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Chapter 1: Charlie's funeral.

Bella's point of view.

My face crumpled, my eyes pricked and as I inhaled the air caught in my throat, threatening to choke me - is that was possible. I turned and hid my face in Edwards chest and he squeezed my shoulders reassuringly . 40 years had passed since we'd survived the Volturi's last visit and I hadn't changed a bit, Edward, Alice, Rose, Em, jazz, Esme, Carlisle, Jacob … Renesmee, we were all the same.

Charlie on the other hand. I'd watched him age, while he had wondered how me and Edward had stayed the same, how Nessie had reached 18 after just 7 years and stayed the same ever since. Charlie had changed, and now we were at his funeral.

It was small, just us, Renee, Phil, a few friends and the rest of the Cullen's, the fewer people that saw us the better.

I pushed my shield out so Edward could here my thoughts, Alice was sitting close enough to here and although that didn't matter I didn't feel ready to talk to her yet.

'Is Renee okay? About seeing me … about seeing us?'

Edward nodded, moving his head so it just seemed like he was holding me closer. An insignificant part of my mind wanted him to hold me tighter but I ignored it and let my shield bounce back into place.

Renee had only seen me a couple of times since I'd changed and Nessie just twice, I knew it scared her, a lot.

The priest said his final words and as the casket was lowered into the ground I knew it was the end, with Charlie gone I had no more connections to Forks. Edward, Nessie, Jake and I were moving to join the rest of our family in Anchorage, a small city near Denali.

As the funeral ended and people started departing I saw Renee get up and start walking towards me. Edward stiffened by my side and Nessie dried her tears and untangled herself from Jake's arms.

'Your going to have to tell me someday,' Renee whispered, still choked up with tears.

'I want to, but I can't, I'm sorry, mom.' Renee's lips turned down but she struggled and looked over at Nessie.

'Nessie! Come give your grandma a hug!' Nessie got up and walked over, forcing a hard but still dazzling smile for her.

'Hey grandma! How are you?' Renee just nodded in answer reaching in to give her a big hug. Nessie hugged her back for a second before pulling away.

'Let me guess,' Renee said, guessing Nessie's next words, 'Packing?' Nessie grinned.

'Something like that, I'll see you soon grandma.'

'Okay, Nessie. Have fun.' Renee pulled her in for another quick hug then let her go. Nessie grabbed Jake's hand and they walked away together.

'You two going to?' I grinned sheepishly and nodded. Renee sighed then gave me a quick peck on the cheek and went to go back to Phil.

'Bye, mom. Love you.' I called after her, she just turned and waved back. She knew this would be the last time I said goodbye and it upset her. I sighed and turned to Edward, his face was sad as well.

'Home?' I asked.

'Home.' He agreed, and picked me up so he could kiss me on the way back to the car.

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