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Summary: After rebelling at school, Edward is forced to participate in the school play as the male lead along side the shy, somewhat nerdy Bella Swan. When their worlds collide, he struggles with where he fits and who to stand by. ExB

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"This reminds me of your sofa back home," I concluded as I stared at the black leather lounge that Edward was very insistent that we purchase. "You don't want to go with something different?"

"I have so many wonderful thoughts when I think of that couch. Like the time you performed a little striptease for me -"

"Edward!" I cut him off abruptly. "Shhhh!"

"Sorry, my little minx. You know how I sometimes forget the filter between my thoughts and words," Edward teased in a sultry tone. "But in all honesty, now that we're New Yorkers, we have to have sophisticated furniture because we're sophisticated Manhattan-dwellers."

"Sure, Edward. I suppose we can get the sofa if you feel it is that essential to your wellbeing," I finally gave in. Edward bounced eagerly over to the sofa and scanned the barcode to add to our electronic shopping basket. Alice had definitely rubbed off on him; he really seemed to be enjoying this furniture shopping.

"Now for beds," Edward said enthusiastically and I half expected him to clap his hands together and do a little twirl.

We managed to select a king sized bed with a lovely iron headpost. Edward was looking lovingly at a large plasma television, so I had to remind him he needed to be sensible with the money Carlisle had given him. "I'm glad you're here, Bella. Can you imagine all the shit I would've bought if this was all up to me?" Edward asked and I laughed in response, imagining our beautiful apartment cluttered with modern furniture and various gaming consoles.

After placing our order for a new bed, lounge, tv cabinet and dining table, we returned back to the apartment – our home.

It'd been a mere week since we'd made the move. We were sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the bedroom, but it already felt like home. Edward was perfect as ever and I was already learning to love the little quirks i'd picked up on from living with him, along with the things i'd learned about him over the summer after graduating.

I knew that he had a weird thing with the bedroom door always having to be closed, even though we were the only two people home. He found television stupid, but was very much fond of a wide array of movies. We'd pull our comforter and pillows out from our bedroom and lie down in front of the television watching movies and just enjoying eachother's company.

We were both on the hunt for casual jobs to help us with the extra things along the way, but most of our bills were being covered by Carlisle and Esme so all we really had to worry about was food. I felt bad about that part, but Carlisle, Esme and Edward constantly assured me that money really was no issue and while I knew that, I still didn't want to take without giving.

"What would you like to do on this beautiful Saturday night, love?" Edward asked me sweetly as we entered the apartment and shrugged out of our coats.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "You decide."

"Hrmm....how about we go for a walk in Central Park?" Edward suggested and I readily agreed.

Our apartment was conveniently located in the Upper West Side , which Alice informed me was "cultural and artistic" while the Upper East Side was "affluent". Either way, it didn't bother me. We were close to everything in our apartment and just a short subway ride to Columbia – where we would be starting classes next week.

After living in Forks, Manhattan was a stark contrast. Everything here was so face-paced and where I was used to the greenery of Forks, i'd come to admire the greys, blacks, white and blues of Manhattan. It was so different, but I was absolutely in love with it all. I was damn close to buying one of those I heart New York t-shirts, but figured that was a bit lame.

Everything, though, was so much better having Edward by my side. Nothing seemed too intimidating knowing that this was all knew to him, too, and we'd figure out everything together.

I pulled on a light jacket and Edward took my hand as we locked up our home and caught the lift down to the lobby. Seeing how some other people lived, I felt incredibly lucky. I was well aware how expensive New York was and understood how a lot of the people were so thin – they spent all their money on rent instead of food.

Edward and were still hand in hand as we walked down 96th street towards Central Park. We were lucky that we were only a five minute walk and even though it was a cliched thing to do, I'd already deciding walks with Edward in Central Park were one of my favourite things.

I was so happy and overly optimistic. Everything excited me, even the subway which had trains sweeping in every 2 or so minutes.

"So, my love, what is you would like for dinner?"

"Hrm...I'm kind of craving a visit to the golden arches," I admitted.

"Maccas? Oh, Bella," Edward chuckled before turning to face me. "I love you," he murmered as he cupped my cheeks in his warm hands before leaning down to place a kiss on my forehead.

