I was listening to Now You Tell Me by Jordin Sparks.

This was born...Strange plotbunny--- what can I say?

This takes place after the "Earthlings Welcome Here"...I'll make it a chaptered story.

I'll probably do Cameron's side of it.


This was the third night this week, that he knew of.

Since Reily's accident, he had nothing else to occupy his mind and had taken to watching Cameron's every move.

'Her accident,' John snorted. People sure were having lots of accidents around him. He didn't want to dwell on that tonight. Cameron was going somewhere and coming home late and he wanted to know where she was spending her nights. More importantly he wanted to know with whom. 'Great something else to give me more nightmares than I already have.'

He derailed that train of thought as Cameron tucked her favorite 9mm into her waistband. She left the safety of the porch and began to jog towards downtown. He waited a few minutes then covertly started up the truck. She might hear the engine but it was a risk he had to take.

Cameron would cover alot of ground fast making it impossible for John to catch her on foot.

He was tailing Cameron for a myrid of reasons. All of them had to do with the security of the Connor Household or so he told himself.

She was his protector and he'd be damned if he'd go to sleep with her out there somewhere. Who knew what was else was being sent after him. He didn't bother to point out to himself that he was leaving Sarah and Derek alone and unawares just by following Cam.

All that mattered was that she had sworn to be at his side and he was going to make her keep that promise. Plus his future self had sent her back for a reason. She was his no matter what and he hated when his things went missing. None of it touched on the overwhelming feelings that bubbled everytime she stood too close to him.

It had nothing to do with the words I love you or the trusting look she had giving him as she handed back the gun and he helped her out of the ruined jeep. Nope none of it have to do with how she had crawled onto his bed as if she belonged there. How her form had been perfectly and neatly aligned with his. The split second he had considered letting her convince him to not go to Mexico.

That particular image had haunted his days and nights.

She stopped at a donut shop. Apparently Cam was a regular as the owner didn't bother to listen to her very specific order. "Two chocolate glaze, a maple bar and two buttermilk with chocolate drizzle."

"Better go easy on the chocolate, sweetheart." The older lady behind the counted remarked.

Cameron paid for the donuts and almost walked out but she shouted back, "I'll tell my sweetheart."

John's eyes went to a slit at her choice of words. He figured it was safe to move and ran to the truck putting it into gear. Staying parked and doing nothing while standing outside of a shop lurking was a great way to be noticed. He didn't want to be accused of stalking her. If the cops were involved and caught him chasing her, John was pretty sure they wouldn't believe he was merely looking out for his sister.

Especially not with the shotgun under the seat and the glock in his waistband. The burning green eyed gaze that he was shooting at her would probably not help either. It was nowhere near close to being brotherly, its intent was proprietary and very animalistic. It proclaimed how she belonged to him and only him.

'She wasn't going to have any sweethearts if he had anything to say about it.' Talk about irony, a few days ago he hadn't even acknowledged her and now he was ready to beat the crap out of the asshole that was taking up her time. It was official, he was completely screwed up.

She walked for what seemed several miles while he lagged behind her. He couldn't gauge properly how far she'd gone as he was in the truck. Cameron finally halted at the front of a massive four story building. She stopped at the bottom of the steps scanning the area. John crouched low near the wheel wondering why she was just standing there.

'Was she malfunctioning again, was Allison about to re emerge?' His worry was short lived as Cameron decided on a course of action and put the bag down. She adjusted her skirt so it was just a tiny bit higher. Her favorite purple jacket tied delicately at the waist showing off a much too tight tank top. She finished by fluffing her hair and putting on a becoming smile.

He wasn't particurlarly pleased about the outfit but that smile hurt. 'His smile.' The one she usually reserved for him. The one that had first made its apperance three years ago on that long ago first day of school back in that hick town.

She moved up the stairs and knocked on the door, waiting politely. The door swung open and a woman peered out. Seeing Cameron she beamed and held the door wide open. John was puzzled, 'who was the woman?'

Cameron stepped through and disappeared. John was still in the truck occasionally dozing off and on. He woke up groggily but managed to glance at his watch to see how much time had gone by since she had entered the building. "Shit, it's been at least three hours. What the hell is she doing?" he muttered.

Getting out of the truck he popped the crick in his back and made a beeline for the door. His patience had been non-existent lately and her obvious deceit had just about pushed him over the edge. He was just about to pound on the door when it swung open. Cameron emerged out and into John's chest.

"What are you doing here?" she snapped.

