadrons of fighter planes all breaking the sound barrier in rapid succession behind her eyes. She saw herself wince through the eyes of K.I.M. 4. Maybe I can....use this one to.....get that control device....... away from Junior.

Kim tried to focus, but the pain made it next to impossible. All she could do was watch herself as her own mind started to melt down from the strain of the emotional manipulation.


"Director to Stoppable!" a voice said over the Ronlink. "These things are getting vicious. They just took out our main weapons battery. We need to withdraw. Return to the plane immediately for dust off!"

"No can do, Doc!" Ron panted. "Kim's here, so I'm staying!" He dodged a punch and grabbed a leg. He was starting to get fatigued. He still hadn't fully rested up from the fight against Gemini a couple of nights ago, and the small portion of the power he was using just wasn't doing the trick. The little light show he'd used on Bonnie earlier had eaten up some of his reserves, as well, leaving Ron at only a quarter strength and getting weaker by the minute. He knew he could end this by going full monkey, but that would completely drain him. Even worse, the bad guys would know the MMP's weakness; that if Ron used full power for too long it would totally drain him. Their foes could never know that. "Get out of here! I'll call you when I have KP!"

Dr. Director didn't reply. She silently respected his wishes, and nodded for the pilot to take off.

"Wait!" Bonnie screamed. "You can't leave me here!"

"Bonnie unit secured," three voices said. "You will come with us to the Master's control room."

"When I get my hands on that-" Bonnie's threat was cut off by a vice like and clamping over her mouth.

"Any threats made against the Master will be met with force."


Kim was vaguely aware of the fact that she seemed to be moving, even though she was still strapped to the chair at the heart of the control node. She could see the main entrance to the Death Valley lair, as well as the carnage being unleashed outside. Kim's proxy arrived just in time to see the GJ transport plane lift off and shoot away. This is not good, a panicked Kim thought. Then she saw her husband being surrounded by the robotic knock offs. This is so not good! Ron!

Kim was moving faster, rocketing along at speeds she hadn't experienced since she wore those high speed shoes during her last encounter with the Bebes. "Hands off my husband unit!" she heard a voice say. It was electronically distorted, but it sounded a little like her own. Wait, "husband unit?" That's what this robot called Ron before! What is going on here?

Ron's arms were pinned behind his back by two of the K.I.M.s, while the remainder slowly approached him like predators stalking their next meal. "It is over, Ron Stoppable," one of them said. "You will be taken to Master Juni-" The K.I.M. was gone, replaced by pile of scrap metal. One by one the others fell as heads were torn off and important components ripped out.

Rufus poked his head out of Ron's pocket as the last of the robots was turned into a miniature junkyard, and made a questioning squeak at his person.

"I have no clue, buddy," Ron said.

"R-Ron?" a distorted voice said. Ron spun around, saw the robo-Kim, screamed and fell back.

"Are you okay, Ron?" The voice seemed strained, as if it took monumental willpower to force the words through its vocal processors. "It's me, Ron. It's KP."


Back in the control node, Kim's eyes were clamped shut. Between the strain from the control chip, and the fact that she was practically forcing a robot to do what she wanted, her head was pounding like a room full of tycho drums. The K.I.M. had read her thoughts and gone to Ron's aid, and now that the other robots were offline, Kim could speak through it. "I don't know how long I can do this, Ron," she said through gritted teeth.


K.I.M. 4 had repeated Kim's words with only a split second delay. "My head, Ron; it hurts. I feel like I'm gonna pass out." The robot reached for Ron with a shaky arm. "I love you so much," it said.

"KP?" The automaton nodded. "Junior's doing the Moodulator thing, isn't he?" The K.I.M. didn't respond, it merely fell to its knees and held its head. "Wade!" Ron screamed into the Ronlink, "Kim has control of one of these Bebe thingies, but she's not doing good!"

