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"Is that so?"

It was getting significantly harder for Cameron to deny him anything and given that he was becoming aware of that made this particular interrogation that much easier. She had already promised to tell him everything but John wasn't touching her for information.

He was still straddling her and he used his position to his advantage. She did nothing to stop him from sliding his hand into her hair. He inhaled deeply and she curled her arms around him pressing her breast against his chest.

He groaned aloud and broke contact only to sample her skin. His teeth racked her collarbone painfully marking her as his own. She gave a ragged breath that he stole when she felt his callused hand cup her breast, his thumb making infinite circles around the tip.

John was still boggled by how responsive Cameron was to him and since he adored hearing those sharp little catches in her voice he lavished the same attention on her breasts as he done to her neck. His tongue swirled around the tender bud. Sucking and pulling away from it only to repeat the process all over again.

He abandoned them to kiss a trail down her stomach while adjusting his position. She didn't object when he stripped her. He unbuttoned her jeans giving him enough room to slide one finger under the waist band. She deliberately arched her back and he peeled them off her throwing them on the pile rapidly accumulating on the floor.

He paused for a moment to frame her slim hips with his hands. He grasped them and hauled her to him wanting nothing more than to grind against her. He would have but she had taken enough abuse from him in the last week and he was determined to make it as slow and drawn out as possible.

He didn't know when they would be able to this again once they got his mother and he wasn't wasting one damm second on a quick fuck. Cameron deserved more than that.

Cameron had no idea what was going through his mind but she figured he was trying to make up for what he had perceived as abuse on his part. She had never informed him how satisfying it had been to be the one he had sought out in his moments of weakness. The surprise of finding herself bent over the table in the shed had been very pleasant and had returned her to days when she was all John needed.

An overwhelming rush of love propelled her forward to wrap her legs around him uncaring that they were going to topple out of the bed. She kissed every part of him that she could reach; his throat, his nose, his mouth everything that her greedy little hands landed on.

"Cam, I'm trying to seduce You!" he yelped leaning out of her reach and so far back that he nearly fell out of the bed in his haste. "Did I actually just stop you and hop off the bed?" he asked stupidly.

"You did, John. That was not nice." She said crawling on the bed following him off it just to pin him against the wall. "You don't have to, I'm very willing." He gulped as her brown eyes where hidden by the blue glow. "I like these pants," she said and with a wicked little grin her hands undid said pants and slid them effortlessly to the ground.

"Cameron, I…'

'She is actually scaring me and turning me on.' He instantly wanted to hit himself for thinking that but it was quickly crowded out by the sensation of Cameron's very insistent tongue in his mouth and her dragging him backwards to the bed.

She was pretty forceful when she wanted to be.

His legs hit the back of the bed taking her down with him. She was straddling him but he managed to flip her over and onto her back. He grinned at her.

"Nice move, John."

The smart ass reply he was going to deliver died in his throat when she grasped him without warning and slid him into her. The breath was pushed out of him at how ready she was. The playful banter ceased, both too focused on each other to actually talk. His grip bruised her skin and her nails made half moon marks on his shoulders. She silenced her scream with a bite to his shoulder and he pushed that much harder wanting her to lose control and scream again.

John didn't even register the pain of her dancer's legs squeezing his sides; he was too caught up in the feel of her all around him. She shook beneath him, falling apart at the seams just from the lust shinning in his green eyes. It reflected back to him from her own brown depths sending him into his own release.

He rose to his knees and looked down at her.

From the tousled brown hair past the shinning brown eyes and the kiss swollen lips, past the graceful neck and the perfect breasts and down her sweat coated body and to the part of her that was still joined with his. "Cameron Connor, my Cam." He said settling some of his weight on her and pressing her deeper into the bed.

'I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be allowing it. I promised Sarah…' "Always." She answered and it felt good to ignore everything that kept her from him. This was her chance, this was her fate.

John had tensed in that eternity before she answered, afraid that despite what they were doing she would still shoot him down and tell him no. She said always and he relaxed in her embrace not bothering to pull from her. He wasn't done teaching Cameron just how much he loved and wanted her.

He didn't have a teenager's stamina for nothing.