"I love you, too," I whispered back.

I was in a fit of giggles as Edward and I made our way back into the apartment later that night, both of us holding McDonald's cups in our hand. I don't know what they did to it – but I swear, McDonald's coke was always better than coke from a bottle or a can.

"It's 9.30pm and we're calling it a night. We're fair lame, Bella," Edward concluded.

"Edward, I'd hardly call anything we do late at night lame," I purred seductively as I ran my hand up and down Edward's arm.

"Really?" Edward teased. "I think I need a refresher."

"I think you do, too," I played along as I toyed with his belt.

"Hmm," Edward hummed in my ear as he pushed my hair away and nipped at my neck while I moaned in wanting. "You like this, Bella?"

"I thought...ah...I was meant to be...r-refreshing you," I managed to stutter out as Edward's hands swept up my chest and found my breasts, before cupping them lightly through my clothing.

"We both know you're enjoying this," he whispered as one of his hands moved from my breast and down to cup my ass. I groaned and pushed my body against his heated one before forcefully pushing my mouth against his.

I threaded my hands in Edward's hair whilst his hands began quickly unbuttoning my cardigan. Once it was fully undone, Edward pushed it off my shoulders and reached his arms around me and placed his hands on my ass once again. "Bella," he groaned against my lips as I pressed myself against him as tightly as I could manage. Evidently, he'd had enough of the teasing as he pulled on my thighs and I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist once he'd hoisted me up.

Our mouths were in a messy frenzy once I linked my legs around him and Edward began carrying me into our bedroom. He kicked the door shut without his lips leaving mine and we fell down together onto our mattress on the floor.

Edward's hands found my jeans and I arched into him so he could pull them off. Once they were gone, he returned his focus to my lips and continued to devour them with his own. My hands, of their own accord, moved down again to the buckle on Edward's belt. I managed to undo it and pull it out from the loops of his jeans.

I decided to tease him a little, so I moved my hand down and cupped him through his jeans. "Baby," he groaned, so I did it again. "We need to get these damn jeans off," he laughed breathlessly.

I agreed and began to slowly unbutton his jeans then work them down his legs so now both Edward and I were jean-less. That still wasn't good enough for Edward, however, and he began tugging at my t-shirt. I laughed and pulled the thing over my head and tossed it to the ground so I was left in only my little black bra and matching thong.

Since Edward and I had started sleeping together, I tended to always wear sexy underwear because we had a habit of having sex whenever, wherever. I didn't want him to catch me in granny undies, although I'm sure that would probably provide him with much amusement.

"Always with the nice little panties," Edward breathed seductively in my ear.

His hand reached down to lightly stroke my inner-thigh, but it was not close enough to where I needed it to be so I groaned in frustration.

"What's wrong baby?" The teasing bastard asked.

"Fucking do something," I screeched before adding a "please".

"What do you want me to do to you, baby?"


"I'm afraid Agggh isn't a word, Bella baby. How about this," he asked as he lightly stroked up and down my folds through my thong. "Do you like that?"

"Yesss," I panted.

Edward chuckled darkly before pressing his thumb to my clit through my panties and rubbing it vigourously. "Edward," I moaned. I reached down towards the thong impatiently, eager to get the damn thing out of the way.

"You want them off?" Edward questioned, so I bit my lip and nodded in response. "Alright, i'm going to take these wet things off."

He lifted my hips up so he could pull the thong down my legs, then discarded it on the carpet. He then discarded of his own underwear before returning his attentions to me. Before I knew what was happening, he'd inserted one of his fingers nto my wet folds.

"Edward!" I gasped out. "Yes!" He thrust his finger in again, slowly back and forth. "More!" I commanded. He added a second finger and I purred in contentment before the pressure became too much again. "I...you...need" I wasn't making sense, but I was sure Edward understood what I wanted. "Please!" I begged

He reached behind me with a chuckle and found the clasp in my bra, unhooking it, so it fell down my arms. "Oh, hello my BBB's," he purred directly to my breasts.

"Ed-ward!" I groaned in frustration. He managed to tear his gaze away from my breasts long enough to look into my eyes. I was so entranced by his gaze that I didn't notice his hand reached down to stroke me again. His thumb began vigorously working at my clit and my eyes rolled into the back of my head at the sheer pleasure of it.

