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Summary: Sequel to Arithmancy and The Year That Never Was. Set during The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Rated T for mild language and because Captain Jack Harkness is still around here somewhere.

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28th June, 2008: The Bad Wolf And You

x x x

Chapter 1: Unspeakable

x x x

"You need to see this!" one of the other Unspeakables shouted, rushing into the Time Room to find Draco Malfoy sitting on the floor examining a stone tablet.

It was department policy that they not refer to each other by name. One of the Muggle-borns had made a joke about it, making reference to 'Men In Black', whatever that was. In spite of this rule, everyone knew who Draco Malfoy was, though very few of them understood his peculiar interest in the Time Room and the Death Room. He generally ignored his co-workers, but this one had just made himself impossible to ignore.

"See what?" Draco asked, coldly glaring up from his translation work. The tablet was written in Latin. He had yet to figure out why it was time-related, but he knew it was. Somewhere in the back of his mind he could sense a trace of something around it that made it very significant, he just had yet to find any actual evidence to prove this hunch.

"Something's happened in the space room."

Draco shook his head with a scowl, "Not my department, not my problem." he looked back at the Latin inscription, only to find that the text had changed. What had only a moment ago been intricate incantations now read quite differently.

The header of the script now said 'Lupa malla sum.' and 'Lupus malus' was repeated throughout the remainder of the space on the stone tablet. Like most home-schooled wizards and witches, Draco was fairly fluent in Latin... you need to be to know what half the spells are probably intended to do without looking them up in a textbook. It had been very shortly after Voldemort's demise that Draco had had that argument with Harry Potter over the Sectumsempra incident.

"Now where have I heard that one before?" he asked with a frown. He knew the answer, but didn't have to like it. He had heard that this had cropped up around the Doctor right before the Dalek attack due some time this summer. But what he did not understand was why the Bad Wolf would send him a message. He was not in any position to help, was he? He really hoped he wasn't expected to do anything heroically stupid, that was for Gryffindors, not for him. Last year, he had been secure in the knowledge that the whole year would never happen anyway so he could afford a few stupid risks, but this would be very different.

"Are you not even going to try to help us figure this out? It's like the whole solar system completely changed in there!"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Alright, I've gone through the practice run, and it can't kill me just to look at it. Not like second year." he was remarkably calm about the whole thing considering how bad he knew this one was going to get. He already knew what was about to happen, had been told over ten years ago, and he had just been given an early warning by someone he had never even met.

"Practice run?"

"You do not want to know." Draco said, in a tone which somehow managed to be both dismissive and emphatic at the same time. He followed his co-worker into the Space Room of the Department of Mysteries.

True enough, the entire solar system had changed. Earth was sitting in the middle of the room where it belonged, but the other planets, even the Sun, had gone. Instead there were twenty-six completely unfamiliar planets circling above and around the Earth, much closer than anything that big really should be to a life-bearing planet if you actually think about it. And there was something Draco couldn't see clearly from here in the centre of the formation. He would bet his inheritance it was the Space Room's projection of the Dalek 'crucible', or so he'd been told it was called.

Draco sat down on the edge of the floor in the doorway, feet dangling over the illusion of an abyss that this room projected. He could see the subtle balance of the planets, even though he'd never been in this room before. It just looked like they were meant to do what they were doing, even if he hadn't already known it was on purpose. It scared him a little when he noticed these things that he knew no one else did, and he usually tried to pretend he didn't see them. But even though he could see this, he still wasn't sure what he was supposed to do now. How was he supposed to help here?

Then something else caught his eye. Circling around the Earth's image towards them was a large and disturbingly familiar object. The Grecian pillar he had seen last year.


A flicker of a memory from ten years ago caused him to laugh. "Oh, he's going to be pissed when he finds out where she was." he muttered. The other unspeakable stared at him, completely lost, and letting it show on his face.

"What's going on, and why are you being so calm about it? The spells in this room are infallible, we've tried manipulating the illusions before now, and-"

"Stop telling me what I already know, and try to figure out what that is." Draco ordered, pointing to the illusion of the crucible. Sure, he already knew what that was, but he needed to get rid of this other person. The last thing he needed was for people who didn't know anything about what was about to happen to get involved.

"Looks a bit like the Death Star." the other Unspeakable muttered, moving in the direction of the illusion of the crucible. And that, right there, proved that he's Muggle-born.

Draco, meanwhile, tentatively pushed away from the doorway towards the TARDIS. He had never actually stepped into the Space Room before and was very uncomfortable with the sudden apparent lack of gravity. As he approached it, a door opened in the TARDIS' side. "Oh, you trust me, do you?" he asked, stepping into the TARDIS, relieved to have something solid under his feet again.

The interior was all black and silver, organic shapes like the Doctor's TARDIS, but monochrome coloring, cleaner and darker at the same time. He liked it better than the golden colors of the Doctor's TARDIS, but that was more a matter of biased against Gryffindor than anything else.

He heard a gentle whirring as the engines ignited, causing the lights around the walls and inside the central column to glow softly into life.

