After grabbing something to eat Kate and Hana headed back to the repair bay.

Kate froze as they walked past a room and heard a man saying, "Kagerou's AI chip should be removed and locked away as soon as it has been repaired enough to be moved. He could still be a threat to public safety."

"Kate just ignore him, that's vice commissioner Azma, he's a jerk and has never really liked any of the robots being sentient, don't worry about it." Hana said when she noticed Kate tense up.

"But he hasn't caused any trouble recently and I'm guessing he's been back for a while now. Couldn't we just leave him be as long as he's not causing any trouble?" Dekkado asked.

"He shouldn't even still be functioning, he's lucky I haven't requested that his AI chip simply be destroyed since reformatting seems to have failed." Azma replied.

Kate couldn't take any more and stormed into the office which opened on the far side into the main Brave Police office, where the other robots were standing. "How dare you! You tried to kill him and he reacted like any living being would have and fought for his life then nearly died to save Shadow Maru. Now by some miracle he's still alive, after being reformatted, blown up, drowned and crushed and you want to lock him up for simply being alive! He's been back for over a year, if he were any danger to anyone don't you think you would have known he was back a long time ago? All he wants is to be allowed to live his life in peace, why can't you just leave him alone?" she demanded angrily.

"Because he belongs to us and we can do whatever we like with him." Azma replied.

"He is a living sentient being and he doesn't belong to anyone." Kate told him.

"He is a highly advance piece of machinery, perhaps we will simply have his AI chip destroyed, it would save any chance of future trouble." he said.

Kate had nearly died, nearly lost her husband and now this man was threatening to kill him. She let out a low growl as she reached the end of her stress limit, and slugged him hard in the face, causing him to stumble backwards several feet before falling to the ground and from the looks of it she had broken his nose, "You are not going to kill him, you are not going to lock him up or do anything else to him. I'm not going to watch my children grow up without their father because some brainless monster is too blind to see that Kagerou is just as much alive as any human! Anyone wants to hurt him they'll have to go through me first." Kate said.

"Alright! It's about time someone did that." Drill Boy cheered.

Kate turned to face him and smiled a little until she noticed everyone else in the room silently staring at her, all looking rather stunned.

"What do you mean your children growing up without a father if Kagerou get's locked up?" Dumpson finally asked.

Kate mentally kicked herself for what she had said, but saw no way out of it now. "I meant exactly what I said, I'm pregnant with Kagerou's babies." she replied trying to sound more confident and unworried than she was.

"That's impossible, they're just machines, they can't reproduce, certainly not with a human." Azma said standing back up.

Kate spun around to face him and couldn't help smirking when he flinched away from her, "They are not just machines, they are living, sentient beings and apparently they can reproduce with humans. Kagerou said I was pregnant and Shadow Maru said his scans indicate that as well." Kate told him.

"Then obviously they aren't his children." Azma replied.

If looks could kill Azma would have been dead and cremated within seconds, luckily for him he only ended up back on the floor with a large bruise forming around his eye, "How dare you accuse me of being unfaithful to my husband!" Kate exclaimed, her whole body shaking with barely contained rage, "I have never been with any man other than Kage, so if they aren't his children then it would be an even bigger miracle." Kate told him, looking ready to beat him within an inch of his life if he so much as moved a muscle. She flinched slightly when Hana rested her hand on her shoulder then led her to the other side of the desk where she couldn't so easily attack Azma.

"That makes no sense, he's right, they shouldn't be able to reproduce, they're not equipped for it, they don't produce any type of sperm or anything like that." Syunsuke said.

"Kagerou is a lot different from the others, far more advanced, at least in comparison to Shadow Maru. He thinks it's because of his AI chip basically forming his entire body from scratch, advancements and changes that are barely starting to occur in Shadow Maru are fully developed in Kagerou. It's like the blue prints for those changes are there in the AI chip, but show up slowly when it's already in a manmade body, but if it has to form it from scratch it forms the new body with all the changes complete." Kate told him still glaring across the desk as Azma slowly got to his feet then stepped back several more feet.

"So you're saying we could all eventually be able to have kids?" Dumpson asked a hint of hopefulness in his voice.

"I think so, although there's no way of knowing how long it would take." Kate replied.

