a comparison without using the words "like" or "as"

Hinata figured she was sitting next to a rock; all her partner, Shikamaru, did throughout classes was sleep or stare blandly out the window. He never perked up, he never answered questioned and he never answered to her habitual 'hello' that she gave him every morning when he'd shuffle into his seat and lay his head against the desk.

Once classes were finished, though, she thought of him being a sloth in a group of monkeys and the occasional tropical bird. He didn't seem to care what other people were doing or saying, but when he did reply it was at his own pace. He didn't smile often, and his answers were only simple sentences that never spiced up conversation.

After school, past the masses, she concluded he was a leaf in the wind. He walked wherever he pleased, stopping every once in a while to survey the sky. Only when the sun touched the horizon did he look at her with a small smile and asked if she wanted him to walk her home.

Normally, her answer was a meek 'no', however, on that day, the way the sky illuminated his face begged her to squeak an 'all right'. His warm hand engulfed her's, tugging her the opposite direction of his own house. In that moment, Hinata knew, metaphorically speaking, that Shikamaru was her prince charming, if it was only for that small walk to her home.


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