A screen appeared out of one terminal, containing a message, 'Greetings, human.'

"How long have you been here?" Draco asked in awe.

The screen display informed him, 'Three hundred and sixteen years, four months, seven days, forty-two minutes and twelve seconds.'

The seconds ticked over on the display as Draco read it, stunned. Since about the time of the formation of the Minstry of Magic, then. Probably. "Must be lonely." he murmured, not intending to be heard, but the answer appeared on the screen nonetheless.


"How did you get here?"

'The Time Lords sent me to locate my Master. I followed the incorrect signature and found myself on Earth. Alone.'

"Well you're not alone now... and you'll find him again, I know." Draco said, in what he hoped was a comforting tone.

'Yes, I have seen it in your mind.'

Draco glanced at the door, and as if in response it closed, not suddenly, but quite firmly, "Do you know why I'm here?" Draco asked, warily.

'You already know.'

"What do I have to do?"

'Time will not rewind, this time. Lives can be saved with knowledge of events to come.'

"They're going to attack our world as well as the Muggles, aren't they?"

'Estimated time to invasion, twenty-six minutes.'

"Bugger." Draco muttered, but before he could even start wallowing in self-pitying despair, the screen lit up with a new message.

'Initiating most logical flightpath.' The TARDIS was dematerialising to take him somewhere. He did not know where. Or even when.

x x x

When they arrived the screen then informed him, 'Moment of Earth transportation, plus one second. Time to invasion fifty-three minutes ten seconds.' and the seconds began to tick. She had brought him back to the earliest moment possible, he guessed. But where?

He opened the door to find himself in the main foyer of the Ministry of Magic. A woman ran into the building panicking, "They sky just went out! The stars are gone!"

"You're not a Centaur, why is this scaring you?" someone snarked at her.

Draco wordlessly cast a silencing spell at this rude person, and then turned his attention back to the frightened woman, "Tell me." he said calmly, acting as if this pillar behind him had always been here.

"There's other worlds in the sky!" the panicked woman cried. She was Muggleborn, he'd seen her around the Ministry before, she worked in the Minister's department, but he could not remember her name.

"Calm down, other planets in the sky is nothing to worry about. It's easy to fix, I promise. What you need to do now is go home and ensure that your family stays indoors and your dissillusionment wards are strong."

"What? Why?"

"I'm an Unspeakable, it's against my job description to say why."

Everyone was watching him now, but the woman gave him a fearful look, "Something bad is about to happen, isn't it?"

"Something very bad, but if you stay inside and strengthen your dissillusionment charms you will be safe. Now go." he raised his voice, "All of you. Staring at me like I'm some sideshow freak, instead of actually giving you important advice. Go!" Now I know how the Doctor feels half the time, Draco thought, with some irony.

"What is going on here?" that was the Minister of Magic himself, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

He hated to repeat himself, but his timing last time meant that no one would remember what he had said then. He had planned it that way. Draco turned to face the Minister and said perfectly calmly, "The shit is about to hit the fan, sir."

"How do you know this?"

"How did I know about those little incidents last Christmas and the year before?" Draco asked smiling innocently. In truth he was getting very nervous, but he was good at projecting false emotion or lack thereof.

"And where did this come from?" the Minister added, indicating the TARDIS that looked like a stone pillar in the middle of the atrium.

"Need to know information. Sorry sir, but you don't."

Kingsley glared at Draco for a moment, but sighed, "What is it this time? Another alien invasion?"

"Pretty much. Emergency Plan A should work."

Kingsley shook his head and turned to leave. "Do it." he ordered.

"We've got about fifty minutes, sir." Draco noted to the Minister's retreating back. He saw a curt nod, but the Minister did not turn back.

x x x

"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

The rather comically shaped aliens swept down in a very un-comical battle formation over Diagon Alley. The Aurors were still evacuating witches and wizards that were in the streets to the safe-houses Emergency Plan A dictated. The plan did say that if people were already in their homes with good wards up they would be safe, this information was sent through Floo alerts telling people to stay in their homes. Still, people who weren't in their homes were a lot closer to the safe-houses in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Word had also been sent to other Magical world leaders, unfortunately for them they laughed at the warning until they saw the ships. Until they heard the aliens' communication.

Wards were in place over the street, but the aliens swooped through them like they were nothing. The wards on the safe-houses were much stronger and seemed to deter the attackers from thinking there was anything there at all.

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley were leading the Auror effort.

"How did we get warned about this, anyway?" Ron asked, casting yet another shielding spell to block the most recent barrage of laser beams from their attackers.

"Malfoy, apparently." Harry responded, while guiding people into the underground bunker and doing his own share of shielding charms at the same time, "He's been pretty accurate since he started working in the Time Room. It's creepy, really."

"I just wanna know what that lot do in there all the time." Ron grumbled.

"Shut up, Weasley." Malfoy's voice came from the roof of the one-story building they were herding evacuees into.