A green beam shot out of Ron's wrist communicator and scanned the K.I.M.'s CPU. "There's a glitch in the neural receiver that's allowing Kim to control this one, and she was able to get the hyper accelerators online."

"Don't really care, Wade! Kim's brain is turning to mush, here!"

Wade typed in a sequence of commands, causing USB drive to deploy from the Ronlink. "There should be a port at the back of the robot's head." As soon as the device was plugged in, Wade hit "Enter," and a computer virus was sent through the Ronlink into the K.I.M., which sent an overload signal into the central control node. "I can't disable the whole control matrix yet, but this should help a little."


Kim Stoppable's eyes opened slowly. She was still strapped into the machine, slumped over in her chair, but the pain was gone. She could smell smoke, and felt something very warm on her forehead. The chip had been fried by whatever Wade had done.

Kim tried to get her bearings now that she could think again. She had only felt this kind of disorientation once before, and that was when the Moodulator overloaded. Kim looked around the room and saw Junior scrambling at the controls of his machine, trying to get more of his damned robots off the assembly line. Okay, I don't know if I'll be able to do this once he gets more of those things built. We have to work fast.


The K.I.M. slowly rose to its feet. Ron and Bonnie stepped back, unsure of what it was going to do. It turned its head and looked directly at Ron. Somehow, its expressionless face had softened. "Whatever you did, it worked, Wade," the digitized voice said. "Here's the sitch; Junior's trying to build more of these things, so we don't have much time. I don't know if I'll still be able to control this one if he wires more of them into my brain, so we have to work fast. Ron, I need Rufus."

The naked mole rat reluctantly jumped from Ron's grasp onto the shoulder of the metal Kim. "I'm hoping that Rufus can get me out of the control node. I'll need you to back me up once he does."

"KP," Ron started to say.

The K.I.M. held its hand up. "Sorry, honey, but this isn't the time. I can see, hear, and talk through this thing, but I can't feel anything. Besides, I'd probably crush you if I gave you a hug right now." And boy do I want to give you that hug. "Kick bad guy biscuit now, lovey dovey later."

"Deal," Ron said with a smirk.

Bonnie made a gagging noise. Ron glared at her and his eyes flashed blue, and the Kim controlled robot picked up a rock. "You so don't wanna tick me off right now, B," Kim sneered through the robot, crushing the rock to powder for emphasis. Bonnie paled and shut up.

"All right, let's do this. I'll rush in and see if we can get me free."


Five incomplete K.I.M.s rolled off the assembly line. They were nothing more than the endoskeletons without the outer shells that made them look like the woman who was the template of their hive mind. They weren't pretty, but Junior didn't care right now. "That buffoon is ruining everything!" Junior cried. "It's not fair! This is my brilliant plan! He has no right to stop me!" Again the man in the blue suit entered the room. He jotted down a few more notes in his book. He looked over at Kim, and saw the still functional robot appear seemingly out of nowhere.

"I think you have another problem, Junior," the man said.

Junior saw the K.I.M. trying to pry a small panel off the control node. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to get away from you," both Kim and the robot said in unison.

Junior's jaw dropped. "Kim Stoppable is the robot? How is this possible?"

The K.I.M. approached Junior after Rufus jumped through the small hole it had made, heading right for the release mechanism Wade showed him. "Check my maiden name, Junior," Kim said through the robot. "I guess this one was a little more in touch with me than the others were. Speaking of which." The robot dashed over to the half completed army and tore it to shreds, before demolishing the main computer. "Sorry, couldn't have you interrupting me, now could I?"

Junior quickly turned tail and ran right into a waiting Ron Stoppable. "Oh crap," Junior muttered under his breath.

"You don't know the half of it, Junior!" the booming voice of Bonnie Senior bellowed. "You left me behind, you little weasel! Me! Your wife! Oh you are so DEAD!!!!!"

"But, love muffin," the quaking man said. "I had to do it. I swear to you it was nothing personal."