"Aww, is someone wanting to be a daddy?" Drill Boy asked grinning at Dumpson.

"Can we please get back on subject, we still have a rouge robot to deal with." Azma said.

"No you don't, he's coming home with me and unless for some highly improbable reason he causes any trouble, you will leave him alone." Kate told him, taking a step forward, causing him to take a couple steps away from her.

"She's right, as long as he's not causing any trouble there's no reason for us to bother them." McCrane said.

"And with a wife and children involved, to lock him up and separate them without a better reason than things that happened years ago that in all honesty were in self defense, would be cruel and wrong." Saejima said.

"Not to mention the valuable information we could get from him about what changes to expect in the others, if he would be willing to let us study those changes." Syunsuke added.

"He deserves a second chance, he shouldn't be punished now for what happened years ago, he never hurt anyone and he was only trying to survive. Everyone seems to think I was brave for not trying to stop myself from being reformatted when I was created and perhaps I was, but I believe it would have taken just as much courage to leave his brother and everything he knew and escape, knowing that he would be hunted and forever have to live in hiding. Sometimes it takes just as much courage to fight for your right to live as it does to face death." Dekkado said.

"And I think we'd all be safer if we left him alone. Police work is dangerous enough; I don't want to have to go up against a homicidal pregnant woman. I think she was completely serious when she said we'd have to go through her to get to Kagerou." Yuuta added.

"You'd have to go through me too." Shadow Maru said appearing in the doorway.

"Why aren't you with Kage?" Kate demanded, terrified by the thought of him being left unprotected.

"He's fine, Rachel came to check on you and she's staying with him until I bring you back." Shadow Maru told her.

"You left my husband unable to move, in a building full of people who could try to kill him, with no one to protect him, but my sister?" Kate demanded angrily.

"You're sister with a hand gun and a rather large shotgun that Gun Max uses when he's in his human sized body and permission to shoot anyone who tries to come near him before you or I return." Shadow Maru told her.

"You gave her my guns?" Gun Max asked.

"Yes." Shadow Maru replied.

"She damages them and you're dead." Gun Max told him then turned to Kate, "Long as she knows how to shoot, she'll be just fine."

"Thanks, but I really would like to get back to him anyways." Kate said.

"Go on then, we'll let you know what's decided." Dekkado said, "No matter what's decided, I give you my word I'll do nothing to interfere with Kagerou going back to his life with you." he added.

"That goes for me too." McCrane said, "As long as he's not causing any trouble I won't have any part in splitting up your family."

"That goes for all of us." Dumpson added, while the others nodded their agreement.

"Thank you all." Kate said fighting back grateful tears before she and Shadow Maru left the room.

Once they were out of the room Shadow Maru joined her, "You need to call your mother and let her know you're alright. That's why Rachel is here, apparently your mother was going to come down here to find out where you were and Rachel told her she'd come instead. Although Rachel is afraid if you don't call right away she'll show up here anyways." he told her.

"Great, like I didn't have enough to worry about already." Kate sighed, "I guess I'm going to have to stop putting off telling mom about Kage now." she said resting her hand on her stomach, her mind quickly wandering to thinking about what they would look like, how the pregnancy would go and how she was going to explain being pregnant at work without telling anyone about Kagerou or completely ruining her reputation.

She was pulled from her thoughts as they passed the doorway that lead from the Brave Police station into the regular police station.

"I saw it on the news, I know you have her here, if you don't take me to my daughter now I'll just go find those robots that took her myself and get some answers and if they won't tell me where she is I'll rip them apart and download the information from their memory chips." Roslyn was saying.

"Ma'am I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to let anyone into the Brave Police department without permission from the commissioner." the rather scared sounding receptionist told her.

"It's alright George, you can let her in." Shadow Maru told him.

"What did you do with Kate, why did you take her?" Roslyn demanded as she stepped through the door into the Brave police station.

"I'm right here mom." Kate said.

"Oh Kate!" Roslyn said rushing over to her and hugging her, "are you alright?" She asked.

"I'm- I'm fine mom." Kate said deciding to leave off just how serious things had been and how much stress she was dealing with.

"You don't sound fine, where's your sister? She said she was coming down here." Roslyn asked.

"I was just heading to see her." Kate replied.

"Good, now what's going on, why were you brought here?" Roslyn asked as they headed toward the repair bay.

