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"RING!" The screeching sound shot into the air waking 5 very sleepish teens.

"Damn it Sakura," Tenten groaned from under her blanket, "turn it off!"

Sakura agilely raised her hands from under the pillow shifting it across the bedside table knocking everything down.

"It's not with me fucktard," she moaned.

"Then where the fuck is it bitch?" Ino argued with her eyes still shut.

Hinata pushed herself up from her bed and with half closed eyes scanned the room for the freaking thing.

"C'mon it's pissing me off," Temari muttered, "where the hell is it?"

She got out of her bed and stumbled around the room following the ring.

It was messy, clothes draped and lied around every single corner. Cans of soda and boxes of pizza buried the floor board.

"There Temari," Hinata pointed to a corner, "there."

Temari followed Hinata's direction and retrieved the buzzing alarm clock from under the mountain of unwashed laundry. She slammed the clock against the wall and it stopped its ringing.

She casually looked at the time.

"8:05am," she thought, "what the- 8:05am?"


"WHAT?" the other girls shouted in union.

"8 freaking 05am!" she repeated.

Without a word the other girls stumbled out of the beds and went for the bathroom. Briskly they brushed their teeth and washed their face. The smelt each others armpits for a smell check though it is kind of gross.

They got changed and grabbed their school bags, not uttering a single word in the process. When they're all done, they glanced at each other and smiled.

It felt good, to be surrounded by your closest sisters, even if you're not related by blood. They are so different yet they agree on most things, like fashion, school and well, boys.

Tenten, the daredevil of the group. She excels in sports, especially in soccer. Her wardrobe consists mainly of traditional Chinese silk tops and 3/4 jeans. Whereas her hair is normally seen in two buns, which gives her the nickname 'panda bear'.

Sakura is the academically inclined one in the group. Her grades are the best among the five and topped the level in middle school. She has natural pink hair and matches them with tops of different shades of red and a pair of faded jeans.

Hinata can be called the most naïve in the group, she doesn't say any impurities unlike her friends but doesn't mind listening to them. Her talent lies in her magnificent skills to paint any object that comes to mind. She owns an uncountable amount of jackets and a few pairs of skinny jeans. Her blueberry hair is constantly down and has lilac eyes.

Temari is the most down- to- earth among the 5. She likes watching movies and directing them. Her sandy blonde hair is normally tied into 4 pigtails and wears dark colored clothes. In her wardrobe you can find multiple tank tops in the shades of black and purple, colored tights, lots of fishnets, tons of denim skirts and a few oversized jackets.

Lastly Ino, the flirtatious one. She doesn't care about her education and finds fun in sight- seeing- for boys. The only girl in the group that has ever had a boyfriend. Her clothes are all in the shades of purple and owns mountains of denim shorts. The light blond hair is usually done up in a ponytail.

The girls got into their jeep, Sakura and Tenten at the front, Hinata and Temari at the back with Ino ledged on the metal bar between Temari and Hinata.

"High School here we come," Sakura shouted.

The girls had already arrived and are settled in the school hall. They sat side by side, two rows away from the front. The hall was already filled with high school freshmen waiting for their principal to arrive with her welcome speech.

"Hey look," Ino, who was the closest to the aisle nudges Hinata beside her.

Every girl in the hall screamed like hell when they saw who was coming down the aisle: 4 guys with pale white skin.

"Who are they?" Tenten shouted above the noise.

Ino turned back with an astonished face, "oh my god! How can you not know them? They're the hottest, richest and coolest guys I have ever set eyes on!"

Tenten gave Temari, who was sitting next to her, a face.

"Don't look at me," Temari shook her head, "I have no idea."

Hinata and Sakura doesn't seem to have a clue either. It was only Ino with her teenage girl syndrome that made her the odd on out.

"Women are troublesome," a boy near the back of the hall told his potato chip eating buddy, "fan girls are a pain."

His friend shoved another chip into his already full, "This is a new year, Shikamaru. Positive thoughts."

"Whatever you say Chouji, whatever you say."

"This is it guys!" Lee jumped up from his chair, "this is the year we'll get ourselves girlfriends!"