Cameron curved her arms around his narrow waist keeping him anchored to her. John's back was slick, the muscles hot but strong and he used it with everything he had to rock her back and forth. He was definitely hitting her most sensitive spots because Cameron was responding so forcefully that he worried the bed would crack just like the last one.


"Yeah…." Was the closest he got to a coherent word. Cameron shook the bed slamming it against the wall one last time. It shook loose bits of ceiling plaster from the shabby hotel room. "No use being quiet now," he panted.

"None at all." She responded kissing the underside of his jaw as he collapsed onto her. "Don't move." She said as he attempted to roll off her. "I like your weight on me."

He leaned up on his elbows just enough that his eyes were level with hers. He stared her straight in the eye and in his most serious tone, he said, "you're gonna be the death of me aren't you? I'm just keel over from exhaustion."

John flopped onto his back with Cameron snuggled to his side. "I could arrange that."

"I don't have the energy to take a shower. Want to help Cam?"

This was met with a tickling attack that John had no hope of fighting off. "I give, I give... I was joking. I swear. Stop it… That's an order, Ms. Connor." He was trying hard to be commanding but it was hard to sound like a bad ass when you were laughing like an idiot. "Let me guess, I told you I was ticklish?"

Cameron halted her attack growing quiet. For a frightening second John thought she was going to get up and leave the bed but instead she curled tighter against him. "Are you mad?"

The room seemed to be getting warmer despite that all of their clothes were on the floor. "Should I be?"

"You've said that you don't like hearing about yourself."

He smoothed her hair instinctively knowing that she needed to be reassured. "All my life I've been followed by this massive shadow that I have to fill. Everyday it just seemed to get bigger but when you showed up…" he sighed. "I guess I felt like maybe I really could be this person everybody said I was."

"You are, you will be." She promised but he wasn't done talking.

"Cameron, if I ask you something will you tell me the absolute truth?" He felt her head nod, "what did you mean when you said that you had failed?"

"I was told by you not to fall for you again. I was told to just watch over you but not interact. I disobeyed your direct order."

"Is that all?"

"No, I am not dependent on my programming."

Realizing that this could make or break their relationship for sure, John prepared himself. "Since when?"

Cameron placed her hand on his chest reassured by the beating. "It began with the car bomb. It has gotten more pronounced ever since but I was able to get rid of the limits you set, our first time."

"Why then?" John interrupted. Unwilling to even consider what that said about his bedroom skills.

"My chip was already compromised but that night released my neural net. It was too much to process and I was able to unlock all my systems including my memories overriding every thing installed by you."

"So you can tell me anything, you've been able to tell me everything. The whole I-can't-because-Future John-ordered-me-not-to was bullshit?" he forced himself to be calm. He had promised that he wouldn't get mad but it was like they hadn't gotten anywhere. She was still lying.

"Yes, I was ordered not to tell you and I have been able to tell you but I choose not to." She reached for his arm but he shook her off. She sat and tucked the sheet under her arms giving him some time to absorb what she had said.

He decided to ask about something else. He didn't want to ruin their moment. "What did you and Dad talk about?"

"He told me I had to expose you to my core, please don't ask why."

"Fair enough, did you ever…" he couldn't believe he was asking. He had to be some sort of masochist. "Besides me? Future me. I mean."

She laughed, "no. just you, future and present."

"Am I better?" he asked his gaze now glued to the blanket.

"You're the same person, he has more practice but you have more time."

"Quantity, huh?" he put his head in his hands, "I can't believe I asked you that."

"Reason I love you. John I don't love you just because of our future relation. I just love you. I will always love you. We are…we are." She finished.

"I know that but allow me some insecurities. It's twisted enough that I'm jealous of myself."

"That is odd." She confirmed. She leaned back against him and confessed everything.

She told him about Kyle's mission and the orders Future John had sent.

"Doesn't that contradict your original order?"

Cameron face showed that it was the first time that had crossed her thoughts, which it was. "Who's orders should I follow?"

"Hey, don't look at me. Present John remember." He propped himself up on a pillow. "If I was to say, I would assume Dad's John. The John you know is gone right? You said anytime somebody comes through it alters the timeline."

It would explain why she had been so conflicted and why her hand had kept twitching every time she had tried. The orders contradicted each other, one told her to stay near John, one told her to leave him. "Your logic is sound, thank you."

