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Plans Laid

Ashford Academy, the most prestigious of the Britannian schools in Area 11 was always considered to be the most boisterous school in all of Britannia, or maybe even the world. With festivals occurring on an almost weekly basis, it was inevitable that people would think that particular school was quite a bit of a mad house.

And the reason why many thought of the school in such a queer way, was due to Milly Ashford, the School Council President who had a taste for the more eccentric and insane parties.

The teen in question was currently placing an order five hundred pizzas of every flavor imaginable from Pizza Hut. She had bought enough drinks to fill the school pool twice over and enough finger food to last the school population a week. All that hard work for Kallen Stadtfeld, who was holding her celebration for getting Knighted in the School Council Building, just like her predecessor, Suzaku.

But Milly needed to come up with a plan to get a monster-sized cake for Kallen, because the cake shop that she liked was closed down for renovations, and she hated the other cake shops that always charged exorbitant prices. Their cakes were terrible too, so why buy crappy and expensive cakes... when you could make it yourself.

As things usually went, Milly was just cooking up another recipe for disaster.

Milly was a qualified cook who could pretty much cook anything a person could name, just not in the scale of baking she was planning unfortunately.

However, the rest of the School Council, whom she had drafted into helping as always, were completely clueless on how to cook. Euphie, the latest addition to the Council, was a Princess who had attended a few cooking lessons before, and knew how to do some basic stuff like sifting flour or beating eggs, but that was it.

Shirley, was a complete klutz who could mess up the simplest processes, like mixing the batter. Rivalz was only good for peeling the fruits for the cake, which Milly had intended to be a fruit cake.

Suzaku was no good with baking at all, even though he could actually cook quite decently, and Nunnaly... well she was blind, so no one wanted to trouble her.

Nina, was to put it very simply, completely incapable of making food and and was ushered out of the kitchen after she somehow managed to make a pack of flour burst into a giant white cloud, turning the whole council into ghostly looking white figures.

Where's my slav- I mean Prince when I need him... wah! Milly cried in a corner as Shirley spoiled another batch of flour, butter and egg.

Only Lelouch would have been able to handle the chaos to cook up the most delicious cuisine. What was Milly to do without her wonderful Vice-President.

Suzaku shared a small glance with Euphemia, and both of them sighed in exasperation. They were never going to be able to bake the cake. Rivalz continued to peel the kiwis and mangoes as fast as he could, desperate to get out of the kitchen and watch the Knighting Ceremony that was gong to start soon.

Finally, when Shirley had nearly spilled yet another batch of batter, Milly snapped.

"Alright Shirley, I'll do the mixing..." Milly wrenched a bowl from her fellow Council member and proceeded to mix the batter with tears in her eyes, muttering about how she missed her Lelouch.

One hour passed, along with twenty wasted packets of flour, fifteen crushed eggs, a kilogram of ruined butter, a broken mixer and a very dirty Student Council, the batter was ready for baking.

Frankly, Suzaku thought the money that was just wasted would have been better used to buy the disgusting and expensive cakes that Milly had been complaining about. He was willing to bet a million pounds that the yucky cakes would probably have tasted nicer than their massive cake, which resembled an explosion more than a pastry.

"OKAY! Let's put the cake in the oven", Shirley cried joyfully, thinking more about getting a quick shower to clean off rather than finishing the pastry.

Everyone watched as Milly slid the cake into the oven and switched the appliance on.

Milly swirled to face her fellows, a strained smile stretching across the extremely stressed out visage, "Okay then, I think... we should go and wash up and then watch the Knighting Ceremony. The cake should be done when the whole thing has ended."

With a chorus of agreement, the Student Council rushed off to the showers.

Suzaku had never been so happy to get shower in his life. Even the army training did not make him feel so dirty.

"Hey Suzaku, how do you think the cake will turn out." Rivalz called out from the next door cubicle.

Suzaku shrugged, "I have no idea really, but I do wonder... why did Shirley add cooking oil to the cake."

Rivalz's shout of "WHAT?" was drowned out by the sound of an explosion that sounded like it came from the kitchen where they had been cooking.

"SHIT!" Both boys yelped.

Hurriedly drying themselves off, Suzaku and Rivalz, threw on their clothes haphazardly and charged towards the kitchen, fearing the worst.