"Lee, chill," Kiba pulled him back down, "you're scaring me."

Naruto stared at Kiba intentively. After awhile Kiba got the creeps and turned to Natuo.

"Stop that!" Kiba demanded.

"Tell me," Naruto said, still staring, "where did those red stuff on your face come from?"

Kiba touched his face, "you mean the tattoo?"

Lee jumped up from his chair again, screaming.

Naruto's jaw dropped.

"What the hell?" Naruto yelled, "tattoo on you face?"

"What the hell?" Kiba mimicked Naruto, "why the hell do you have whiskers, kitty cat?"

"Meow," Lee purred for effect.

Two boys at the last row, quiet sat there, without saying a word. One had red hair which covered a tattoo on the forehead. The other had brown hair with black overalls.

Silently, they watched the roaring crowd, screaming at the four boys walking down the aisle.

"What's so great about those guys anyway?" Kankuro, the brown haired one spoke, "I mean, so what if his freaking rich? We're richer!"

The red haired remained quiet.

"If I'm not wrong that guy on the far left, the one with dark blue hair and shades is called Shino," Kankuro recalled, " and the one beside him, the one with spikey dark blue hair is Sasuke. The other guy beside him is Sai, the palest of them all and that last boy, Neji, long, black glossy hair. Kinda gay, don't you think?"

The other boy ignored his question, "do you think she's one the foolish girls screaming after them?"

"Nah, Gaara," Kankuro said, "she not that foolish."

"Stop it Ino," Sakura slapped her, "breathe!"

"It's not that big of a deal they're in the same class," Temari said.

Ino stood up an look Temari in the eye, "we're so lucky to be in the same class. I thought this day could never be better! But yes, it has! They're all in our class! All four of them, Shino, Neji, Sai and…" she did as exasperated sigh, "Sasuke!"

Temari's eyebrows twitched a little with disgust, "okay…I get it, Sasuke's yours. Me no touchy."

"So I'm guessing you would want to snag a sit next to lover boy?" Tenten asked.

Ino saw what she meant, Sasuke had an open seat next to him. Sitting next to someone does build an relationship. Quickly she dash forth toward Sasuke to slide into that holy seat of endless bliss.

"Well we better get our seats then," Temari sighed.

Thankfully, they got the closest seat to where Sasuke and, now, Ino were sitting. Temari and Tenten behind them and Sakura and Hinata beside them.

Neji was next to Sai, in the row in front of Sasuke's. Shino was an aisle away from Neji and Sai, and was miserably sitting next to Naruto. Naruto's two other friends, Kiba and Lee, were next to him, the closest to the door. Two rows behind them were brothers, Gaara and Kankuro. In front the two of them is Anko, recalcitrant, held back for 5 years.

"So, a class of 17," a white haired male walked into the class, "an odd number."

He turned to face the class. They soon discovered that he had a mask over his mouth and nose, and looked incredibly young to have full grown white hair.

"I'm Kakashi, you're new form teacher," Kakashi said, "called me Kakashi sen- sei," he rolled his eyes, "duh. Any questions?"

He looked around the silent classroom then smiled, "No? Ok great, let get on with life and introduce ourselves, we're going in an S shape round the classroom starting with you."

Kiba stood up, realizing that Kakashi had just pointed at him, "I'm Kiba Inuzuka, I like dogs and I hate this school cause they don't allow any pets to enter."

"I'll call you… dog boy," Kakashi said, "next."

Lee stood up, "Good Morning my youthful buddies, I'm Rock Lee, I like workouts and I hope to get a girlfriend by this year."

All the girls laughed out loud at Lee's statement.

"Right…" Kakashi nodded his head slowly, "desperate boy."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, I like ramen and I hope to be class president."

"You're ramen boy then, next."

"I'm Shino Aburame, I like bugs and matrix."

"…Matrix dude…"

"I'm Neji Hyuga, I believe in fate and I am NOT related to that girl," he pointed to Hinata.

"They do look alike," Kakashi thought, "sissy boy. Next."

"Sai, I paint and smile."

"Smiley boy."

Ino leaped up in delight, "I'm Ino Yamanaka, I like clothes and SASUKE!"