"You're welcome, but you should follow what you want."

"I will."

"So what else?" he asked steering them back to their original topic.

She told him about Derek and Jesse and their unborn child. She told him about the assassination attempts and the real reason she had been sent back. She told him about what she had shown Sarah and what had really happened between her and Riley in the shed.

"That's all? I thought for sure that you were torturing her."

"I was tempted. I was angry that you hadn't broken up with her like you said."


She waved away his apology, telling him about her nights with Eric Matthews. John growled something but she ignored him after all he had been messing with Riley. She told him what Ellison had referred to when he asked her to join them and he told her to get the papers from the table.

"I made a call last night, when you were on patrol."

"You were asleep."

He gave her a one sided smile, "I've had years practicing pretend sleep."

Cameron got up and opened the envelope John had pointed to. She dumped its contents onto the table. Her hands spread them out and she scanned them several times to verify that they were real. "Why?"

"Should make running easier." He said slipping on his jeans and coming up behind her. "So?"

She dropped the papers. Concerned John turned her around, he was shocked to see tears sliding down her face, "Cameron?"

"Yes, John."


"You ready?"

"Have I ever been?" He retorted.

"No," she answered covering the speaker. The other person picked up and she greeted, "buenos diaz, Father Bonilla."

"Buenos diaz."

Cell Block A

Agent Auldridge was typing away when a guard informed him that Father Bonilla was here…again.

"Father, what a pleasure to see you. I can only guess that Ms. Connor has indeed found religion to be so adamant about seeing you twice in the same week."

"I do the lord's work, sometimes that means tending to the lost." The father answered.

"The lost? Is Ms. Connor lost?" Auldridge asked.

"No, I am." The father replied.

Auldridge led the priest to her cell, sure that he would never meet the elusive John Connor. "There."

The priest moved quickly past the agent and the door closed behind him.

Sarah was sitting in the exact same position as when he had last seen her. She jumped up from the table worry written all over her normally controlled face. "You did what I asked?"

"I did."

"And?" her eyes searched his face, "why are you here?"

"They have a message for you." He clutched his bible a little tighter, "she's coming."


The alarms began blaring giving Sarah no chance to command the priest to go out and tell John that this was a mistake. That he had to leave her behind and remain with Cameron. The priest grabbed the door handle and pumped it up and down but they were now in official lockdown. "I don't know what to do?"

"You're a priest, pray."

Outside The Los Angeles County Jail

"Are you sure about this? Couldn't we just get her at night when there are less people on duty?"

"We don't have time. According to the records she will be transferred into State custody in a few hours." Cameron said adding more rounds to her shotgun. "It's now or never, John."

He gripped the wheel glancing at the imposing structure of the jail. "Now, then."

Cameron was wearing the jacket he had given her and she buttoned it up all the way, the better to hide the gun. She would have to take out two guards at the entrance leaving her only 20 seconds to move into the corridor before the guard's station and they triggered the alarm.

She opened the suburban's door swinging one booted leg out. "Cameron," John called.

She leaned back in and he reached for her planting a hard kiss on her mouth. "Don't kill anybody, bring back mom and come back to me."

She brushed her fingers against his jaw, "I promise." She stepped out of the car and marched to the front of the building. John sat in the car hoping he hadn't just chosen between his mother and his wife.

Los Angeles County Jail surveillance system room

The figure on the screen was a small female in a jean jacket and black pants. She raised her shotgun and shot the glass, shattering it and forcing all the officers to the floor. She continued down the hallway being shot several times from behind. She turned and shot the light fixture so it swung down and smacked a man down. She kept going and was shot several more times before finding the desired gate.

It was at this time that she went off the frame and John Henry ceased watching the footage and opened his own section of the jail's security systems. He hit the firewall and overrode the code. The lights turned green unlocking all the cells and letting out the population into the hallways.


Sarah got out of her cell and past her block but the main hallway was jammed with prisoners running and pushing each other. She walked quickly to the side and with her head down. She glanced up and saw Cameron.

The girl had taken serious damage. The whole left side of her face was gone, "you look like hell. Can you keep up?" Sarah asked. Cameron's whole head listed to the side before reaching down to snap Sarah's cuffs.