Oil was never ever supposed to be added to the fruit cake, and it turned pout to be surprisingly combustible in the extremely hot oven. By the time Suzaku and Rivalz had reached their destination, the oven, along with the whole room was on fire. Needless to say, the accursed cake was blazing merrily away to make the inferno grow.

Worse still, the school sprinkler system was on the blink.

The boys looked at one another.

"We've got to call the Fire Brigade!", they cried and they ran off, warning everyone to get away from the building as they went.

Miraculously, the whole school was not burnt down, like some people had thought. The smoke cloud caused by all the burnt food and appliances was visible all the way in the downtown districts. Even staff in the Government building could see small whiffs of smoke.

Milly wailed at the thought of the costs to repair the building. She really missed her slave.

Meanwhile, in the massive Government Building, Lelouch spotted the the smoke rising quite easily from his vantage point of the Vice-Governor's office.

"Milly is hopeless without me isn't she?" The Prince sighed.

"No kidding." Kallen stared wide eyed at the soot rising in the distance, "She should not have gone through so much trouble just for me."

Lelouch vi Britannia, looked away from the sight of the city to take in Kallen's form.

Decked out in a full Knight's uniform, Kallen looked very smart, and was dazzling sight to behold indeed, in the Prince's eyes. The only variation in her uniform from the standard was the coloration, which was a far cry from the typical white-gold style. Kallen's uniform was almost completely black, with silver trimmings.

A design that invoked a subtle reminder of the Black Knights uniform.

Kallen's uniform was of course designed by Lelouch's and speedily tailored by the Royal Seamstresses. The Eleven Ace still had trouble in believing that a group of people could sew up such an elaborate piece of apparel in just a few hours.

Whilst Kallen mused on the amazing abilities of Britannia's tailors, Lelouch's eyes were starting to wonder all over his Crimson Lotus' form, and he was enjoying every minute of it. Though Lelouch would never tell anyone that he had actually taken an interest in a girl.

It took a while, but Kallen finally felt Lelouch's eyes on her and hissed venomously, "Stop staring you damned pervert, or else you be in trouble from me!"

To add effect to her warning, she drew her sword, which was another talking point.

The blade was a katana, a Japanese sword. Not some fancy Britannian broad sword or rapier that many Royal Knights took up. It would be a bit weird during the Knighting ceremony, but Lelouch knew his Knight would prefer not to have too much to do with Britannia, including the use of a Britannian blade.

The Black Prince was jolted out of his deep thoughts when the sound of Kallens boots clicking against the floor was right in front of him, and Lelouch focused his sight to find himself face to face with a sword and the certainly enraged red head wielding it.

Lelouch backed up hastily to the wall, "What are you doing Kallen! There's no need to get violent!"

Unfortunately, Kallen's mind had interpreted Lelouch's sentence the wrong way, and she just got even angrier. Lelouch would later consider searching for a book on how to handle dangerous situations with hormonally charged, weapon totting teens. He was not handling the problem very well.

Lelouch would also have to thank his elder sister, Cornelia, and buy her a new gun for saving his ass. Cornelia had walked into the room to pass a message to the duo and in doing so, diffused the emotional bombs.

"The ceremony's starting soon Lelouch you shou- what are you doing with my brother, Major?" Cornelia li Britannia inquired sternly, using Kallen's newly given rank.

Kallen seemed to snap out of a daze as she looked at her sword, then at Lelouch, and back to Cornelia. Realizing what she had done in an instant, the Crimson Lotus hastily sheathed her sword and backed away, laughing sheepishly and rubbing the back of her neck in embarrassment. Inwardly, Kallen was screaming at herself, DAMN why did I react like that?

Lelouch had meanwhile, turned beet red, and was also scolding himself mentally, Why did I even let my eyes wander around! I cannot believe I let my instincts take control!

Cornelia looked at the two flushed faces for a moment, and sighed in resignation. What was she going to do with these two self denying love birds. From what the Witch of Britannia had heard from Nunnaly and Euphie, Lelouch had stupidly fallen head, right over his heels for the red head, and said red head was still desperately trying to avoid the truth and fool herself.

And I used to think I had love issues when I was their age... I hope I didn't think that aloud. Cornelia set a neutral face again and spoke cordially, "Lelouch, Kallen Stadtfeld, both your presences are required right now for the Knighting ceremony."