"Well there's sort of- well there's actually a lot that's happened over the last year that I haven't told you about. I was going to; I was just trying to figure out the best way to go about it." Kate replied, uncertain of where to start.

"I'm sure it's not that bad, what did you do run off and get married without telling me?" Roslyn asked jokingly.

"Well actually- yes, I did." Kate replied hesitantly.

"What? You're serious? You got married and didn't even bother telling me? Why would you do that? Have I even met this man you're married to?" Roslyn asked suddenly very serious and shocked.

"No, you've never met him, until last Christmas shortly after we got married I was the only person who even knew he was alive and we felt that we had to make sure as few people knew about him as possible." Kate told her.

"Christmas? You've been married since Christmas and hadn't bothered to tell me? Please tell me he's not running from the law." Roslyn said.

"Yes, since Christmas, like I said I was planning on telling you I just wanted to find the best way of telling you without freaking you out." Kate reminded, "As for running from the law, sort of, but hopefully not anymore, but he's never hurt anyone, all he did was what he had to do to survive. I don't really know yet what's going to happen now that everyone knows he's still alive, but the entire Brave Police force is willing to back him up and let him go and only the vice commissioner is arguing with just leaving us alone."

"What exactly did he do? And why does it matter what the robots have to say?" Roslyn asked.

Kate hesitated as they reached the door to the repair bay, "He ran away from the police when they wanted to kill him for knowing too much about how the Brave Police were made. As for why the other bots have a say in what happens to him, they're the only ones who have any chance of catching him once he recovers."

"They were going to kill an innocent person, just for knowing too much about the robots?" Roslyn asked sounding horrified.

"Yes, and they didn't consider him a person." Kate told her.

"Why wouldn't they consider him a person?" Roslyn asked.

Kate hesitated a moment, taking a deep calming breath, "He's not human, he's a robot like the Brave Police, I found his AI chip in April last year and he sort of formed a new body out of my computer and he's been living with me ever since, we fell in love and got married about a week before Christmas." she said all in one breath then braced herself, mentally praying that her mom wouldn't freak out too badly.

"You married a robot?" Roslyn asked sounding too stunned to say much else.

"Yes." Kate confirmed.

After a long moment Roslyn asked, "The one that dove into the water after the sub?"

"Yes, how did you-"

"They were live on the news when he showed up and when they brought the sub up. He's still alive? He looked so badly damaged from what I could see on the news." Roslyn asked.

"Barely, but we think he'll be okay, we just don't know how long it'll take him to recover." Kate told her.

"And he knew the pressure could have killed him before he went in after you?"

"I was on the radio with him when he came down, he sounded like he didn't expect to have any chance of surviving, he just had to do everything in his power to make sure I survived." Kate replied, tears filling her eyes at the thought.

Roslyn pulled Kate in to a tight hug, causing her to break down and start crying, "I guess I can't say anything against a man who loves you enough to give his own life to save yours, even if he is a robot."

"Thanks mom." Kate said as she pulled away wiping tears from her face, "You want to meet him, if he's awake?"

"Of course." Roslyn replied.

"Mom what are you doing here?" Rachel asked when they came into the room.

"I couldn't just sit at home and wait, so I thought I'd meet you here." Roslyn replied.

"How are you doing?" Kate asked as she walked over to Kagerou's side and placed her hand over his.

"I'll be fine." Kagerou replied.

"I didn't ask how you'll be, I asked how you are right now, is there anything you need?" Kate asked.

"Okay I'm in more pain than I ever imagined possible. For now all I need is to see you and know that you're safe, it reminds me that no matter how much pain I'm in now it's nothing compared to how much I would have suffered if I'd lost you." he told her.

"So you're the man who married my daughter without me knowing about it?" Roslyn asked walking over to him.

"Mom, be nice." Kate said, "This is Kagerou, Kagerou, my mother Roslyn, she really doesn't bite." Kate assured him.

"I'd probably lose a few teeth if I tried. As for you," Roslyn said turning her attention to Kagerou, "I'm not happy about not knowing my daughter was married, but I'm very grateful for you getting her back to me safe and sound, so I guess I don't have to stuff you into a trash compactor for not letting me know."

"Thank you ma'am, we did plan on telling you, we were just trying to come up with the best way to do it." Kagerou replied.