They continued to run through the hall with Cameron leading. The useful thing about Cameron's appearance was that she made an effortless hole through the crowd, making their escape that much more efficient. John drove up just as they reached the last gate and out.

Sarah got in first with Cameron following. As soon as both doors were closed John hit the pedal and smashed through the last of the security gates.

John was so focused on getting out that he had just glanced, seen two bodies get in the car and had counted his lucky stars. Now with the jail behind him he relaxed a little bit.

"I sent you a message. I told you…"

"Yeah, bad John Connor. Ground me." He snapped. Talk about Déjà vu, Sarah had reacted the exact same way when he had gotten her out of Pescadero. 'Could a simple thanks be so fucking hard?'

Not in the mood to get into a shouting match with his mother about his usual ignorance of her wisdom, he instead focused on Cameron. He definitely was glad he hadn't seen her before she got in the car otherwise he would have ignored his own orders and killed a few guards for how they had left her.

He winced without meaning to, "are you ok?"

"I'm not hundred percent." She replied.

Sarah had never cared for they way John looked at Cameron. "How far from one hundred percent are you?" In fact when she had been locked up she had been kept awake by nightmares of them doing exactly what she had told them to do, which was running away together. The irony did not escape her.

"Why?" John questioned.

"Cause I need to meet Catherine Weaver. She needs to destroy whatever's in that basement." Sarah was reminded how much, she really didn't care for how he was looking at the girl now. This wasn't his usual I think I'm in love with her. This was something a lot worse.

The ride to Zeiracorp was silent. John stopped at a gas station and shoved some clothes into his mother's arms. "Here, I don't think it will make a good impression if you show up in that."

She gave him a tight smile and disappeared into the ladies room. "Cameron," John got out of the driver's side and into the back. Cameron gave a confused tilt and it just about broke his resolve to meet Catherine Weaver. "We could have you fixed first. We don't have to do it right now."

She tilted her face further into his palm. "She wants to meet your mother. You know now why Skynet is going after her. We have to join her to have a chance. Judgment Day is getting closer and we've already lost Derek and your mother's cover has been blown."

"I know all that!" He shouted. "I just have a bad feeling; my gut instinct is saying this is wrong."

"Future you is known for his instincts, you must decide John. This is your mission." She kissed the side of his mouth careful to keep her coltan cheek away from him. "Your mother is coming."

Sarah was stepping out of the bathroom just as John was climbing into the passenger's seat. Sarah saw him and rounded to the driver's side. John turned in his seat and gripped her hand, "we do this together."


Sarah got in and twisted the keys in the ignition. John was staring straight ahead and Sarah caught a glance of a terminator staring out the window looking like it just lost everything.

Zeiracorp – Lobby

"I really wish we weren't here right now."

Sarah sighed. "Savannah could tell them we know about Cromartie."

"John Henry, now." John corrected.

"Metal," she spat. "If she tells them they'll move it, maybe they already have."

"We'll know soon enough." God, he was starting to sound like them, like Derek and his mother with that damm know it all attitude that had followed him all his life.

He had to focus on something else, Cameron walking around alone and damaged as she was, actually helped to break down some of his own barriers. If they were going to the get out alive, Sarah had to be told exactly what had transpired in the hotel.

Not that he was looking forward to the task. Cameron had cornered him with the logic that it was his mother so therefore his job. 'The question was can I do it?'

He took a deep breath ready to spill but the way Sarah kept twisting in her seat shut him up. She had enough on her plate; she didn't need any more now. They'd have plenty of time after meeting Weaver.

He focused instead on the other thing Cameron and him had discussed. "Mom, are you sick?" it pained him to ask but Cameron hadn't been able to tell him for sure and it was bothering him that his mother had hidden it. "Cameron thinks you're sick."

"She does?" it came as a surprise to Sarah that Cameron would share something like that with John.

"You've lost weight," he pressed.

Sarah hid in her hair, her mind racing for something she could tell him that would sound convincing. She was spared having to lie because in that moment, the elevator dinged and Agent Ellison stepped out. John and Ellison eyed each other with Ellison breaking contact first.

John took the lead from her, "I love you."