Then, after some thought, Cornelia gave in to the temptation and smirked, "I would also advise the both of you to refrain from rough and or masochistic public displays of affection. It would be detrimental to the reputation of Britannia."

Cornelia turned and left, holding back peals of laughter after seeing Lelouch turn purple and Kallen managed to choke on her own air. The Witch of Britannia would never live it down if someone caught her laughing merrily instead of being the serious and vicious female commander of Britannia.

"Let's go." Lelouch ground out, heading silently out the office, with Kallen following mutely.

A short while later, Kallen was darkly contemplating the discrimination of Numbers by Britannians.

Suzaku was Knighted in a relatively small reception hall which was not very grand by Britannian standards. Not many people had attended the event and the atmosphere was unfriendly, since the Nobles present were very unhappy that a Numbers was to be Knighted.

Kallen on the other hand, was being Knighted in the Grand Hall, where she had kicked Luciano Bradley's ass, as Gino would eloquently put it. Nobles from all over Area 11 and even outlying Areas were present. Most were present to try and curry Lelouch's favor, but they happy and were there nonetheless.

Whilst Suzaku's Knight Ceremony was mainly aired in only Japan, Kallen would be made a Knight before the eyes of all in Britannia's sphere of influence. Even some Chinese Federation and Euro Universe media groups had gone through the trouble to get recording permits to the event.

The EU and the Federation of course were more interested in investigating how big of a threat Kallen would be to them. No rival to the world's greatest superpower would be foolish enough celebrate their enemy's fortune in finding a strong warrior.

Taking a deep breath, Kallen stilled her nervous self. Checking one last time to see if her uniform was badly wrinkled, the Crimson Lotus nodded to the man standing besides the great doors.

"Announcing the arrival of Lady Kallen Stadtfeld of the Stadtfeld House!" The chief announcer called out, cursing his misfortune of having to do the same job, in the same room, with as many people as the day before. He wasn't getting paid enough to lose his voice, period!

Once again, Kallen felt the oppressive aura the Nobles were giving off, pressing down upon her. This time there was no Nunnaly to help, no friends to give unseen comfort. Even her own Noble family, which she did not acknowledge, was giving off the same stifling aura.

Cornelia, Schenizel, and their men were giving of neutral auras that neither calmed nor panicked the red head, but it definitely did not provide much comfort to the very uncomfortable Kallen.

The only one in the room who could make Kallen feel a lot better was seated nicely at the end of the Great Hall, upon a much smaller throne than the one present the day before. Lelouch vi Britannia.

Meanwhile, Lelouch had tried to, and failed to stop staring at Kallen. Damn it! Must get a hold of myself. I must look like a fool! Lelouch hurriedly wiped a small smile off his face to favor the typical expressionless facade, Calm is what I require right now.

"You may approach the throne." Lelouch intoned solemnly, doing a great impersonation of his father's impassive face from the day before.

Okay... you can do this Kallen. Even steps... even breathing... neutral and formal face... argh who am kidding! I must look like an idiot to everyone else with all my panicking! Kallen kept up her mental tirade as she made her way mechanically, in her own opinion, towards her only available source of comfort.

In the eyes of the viewers around the world however, people saw an upright young woman marching smartly towards the throne. A fighter who looked like she had been bred for war. To the Britannians, she was the perfect example of their superior breed of fighters.

To the Black Knights, she was one hell of a mole, digging into the ranks of Britannia for the sake of Zero, and Japan.

To the rest of the world, Kallen Stadtfeld looked like she was starting to turn out as trouble for them. Trouble with a capital 't', and one that needed to be dealt with if possible.

As Kallen closed in on Lelouch, her anxiety slowly ebbed. She was almost by Zero's side now, where she always felt she belonged

When Kallen finally came in front of Lelouch, staring into his eyes for a moment. Lelouch caught sight of the firm determination in her eyes that had overtaken the nervousness, and almost smirked. Kouzuki Kallen was a fighter who always would do her best in every situation after all. She would give a good 'show' to the Nobles.

"Please kneel" Lelouch prompted formally, and Kallen swept into a graceful genuflect.