"Exterminate!" a blast shot straight at Malfoy, who shielded himself and shot a curse right back at the alien. Green light but they didn't hear the words. Whatever it was, it had no effect.

"I really hate these things." Malfoy said, hopping down from the roof. He used a minor levitation charm to slow his fall, before joining them in fleeing to safety, now that everyone else was inside, "That was a killing curse and not even a scratch. It's unfair!"

Once inside and shielded well by the magical protection of their emergency hideout, Ron decided it was safe to fully concentrate on attempting to impersonate a Basilisk while glaring at Malfoy.

Draco just grinned, "Christmas on the roof." he said calmly, and Ron backed down, cringing at the memory.

"Why are you so calm about this?" Harry asked.

"Bad influence." he said, wandering over to the TARDIS he had been adopted by. Harry and Ron followed, more out of a terminal case of curiosity than any desire to be in Draco Malfoy's presence. Hermione, who was in the crowd, palmed her two children off on Ginny Potter and Molly Weasley, before following the three of them.

"What were those things?" she demanded, not showing any surprise at the TARDIS, as though she'd seen one before.

"Daleks." Draco answered, "They make Voldemort's xenophobic genocidal tendancies look positively cute and cuddly by comparison, from what I've heard."

"Lovely. Why are they here?" Hermione persisted.

"To destroy the universe." Draco answered, "Apparently they need the Earth to do that. I don't know the details, I didn't bother listening that closely."

"So he did tell you the future." she said, almost to herself.

"Technically, he told me what, to him, was the past. Something he probably never anticipated our lot really getting involved in."

"What about my parents. They're still out there somewhere." Hermione demanded, fear finally showing in her previously authoritative tone.

"Where do they live?" Draco asked.

"Blaidd Ddrwg road, just outside Cardiff." Hermione answered.

Draco slammed his forehead violently into the console, "You didn't need to translate that!" he snapped at the TARDIS.

Hermione blinked, "What the-?"

"Fine, we'll go check on your parents." Draco said with the most exasperated sigh he was capable of. The TARDIS was laughing at him as it began dematerialising, he was sure of it. The fact it made no actual sound did not deter him from this certainty.

x x x

When they arrived, they stepped out of the TARDIS to discover it now looked like a perfectly ordinary blue plastic dumpster. "Hate the color scheme." Draco informed it as the door swung shut, he was sure it was still laughing at him.

Hermione was giggling at this, but Ron and Harry were confused, "I don't get it." Harry pointed out the obvious.

"You need to meet the Doctor sometime." Hermione informed them.

"So you did meet him, then." Draco said, "I wondered."

"Yeah, after I finished my last year in Hogwarts he took me on a tour of some very interesting historical locations. Two thirds of which wanted to kill him, but that's besides the point."

Draco laughed, "I guess I was lucky, no one tried to kill him when he took me to visit World War Two."

Hermione would have commented on this remark, she had the perfect comeback involving his hair color and everything, but she did not get the time to speak before a familiar voice echoed through the street, "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

They ducked behind the TARDIS as it impersonated a dumpster, and the Dalek trundled past them oblivious. "Gotta learn how to kill those things." Draco whispered, "Potter, maybe you could try Sectumsempra."

"Shut up, Malfoy." Harry muttered.

Draco grinned evilly. It had been a joke and he was surprised to find that he was glad his former nemesis hadn't stormed out into the middle of the road and actually tried anything that stupid. They quickly made their way past the infuriating street sign and down to where Hermione's parents lived without any further incident and with Hermione providing the perfectly ordinary Muggle-style key they got inside safely.

"Hermione! What are you doing here? You've heard what's going on haven't you?" a man, whom Draco vaguely recognised from the resemblance must be Hermione's father, asked quickly. The woman hovering in a doorway behind him must, therefore, logically be Hermione's mother.

"Yes, that's why we're here, we came to make sure you were ok." Hermione said, obviously very relieved to see them both alive and well.

Meanwhile, Draco was peering out the window warily, "Something else is about to happen." he said flatly, "He can't have not told you about the Bad Wolf, can he?"

"Actually, he never mentioned anything of the sort." Hermione retorted.

"Hmph." Draco continued to watch, "Probably because you'd figure it out too soon. He wouldn't shut up about her for five minutes when I was with him."

Hermione blinked, "You mean the street name? What has that to do with it?"

"Nevermind, I'm sure it'll make sense eventually. Right now even I don't get it." Malfoy grumbled, watching through the window as a lone human figure ran down the street, towards the offensive signpost.

x x x

Translations for those of you who didn't already know:
Lupa Malla Sum = I am the Bad Wolf (feminine)
Lupus Malus = Bad Wolf (non-gender-specific)
Sectumsempra = taken straight from Half-Blood Prince, roughly translates around Latin as 'to cut forever' (she loves to mutilate the Latin she uses, doesn't she)
Blaidd Ddrwg = according to a helpful reviewer (Spoilers - thanks again!) who proved that the translator I used was wrong (I suspected something fishy in the first place).

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