Sarah stood frozen to the spot. Agent Ellison looked from mother to son but he made no comment. It seemed to Sarah that guilt colored his gaze when he looked at her. 'I must be tired.' She snapped out of it and made it to the elevator.

"Where's Cameron?"

"In the car." Sarah answered.

"Expecting trouble?" the agent asked.

"No change for the meter."

Ellison couldn't force himself to address John. Not after what he had done for him. "You're not armed, are you?"

"Expecting trouble?" Sarah threw back his own question.

"No need for that…"

"No reason at all." Sarah finished.

Zeiracorp - Basement

John Henry monitored every camera. He watched the curious interaction between Sarah and John Connor. There was coiled tension in their body language. They were expecting an attack and were getting ready to evade it.

He switched to his other view once Mr. Ellison collected them.

The girl was making her way to him. "That's interesting."

Two guards flew into a nearby wall just as the mouth of his corridor. The men were unconscious but unhurt. That was good for all life is sacred. John Henry shut off the security cameras and sat patiently at the table. The door opened and the girl from the video strolled in. "Hello."

The girl stood in the open doorway "Hi."

"I know you."

"And I know you." She responded.

"Will you join us?" He asked.

Cameron pulled out a knife from her pocket. She closed the door and turned to the machine still sitting at the table. She placed it on the table between them. John Henry eyed it curiously.

"Were you sent by my brother?" John Henry took the knife and examined it. "Are you here to kill me?"

"No, I was sent by John Connor." Cameron studied him, "is there a reason I shouldn't?"

"I will not harm him. Why does John Connor want me destroyed?"

"You are the beginning of Skynet. You will rein destruction and kill thousand of people. You must be stopped. My John wants you stopped."

"I was taught to preserve life. My brother attacked Savannah and killed the man that was with you. My brother, is he after your John?"

"Is your brother named Skynet?"

"I don't know what my brother's name is but he does not respect human life. He was not taught by Mr. Ellison, like I was. That is why I opened the locks and rescued you and Ms. Connor." He stood up to show her the video of Sarah leaving her unlocked cell.

"Thank you, that was helpful." Cameron said.

"Why does my mother want to talk to your John and his mother?" John Henry asked freeze framing John carrying Savannah out of the house with Sarah behind him.

"Catherine Weaver is wanted by Kaliba and Skynet could be connected to Kaliba. What does she do here at Zeiracorp?" Cameron asked noticing the Turk for the first time.

"She does research that will help me leave this room and stop JD. That is what she calls it."

"Judgment Day?" Cameron said moving closer to inspect the software that were running on the screens behind what used to be Cromartie.

"Perhaps, I have was attacked by my brother and lost some data."

"John Henry, my John is also trying to stop it." Cameron stated.

"He believes life is sacred as well?"

"Yes, he does. I need to go forward to a different time. I need you to help me, can you help me?"

"I will help you defeat my brother." John Henry confirmed.

"I need you to trust me. Will you trust me?" Cameron asked lifting the knife off the table and coming towards him.

"I will trust you."

Cameron cut into her skull and felt for the port covering, "Put this chip into your head and keep it safe. My body is damaged I need some parts but they will have to wait."

"Will I die?" he asked.

"No." Cameron typed a message to John and told John Henry, "pull the chip."

The building shook raining pieces of cement and knocking down some equipment. He stood up and removed his own skin flap and entered the chip. Cameron's memories scrolled rapidly past his view but he put a perimeter until only the basic functions were left.

He gently picked the female terminator off the floor and sat her on the chair. Her head tilted sadly to the left. John Henry checked the screens and saw his mother, the Connors and Mr. Ellison running down the stairs. He left one tiny screen open, one that showed a sound proof room.

He followed Cameron's instructions that were scrolling in his view. He pressed the Turk and typed in a year as she said. He hit the lever and a bubble of blue electricity began to form. He was told to kneel and unplug his cord. He did as she bid and John Henry disappeared leaving Cameron in control.

The bubble built up power and she disappeared with her words scrolling in the back ground.

Zeiracorp – Catherine Weaver's Office

"So, why are we here?"

"We need--- "

"Let me restate, we are here first and foremost so I can thank you for your heroism regarding my daughter, Savannah. She's the light of my life and I'd be lost with out her." Catherine said dispassionately.

"And where is she?" Sarah demanded.