The Stadtfelds swelled visibly with pride at the sight of their daughter on the precipice of greatness.

"Kallen Stadtfeld, do you wish to accept the responsibilities of Knighthood, and fight as a Champion of Britannia?" Secretly and without any person or camera noticing, Lelouch then added, "And Japan."

Kallen smirked. Lelouch really was trying to do his best to make her feel better about joining his crazy scheme.

"Yes, your Highness." Kallen spoke out, loudly and clearly for all to hear.

The Black Prince continued neutrally, "Do you pledge yourself to be the sword and shield of the Empire, devoted to its greater good?" Now this is a really interesting part of the oath if I do say so myself, Lelouch smiled inwardly, Kallen could be devoted to Britannia's greater good by killing a couple of useless, corrupt Nobles.

"Yes, you Highness." Kallen repeated.

The Knighting Ceremony was almost done. Kallen drew her sword and held its handle out to Lelouch, with its tip poised before her heart. That's when people finally began to take notice of the weapon. Murmurs began to flit around the once silent room.

"Isn't that a Japanese sword?" Whispered a young and curious Noble.

"What is my daughter doing with a barbarian weapon!" Missus Stadtfeld hissed quietly.

"This is unbelievable! Prince Lelouch vi Britannia is allowing his Knight to take a sword made by Numbers as her personal weapon?" An EU reporter spluttered most unprofessionally into his microphone.

Ignoring the chatter, Lelouch took the sword from his Knight's hands, raised the blade and touched the epaulets of Kallen's uniform as the young lady bowed her head in respect.

"I, Lelouch vi Britannia, hereby dub thee Dame Kallen Stadtfeld." Lelouch spoke with an air of finality.

Lelouch presented the weapon to Kallen, who swiftly received the blade and slid it back into its sheath swiftly. Wordlessly, Kallen stood, and turned when Lelouch swept his arm out to the crowd.

Both were met with stunned silence. Everyone was too shocked by Kallen's choice of sword.

Clap... Clap... Clap...

A single pair of hands came together to give some much needed noise to the deafening silence. Kallen looked in surprise to find the Prime Minister of Britannia, Schenizel el Britannia applauding quite heartily, and smiling approvingly. Cornelia joined in next, with a knowing smile on her face. Their aides followed their masters' leads immediately.

Hardly a moment later, the whole hall of Nobles hastily snapped out of their dazes to join the growing applause all over the Area. If the Prime Minister and the Witch of Britannia approved of such a choice by Dame Kallen Stadtfeld, then they had better accept it too. There were true stories of how badly people ended up by getting into the bad books of Britannia's most influential figures.

Black Knights from every corner of Japan cheering for their comrade, and for the fact that she still held to her Japanese roots by taking a katana with her.

The Japanese people were celebrating the fact that a Britannian Knight acknowledged and preferred Japanese arms over her local ones, whilst the EU, along with the Federation, had no idea what to make of it.

Now here's where everything begins. Lelouch, Schenizel and Cornelia shared the same thought for that one instant.

As the applause came to a stop, Lelouch rose from his seat, clasping on his cloak as he did so. With his recently re-donned black cloak, people took notice of how he looked like a perfect match with his black clad Knight. The crowd wondered, what is happening now?

"Now that this Knighting Ceremony is over, I shall now make a few announcements on behalf of Governor Cornelia." Lelouch spoke cordially, glancing at his elder sister, who nodded.

"And there is no need for our foreign guests to leave. This is not a major announcement, or a declaration." Schenizel added, with a mysterious smile as guards moved to usher the EU and Federation reporters off.

Once the guards had backed off again, and everyone's attention was focused solely on Lelouch, he continued, "By order of the Governor, the Number's system within Area 11 is to be abolished!"

It was like a jet plane had come crashing into the hall. Absolute pandemonium broke out as Nobles started asking questions. The reporters started to lose all form of professionalism and act like crazy headless chickens. But Lelouch was not going to stop just yet.

"Further! A new system of governance will be installed! The Japanese people will have control over all of the Area's government sectors! The only exceptions to this are the posts of the Governor and Vice-Governor, along with any government sectors, pertaining to the resource, Sakuradite, which will remain under Homeland jurisdiction!" Lelouch roared over the racket.

"This is insanity! The Emperor would-" The Treasury Secretary was cut off.