"I don't know her," Sakura muttered.

Hinata cringed, "wrong move," she thought.

Temari rolled her eyes and Tenten slapped her forehead.

"Teenage girl syndrome," Kakashi shook his head, "carry on."

"Sasuke Uchiha, I like nothing at all."

"Emo much, emo kid?"

"I'm Sakura and I adore pink!"


"Hello, I'm Hinata…er…"

"Lost for words much?"

"I'm Anko Mitarashi, I like dangoes."

"Dango girl."

"Sabaku No Gaara, I like nothing."

"Is that eyeliner? Did you steal it from your sister or something?" Kakashi asked, trying to hold back a laugh.

Gaara glared at those who were staring at him with a glint of amusement in their eyes. They all quickly turned away.

"If only she knew who she was," Gaara eyed Temari without moving his head, "that's why I'm here."

Temari wasn't really paying attention, neither did she intend to. But she felt an awful feeling overpowering her, like a dark aura lurking around her perimeter. She had her forehead to the table, so she couldn't see who was casting such an eerie gaze, but it was no one she wants to befriend.

"My name is Sabaku No Kankuro, Gaara's brother, I like batman," he laughed, "a fan actually."

"Hey did you watch the latest movie?" Kakashi asked eagerly, "it sucked like hell."

"I have to hand it to you," Kankuro nodded understandingly, "it was a disappointment."

"My name is," Chouji munched on the crackers he had in his mouth, "Chouji…Akim…"

"Swallow your damn food fatty!" Kakashi said, "and no eating in class."


Kakashi looked undisturbed, he shook him head unapprovingly, "Chouji Akimichi, I'd like to see you try."

Chouji stood at where he was, panting in anger, face, red hot, his mouth in a scowl.

The Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Naruto, Kiba and Lee were wide- eyed at such courage to stand up for yourself. Tenten and Temari were used to seeing people like that, especially when you live with Ino and called her fat. The rest of the students didn't even bother to look, for they were too busy caring about their own business.

Ino after seeing Sasuke acting so coolly during the situation followed his 'cool' ways and didn't really bother.

"Chouji," his partner Shikamaru muttered with his head on the desk, "let it rest, it so troublesome."

Chouji glanced at the back of Shikamaru's faced- down head, glared once more at Kakashi and then obediently listen to Shikamaru's advice and sat down.

"Carry on…" Kakashi looked down on his class list, "so you're the prodigy Nara Shikamaru eh?"

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "Just call me Shikamaru, don't add and freaking prodigy shit in front, its embarrassing and troublesome. I like clouds and I hate work."

"Right, Mr Shika…"

"And don't add any ass formalities in the front," he added, "and please, don't ever call me Shika, it squirms me up inside."

"Ok, Shikamaru," Kakashi bowed, "your wish is my command."

Everyone that bothered, laughed.

"My name is Temari," Temari sat immediately, expecting Kakashi to move on.

"Surname? Hobbies?" Kakashi prompt.

"Temari Ten," she said, "as for hobbies, I rather not say, cause you derive all our nicknames from this like liking of ours."

Kakashi was impressed, "great observation, Temari."

"Anyone could have figured that out," Shikamaru muttered.

Temari turned to him and smile, "yah, it is just as figure- able as the fact that you're sitting next to me and F.Y.I, I heard that."


"Thank you."

Kakashi regained attention once more, "ok Temari, I guess I'd have to settle with that."

He turned to face Tenten, "make this quick and you guy will have early lunch."

She smirked, "Well then, I'm Tenten, surname Ten, like Temari and name Ten. Complicated, so call me Tenten. And I like soccer, alot."

"Good for you soccer girl," Kakashi swiftly turned to face the class, "get the hell out of here."

Ino walked over to the lunch table, gulmly, to sit among her friends. They all just looked at her with apathetic eyes, cause they knew she was utterly mortified. Ino wanted to sit next to Sasuke during lunch, but no matter how hard she insisted to sit next to him he'd just ask her to get lost. It began all too politely, then his rejection became curt. She pursued her simple request to sit next to him a little while longer and then it ticked him off.

