Annabeth stirred on her bed and as soon as she opened her eyes, she screamed. Two pairs of green and gray eyes looked back at her, "Don't scare me like that anymore!" Annabeth laughed. The two children clambered on the bed and bounced, "What can we do today? What are we going to do?" "Well, Uncle Nico is going to take us battle training! Get ready, we're leaving in 10 minutes!" She smiled as her twin children fell over racing towards their rooms. She then sighed and changed, thinking about the father of her twins. Percy Jackson, now the second god of the seas. She frowned and gritted her teeth, 'How could you just leave me?' She thought, 'And I thought you loved me.' Her brow smoothed out as she thought, 'But I have been blessed with such beautiful children. Athena, the older, wiser of the two. And she looks just like me! And… Percy, the younger one… He reminds me of-' "Wise girl?" She yelped and spun, her hand resting on her dagger, which was lying on her bedside desk. Her eyes got wide as she saw a man around 29 standing there, glowing faintly, "Percy?"

Athena peeked her head into the room and her cloudy silver-green eyes spied on a black haired man, with his back on her glowing with a blue aura. Her brother, Percy tripped and hissed at her, "You cheated-" "Shut up!" She whispered, trying to hear what Annabeth was saying, "Listen to this!" "Why did you just leave me here you, bas-" "Annabeth, calm down already! I'm trying to tell you something-" "No, you shut up! You just left me here when I was with your children and you leave, not even caring about me feelings!" Athena glanced at her brother, but he was gone. She looked back into the room in her alarm and saw him walking in saying, "Who are you?" The god looked down and whispered, "Is this him?"

*At Olympus*

Thalia sighed and said to Nico, "I bet Percy's going to come back with his A-S-S whipped." Nice nodded looking excited, "Last time I saw her she was telling me that when Percy showed his face in her house, she has going to kill him as best as she can." Thalia snorted, "Damn right!" Then a shout so loud, it shook the earth came. Nico and Thalia looked at each other, then Nico put his hand on Thalia's shoulder they both disappeared.

*At Annabeth's splendidly designed house.*

Annabeth smirked and wiped her dagger with her handkerchief, "That's what you get for trying to get my son." Percy glared at her, holding his arm –which was bleeding golden ichor- and said, "I wasn't trying. I was just wanting to hold my son." Then a miniature golden haired girl stepped in the room, "Percy!" Percy looked at her and pointed at himself, "Me?" But she ignored him and went to her brother, "Are you alright?" The god looked at Annabeth who glared back and went to her daughter telling her, "He's alright, it's just that that man there wanted Percy for himself." Percy argued, "That's not true! What do you mean me, or him?" "What mommy says is always true." The black haired boy said, "She once said that her dagger was dangerous and I cut myself. It really hurt." Annabeth glared at him and said colder than Percy had ever heard her talk, "Go away before I hurt you even more." Then two large beams of light appeared and Thalia and Nico stepped out, "Percy, I did warn you." The son of Hades said, "Me?" The younger Percy asked, "No. The older one with the blue glow." Thalia said, poking Percy's arm hard, zapping him pretty painfully, "Why did you come anyway?"

Thalia crossed her arms together and sighed, "Percy. You. Go. Get. Your. Scrawny. Butt. Back. To. Olympus. Nico, you and I stay here. Weren't you going to teach them the advanced techniques in fighting?" Annabeth pointed her finger upwards, "Percy, go back to Mount Olympus and send Luke down. I need to talk with him." Percy scowled and disappeared, with everyone averting his or her eyes. Annabeth sighed in relief and said, "Athena, Percy? Let's go to the gym!" The kids nodded, forgetting about there father instantly and ran off, seeing who would get there first. Nico smiled and said, "So… Teaching it is!" Then he ran after the children. Thalia glanced at Annabeth and said, "There's something wrong… I know there is. Tell me now." The golden haired girl sighed and nodded, "Well…" Luke then came out, "So, Annabeth? What's up?" Thalia blushed a bit but shook her head, "I'll leave…" (Remember she's a Hunter of Artemis! She can't fall in love…) Luke frowned but stepped out of the way, "Well, what do I do? Percy came suddenly and the kids are now wondering about him and ARGH!" She yelled, throwing her dagger at a picture on her wall. It sank into Percy's face and she growled, stomping to the picture and cut out his face, and threw it into a bin.

Luke sighed and said, "Well, I got some news." "What news?" Annabeth said, sitting on her bed with her head in her hands, "Well, it seems Percy's children-" "What about him? Oh sure. He creates children as fast as rabbits." Luke chuckled and continued, "Well, his children have a special ability… Each of them has a unique skill. One of his kids, River, has the ability to freeze things. And she isn't even a daughter of a ice god." Annabeth looked up hopefully, "Really? I wonder what Athena's and Percy's abilities are-" "ANNABETH!" Nico yelled, "THERE'S SOMETHING HAPPENING TO ATHENA AND PERCY!" Annabeth and Luke exchanged glances and ran to the gym.

Athena reached up and felt around her face, "What's wrong?" Percy, Thalia and Nico were staring at her, shocked. She looked back at Percy, horrified. Percy, who once had black hair and sea-green eyes, was now a blond with gold eyes. Percy stuttered, "A-athena? Y-you have…" Annabeth came in and froze, "What happened to you two?" Percy burst into tears, "I don't know!" Then suddenly he morphed into brunette hair with blue eyes. Annabeth hugged Percy, "Calm down. You'll be ok. Just concentrate on your… old face." He closed his eyes and his hair slowly darkened and his eyes rolled around in his eye sockets. He fainted. Athena ran to him, "Is he ok? AHH!!!!" She then saw her hand.

Thalia ran to Athena and said frightened, "You'll be ok. Just calm down please!" She screamed and fell twitching on the floor, her body shuddering horribly. Athena snatched back her hand and suddenly her body burst into flames, Nico yelled, "THINK OF WATER!" Athena stared back at him and her eyes turned dark, "Don't tell me what to do." But her voice changed. It was raspy and dry like flames, "For that you must be-" She choked and fell on the floor, her body flickering from fire, to water, to ice, to earth, to light then Nico's eyes rolled backwards, "Stop." Her body floated up into the air, every part of her went black and see-through, like a shadow. Annabeth was looking at her scared. Luke went to Athena and touched her arm and it went through, "Her power is very powerful. It must not be used wrongly." Luke said, "Her power is to change into an element. She can be used as a weapon… For good and evil."