Schenizel had stepped in, "His Majesty, has given his explicit permission in this matter as a test to see if this Area is now ready for self governance as a colony. It is a special case, which will not happen again if the Japanese fail to prove their capability."

It was a rather open and plain statement for the Prime Minister to make, but it suited his purposes just fine. It would give the Nobles a good interpretation; they could get their power back if they could wrest it from the Japanese, and that meant secretly rebelling to destabilize the Japanese government sectors to make it seem like they were incompetent

Stupid Nobles never even realized they had fallen right into a trap.

Lelouch wanted the rebellions. It would indeed destabilize Japan, and to the EU or Federation, it would become a tantalizing target. Japan did have 70 percent of the world's Sakuradite.

Large prey require large bait, Lelouch smirked.

The other superpowers were sure to have received the news by now and would definitely be plotting away to take the Land of the Rising Sun. They just did not know that a full Britannian division, fully equipped with the latest technology was being discreetly placed in secret installations all over the country to handle such an invasion.

Both superpowers also did not know that Lelouch planned to seek the Black Knight's assistance to assist in holding off the enemy attack. Even Britannia's division would never hold off the more numerous forces of the Federation or the Euro Universe. The Black Knights were more than capable of doing such a thing, provided they had enough funding and the technology. Both, of which the Prince would certainly provide.

And if all went Lelouch's way like it usually did, the Japanese would even get credit for doing something which Britannia had never done. Conquering the Chinese Federation.

It would force the Homeland to acknowledge the Japanese people even more, resulting in the increased freedom for the Japanese people. By that time, Japan should even be strong enough to wrest itself out of Britannia's grasp to clinch its freedom. But first, one other objective had to be dealt with to make all the later plans be useful; weeding out the corrupt Nobles in Area 11.

"The Prince and his Knight must have been poisoned by the Elevens during their stay with them!" Screamed a Lady.

"And their poison is now spreading throughout Britannia!" Shouted an Earl.

"I will not let you do such a thing!" Cried a zealous Britannian, who whipped out a knife and charged straight for Lelouch. Funny how no one dared to charge his siblings, Lelouch noted that he needed to establish a better reputation for himself amongst the Nobles.

Prince had a gun that he could have used to defend himself, but he did not even need to lift a finger. The same could be said for the guards, who were probably incapable of stopping the would be assassin anyway.

Kallen had ran up to the assassin wanna-be in four strides, grabbed his arm and wrenched it into an impossible position for a human joint to be in. The man's elbow popped out with a surprisingly soft and wet sound, but he went down with a glass shattering squeal of pain. For a moment, Lelouch had a strange thought run through his mind, Why couldn't Kallen do a spinning kick like Suzaku?

"Guards!" Schenizel called calmly.

The few Nobles who had rashly spoken out were rounded up and cuffed in seconds. Their enraged cries had quickly turned into placating cries for mercy. But they were already doomed. They had questioned the decision to give more freedom to the Japanese, and in turn, the honor and integrity of the Royal Family. It was treasonous.

It was only punishable by death.

Now, the guards finally proved themselves to be useful in a task, by dragging the dissidents away roughly.

As the screams of the damned faded, Lelouch smirked, as he prepared for his own, next move.

Now it's time to pay Schenizel and Cornelia back for what they did to me yesterday! Lelouch thought evilly as Kallen saw Lelouch's smirk and started to head out of the Grand Hall in a slightly rushed gait.

Sensing Lelouch's malicious side appearing as well, Cornelia hastily bade farewell and swept out of the chambers with her men. She was lucky to have escaped in time.

Schenizel's instinct seemed to have failed him however, and he remained where he was.

Later, the Prime Minister would wonder why he could have possibly made such a terrible decision.

Cursing at having missed the opportunity to get his elder sister, Lelouch calmed himself by settling for his brother. Turning to the pale crowd, he smiled and informed them, "I will need to take my leave now too, but I can assure you that the Prime Minister will be able to answer all your questions."

Without further pause, the Black Prince had rushed right out the door with a much speed as possible, while still looking Princely. Now, it was Schenizel's turn to be left with the rabid reporters. Only this time, he was going to have to contend with the questions of the Nobles as well. I should have guessed you would do this Lelouch... Schenizel sighed as he was mobbed by a furious tirade of questions.