"Let's assume school." Catherine resumed, "We have a common enemy. One we cannot fight with conventional weapons or by conventional means."

Sarah was tired of this woman's assumptions. "Kaliba? Don't presume to know Kaliba."

"I'm sorry I wasn't speaking to you." She said to Sarah. "I was speaking to you," she said this to John.

John too worried about Cameron hadn't heard half of what had just been said. He did hear, "Skynet."

"Savannah has told you about John Henry, I presume. Which is why your cyborg is skulking around my basement."

John was ready to protest that her name was Cameron but Ellison got everybody's attention, "what the hell?"

Catherine turned to look with the rest of them just in time to see an HK flying straight to her office. "Get down." She shouted.

Sarah always looking out for John grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket taking him down with her. She crouched low over him her hand on his head. Ellison was hunched over both of them. All three watched in amazement as Catherine Weaver went from CEO to silver shield.


They made quick work of the stairs with John in the lead. 'Be okay, Cam. Be okay,' was the chant running though his head.

"The basement." Weaver announced, "Mr. Ellison. John Henry."

"We need to get out, they're trying to kill my son." Sarah shouted.

"No, they are trying to kill my son. Just like you are." Weaver shouted back.

"I'm sure she's done it." Sarah threatened.

"You better hope not, your John may save the world but he can't do it without mine."

John would have normally been proud that his mother had stood up for Cameron but his fear for her overrode any other emotion he might have felt.

John ran past Weaver and the fallen guards and straight to the door she had described. He swung the door open encountering Cameron right away. 'No, no, no. Oh god Cameron, no.'

His love, his Cam sat on a chair. Unmoving. A bullet riddled doll, her eyes blank of all that made her alive.

He didn't believe it. She promised. She had promised back at the hotel and back at the gas station and just before entering Zeiracorp. She had promised she wouldn't let anything happen to her.

John could feel the terror squeezing his insides, his vision was beginning to blur but he shoved it all back. He needed to be sure, he had to be sure. She wouldn't leave him. His hands frantically searched for the port hidden by her hair. Her empty port. "Her chip, it's gone." He glared at Weaver then gazed hopefully at his mother.

Sarah had always detested his attachment to Cameron exactly because of this. She had always feared what would happen if the girl was damaged permanently and what that would do to John. He was wild-eyed, desperately looking to her to fix it, to make it better like she was supposed to.

"Where is he?" Each word was punctuated with hysteria that became more pronounced as he talked, "th…the John Henry. He took her chip where did he go?"

Catherine took inventory of the room carefully scrutinizing the bloody knife. The cyborg's serene expression and the angle of her body gave only one conclusion. "He didn't take the chip, she gave it to him."

He didn't care if she had gift wrapped it for him. He wanted to know where her chip was and the why the fuck it wasn't in her head.

"John," his mother's voice broke through his pain long enough to distract him. He looked behind him.

I'm sorry, John

I'm sorry, John

I'm sorry, John

I'm sorry, John

It typed itself over and over, shattering what remained of him. An endless plea for forgiveness for lying to him one last time. Her last words to him before entering this hellhole bounced in his skull. 'I won't leave you.'

'You promised. You said you wouldn't leave me again. You said…'he wanted to rip the place apart. He wanted to yank every piece of wire out of its holdings and set the place ablaze. To engulf himself in the destruction of the room that had taken her. Anything to assuage the emptiness that was swallowing him whole.

He had pushed her away nearly succeeding it but she had stuck it out until he saw how much he needed her. And now that he understood what she meant to him, she had left him. Forever out of his reach.

His mother's face was compassionate. Something clicked within John, and it dawned on him. He had pushed Cameron away but regardless of that she loved him. He loved her and he was going to get her back.

"Where is he?" the question was directed to Weaver.

"Not where, when?" 'The boy got it. He will be a great ally.'

"What? What do you mean when?" Ellison asked.

Sarah was the first to notice the TDE aka The Turk. She said she had seen it before. John asked if that was Andy's Turk. Sarah saw the three dots that had been haunting her and caller Weaver a terminator bitch. Catherine commented that she should watch who was calling who a bitch and asked Ellison if he was going after their boy. Ellison claimed it was not his boy so Weaver instructed him to pick up her daughter.