"Really," Sasuke stood up from his seat, "I can't stand those people who just don't understand plain, simple, understandable English. No means no, so please fucking get the hell away from me," he paused trying to think of her name, "girl."

She now sat between Sakura and Hinata and opposite Temari and Tenten, playing around with her food. Everyone who were staring at the commotion, went back to doing their own business. No one took a second glance at Ino, not even the boys who chased after her in middle school, now that they knew she was publicly rejected and immensely desperate.

"Are you ok," Sakura stroked Ino's back calmingly, "Ino?"

Ino didn't look up, avoiding eye contact with anyone. She didn't say anything.

"Earth to Ino," Temari waved her hand in front of Ino's face, "hello?"

"He didn't even know my name," she finally muttered.

Tenten cringed, "yah, remembering someone's name states the level of importance you are to that person- ouff..!"

Temari nudged Tenten with her arm and gave her a glare.

"I'm sure there are other guys that remembered your name," Hinata said, "I mean, you're pretty attractive among all the girls in our class."

Ino looked up for the first time after a while, her brow raised, "oh really, Hinata? There aren't alot of girls in our class if you haven't notice."

"She was trying to help," Sakura urged.

Ino gave an apologetic look.

"There are other guys Ino," Temari stated, "other guys you can easily get."

"I bet there one or two more guy in our class that is cute enough for you," Hinata reasoned.

Ino thought for a while and grinned, "while only two, Hyuga Neji and this other guy…"

The girls closed up to listen to Ino.

"I don't know his name," Ino turned towards Temari, "it's that guy you fought with. Remember his name?"

Temari bit her lips, "you mean Shikamaru?"

"Do you remember his surname?" Tenten asked.

"Err… Nara Shikamara, I guess," Temari said.

Tenten's eyes widened, she looked to the other girls with the same expressions on their faces. It was the oh- my- god look.

"What?" Temari said, bothered.

Ino leaned towards her, "I fucking saw his first!"

Temari gave an accusing look, "no, no, no, it's not what you guys think. I mean, they were making such a big fuck about his name, how can you guys not remember?"

Their expressions remained the same, shocked beyond words. Temari's got her first crush!

"Fuck you guys," she looked at Ino, "I swear in the name of… name of…god? Whatever. That if I ever love- let alone like him, all my camera, filming equipment and, and my Apple computer will be unhesitantly thrown into the garbage."

Ino sat back onto her chair certainly more relaxed, "that's a deal."

They four brothers sat there, quietly eating their lunch. Fangirls were scared off by the incident that happened 10 minutes ago. The brothers were definitely not worth the embarrassment.

"You could have remembered her name," Sai said, "it's Ino by the way."

"That's a horrible name," Sasuke grunted.

Sai smiled and continued pushing the food around his plate. Shino was wiping the lens of his sunglasses. And Neji was fooling around with his tarot cards.

"There," Sai pushed his plate to Sasuke's direction, "you, when you're angry."

Sasuke glanced at the work of art. His face was sculpt using rice, his eyes with black berries, his nose shaped with sesames and his mouth using bacon- turned up- side down. As for his jet black spikey hair, Sai had to use all their sea weed to make the whole head covered.

"That's the important project my sea weed has been put to?" Shino said skeptically.

Sasuke didn't say a word, he scooped a scoop of curry and poured it over 'his face'.

"It needs a tan to look exactly like me," Sasuke said as he ate, "or else people might think it's you with spikey hair."

Sai grinned, "our skin tone isn't so different."

Sasuke chuckled, "you are totally unseen on a sheet of white paper and you're saying our skin tone isn't so different? And they call you an artist."

"Thank you Sasuke," Sai smiled, "I'm thoroughly flattered."

"Done?" Shino asked, "I want my seaweeds back."

Just then Neji gently placed his cards onto the table. Sai stopped the passing of seaweeds.

"So Mr. Fortune Teller," Sai said, "what's our future forecast for today?"

Neji raised the top card on his deck. Shino and Sai looked closely at the card he held. The intricate frame works surrounded illustrations of a dark sky with black and grey clouds.

"Thunder cloud?" Shino read the words at the bottom of the card, "what does that mean?"