It was times like these that Schenizel wished he had listened to his siblings' advice and gotten himself a Knight to ward off the crazy people, rather than relying on next to useless guards.

So Schenizel was stuck with handling the torrent of questions over the next three hours. However, he could not answer one of the questions; where did the Prince, Lelouch vi Britannia go?

The Prince in question, was standing before a young man in a jail cell. A teen who identified himself as Rolo Haliburton over a month ago. Rolo had been shackled to the wall of a prison cell in the gallows since then, awaiting execution.

But because he was so stubbornly refusing to reveal any information on the Geass Directorate, which the Royalty in Area 11 desperately wanted to know, his date with the firing squad was repeatedly delayed again and again. Even the interrogators were tearing their own hair out, because the boy would only repeat two sentences no matter what kind of torture or questioning he was put under.

"I have nothing to say." and "Just kill me, I am worthless now anyway."

Rolo felt the presence of someone outside his cell and tagged the person as one of the usual interrogators who was there for the weekly torture session. Sighing, Rolo used his usual sentence, "I have nothing to say."

The reply was of course, completely unexpected.

"And I do not need you to say anything, Rolo Lamperouge." Lelouch spoke with as kind of a tone he could muster.

Just out of Rolo's field of vision, Kallen restlessly awaited Lelouch's return, or call for assistance.

Kallen already knew of Lelouch's most wacky idea to date, but she still could not shake off her doubts over this venture. Lelouch was trying to turn one of the deadliest opponents he had ever faced into his ally, something which most, if not all people were never likely to do. Kallen was also afraid of Rolo's Geass.

The Power of Absolute Suspension could let Rolo kill anyone he wanted, and the person would never realize it till they were already dead. It was a terrifying skill, and one which Kallen was reluctant to have on the loose, since it could threaten the lives of Nunnaly, Suzaku, her other friends. Lelouch would be placed in great danger too.

Kallen slapped herself lightly. What am I thinking! While I'm on the job even! Focus Kallen! The red head was finding it more and more difficult to keep her thoughts from straying to Lelouch. Kallen knew the symptoms. Her mother had told her all about them long ago.

She was falling like an idiot for Lelouch, and from what she saw from Lelouch's reactions to her, he had fallen for her too. It was really sad the both of them were fighting the attraction tooth and nail.

Kallen forcefully wrenched her mind back onto business, but paid the price in attentiveness. Whilst she had been wondering about her next call to Ougi, or looking forward to her party, or finding a way to get her Guren back, Kallen had completely lost track of time.

One hour later, Kallen was startled by the clinking of metal chains falling to the ground, and she panicked, Shit! What if Rolo... Kallen forced herself not to finish the thought as she ran towards the cell where the assassin and Lelouch were.

Only to find Lelouch and Rolo walking out, both perfectly unharmed. Lelouch even had a rather satisfied smile on his face, while Rolo just looked apprehensive about something.

Kallen's could have sworn her jaw had hit the floor due to her shock.

"Oookay... What's going on?" Kallen cocked her head quizically.

Lelouch did not give her the answer she wanted. The Black Prince simply smiled that, I -will-tell-you-later, grin and called for the Guards to get... a set of Ashford Academy clothes for Rolo... Lamperouge?

It took Kallen a minute to actually digest what Lelouch had said, but when she did, the Crimson Lotus blow her top off with great aplomb, "What the hell are you playing at Lelouch! Rolo Lamperouge? Attending Ashford Academy? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?"

"Um... excuse me?" Said the jailer, who seemed to have shrunken by at least a good ten centimeters after hearing Kallen's furious shouting.

Kallen could see Lelouch's smile turning into his patented teasing smirk. She was so going to get a ribbing from him for losing control later.

Why did I sign up for this... Kallen cried in the depths of her soul...

Elsewhere, in a meeting hall within the Vermilion Forbidden City, the heart of the Chinese Federation, news from Japan was being dissected by the High Eunuch and the top Generals.

The High Eunuchs were laughing their ugly heads off at their foolishness in actually considering to wed the Empress to a Britannian Prince to gain Britannia's favor. Why would they want to make such a deal with a nation, which looked to the whole world like it was now preparing to rend itself apart with internal strife.