"That's what Kate told me, it sounds like it was a complicated situation, so as long as I get a full explanation sometime soon it's alright." Roslyn replied then glanced behind her to see Shadow Maru sitting on the ground with Rachel sitting on his shoulder, leaning against his face, "So much for ever having grandkids." she sighed.

"Umm, actually that may not be as unlikely as you think it is." Kate said.

"What do you mean? You're brother is wanted man and unable to settle down, you're married to a robot and it looks like your sister is heading towards the same thing. They're robots surely they aren't capable of reproducing, I didn't even think they were equipped for, well. . ." Roslyn trailed off.

Kate blushed slightly, "They're fully equipped, but until today we assumed it would be imposable for them to have children, but- well apparently you're going to be a grandmother." she told her.

"What?" was the simultaneous cry from both Roslyn and Rachel who shot to her feet and in doing so lost her balance and fell off of Shadow Maru's shoulder. Luckily Shadow Maru caught her then set her on the ground.

"You're really pregnant? That's really possible?" Rachel asked as she ran over to Kate.

"Well I haven't actually had a normal pregnancy test yet, but according to Kage and Shadow Maru I am, and I've never known their scanners to be wrong." Kate replied.

"Oh my gosh, my baby is having a baby." Roslyn said hugging Kate.

Kate grinned, "Actually Kage says he was picking up two heartbeats."

"Twins? Oh my, you'll certainly have your hands full and probably need help and a baby sitter." Roslyn said.

"And you're already volunteering?" Kate asked.

"Absolutely." Roslyn replied, "So how far along do you think you are?"

"I don't know, I thought I just missed my period because of all the stress of the tests and stuff for going down in the sub, not more than a month or two." Kate replied.

"Based on scans I've done of other pregnant women over the years, I'd say almost two months." Shadow Maru said.

"That would be right around Valentine's Day right?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, although still being fairly newlyweds it would be difficult to pin point the exact day." Kagerou replied.

"Well I can tell you without any doubt when it was." Rachel said confidently.

"And how can you do that?" Shadow Maru asked.

"It was Valentine's Day in the cave." Rachel replied.

"You two went to the cave?" Roslyn asked.

"Yeah, we were at the cabin then Rachel and Shadow Maru showed up unexpectedly and we wanted some privacy, so I took Kage to the cave, I never thought it would make it possible for me to get pregnant." Kate replied.

"Okay, will someone please tell me what's so special about this cave?" Shadow Maru asked.

"When my parents bought the cabin the previous owner showed them a cave and said there was an old legend about it. Many centuries ago there was a couple who had tried to have children for years, but the woman had never become pregnant. One day she was in the woods, crying and begging God to give her a child. A dragon heard her crying and asked what was wrong, when the woman told him why she was crying he told her to bring her husband to a nearby cave and make love in it and she would become pregnant. The woman did as the dragon told her and nine months later gave birth to a healthy son."

"According to the previous owner several of her children had been conceived in that cave and according to my parents so was I and so was Kate. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if that's where my grandchildren were conceived." Roslyn told them.

About an hour later after Roslyn and Rachel had left Dekkado and Hana came into the repair bay along with Syunsuke and Saejima.

"It has been decided that Kagerou will be left to live out his life as he sees fit so long as he doesn't cause any trouble." Saejima told them.

"Thank goodness." Kate said.

"And, if he'd like to, once he has recovered, we'd like him to join the Brave Police." Dekkado said.

"You'd really want me working with you after all the trouble I caused you?" Kagerou asked.

"You were only doing what you had to do to survive, I can hardly hold that against you and I'm sure the others feel the same way." Dekkado replied.

"Plus any Brave Police members who are married to human women get paid just the same as the human officers which I'm sure will come in handy with your growing family." Saejima told him, "Not to mention it seems every time a new sentient robot comes into existence it's because we're going to need them and I have a feeling discovering you're still alive means we'll need your help at some point in the near future."

"You really think so?" Kate asked.

"Without a doubt, we have no control over whether or not they become sentient, we can build a hundred AI robots and none of them will be sentient, it only happens when they're needed and it's been years since there have been any new ones." Saejima replied.

"So will you join us?" Dekkado asked.

"I'd be honored to." Kagerou replied