Neji looked at Sasuke, expecting an answer.

Sasuke merely looked up and glanced individually at each one of them, "the Thunder Cloud prevents its victims from seeing their paths and misleads them from their course. By the time it wears off, it'll be too late when you realize you entered someone else's boundaries."

"So?" Sai looked over to Neji, "what the hell does that mean?"


Kakashi came in 10 minutes after the bell has rung and apologized to the class for making them wait a whole 10 minutes.

"A magical river appeared out of nowhere and blocked my path," Kakashi said, "so I had to take the other longer path."

Everyone didn't believe it, I mean who would be so dumb?

"Oh my god Kakashi sen- sei," Naruto jumped off his seat, "where is it?"

"Come on Naruto," Kiba laughed, "you don't seriously believe all those crap right?"

"Kakashi sen- sei," Sakura cut in unannounced, "can we just get over it and carry on with life?"

Kakashi turned around to face the black board, "ok, but I'm serious about the whole magical river."

Naruto and Sakura sat down on their seat. Since the controversy in the cafeteria, Ino has shifted her table in between Temari and Shikamaru- another guy she has a crush on. She has been scribbling notes non- stop and sliding them over to Temari's side of the table.

Ino: Temari, do you always feel like this when you're so close to him?

Temari: Feel like what? Shit?

Ino: NO! I meant so excited and tense, so pressured and driven to impress him.

Temari: Whoa, you're vocabulary expanded since you moved here. Was that like 5 mins ago? What the hell do you see in him anyway?

Ino: What the hell don't you see in him?

Temari: Whatever, just don't do anything silly, this crush you have is short- lived, as short as the one you have for-ehm…- Sasuke and, AND Neji.

Shikamaru shrugged under his breathe. Ino almost squealed.

Ino: OMG, his so MANLY!

Temari: Oh yeah he is, very.

Ino give Temari a what- the- hell look, "you promised," she said under her breathe.

Temari rolled her eyes, "I was being sarcastic."


Temari: Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever.

Ino: Hey, is he like gay or something? He's like leaning towards Chouji and NOT ME!

Temari leaned forward to look. Just then Shikamaru's eyes were wandering around and saw Temari look at him. He grinned at her. She scowled and stoked out her tongue at him. Shikamaru let out a silent laugh.

"What?" Temari mouthed at him.

He tore out a blank piece of paper and wrote sloppishly on it. Then, he folded it in fours and wrote something else on the top.

Ino looked worriedly at Temari, "he's writing you a note."

At the side of Ino's table was now a note with 'Te-something- ri girl' written on top of it. Ino stared at it for awhile before passing it to Temari.

Temari glared at how Shikamaru had written her name, "fuck him for forgetting my name."

She opened the note. Ino eyed Temari from the side, hoping to see what was written in the note. On the top of the crumpled sheet of paper, in elegant penmanship was a perfectly straight line of words strung together. She examined the words the script carefully, not bothering to make sense out of the writings. It was undoubtly the most beautifully, manually written font she'd ever seen- passing the fact that it belonged to someone who was totally not beautiful. It took awhile for her to realize that he had written a note for her to read.

Shikamaru: Do you like me? It freaking me out, the way you stare so hard at me that is. And tell your friend, Igo (is that her name?) that I am so not interested in her.

"Do you like me?" she laughed at his question, "would I like him?"

Ino gently tucked something under her arm. It was a note, this time, from her.

Ino: What did he say? Is it something about me?

It was something about her, something bad at least. Temari didn't want Ino to face her second round of rejection today, it was very pitiful.

Temari: Half of it, maybe.

Ino: What about the other half?

Temari: He's asking me a really stupid question.

Ino: Like?

Temari: Well, it's kind of private.

Ino: Does he LIKE you?

Temari: HELL NO!

Ino: Ok , but remember your promise.

Temari turned to reply to Shikamaru's message, but before passing it back, she folded it into a neat quarter and addressed it to: Shi- something- ru boy.

Shikamaru laughed at how she'd addressed him. Ino cringed. Temari got a little angry he wasn't offended by her remark.