"Need you," I panted and Edward fell down, bring me atop him and my core very close to his centre.

"I love you," he said sweetly as he kissed my neck.

"Love you," I replied. "Nothing between us," I whispered. I reached down to take a light hold of his hard and throbbing cock and I just wanted it inside me, I wanted Edward pounding into me. Hard.

I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and pulled him towards me as I raised my hips up so they were level with his. Now I was teasing him, with my core hovering in the air as I delayed pushing myself onto his hardened manhood.

His hands moved to my hips as he groaned in my ear, "you ready baby? I'm going to impail you." And in an instant, I was exactly that; impailed on all the glory that was Edward Cullen's cock. We both moaned and took a moment to steady ourselves before Edward lay me back down and pressed his face into my neck as he pushed further in to my soaking core. He began sliding in slowly while groaning into the skin of my neck.

I pressed my hips upward and felt so full and alive. It was like Edward was born to fill me. Edward pushed in further, stretching me further than ever before, but I reveled in the feeling of such completeness, savoured it, even. Edward pulled back and I cried at the loss of contact, but then he slammed back into me harder than ever and I couldn't hold back the cry that rose up in my throat.

He pulled back again and my cry was loud as ever and this time, I pulled my hips up to meet his as he pushed into me harder. "Bella," he grunted in my ear. When he pulled out again, I reached out to grip his ass in my shaking hands. I dug my nails into his flesh and was sure I was hurting him, but I just needed him. Edward groaned in response and slammed back into me, while I swirled my hips below him to create a rhythm.

His breaths were coming shorter and quicker and his thrusts began to follow suit with him thrusting shallowly in out quickly, seeking his release. He pulled me up again and my hands went to his back and I tried to latch on to him even tigher and drive him even deeper inside of me.

"Harder, Edward!" I pleaded. "Oh, fuck." My legs once again linked around his waist and Edward began to pick up the pace. I clung to his shoulders as he bodies moved violently, seeking our climax. His lips were everywhere they could reach from this position, but I was too far gone to focus on much of anything, really. I was so close.

My body was so wound up, it was almost to the point of pain. "Yes, yes, yes," I panted as best I could with the minimal breath I had. Edward began thrusting harder and faster than he had been and I felt my body begin to shudder. My climax ripped through my body and a string of profanities leaked from lips as I clung to his shoulders for dear life and arched into him. "Edward!"

Edward's grip on my hips tightened as he drove into me with a final thrust, before he came inside me with a loud grunt of my name. We both collapsed down onto the bed, spent, and Edward pulled my still trembling and sweaty body atop his.

"That was...amazing," I concluded.

"Always is with you, baby."

"I love you," I whispered because it really was the most fitting thing to say.

"You are my life now," Edward stated simply and I knew just how true it was.

We were eachother's life, just as it was for Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett. We all set off for college on the same day, just over a week ago and I knew it'd be a while before we saw our best friends again. The rest of them drove, while Edward and I had to fly knowing full well it was pointless having a car in New York.

Edward was very, very sad about leaving his Volvo behind, but I knew he was glad to get me away from my truck, also known as,"that piece of shit".

I knew that it would be a while until I'd see Charlie or even Carlisle and Esme who were very much like my own parents now. They all saw us off at the airport, Esme in tears and Charlie and Carlisle trying to be the stoic men. It didn't work and they both crumbled and in turn, I burst in to tears and wrapped my arms around both the men I considered my father.

"You take care of her, Edward," Charlie had commanded in a soft voice, but we both knew that he trusted that Edward would. Over the summer he'd grown to like Edward and even respect him. Edward'd even gone for a fishing day trip with Charlie and I think that sealed his fate at beloved son-in-law (well, not technically) to Charlie.

Edward and Carlisle were still a bit awkward, but managed to hug and even say their "i love you"'s at the airport which made my – and I could tell Esme's, too – heart sore. Now it was just Edward and I. And as he made the statement "you are my life now", it couldn't be more true.

We were Bella and Edward.

Edward and Bella.

And he'd always be my everything.

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