Plans were going to be changed drastically. No longer would they be seeking to be allied with Britannia, no at all. They could plan to, and take the soon to be highly unstable Japan, and from there, use its vast Sakuradite reserves, which Britannia relied on so much, and bring the world greatest superpower down to its knees!

By doing so, the Federation would then become the greatest and indisputable power house. The EU would be nothing more than child's play, and could then be taken, either through diplomacy, or by force.

Why take Britannian Noble-ship, when you could take the world after all.

Some of the Generals however, had their doubts. Sadly the Eunuchs were pretty much decided on the course of action, and had enough military support to force their plans into effect. It did not matter what the Empress felt, she had no power.

Of course, it never stopped Li Xingke from trying to reason with the delusional High Eunuchs. An upright figure, who represented all whose loyalties lay with the Empress, rather than the sniveling swine known as the Eunuchs, Li Xingke could feel a sense of foreboding in his body.

If his country invaded Japan, it would bring the end of his beloved nation. Li could just tell.

In all the times he had studied Zero, and then in recent times, Lelouch vi Britannia, he had felt the same sense of sheer cunning and ruthlessness in both men. Zero was never one to be trifled with, utterly crushing Britannia's long standing image of invincibility with a group which could barely be called an army, he would have proved to be a dangerous foe to the Federation if both sides ever went head to head.

Li could tell Lelouch was the same kind of person as his masked counterpart. He was willing to bet the Prince had planned the chaos in Japan as a bait for the Federation to bite. Li did not know how Lelouch planned to do so yet, but he certainly knew the Black Prince would have something up his sleeve. It was simply too coincidental for Lelouch to have made such an announcement of monumental proportions and be careless enough to let Eu and Federation reporters be present.

"I do not agree with this course of action." Li spoke aloud, silencing the hall of officials. Li might have been unpopular in the court, but his reputation as the smartest general made sure he would definitely be heard.

Zhao Hao, the obese Eunuch scoffed, "And why would you say so, Li Xingke?"

"I believe it is a Britannian trap." Li's eyes narrowed, "From what I have learned on this new Vice-Governor of Area 11, this Lelouch vi Britannia, he is a cunning adversary who is not above using tricks like these."

Gao Hai, the youngest Eunuch, spoke up next in his simpering tone, "But you have no proof, no?"

Li clenched his fist. It was always the same thing. Every time anyone tried to dissuade the Eunuchs from doing something, they would ask for proof if there were any bad effects that could rise from the situation. Without proper support, he could never win this argument.

"No." Li ground out.

The argument was lost once again.

As the evil Eunuchs continued scheming, Li had left with his few but faithful allies. His faithful aide, Zhou Xianglin, came up to him as he exited the chambers and whispered cautiously into her commander's ear, "The meeting went poorly I suppose, General?"

"Indeed, we must do something about this, lest we let our beautiful nation be torn to shreds by this Lelouch vi Britannia. I can feel it!" Li hissed.

Thus, it was on that very night that Li began to plot to overthrow the High Eunuchs for the sake of the Federation, and his Empress.

Deep within the depths of the Gobi desert, V.V. was reclined on a couch, sipping on a glass of blood red wine. He smirked.

So what if Rolo had failed and was probably dead. Lelouch's foolish plan to take the Chinese Federation would provide more than enough chances to use his other agents to get rid that wretched Empress Marianne's son. Then, once Nunnaly had been dealt with, he and Charles could be alone together again.

V.V.'s vicious laughter could be heard throughout the hidden facility.

Elsewhere, in the confines of his office aboard the Avalon, Schenizel was deep in thought. His initial plans to create the weapon of mass destruction, FLEIJA to rid the world of warfare were now in jeopardy of being destabilized by his own brother.

Schenizel was no fool. He could tell Lelouch was ultimately aiming for the throne of Britannia, but it was not to be for the simple purpose of power. The Prime Minister could tell Lelouch was trying to do the same thing he was, just in a different way, with a slightly different result. The question was, should he step back and let his brother continue, or should he stop his brother, which would likely lead to the necessity of killing his own sibling.

My dear brother... Lelouch... You have made things truly complicated, Schenizel sighed.

The coming year of Ascension Throne Britannia 2018 was going to be a very long one indeed.


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