Temari: No, in your fucking dreams I would like you. And I DONOT stare at you, I glance and is it normally due to the heaps of stupidity that is written on your damn face. Also I'm not going to tell Ino (That is her name, it's not Igo) that you're not interested in her. You tell her yourself, but do that a week later or so, cause Sasuke made her really sad today and I don't want to see her upset again. But what would be another alternative is that you DATE her, or at least talk to her- and that means no talking to me, cause that's seriously making her a hell lot jealous. Do what I say and your life would be a whole lot easier.

Shikamaru: A whole lot easier?

Temari: Yes, I swear that you'll never hear a word from me ever again (like I would even talk to you)

Shikamaru: But what if I want to hear from you again?

"What the hell does he mean?" She thought.

Something started to block her light, she looked up and saw a familiar face of her sen- sei looking down upon her.

"Love notes?" Kakashi took the two notes on Temari's table, the one from Ino and the one from Shikamaru.

He walked over to his desk and started reading them. Some parts he grinned, others he wore a shocked expression.

Temari slapped herself, Ino panicked and Shikamaru hid his face under his folded arms. The other students frequently turned back to empathise them. Sakura and Hinata looked over their shoulder and managed to catch Temari's attension.

"What happened?" Sakura mouthed.

Temari bit her lips and shook her head, "something very bad."

She glanced at Ino, who was bitting on her thumb, her les were jumoing up and down, she looked as if she was about to cry.

Tenten leaned towards Temari, "what did you write in there?"

Temari looked at Kakashi worriedly, she wasn't worried on her own accord, rather she could feel Ino panicking vibes hit her hard.

"Stuff that no one ought to know," Temari told Tenten.

Kakashi leaned against his desk and smirked, "sweet, this whole thing is like Icha Icha Paradise all over again."

"Icha Icha Paradise?" Lee asked.

"Something you guys shouldn't know about," Kakashi in a deep breath, he looked at the 3 of them, "well good luck with the whole controversy. Back to the discussion."

He turned to face the board and wrote a couple of things below one another.

"Something that has got to do with Ino, is definitely a boy problem," Sakura whispered to Hinata, "I mean Shikamaru looked damned too."

Hinata nodded, "well, what about Temari? I mean, the fact that Ino and Shikamaru could be writing love notes to each other doesn't really put Temari nicely in the picture."

Sakura scratched her head thoughtfully, saying that she agrees with Hinata.

"What do you think?" Hinata prompt, "What's your theory? You're the smart one, you got to have something."

Sakura looked towards the blackboard and nodded, "I'm thinking."

By now Kakashi has written a few things on the board and was rounding it up by drawing a line on the title of the whole sudject: Class Committee.

"Nominations for subject leader?" Kakashi said, "someone who has to collect all the homework and attend to the subject teacher's EVERY need."

"That's practically being a slave to your subject teacher!" Tenten shouted across the class.

Kakashi bore a wide grin, "precisely why I'm teaching you for most subjects."

"WHAT?" Naruto screamed.

"Damn Naruto," Shino groaned, "shut the hell up."

"So? Nominations?" Kakashi jumped an inch eagerly.

A hand shot up from amongst the crowd, almost forgotten, Anko blended in so well with the silence. She had a smirk all over her face. Everyone that bothered, twisted their fingers, praying that Anko wasn't about the sabotage them. They've heard rumors of her cruelty. But those were only absurd rumors to pass time and pick on an innocent being, they weren't necessarily true- necessarily.

Kakashi's face lit up, finally the first slave to come aboard the Kakashi you're- gonna- die- under- my- wrath express, "great! Who?"

"Not me, not me," Kiba chanted under his breath, "not me."

Lee looked at him weirdly, "are you ok?"

"What if she calls me?" Kiba said worriedly and leaned in closer, "she's evil."

"Evil?" Lee had a quizzical look.

Kiba nodded, "they say that she drinks blood whenever she feels like it, I didn't believe it at first, but look at her lips! Their blood red!"

"It could just be lipstick," Lee said, "it can't be that bad."

"Oh but it is," Kiba eyes widened, "she's so scary that all the teachers are afraid of her."