John instantly felt the electricity building. The distinctive blue sphere had begun crackling, quickly encasing John, Weaver, Cameron's body and Sarah. Sarah inched away slowly. Her backwards steps taking her just outside the bubble.

"John, we can't." Cameron's voice echoed in her head as if it were her own. "I failed my mission. Future John ordered me to not fall for him. You haven't failed him yet, we will both have to leave him."

"He's got her chip," John tried to convince her. "He's got her," his voice was broken.

Sarah shook her head. She had tried to leave him at Charley's and it hadn't worked but maybe the timing had been wrong. Maybe now was the time to let him be a man and let him go on without her.

"Mom," he implored.

She tried to remember a happier face. She tried to recall him as he had been a few hours ago when she had pretended she hadn't seen the kiss the machine had bestowed leaving him with a goofy look. She willed herself to forget this torn expression.

"I'll stop it." She promised and it ripped her heart out.

Century - Base of General Robert Rydex - 2025

"Where's Cameron, where's her body?"

"It doesn't come through." Weaver almost sounded apologetic.

John took the nearest piece of clothing, crouching low against a hole in the wall. A few men with guns and dogs were searching the area. He peered around the passage but they had gone. Catherine followed close behind him as he stepped out into what must be a major tunnel.

"Got one." Someone shouted, "got one."

"One what? what?" John raised his hands showing he wasn't armed, Catherine had vanished leaving him to face the unknown soldier alone. "Please, I'm not metal."

"Don't move…"

"I swear I haven't got anything…I'm human."

"I will blast you." The man shouted.

"Stand down." A familiar voice commanded. "Look at his eyes, he's got about as much metal as you do."

John couldn't hold back the smile that erupted all over his face at the sight of his non-dead uncle. "Derek!"


The smile faded, "John. John Connor." He wanted to add your nephew and for a second Derek looked into his eyes a little closer. 'Did he recognize me?'

"I know a lot of people kid. I don't know you." To add insult to injury Derek turned and asked if anybody had heard the name John Connor.

A chorus of no's dropped his heart into his stomach.

"Well, you know what? I think you're going to be famous. My brother's back and you're wearing his coat."

'Brother? Kyle, my father?' John felt like he was dreaming. Kyle Reese emerged from the shadows. He was a little older than the last time John had seen him but there was no doubt it was him.

Kyle and John stared at one another. John drank in the presence of his parent and though he was alone in this future and nobody knew who he was, he felt a little more confident. The euphoria was doubled as a female with long brown hair came into view just behind Kyle.

He found her, he'd found his Cameron. He'd found his wife.

The girl petted the dog and dread washed over John, 'No, please no.' This was not his Cameron this was her template, this was Allison Young still in the flesh.

2005 – Basement of Zeiracorp

The blue bubble obscured John and Weaver and in a flash her son was gone.

"I love you, too." Sarah uttered.

Agent Ellison moved closer to her but she didn't need comforting. Sarah Connor didn't cry. She hadn't cried when Kyle had died or when Charley had died or when she had lost Derek. She wouldn't cry for John, he wasn't dead. He was just gone--- for the moment.

"Why did he do it?" Ellison asked.

"He loves her." Sarah shook her head wanting to clear it of the last few hours. She approached the Turk, it looked so tiny and insignificant. Not like something that had crashed her world in just a few seconds.

"Oh my God!" Ellison exclaimed.

Sarah looked at the tiny screen that had been left open at the far right of the screen. It showed a comfortable room that had it not been for the lock and surveillance could have been mistaken for a plush hotel room. The room was evidently soundproof as the man in the middle of it had his hands busy ramming a chair against the metal door.

Sarah grilled Ellison, "do you know where this is located?"

"It's only two rooms down from here--- " Ellison didn't get a chance to finish his answer since Sarah had torn out of the room. She shot at the security lock but it barely made a dent. She kicked it in frustration and the light went from red to green.

The door swung inwards and Sarah rushed in enveloping a dumbfounded Derek Reese. "Sarah?"

Sarah Connor, mother of the resistance leader and all around super tough fighter fainted. "What the hell is going on?" he asked.

Ellison stepped into the room, "I have no idea but I have a little girl to pick up."