He stared askance at her. His carefully built reprimand dying in the wake of her accusing tone. Cameron had never questioned him, she offered suggestions or cut him off but never questioned. She would just blurt out whatever was on her mind and he would correct her but that wasn't the nature of their relationship anymore. Something that was strictly his fault.

The conversation they'd had before his birthday floated back to him.

"Do you lie to me?"


"About important things?"

"Yes, about important things."

He was still standing there like a complete idiot blocking her way.

"I was studying," she replied to his narrowed gaze.

"At 3:00 in the morning?" He glared down at her but she just blinked those brown eyes of hers innocently.

"It's a library, John."

"Not at 3:00 in the morning, it isn't. Who was that woman?" he tried again.

"A friend."

"So you can have friends but I can't right," he snarled.

"I am not important. You are." she concluded and sidestepped past him.

He would have left it alone. He would have walked with her and ignored the hint of jealousy creeping down his spine. He would have ignored her for a few days and not felt guilty at all. Sadly things in his universe where never ever simple and Cameron was the most complicated of all his problems.

"Cammi, you forgot your book." A deep male voice shouted out to her.

She turned on her heel and pivoted with the grace of a dancer. Her lifted lips immediately loosened his inner rage. 'Who the hell was she greeting like that?'

"Thank you Eric," she answered and lightly ran up the library stairs to the man in the wheelchair.

For a moment John felt ashamed. How could he think that Cameron would do anything remotely sexual. She had only shown such interest in him and only because she was trying to weasel something out of him. At least he assumed it wasn't out of genuine desire, he had no idea how sophisticated her wiring was. Besides after he shot her down she had virtually ignored the male population, himself included.

"You stopping by tomorrow?" the man named Eric asked before taking notice of John standing awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. "Can I help you?"

John clenched his fists as "Eric" moved his wheelchair closer to Cameron. An aggressive stance to protect his female.

"Oh, Eric. This is John. He's my brother." Mollified Eric nodded at John dropping the alpha male attitute. Annoyed to be introduced as such John was obliged to nod back, he couldn't show jealousy over her now. "John, this is Eric. My friend," Cameron supplied throwing Eric a sweet look.

"Cam, we need to go. Mom will go ballistic if she finds you gone again." John said through gritted teeth.

"I won't keep you but if you need anything you know where I am." Eric propelled himself back to the library. "Oh, nice to meet you John."

"Yeah, same here." John said sarcastically. Eric looked at him oddly.

"Bye. I'll see you tomorrow. Same as always." Cameron replied steering Eric's attention away from John.

The doors closed and she hopped down the last few steps with her book in hand.

"How long has this been going on?" John couldn't resist asking.

"Not long." Cameron opened the door of the truck and climbed in.

John got a long look at Cameron's legs before slamming the door closed. She didn't talk to him the entire ride home choosing to ignore him instead. He clenched his jaw as the scene kept replaying in his mind. Cameron just sat there humming along to the radio oblivious to the heated glares coming from John.

They made it to their house and walked in just as Sarah was coming back from the kitchen. Glass of water and handgun in hand. "Where the hell have you two been?" she shouted not bothering to lower her volume for Derek who was asleep on the couch.

John saw his mother eye him and Cameron up and down. Satisfied that neither one looked rumpled or stimulated in any shape or form, Sarah nodded her head and told them to go to bed, separately of course.

Cameron observed Sarah until she vanished upstairs. John just stood there while she did a quick perimeter sweep then immediately double checked all the doors and windows assuring that they were locked. Knowing her routine and that she would go change before doing another walkthrough in a few hours, John blocked her as she headed to the banister.

Surprised she stopped. Again everything he had rehearsed in his head died at her earnest look. He hated when she regarded him like that, like his word was the only law she would obey. Since no sound was forthcoming Cameron pushed forward and began the climb to her room. John snapped from his stupor and halted her once more. This time in the form of his hand on her wrist.

"I don't want you to see him again. He might find out about us."

Cameron tilted her head and shrugged. She tugged at her hand lightly but John had not relinquished his hold. "I mean it. End whatever you have with that guy." John commanded quietly.

"Why? You said you don't care what I do." Cameron answered forcing him to let go, "I protect you, that is my job. Eric helps with that."

John stayed at the bottom of the stairs getting one last glean before she made it to the upstairs landing. Her skirt hid nothing from his view but it wasn't the lean mile long length of legs that made his blood boil. It was the red marks on the back of her thighs, marks that if he measured would match a wheelchair perfectly.

John went to bed but spent the rest of the night angrily staring at the ceiling trying not to think about what Cameron was doing to insure Eric's co-operation. Whatever she was doing was for his benefit and that was what killed John.