"Kakashi sen- sei?" Lee asked, "he doesn't look scared."

Kiba shook his head wildly, "that's because he's new here, he doesn't know a thing about Anko, that's why all the teachers threw her into his class. I mean, how can a drop out be in the express class?"

Lee nodded, "true, I've heard is a wild kid, that is, she lives on the streets because her parents didn't want her."

"You guys know that I'm just behind you right?" A vanilla scented voice trailed in from behind them, "I can hear each and every word that come out of your mouths."

Kiba and Lee's back straightened up.

"Don't worry," Anko assured them, "I didn't nominate you."

The two boys looked at the blackboard. True enough, she really didn't nominate any of them, she didn't nominate anybody. She nominated herself.

Kakashi was already getting nominations for Assistant Class Representative. Turns out the class had already chosen their Sports Captain, Tenten.

"So it's between Shikamaru and art boy eh?" Kakashi looked at the nominated names, "I think smiley face should do it, Shikamaru is too busy being in- ahem, to be Assistant Class Representative."

Hinata glanced at Sakura who was already looking at her, "what do you think 'ahem' means?"

"Too busy being in… in…" Sakura thought for a moment then grinned, "love."

Hinata's eyes widened, "love? With who? Ino?"

"Should be," Sakura said, "but where does Temari fit in to all this?"


Sakura gave Hinata the what- the- hell look.

"I was just kidding!"

"Congratulation!" Naruto turned to face Hinata and Sakura.

"What?" Sakura said.

"You're our new Class Representative!" Kakashi applauded.

The girls walked out of the school compound to get to their car. Hinata was whispering to Tenten about the Shika- Tema- Ino thing, apparently the class highlight of the day. Everybody had been busy trying to figure out the content of the letters Kakashi confiscated. Naruto wanted to steal them from Kakashi's house, Kiba wanted his dog kill Kakashi then retrieve it, Lee wanted to threaten Kakashi with his so called martial arts power. The four brothers weren't really bothered about the situation, they were rather immersed into finding out the complication that was going to affect them. Gaara and Kankuro were gone as soon as school was over. Anko skipped last period with Genma, their mathematics teacher. Shikamaru followed Chouji to the cafeteria to beat the after- school crowd. Sakura walked on slowly behind the rest of them, thinking about the most thought about thing, but unlike the others she was thinking strategically, finding connections between the different people. Temari walked silently, blocking all forms of noise out of her head by filling it with songs from her IPod Nano Gen 3. Ino was sandwiched between Temari and Sakura by 2 easy strides. She tried to stop thinking about what happened in class today, it was repulsively embarrassing to be publicly dumped by Sasuke, but worse to be betrayed by her sister. She knew Shikamaru told Temari something important, something she should know about. What was the 'something private' she couldn't tell to her sworn sister and the 'stupid question' Shikamaru had asked her? Damn the suspense was agonizing.

"She can't drive when she's in this state," Tenten whispered to Hinata.

"I'll drive," Hinata suggested, she looked back at Sakura but caught sight of the four siblings walking a few paces behind them.

"I heard each of them has their own car," Tenten said, "a Posh, a Mercedes Benz, a Ferrari and a Ross Royce! They're goddamn rich!"

"Guys," Sakura jumped out of nowhere, "I think I got it!"

They looked at her expectantly.

"Well maybe, just maybe, Shikamaru doesn't return the feelings Ino has for him, maybe he is in love with Temari," Sakura exclaimed.

Hinata gave the same what- the- hell face Sakura gave her in class, "they hate each other."

"On the very first day!" Tenten sided Hinata, "is that really all that you've been thinking off? I mean isn't bad to stick your nose into someone elses business?"

Sakura made a face, "ARGH!" she almost screamed, "it's just too complicated!"

Complicate. Complicated. Complication.

The four brother happened to be eavesdropping at that exact moment and the word just echoed in the minds. Complicated… complicated… complicated. They all looked at Neji, the tarot card reader. Neji had a very serious face.

"Is it so plainly visible?" Neji questioned the others, "what if it is a diversion to let our guards down?"

"She did say complicated," Sai reminded him.

"We better get home guys," Shino interrupted, "it's going to rain."