"Remember what I said about a woman scorned, Junior?" Ron asked with a grin. "I think you'll be able to write a book on the subject after this is over."

The sound of a crash echoed through the chamber getting everyone's attention; the sole remaining K.I.M. had slumped to the ground. Ron ran over to the now open control node and helped his wife step through the door to the enclosure. "I swear to God, if I ever get my hands on Cyrus Bortel...."

"Glad to have you back, KP," Ron said, right before he pulled her into a tight hug.

"Oh yeah," Kim smiled. "That's nice."

"I was starting to think I'd never get to do that again," Ron added as Rufus climbed up on Kim's shoulder to join the hug.

Bonnie's tirade, meanwhile, continued in earnest. "I hope you have a good lawyer, buster, because this marriage is OVER! I'm gonna sue your ass for everything you have!"

"That won't be necessary, Mrs. Senior," the man in blue said.

"Back off, poindexter!" the brunette warned.

"Um, who are you?" Kim asked. Ever since Hank Perkins she was a little leery of guys in business suits, especially ones working with her foes.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out his business card. "My name is Conrad Jobb. I'm the lawyer handling the dispensation of the late Mr. Senior's estate." Mr. Jobb produced his notebook, complete with his notes and a checklist. "Junior was required to formulate a villainous plot, and gain the attention of a world saving organization; preferably Mrs. Stoppable. He was also supposed to capture said hero, and utilize some sort of elaborate method of imprisonment and/or death trap. The control node was a nice touch, Junior." A weak smile crossed Junior's face. "Let's see, what else?" Mr. Jobb returned to his checklist. "Ah yes, and a genuine betrayal of someone close to him to prove that he could be ruthless if needed. I'm pleased to say that you passed all of the requirements with flying colors."

"Wait a minute," Kim said in disbelief, "back up. Senior's estate? This whole thing was over inheritance?"

"Well duh," Bonnie said. "Why else would we do this. World domination is so not my thing." Bonnie gave Mr. Jobb a look that sent a cold shiver down his spine. "How come no one told me about his little betrayal thing?"

"Um, yeah, knowing that you're gonna get betrayed kinda takes away the punch, y'know." Ron said.

"Mr. Stoppable hit the nail on the head, Mrs. Senior. This was a requirement stated in the late Mr. Senior's will."

Junior reluctantly put his hand on Bonnie's shoulder. "I didn't want to do it, my love. But I had to. I did this so we could receive my father's fortune. I did it for us!"

"Too bad, Junior," Bonnie growled. "Like I said, I hope you have a good lawyer. No one just tosses me aside like that! We are so through!"

"Don't go, my love," Junior begged.

"Give me one good reason."

"I love you. Is that not a good enough reason?"

Bonnie grabbed Junior by the collar and pulled him down to eye level. "We are going to have a nice long talk on the way back to the island."

"Why don't I meet you two back on the plane, Junior, and we'll go over all the paperwork on our way back to the island." Bonnie stormed out of the control room with Junior following behind her like a lost puppy.

"I still can't believe this was an inheritance thing," Kim said.

"Well, this was Senor Senior Senior, so it kinda makes sense," Ron pointed out.

"Inheritance, Ron! We got played so Junior and Bonnie could get his dad's money. Getting played over a real villain plot is bad enough, but inheritance?"

"I'm more surprised that they pulled it off. I mean, who knew Bon-Bon was that good of an actress," Ron added.

"Or that one of Junior's lame plans actually worked." Kim let out an annoyed sigh. "This was wrong on too many levels to count."

"I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused," Mr. Jobb said. "I've taken the liberty of contacting the Global Justice transport to come and collect you."

"They really should go to jail for this," Kim pointed out.