Sasuke looked at him, "are your bug instincts telling you that?"

"No," Shino pointed to the ominous sky, "it's plainly visible."

Sai looked at Neji with a I- told- you face, "not everything has to be… what's that word? Oh, complicated."

"If you guys continue guessing, Ino's going to get pissed," Tenten said in the bath that night, "Temari wouldn't really care, she doesn't give a fuck about what the world thinks of her."

Sakura was combing her hair in front of the table, "but I can't rest till I know the meaning behind all this mess. Ino is not even talking to Temari, now there's seriously something wrong there cause Ino is always the chatty one."

The door slammed shut. The two girls realized that Hinata had just rushed in, panting.

"What?" Tenten asked.

Hinata looked up and winced, "stop guessing already."

"Why?" Sakura was eager.

Hinata had a worried look on her face and shook her head, "Ino, she's calling… calling…"



"What? Why?"

"She thinks that's the only way to stop the guessing and gossiping," Hinata explained, "she says that the proability of Shikamaru liking her to Temari was 99.9% to 100%. So as long as she's going out with him, the talking would stop."

"So what's wrong?" Sakura asked, "for once her mathematical calculations were right, many guys prefer her to Temari."

"That's why your guesses were never right," Hinata said, "Temari told me that Shikamaru was never interested in anybody, he finds it way too troublesome to have a relationship."

Sakura and Tenten looked at each other, "so that means…"

"Shikamaru doesn't like Ino."

"Anko," Kakashi muttered from his desk, "you can go home."

Anko just laughed, "it's alright Kakashi sen- sei, no one will be waiting for me anyways."

She was just lonely. The reason she nominated herself to be subject leader was so she could follow someone around for a reason. No one at school seemed to allow her into their social circle, not someone she talked to at least. She was actually, relatively gifted and well taught about the different subjects. After all, she has been in freshmen year for 5 years. She didn't want to advance to the next grade as she hoped to befriend someone totally new to the school, so they won't discriminate her. But rumors spread like wild fire, one person knowing it would be equivalent to the whole cohort hearing about it. At least a teacher can't show this type of discrimination.

"They say that your mean," Kakashi was typing documents into his computer, "that you killed your parents, married a rich man, then kill him to get his fortune and then sucked to blood out of their dead bodies…"

Maybe she was wrong.

"But," he continued, "you don't seem like a vampire bitch, slut."

She was wrong, wrong about being wrong.

"Nobody seems like that," Anko said, "at least nobody deserves to."

"So what really happened to your parents?"

"They froze themselves, to preserve their youth."

Kakashi laughed at the joke, "youth is a very important thing Anko," he turned his chair around, "you're getting older and older by the day, now you're probably 18."


"Yes, 19," Kakashi reinforced, "you're wasting your time here, you know more than we teach, there aren't many gifted people."

"Shikamaru is gifted."

"But he's young, you're not."

"Are you implying that I'm old?"

"Old enough to be my younger sister."

"Your younger sister?" She laughed, "how old are you? My age? Or 18?"

"I'm 28."

"No," she said in disbelief, "not that old."

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you," he turned back to type more thing onto his computer.

Anko was now, next to him, flipping through his wallet he left on the table. She slipped a card and read it, front and back.

"You are 28," she said then frowned, "I was hoping to have a sneak look at your face, why did they let you take a picture with your mask?"

He grinned without looking at her, "secret."

She looked at the screen, "what are you doing?" She examined it for a while, "oh typing the class lists. Why are you doing all this alone? Aren't the other teachers supposed to help?"

"Get more coffee," he ignored her question.

She turned head head back, "unless you want to use the cup I'm using, we're out."

"That'll be like kissing you," he cringed, "no thanks. Anyway I'm done soon, two more names."

She when back to her seat and sat down, "I'll wait until you're done, take you're time."

His vision was damn blurry with a the drowsiness, the names just swivered around mixing into each other.

"Sasame Rice, class… class…1-A," he read as he typed, "Matsuri Sand, class 1-C. Done."

"God Anko enough," he said, "go home, your frozen parent would be very worried."

**End of Episode One**