"True, but you're really in no shape to take them into custody, and they'll be safely in international airspace before GJ can get a fix on their location. Besides, the private jet they're using has stealth capabilities. GJ won't be able to find us." The lawyer chuckled. "To be honest, I didn't think Junior had it in him. Anyway, I have one last bit of business to attend to." Mr. Jobb pulled what looked like a handheld video player from his pocket and handed it to Kim. "Mr. Senior wanted me to give you this, Mrs. Stoppable, as he figured you would be the one Junior decided to engage in this venture."

"What is it?"

"I really don't know," Mr. Jobb replied as he turned to leave. "All I was told was to give it to you and your husband at the conclusion of this caper. Now that I've done that, my work here is finished. Good day, to you, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable. Maybe we'll run into each other again some day."

"I can hardly wait," Kim said in an annoyed voice.

"We might as well see what that thing is, KP."

Kim pressed a button on the device, and the face of Senor Senior Senior appeared on the screen. "Kim and Ron Stoppable," the recording said. "First of all, let me congratulate you again on your nuptials. I hope the fruit basket I sent was satisfactory."

"Mmmm, mangos!" Rufus exclaimed.

"You two have always been worthy and honorable foes," Senior continued, "and I regret that, with my passing, I will no longer be able to continue our little game of cat and mouse. I just wanted to thank you for making my final years so enjoyable! But most of all, I must thank you for bringing Bonnie into my son's life. She has brought more joy to him, and to me, than I ever imagined was possible." A sad smile came to Senior's face. "It is too bad that I will not be able to see my grandchildren. So I ask that, as a dying wish from an old friend, you look in on my son and his family every now and again. I am certain that he will not walk the path that I had wished, but it is his life, and his decision to make. So please, check in on him from time to time. Who knows, maybe your children and my grandchildren will continue the dance we began.

"Farewell, Kim and Ron. Again, I thank you, and I wish you and your family well." The screen went blank. Kim silently placed the device in her pocket, and wiped a tear from her face.

"He may have be a villain, but he was a good man," she said.

"He always remembered my name and never called me a buffoon," Ron added. "I'm really gonna miss him."

"So am I. It's too bad all of our foes couldn't be like him. He really was a one of a kind." Kim took Ron's hand and headed for the exit. "Come on, let's go home. After all this I think I could sleep for a month."

"Yeah, I tried that once. You get stiff after the first twenty four hours."

Kim smiled at her husband as they approached the pick up site. In the distance she could see the GJ transport on its approach vector. Kim kept going back to something Senor Senior Senior said in his final message. "Who knows, maybe your children and my grandchildren will continue the dance we began." Wouldn't that just be how my life turns out, Kim thought. My kids bucking heads with Bonnie's. Or maybe not. I mean, it looks like they might be on the road to splitsville, right now. Senior might not het the grandkids he thought he would get.

"I'd hate to be Junior right about now," Ron said. "I'll bet he's learning that whole 'hell hath no fury' thing firsthand." He turned and gave his wife a goofy grin. "You think we'll have to revise our estimate in the pool?"

Kim laughed. "Nah, I still give them six months, provided Bonnie doesn't toss Junior out over the Pacific in the next few minutes."

"I still can't believe Tara of all people started taking bets on how long their marriage would last," Ron mused.

"Yeah, she's a lot more devious than people give her credit for." Kim turned her gaze to the sky and, for the first time, felt trendously sorry for Senor Senior Junior.


Bonnie Senior sat in the plush chair of her late father-in-law's private jet and watched her husband squirm. She would probably forgive him, but he would have to work for it. I think a month of him waiting on me hand and foot is a good start. Bonnie looked over at Mr. Jobb going over the final papers with Junior. They were officially rich now, which meant that she could start planning her next ballet. Maybe this time I could get one of those hottie dancer hunks to be my partner, she thought. That would be such good payback for the hench floozies. Who knows, depending on who we get, he could be ransom worthy. That would make Papa happy, wherever he is now. A genuine smile corssed Bonnie's lips. Maybe there was something to the whole super villain thing after all.